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Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Choice Awards Winner: Our best villa roundup
by Clare Evans
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Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Choice Awards Winner: Our best villa roundup

Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Choice Awards Winner: Our best villa roundup
To celebrate our 8th consecutive win of Best Villa Rental Company in the World by the Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Choice Awards, we've rounded up our best villa recommendations to inspire your next holiday.
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We’re thrilled to announce that for the 8th consecutive year we’ve been voted Best Villa Rental Company in the World at Condé Nast Traveller’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to vote for us, and we thank our owners, our partners, and our teams in London, Athens and throughout the Mediterranean for continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations, year after year.

This accolade, along with our recent certification as a B Corp company, fills us with renewed energy and an even greater belief that our core values of sharing extraordinary regions, villas and experiences with our clients, whilst endeavouring to keep such places special – provides the ideal foundation on which to continue building a model of bespoke hospitality that is at once thoughtful, sustainable and memory-inspiring.

If you haven’t already booked with us for your next holiday, we’d absolutely love to hand you the key to one of our soulful villas. Read on for our top villa recommendations to get you inspired.


Villa: Selene

Best villas for groups of families or friends

Gather your closest friends and family and embark on a memorable journey together with our villas designed for large groups. These spacious and luxurious properties offer the perfect setting for shared experiences and quality time. They come equipped with facilities and amenities catering to families with children of all ages, from young children to independent teens.

  1. Trulli, madly, deeply - Trulli Andrea, Puglia

  2. The sportman's dream - Selene, Kea

  3. Contemporary design on the sand - Adina, Skopelos

  4. In a magic garden - Don Arcangelo all’Olmo, Sicily

  5. The stone house in the emerald hills - Louisa, Zakynthos

  6. Double the blessing - Yvoni, Antiparos

  7. The house of reclaimed art - Masseria d’Estia, Sicily


Villa: Rocca delle Tre Contrade

Best villas for food lovers

Indulge your palate and embark on a culinary journey like no other with our selection of villas tailored for food lovers. Whether you want to savour the delights of a private chef, immerse yourself in local restaurants and food markets, or get hands-on experience with an in-villa cooking class, we have the perfect villas to satisfy your gastronomic desires. See our top picks below.

  1. The bridge to the sky - Rocca delle Tre Contrade, Sicily

  2. The house of three courtyards - Masseria Palaci, Puglia

  3. In a magic garden - Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, Sicily

  4. Of lavender, rosemary and centenary olive trees - Trullo Rosmarino, Puglia

  5. A pool to rival the sea - Arocaria, Evia

  6. The rock on the beach - Olika, Corfu

  7. Through olives and oleander, to the open sea - Azalea, Skiathos


Villa: Khaleesi

Best villas for keeping active

Create unforgettable moments with your loved ones in our villas that cater to active families and multi-generational getaways. We understand the importance of providing accommodations that meet the diverse needs of every family member. Our selection below features spacious villas ideal for two families to share and are based in destinations teeming with exciting activities - from beachfront adventures to historical discoveries and more.

  1. A family beach garden - Brillane, Paros

  2. Sea views over Khaleesi - Khaleesi, Corfu

  3. The house with the glass-edged pool - Dryope, Tinos

  4. The home of well travelled art - Villa Elia, Puglia

  5. The stylish beach house - Roellia, Porto Heli

  6. The son of the soil - Baglio della Luce, Sicily

  7. A cool stone and airy place - Casa Luza, Sicily


Villa: Enyalos

Best villas for design

Elevate your luxury villa experience by choosing from our curated selection of properties that are the epitome of architectural and interior design excellence. These villas are masterpieces in their own right; developed by renowned architects or boasting stunning interior design that seamlessly blends modernity with classic elegance. We can help you find a design-focused villa for your taste and ensure that your stay is not only comfortable but visually captivating.

  1. The house with the emerald pool - Enyalos, Tinos

  2. The floating horizon - Iriana, Porto Heli

  3. The house on the bay - Atlas, Lefkada

  4. Sleek lines and dappled shade - Casa Vera, Sicily

  5. The house of wellbeing - Il Canneto, Sicily

  6. Where the past steps into the future - Trullo Pinnacolo, Puglia

  7. The house above the gorge - Corte dell’Eremia, Sicily


Villa: La Favorita

Best villas for history buffs

Travel back in time and explore our handpicked historic properties and villas situated near fascinating historic towns and sites. Whether you seek the charm of centuries-old architecture or the allure of ancient cultures, our selection below offers a portal to the past. Explore the stories etched in stone, wander through cobblestone streets, and uncover the secrets of bygone eras while enjoying the modern comforts of our historic villas.

  1. The Moorish castle - Al Jafar, Sicily

  2. The artist's retreat - Masseria Cardinale, Sicily

  3. Of corals and butterflies - La Favorita, Sicily

  4. The house washed in tobacco pink - Il Tabacchificio, Puglia

  5. Grandeur and leafy courtyard living - Masseria Mangiamuso, Puglia

  6. The clifftop outcrop filled with history - Mirkella, Hydra

  7. The treasure box - Pandora, Patmos


Villa: L'Argentiera

Best villas for water lovers

Dive into a world of luxury with the best pool villas, villas near the sea, and villas offering breathtaking sea views. Whether you prefer the tranquil stillness of a private pool, the soothing sounds of waves lapping at your feet, or the panoramic vistas of azure horizons, these villas are perfect for those who find serenity in the soothing presence of water.

  1. Dive in the sea, walk into town - L’Argentiera, Puglia

  2. Where the garden meets the sea - Antika, Sicily

  3. The Sicilian twins on the sea - Cala Due, Sicily

  4. Arches, jasmine and the sea - L’Olivastro, Sicily

  5. The house of the three-tiered pool - Cala d’Istria, Corsica

  6. A coastline of its own - Thani, Syros

  7. Maritime modern with steps to the sea - Kolokithi Bay, Alonissos

  8. Lavender, roses and a path to the sea - A Torra, Corsica


Villa: Montekore

Best villas for outdoor living

Embrace the great outdoors and make the most of your holiday with our villas that celebrate alfresco living. These properties feature lush gardens for relaxation, inviting outdoor dining areas, and ample green spaces for those seeking extended stays. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while indulging in the comforts of a well-appointed villa.

  1. The house with stars for a ceiling - Xasteria, Antiparos

  2. Contemporary cliff-top calm - Oikos Nostos, Lefkada

  3. The summer house - Carmen, Porto Heli

  4. The house of terracotta, stone and wood - Valle Stetta, Corsica

  5. The hanging gardens of Syracuse - Villa San Tommaso, Sicily

  6. Orange blossoms between vines and sea - Angheli, Sicily

  7. In twenty acres of organic farm - Montekore, Puglia


Villa: Palazzo Alvear

Best villas for urban dwellers

For those who crave the excitement of urban life while enjoying the comforts of a villa stay, our selection of properties near towns offers the best of both worlds. Experience the convenience of city living combined with the privacy and luxury of a villa retreat. These villas will let you enjoy the vibrant culture, fine dining, and nightlife of our destinations to the fullest.

  1. Old stone, modern heart - La Prora, Sicily

  2. A baroque terrace in town - Palazzo Alvear, Sicily

  3. Taking the sea air in another era - Crossing the Rock, Sicily

  4. The best address in town - Palazzo Napoli, Puglia

  5. The palace in a botanic garden - Palazzo Ducale Guarini, Puglia

  6. White sails on the hill - Kassiopi View, Corfu

  7. The house that climbs the harbour - Calthea, Hydra


Villa: Chjar di Luna

Best villas for relaxation

Indulge in the sweetness of doing nothing with our villas designed for the utmost relaxation and well-being. Whether you seek the all-inclusive pampering of an exclusive retreat, the serenity of a private and secluded villa, or the rejuvenating benefits of spa and wellness facilities, our villas below offer the perfect escape from the stresses of daily life.

  1. The courtyard in the olive grove - Casa Fernandez, Puglia

  2. The cool kiss of maiolica tiles - Tenuta della Cava, Sicily

  3. The spa in the olive grove - Fichimori, Puglia

  4. A house in the maquis - Casa Nera, Corsica

  5. The house with the trullo spa - Tenuta MarVi, Puglia

  6. A secluded beach house - Chjar di Luna, Corsica

  7. Flying above the pines - Noiya, Lefkada


Villa: DolceVita

Best villas for romance

Celebrate your love in style with our best villas for couples. Whether you're planning a honeymoon, a romantic getaway, or simply wish to cherish intimate moments together, our collection of villas just for two offers the perfect backdrop for romance.

  1. Up in the sky above Myrtos - Mythos, Kefalonia

  2. The sea-view house in the forest-green hills - Estrella, Zakynthos

  3. The house of polished stone - DolceVita, Sicily

  4. Where the gardens meet the sand - Casa delle Sirene, Sicily

  5. The old windmill with a view - Ibid, Zakynthos

  6. The house where dolphins play - Althea, Lefkada

  7. The bird's eye hideaway - L'Alpana, Corsica


Villa: Masseria Acquadolce

Best villas to live like a local

For travellers wanting to immerse themselves in local culture and experience life as the locals do, consider venturing off the beaten path during the autumn or winter months. These quieter times of the year provide the opportunity to authentically connect with the destination, engage with local traditions, and savour a more intimate and genuine travel experience. See our best villas for off-peak stays here.

  1. Tranquility in old stone - Masseria Belvedere, Puglia

  2. Emerald gardens and polychrome tiles - Tenuta Baroniblei, Sicily

  3. Echoes of monastaries - Pherenike, Hydra

  4. A pool as wide as the sky - Masseria Acquadolce, Puglia

  5. A trullo of wheat fields - OttoConi, Puglia

  6. Of wellbeing and the sea - Baia dei Turchi, Sicily

  7. Of style and sunsets - Aeacus, Aegina


Villa: Epipleon

Best villas for eco-luxury

Make room for eco-conscious living without compromise and browse our villas with eco-friendly interiors and sustainable features. These properties combine luxury qualities with a commitment to environmental responsibility, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the world while treading lightly upon it.

  1. The bridge to the sky - Rocca delle Tre Contrade, Sicily

  2. Whitewashed houses in the trees - Epipleon, Lefkada

  3. The contemporary rural retreat - Corte Gea, Puglia

  4. The white house on the sea - Celeste, Sicily

  5. Of lava stone and palm trees - Linera, Sicily

  6. A modern hide in ancient groves - Galatea, Meganissi

Ready to plan your next holiday? Start exploring our exclusive collection of villas now or get in touch with our Villa Specialists for some personal advice.