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The sweetness of doing nothing: the best villas for relaxing holidays
by Bianca Neal-Shaw
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The sweetness of doing nothing: the best villas for relaxing holidays

The sweetness of doing nothing: the best villas for relaxing holidays
From beachfront villas to peaceful pools, these are the most relaxing holiday destinations throughout the Mediterranean.
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For those seeking a truly serene and rejuvenating holiday experience, there is nothing quite like discovering a tranquil villa in a picturesque setting where relaxation takes centre stage. Amidst the allure of bustling tourist hotspots and attractions, there exists  oases for those who appreciate a more laid-back approach to their vacations, which we call ‘The sweetness of doing nothing’. Whether it involves lounging beside a pristine pool with a captivating book, hot tubs and spa treatments, leisurely strolling through enchanting countryside landscapes or savouring views that stop time, we love villas with no agenda.

Relaxing Holidays in Greece

Secluded beaches and relaxing evenings spent fireside; this is what our luxury villas in Greece have to offer, and more.


Kissed by the sun in Zakynthos

Among our collection of opulent villas in Zakynthos, one particular gem shines brilliantly - Artelia. Offering a private haven that feels like a personal paradise, Artelia encapsulates the essence of tranquillity. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking panorama of the sea, enveloped by lush gardens that create an oasis of serenity. This exquisite villa boasts a cosy fire pit, perfect for intimate evenings beneath the twinkling stars. Indulge in ultimate relaxation with the jet streams in the inviting heatable pool. Additionally, the convenience of a dedicated cook preparing a delectable meal each day adds a touch of luxury to your stay. With ample space to unwind and revitalise, Artelia beckons as the idyllic choice for those in search of a harmonious escape amidst Greece's most captivating and rejuvenating holiday destinations.


The hideaway above Vourkari Bay in Kea

Nestled in the lap of luxury, our exquisite villa Evanne epitomises tranquillity and serenity, making it the perfect haven for those yearning for a truly relaxing holiday in Greece. Indulge in the blissful ambiance as you immerse yourself in the hydromassage pool, offering a soothing retreat for your senses. Day or night, bask in the enchanting sea views that unfold before you, creating moments of pure bliss. Delight in the convenience of an in-house cook who skillfully prepares delectable meals, ensuring a gastronomic journey that tantalises your taste buds. The charming seaside village of Vourkari awaits just a leisurely stroll away, where a delightful array of restaurants and shops beckons exploration. Set on a hillside and adorned with luxurious amenities, Evanne promises to be the epitome of an unforgettable Greek island getaway, where every moment is infused with opulence and unparalleled relaxation.


The rock on the beach in Corfu

Embrace the breathtaking allure of Olika, gracefully positioned mere steps away from the pristine beach. Here, guests are invited to embark on leisurely walks along the shore, immersing themselves in the sun's warm caress and the gentle kiss of the sea breeze. This fully serviced villa ensures that every aspect of your holiday is meticulously catered to, granting you the freedom to truly unwind and revel in a state of blissful relaxation. Olika exudes a laid-back and unpretentious ambiance, intentionally devoid of TVs, allowing you to disconnect from the outside world and embrace the simple pleasures of life. Immerse yourself in the art of living in the present moment, savouring every precious experience that awaits you. With Olika as your sanctuary, surrender yourself to the captivating tranquillity and embark on a journey that rejuvenates both body and soul.


A pool to the rival sea in Evia

Discover the ultimate haven of relaxation and entertainment at Arocaria. This exceptional villa offers a plethora of luxurious amenities, including a tennis court, trampoline, heated pool and its own private cove for swimming and water sports.  Movie enthusiasts will delight in the awe-inspiring cinema room, providing the cosiest and most immersive movie-watching experience imaginable.  Immerse yourself in the peaceful and unspoiled atmosphere, surrounded by simple tavernas and stunning natural surroundings, creating an idyllic retreat.

Relaxing Holidays in Italy

Feel the embrace of unparalleled relaxation as these luxurious villas in Italy capture you with their private pools and awe-inspiring views, creating an extraordinary haven for your well-deserved getaway.


Archways and olive groves in Puglia

Ensconced in the whispering olive groves of the Adriatic plain, between the enchanting hill-top town of Ostuni and the seductive sea, Palombara Piccola combines gentle Puglian charm, understated elegance and hi-tech sophistication inside and out. Unleash your inner serenity in its beautiful gardens or 16m long heatable pool. Rejuvenate with attentive in-house services and options including a yoga instructor, private cookery class, or your very own pizza chef.


A masseria with the swimmer’s pool in Puglia

Indulge in a serene and revitalising holiday in Puglia, at the esteemed Masseria Curti Vecchi. This exquisite villa is a true gem, boasting a picturesque countryside setting that captivates the senses. Immerse yourself in nature's embrace through the vegetable garden, forging a profound connection with the earth. Enjoy the convenience of daily maid service, ensuring every moment is carefree and effortless. For unforgettable evenings, the outdoor cinema sets the stage for magical movie nights under the stars. Embrace the cosy ambiance of the fireplace during cooler nights, while the 20-metre long pool invites you to bask in the warm embrace of the sun.


Shady fountains and rose gardens in Sicily

Delight in the embrace of Tenuta Falconeri, where two opulent pools invite you to immerse yourself in pure bliss. Unveil breathtaking vistas that stretch across the expansive 100-acre property, captivating your senses with their awe-inspiring beauty. Wander through the enchanting multi-faceted gardens, allowing nature to rekindle your spirit and foster a profound connection with curiosity and nature. With the assurance of daily maid service, your stay unfolds effortlessly, ensuring a stress-free sanctuary. Among our esteemed luxury villas in Sicily, Tenuta Falconeri reigns supreme as the pinnacle of elegance, offering an extraordinary haven where peace and relaxation flourish.


The bridge to the sky in Sicily

Discover pure serenity at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, the ultimate destination for a relaxing getaway. With full in-house service, an awe-inspiring infinity pool overlooking the endless sea, and a private tennis court, every element is designed to melt away the stresses of life. Whether guests prefer to spend their holiday soaking in the sun poolside, or exploring the generous, lush countryside of their villa, Rocca delle Tre Contrade is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing Italian escape.


In a magic garden in Sicily

Unwind in pure luxury at Don Arcangelo all’Olmo, where relaxation and tranquillity await. Impeccable service pampers guests, while a private chef caters to their culinary desires. With an 18m-long heatable pool, Jacuzzi, and gym, indulge in ultimate comfort and rejuvenation. Let the enchanting mature gardens and peaceful surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for peaceful walks and unwinding.

Relaxing Holidays in Corsica

Discover a tranquil oasis of natural beauty in Corsica, where our luxury villas offer the perfect setting to unwind, surrounded by serene beaches, picturesque landscapes and curated travel experiences that evoke a sense of wonder and excitement.


The house in the maquis in Corsica

Immerse yourself in the charm of Casa Nera, an idyllic estate designed for relaxation, where a 17-meter pool and vast acres of land invite you to embrace nature's embrace and find serenity in the tranquil surroundings, while a comforting fireplace adds a touch of warmth and coziness to your holiday retreat.


The secluded beach house in Corsica

Experience pure tranquillity and relaxation at the luxurious Chjar di Luna villa, boasting a private and secluded pool, a breathtaking beachfront location and seamless indoor-outdoor spaces that create an idyllic setting to unwind and recharge. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings, embracing a captivating getaway that embodies the excitement of a unique holiday in Corsica.

If you are looking for a peaceful holiday away from the hustle of busy tourist hotspots, our luxurious villas offer the perfect escape. From the serene beaches of Corsica to the stunning natural beauty of Italy and Greece, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. For those who need help deciding where to go, The Thinking Travellers' experts are always available to recommend the perfect destination for a quieter and more tranquil getaway. Contact our team of experts to get started in planning your next holiday.