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The Best Things to Do in Mykonos: an Island of Two Halves
by Clare Evans
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The Best Things to Do in Mykonos: an Island of Two Halves

The Best Things to Do in Mykonos: an Island of Two Halves
Explore the variety of Mykonos; from thrilling snorkel dives to indulging in the island's finest restaurants. Discover the best places to stay in Mykonos with our luxury villas, perfect for your dream holiday.
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Mykonos needs no introduction as the cosmopolitan destination cradled in the Aegean Sea. The iconic white-washed buildings, unspoiled beauty and profound history have kept this place on top of holiday makers’ to-dos for decades. What you may not know is this island offers incredible variation; a delightful and unexpected blend of vibrant energy and serene tranquillity. Whether you're seeking horse riding along coastlines, candle-lit dinners or a peruse into the nightlife, Mykonos actually has something for everyone. Here's our local experts' list of the best things to do in Mykonos.

"Mykonos is much more than just a party island," says our Local Specialist. "You could, for example, go for a night dive off Lia Beach, horse riding on Megali Ammos beach, or discover a 16th century monastery in Ano Mera village."


Historic Villages, Coastal Horse Riding and Underwater Exploration: Things to Do in Mykonos

Snorkelling off Lia Beach

Lia Beach has clear blue waters and delightfully sandy shores. While it's well-known for its unspoiled beauty and secluded location, there is also a rich aquatic life that resides beneath the waves. Take time to read that book you’ve been wanting to finish on one of the sun loungers, or get stuck into snorkelling lessons to see the sealife up close and personal. See more of our recommended Mykonos beaches to visit here.

Horse Riding on Megali Ammos Beach

Experience Mykonos on horseback as you ride along the picturesque Megali Ammos Beach. This unique activity offers a scene straight out of a movie and a rare opportunity to explore the coastline. Along the way, you can discover beach side tavernas, bars and more for authentic local cuisine.

A Tour of Delos

Discover the birthplace of Apollo and take a boat trip to the sacred island of Delos. Less than an hour away by boat, Delos is an ancient metropolis - with one of the largest open-air archaeological sites in all of Greece. A private tour will enhance your visit to the island further and enrich your knowledge of the myths and legends of the ancient world.

Dance in Mykonos Town

For those seeking vibrant nightlife and fun, Mykonos Town is home to an array of bars and clubs that stay open late into the night. While our luxury villas are nestled in quieter areas, the local transportation offers easy access to the bustling entertainment hubs.

Explore Ano Mera Village

Step away from the bustling Mykonos Town and discover the peaceful haven of Ano Mera Village. Here, you'll find history in abundance such as the ruins of the Gyzi Castle built under the 13th Century Venetian rule, and the beautifully restored 16th-century monastery Panagia Tourliani, showcasing religious and classical paintings. The village centre offers a delightful selection of authentic bakeries, tavernas, and cafes.


Authentic Greek Food in Beautiful Settings: The Best Restaurants in Mykonos

Beyond discovering the best things to do in Mykonos, food enthusiasts can indulge in the island's delectable culinary offerings. Our local expert, Kynthia, has handpicked a selection of traditional restaurants that offer an authentic taste of Mykonos.

Fokos Taverna (Fokos Beach)

No luxury family holiday to Mykonos is complete without a visit to Fokos Taverna, a local gem near Fokos Beach. With 4.5-star ratings on multiple review platforms, you can be assured of an authentic gastronomic experience.

Rizes (Ano Mera)

Experience the island's rich history and culinary traditions at Rizes, a traditional farmstead. The bountiful garden provides fresh seasonal vegetables used in all the varying meals. Expect all dishes to be served fresh, and all meat dishes cooked to order, offering a true taste of Mykonos. We’d suggest taking the guided tour through the farmstead where you can see behind the scenes of this family-run restaurant.

La Maison de Katrin Restaurant (Mykonos Town)

Venture into Mykonos Town to embark on a culinary journey like no other at La Maison de Katrin Restaurant. Combining traditional Greek recipes with a touch of French flair, this restaurant offers an exotic yet familiar dining experience.

Mantri (Ano Mera)

Enjoy outdoor dining with stunning sea views at Mantri, a place that exudes class and finesse. With a menu featuring European classics and traditional Greek delicacies, you're sure to fall in love with the diverse flavours.


Sea Views, Panoramic Pools and Intimate Settings: The Best Places to Stay in Mykonos

Our luxury villas in Mykonos offer a soulful bohemian ambiance that immediately puts guests at ease. Nestled in the quieter north and southeast of the island, these villas provide a perfect retreat while remaining close to the vibrant Mykonos Town.

Our Luxury Villas in Mykonos

‘The House of Curves Above The Beach’

Also earmarked in Vogue France, Remvy is an unforgettable choice with space for 14 guests and a panoramic infinity pool.

‘In The Face of The Salt Kissed Breeze’

Nestled on Kalafati Beach, the intimate villa Simone offers accommodation for eight guests, making it an idyllic choice for a relaxing Mykonos stay.

‘The Boho Bolthole’

Camouflaged into a rocky hillside, Melea is the perfect secret getaway to sidestep away from the crowds. Spend all day lounging in the shaded pergola and gaze out to sea. A fit for eight guests.

‘Where The Day Flows’

Settle into laidback, beach view relaxation at Liliana. With a contemporary feel and sleeping 12 guests, this could be the perfect fit for you and friends.

Here at The Thinking Traveller, our travel and regional experts are dedicated to curating perfect luxury family holidays in Mykonos and beyond. To learn more and begin planning your dream getaway, reach out to a member of our team today.