Our Hand-Picked Guide to Meganissi's Best Beaches


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Meganissi has plenty of beaches to choose from - enough for one a day, if you're staying a week! Many occupy the little bays and coves that so characterise the coast of Meganissi and are a delight to explore by boat.

Here are a few we particularly like:

Agios Ioannis 

Where: midway up the west coast of Meganissi, directly opposite Lefkada
Description: a long, narrow, white stone and pebble beach with wonderfully turquoise waters and skirted by trees and Mediterranean maquis. There are no lidos or other facilities, so we recommend you take your own provisions
Access: a bit of a trek on foot from Spartochori or, much easier, by boat


Where: on the north coast, just a couple of kilometres west of the harbour of Spilia
Description: a small hidden-away pebble beach preferred by those who don't like crowds. There are no amenities, so you should take your own refreshments, etc.
Access: a walk along tracks from Spilia or by boat.


Where: just outside the town and port of Spilia on the north coast
Description: the white pebbles and translucent waters, allied to the presence of a couple of tavernas and close proximity Spilia's yacht harbour, make this beach a very attractive proposition for many.
Access: easy, on foot or by car


Where:on the north-western coast, just a short walk from Vathi, Meganissi's main port
Description: yet more translucent waters and white pebbles in a small bay, bordered by trees and shrubs that almost encroach onto the beach. There are no lidos or restaurants, but Vathi is close by if you need a bite to eat.
Access: easy, by foot or car from Vathi


Where: a 10-minute drive from Vathi
Description: limpid, shallow waters and white pebbles, Fanari is quite an isolated beach, popular with those searching for a natural atmosphere. Sunbeds and parasols are available for hire and there is a beach bar café serving snacks.
Access: easy by car from Vathi


Where: in a small cove on the east coast of Meganissi
Description: hidden away and relatively unfrequented, Barbarezou is great for peace-lovers. The small white pebbles of the beach are skirted by green trees and lapped by transparent waters.
Access: easy, by car 

Megalo and Micro Limonari

Where: on the east coast, not far from Katomari
Description: two sandy-pebbly beaches, one next to the other, flanked by trees and shrubs.
Access: fairly easy by car and then on foot or by moped on a dirt track (or of course by boat)

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