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The best family holiday destinations in Europe: Special places to inspire memories
by Bianca Neal-Shaw
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The best family holiday destinations in Europe: Special places to inspire memories

The best family holiday destinations in Europe: Special places to inspire memories
Discover the best family holiday destinations in Europe with The Thinking Traveller. Explore Greece, Italy, and France to find the top family-friendly places.
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Planning a family holiday abroad can be a daunting task, choosing the best destinations, accommodation and experiences that fit your family dynamic. As the only keyholders to a family of unique houses and experiences, we can share the extraordinary with your family; creating experiences that become memories. From horse riding in Corfu, guided tours through a Sicilian town or simply taking in the spectacular landscape of the Corsican forests, we have a diverse range of experiences that are perfect for family holidays in Europe.

Using Local Expertise to Curate the Best Places to go on a Family Holiday

By working with local experts who share our passion for hospitality, we focus on delivering experiences that are rooted in authenticity. Children can delight in sandy coastlines and sprawling green lawns and adults can appreciate the freshest, world-class cuisine, explore vibrant nightlife and lead the expedition to historical landmarks, grandparents can relish in serene gardens, charming villages and leisurely strolls in some of Europe’s most picturesque destinations.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations in Greece: Exploration by Horseback, Rustic Town Tours and Miles of Sandy Beaches

Greece stands out as one of the best destinations in Europe for family holidays due to its gorgeous offerings for travellers of all ages. Cities and towns like Tinos and Serifos make for family getaways suited to you and your little ones. Our luxury villas in Greece rest among rich history and iconic landmarks. This, together with Greece's tangible hospitality and infused with local flavours and family-friendly atmosphere - make it an unbeatable destination for creating those special memories.



Corfu is perhaps the ultimate destination in Europe for family holidays, offering a plethora of attractions for all generations. We’d recommend horse riding in Corfu as a great way to see the beauty of the island from a unique point of view. Families with children tend to find that the short guided tour of Corfu Town is something everyone can enjoy; a way to ground into the new surroundings of well-kept façades and beautifully lush gardens. If that isn’t enough to keep the children entertained, Aqualand is always a fun way to let them burn off some steam.

Corfu Town captivates with its UNESCO-listed Old Town, where narrow streets, ancient fortresses and charming cobbled town squares create a quaint but alluring atmosphere. Kassiopi, a picturesque fishing village, provides a relaxed and family-friendly ambiance, with its sandy beaches, and the opportunity for watersports and boat trips.



The island's stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters and opportunities for exploration by boat make it an ideal destination for every member of the family to find something they’ll never forget. Zakynthos Town impresses with its captivating Venetian architecture, bustling squares and family-friendly restaurants, providing a perfect blend of culture and relaxation. Laganas offers a vibrant beachfront with shallow waters, ideal for children to play and adults to unwind. And of course we can offer you our very own collection of unique luxury villas on Zakynthos to unwind with the family after a long day of crafting memories together.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations in Italy: Historic Puppet Shows, Mediaeval Castles and Botanical Gardens

Families flock to Italy in search of the ultimate holiday, and for all the right reasons. An undeniable blend of history, soul, culture and natural beauty appeals to all generations. Cities and towns like Puglia are perfect for families travelling with children and grandparents with activities for everyone, from hiking to boating, and so much more. During your downtime, our luxury villas in Italy provide unique accommodation for families, ensuring privacy and relaxation. So, with activities to keep everyone captivated and warm hospitality received from the moment we hand you the keys to the perfect villa, Italy promises memories to last a lifetime.



Sicily needs no introduction as a family holiday classic. During a guided tour of Catania, your children’s imaginations will run wild as your family discovers the legends of ancient mediaeval castles and the history of the swirling baroque architecture that seems to stamp the city. To fully immerse in the Sicilian atmosphere, a tour centred around nearby natural wonders is a must. Spend half a day wandering around Pantalica on a guided tour where your guide illuminates the historical past of this limestone wonder. We also fully recommend a family favourite, The Opera dei Pupi, a puppet theatre that became popular in Sicily, in the early 1800s and has now been declared a UNESCO masterpiece.



Puglia is a site of adventure, beauty and culture, making it a well rounded region that’s ideal for every family member. Take part in a private guided tour of La Cultura Botanical where travellers can get to know the lush floral and fauna within the gardens, before enjoying a three course picnic lunch. If your appetite for Puglia is not yet satiated, book a full day to discover Matera, where you’ll be introduced to the caves and carved churches of this rocky outcrop before taking off to a local bakery for a delightful bread-making experience.

The Best Family Holiday Destinations in France: Intimate Hiking Tours, Archaeological Wonders and Roman Towns

Islands like Corsica make for incredible family getaways, with its charming towns, rugged mountains and plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures that all family members can enjoy. After a day of making memories, we can provide you with a unique choice of luxury villas in Corsica that will serve as your base to unwind and relax.



Whether you land on Corsica by boat or plane, this island offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and family-friendly activities. We can help you find tour guides specialised in hiking tours that are completely customisable to accommodate children. Whether you’re fascinated by thriving beech forests or prefer a more rugged route, we are always happy to hand families over to the exceptional care of our favourite Corsican hiking guide.

Porto Vecchio is a laid back, historic town that dates back to Roman rule. It sits above the port and is one of Corsica’s most culturally rich towns that offers something for everyone, including a mouthwatering food market, quaint cafes and a backdrop of the stunning emerald mountains that peek above the buildings.

If you still haven’t got your fill of Corsica’s deep history, then a visit to Filitosa is highly recommended. Unearthed only in 1948 the site continues to present unanswered questions about Corsica’s prehistoric past. Children will love the menhir statues and adults of all ages will be awestruck at the historic green valleys of southeast Corsica.

The Most Family/Child Friendly Tourist attractions in Europe

PositionCountryFamily & child friendly referencesTourist AttractionFamily & child friendly references1UK785The British Museum1722Spain311Siam Park1413Germany188Europa-Park844France175Luxembourg Gardens685Greece127Acropolis Museum326Italy121Colosseum337Poland87Rynek Glowny Central Square258Portugal74Oceanario de Lisboa749Turkey52Sultanahmet District1719Croatia28Plitvice Lakes National Park11

When it comes to planning the best family holidays in Europe, our experts are the go-to resource. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are on hand to happily recommend destinations with soul that are perfect for families, taking into account the diverse needs and preferences of each member. Whether it's finding the ideal villa in Corsica or or recommending a little known Bistro in Sicily, our travel experts go above and beyond to ensure that families have an enjoyable experience. With their guidance and personalised recommendations, families can embark on unforgettable journeys, creating lasting memories in the perfect villa that caters to their unique needs. Contact our helpful team today to get started on planning your next family holiday.