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Enjoy active family holidays on the Greek Islands
by Clare Evans
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Enjoy active family holidays on the Greek Islands

Enjoy active family holidays on the Greek Islands
Family activity holidays are meant to be brimming with adventures that could easily please multiple generations. Our recommendations for activities will fill your itinerary, so you can truly savour and experience the excitement that Greece has to offer.
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Opportunities for active family holidays in Greece are as abundant as the country’s rich and varied geography. From the grand isle of Zakynthos, which boasts a mythological history and mesmerising shorelines, to the mountainous interior of Lefkada where avid hikers can roam among the rich flora and fauna, families will want for nothing when in Greece on an active holiday.


Family outdoor activity holidays

Family activity holidays are meant to be brimming with adventures that could easily please multiple generations. Our recommendations for activities to fill your itinerary go beyond simply lounging on the beach, so you can truly savour and experience the excitement that Greece has to offer its guests.


Guided bike tours on Lefkada

Guided tours are a great way to get to know your surroundings when on holiday. Avid bikers return again and again to explore the mountainous terrain that blankets over 70% of the Greek Islands. Our guides have been living locally and breathing the fresh air of the trails and tracks for years. It is their aim to introduce you to the unseen gems of the Greek Islands, from roaring waterfalls to astonishing archaeology.

Their depth of understanding of the trails of Lefkada allow them to share a high quality of care and fervour for fun with your family. Tours are available to suit a wide range of skill levels, and they have the expertise to plan the perfect routes and offer expert equipment recommendations - meaning all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Active families with young children can book a family ride, cruising over smooth terrain and through the shimmering silver leaves of the olive groves. The pièce de résistance of the ride is Nidri Waterfall, where you’re encouraged to dismount your bike and explore the path near the falls. Should your little ones be tuckered out by the end of the 1.5-2 hour journey, you can return to your Lefkada villa and relax. We recommend selecting Noiya, Agapanthus or Madreterra for your family holiday, all of which offer enchanting ocean views and plenty of space to spread out for an afternoon siesta.

Guided bike tours on the island are offered on a spectrum to fit all abilities, ranging from gentle to extreme and everything in between. For exceptionally fit families with teenagers who seek a kick of adrenaline, our guides will take you on a fierce four-hour climb starting at 8am, where you can expect a full day of daring drops and breathtaking views.

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On and in the water

Greece is a world renowned destination when it comes to watersports. With the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, named for the astoundingly beautiful Greek princess Io, and seemingly endless beaches, the opportunities for sailing, scuba diving and more are endless.


For active families with teenagers, there is an aquatic world waiting to be discovered. Whether you and your family are avid windsurfers or you’re looking to take flight for the first time, we can assist you in everything from scheduling lessons to simply securing the proper gear.

Strong northern winds make Skiathos an ideal island for those looking to catch some air, and our sweeping estate Azalea is a shade-laden refuge, only stone’s throw from the shore. Further south, you will find world-class windsurfing conditions off of the coast of Paros, one of the most authentic islands in all of the Cyclades. When you’ve wrapped up an afternoon taking the water by storm, relax in our contemporary villa Santhia.

Syros, which is considered the capital of the Cyclades archipelago and a favoured place for families, is another lovely destination with lots of opportunities for windsurfing. Should you select this Greek Island for your family holiday, we recommend staying in Thani, a 60-acre coastal estate that boasts a selection of private beaches.

Scuba diving

While windsurfing offers a taste of adventure above the water, the ocean has much more to share below the surface. Those trying scuba diving for the first time can choose from a range of beginner courses, while certified divers are welcome to explore underwater on a guided dive.

The Ionian Sea boasts a wealth of marine life. Loggerhead turtles are a miraculous sight, reigning as the world’s largest hard-shelled turtle, and often spotted during their summer nesting season. Dolphins and monk seals are among the other large inhabitants of the aquamarine waters, and could make your acquaintance during your underwater outing.

Perched upon the southeastern shore of Kefalonia is Odyssea, our spacious cliff-top villa with panoramic sea views - the perfect accommodation to gaze out over the water and imagine your next scuba diving experience.

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Greece is known for its beaches - and for good reason. The dramatic cliffs and sea caves make for some rather secluded shores that can only be reached by boat. Chartering a sailboat is an excellent way to get the most out of your holiday to Greece. The depth of adventure available to those who take to the sea is unparalleled and allows families to experience the grandeur of the towering white cliffs that burst from the sea.

Allow us to arrange towels and snorkelling gear, along with snacks and everything else you need to set sail on a morning shore tour. Set anchor at one of the small fishing villages along the way to explore the tavernas and shops, before heading back to your private family villa - perhaps Margarita or Arocaria - where you can continue the aquatic fun from your own private beach.

Sail Greece


Equestrian activities for the whole family

Riders of all experience levels can enjoy horse riding through the Greek Islands. We can arrange lessons for new riders as well as tours across the sand to a nature reserve or hidden beach for families who are more experienced. A multitude of equestrian excursions are available, from basic horse riding for beginners (allowing them to get a sense of the activity and their surroundings) to wild riding that takes participants through pine forests and along mountain paths. Whatever your experience level, we would love to help you book the perfect equestrian outing.

Allow us to curate a special horse-led excursion for you and your family that suits your specific requirements. For families with a soft spot for these magnificent animals, we recommend staying in our 250-acre Zakynthos estate Artelia, which is home to a host of rare-breed horses.

Enjoy horse riding with your family


Walking tours

The varied beauty of Greece, with its windswept cliffs and rolling hills, invites travellers and locals alike to wander the footpaths that wind through its islands. Throughout the Greek Islands, you’ll find walking paths among hilly promontories, such as those that weave above Lepitsa Beach in Porto Heli.

The hinterlands of Greece offer a quiet escape for avid hikers to slow down and truly appreciate the breathtaking views and ancient nature that invites a calmness to the soul.

We would be happy to schedule a guided walk through unspoilt Grecian forests and narrow valleys. Specialised walking tours are available for you and your family, and can be customised to fit all levels of abilities.

For an active family looking for a rigorous trek with great reward, a hike through a forest to the top of a mountain is recommended. Situated north of the Cyclades is Evia, the second largest Greek Island and an explorer’s paradise. The rolling and mountainous hinterland of this long and narrow isle are rich with the ancient remains of remote monasteries and jaw dropping natural beauty, best appreciated on a day-long guided trek up a mountain trail. Allow us to take care of all of the details, so that you need only to show up prepared to be inspired by the romantic ruins and whimsical waterfalls that mark the path ahead.

As your day comes to a close, you and your family can retire to one of our luxurious villas for some well deserved relaxation - we recommend the modern and spacious Arocaria in particular.

Enjoy hiking in Greece

Memorable family activity holidays in Greece should be rich with a balance of relaxation and adventure. These two gorgeous destinations are popular family hubs for good reason. Explorers and thrill-seekers alike frequent them, enjoying a mix of water sports, hiking and mountaineering.


Porto Heli

Fondly called the Greek Riviera, Porto Heli is home to the most scenic beaches in the world, lapped by aquamarine water so crystalline you’d think it was bejewelled. We are happy to arrange a series of water sports for you and your family to try during your stay. For a proper tour of the statuesque cliffs and caverns that can only be fully appreciated by boat, a private boat rental will allow you and your loved ones an afternoon of leisurely drifting along the sea or dropping anchor for underwater exploration.

Our favourite villa for families in Porto Heli: Enchanting Serayna.

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Situated in the northern waters of the Ionian Sea, Paxos is a laid-back island that welcomes families for activities at sea. The coastline of Paxos is home to winding sea caves, sandy shores and pristine waters, where marine life can be observed while snorkelling. The interior of Paxos is filled with beautiful olive groves, where families can while away the afternoon on a guided walking tour.

Our favourite villa for families in Paxos: sleek and private Panayia View.

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The activities available for families on holiday in Greece are endless. Should you have members that are avid explorers, walking tours, horse riding and scuba diving will allow them to have an unforgettable holiday under the Grecian sun. Now that you’re familiar with all there is to do during your active family holiday, allow us to do the rest. Contact us and we will help you create a bespoke itinerary full of unforgettable activities and once-in-a-lifetime views.