Sitting just a few kilometres west of Sicily’s southeasternmost point, Pozzallo has been the area’s most important port for over 700 years. Its strategic position, just 90km across the sea from Malta, made it an ideal trading post for Sicily’s closest Mediterranean neighbours.

Pozzallo’s relative wealth also attracted pirates, however, and in 1429 a defensive tower, the Torre Cabrera, was built to protect the town from attacks. The tower still exists today, though not in its original form, and was still in use as recently as the 2nd World War. Indeed, Pozzallo was central to one of the war’s defining moments: in 1943 Allied forces landed on the beaches around Pozzallo as part of Operation Huskey, the first step in the liberation of Europe.

Today Pozzallo is still an important commercial and fishing port but has also become a popular tourist resort. In the summer, the population swells with visitors who come to enjoy the town’s four beaches, all of which have received Blue Flags in recent years, attesting to their cleanliness, their ecological pedigree and the quality of the water that laps them.

Pozzallo’s ties to Malta are umbilical: after centuries of trade, in 1954 the two neighbours were physically linked by the Mediterranean’s first underwater telephone cable. Today frequent ferry and hydrofoil crossings make it possible to travel between Malta and Sicily in just 90 minutes, something to bear in mind if you’re staying in one of our villas in the Pozzallo area.

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