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Your Endless Summer: The Best Autumn holiday destinations in Europe
by Bianca Neal-Shaw
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Your Endless Summer: The Best Autumn holiday destinations in Europe

Your Endless Summer: The Best Autumn holiday destinations in Europe
Golden sun, a break from the summer crowds, and harvest-season plenty - this list of the best autumn holiday destinations in Europe has it all.
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With the summer holidays over, the crowds of tourists thin out and local character returns to the towns of the Mediterranean. Baking heat gives way to welcoming warmth, and the sunsets get somehow even more golden. In many ways, autumn is the perfect time to get away - more an endless summer than the end of one.

We've collated our list of best autumn holiday destinations in Europe, filled with perfect late summer and Autumn villas to discover incredible, enriching areas and experiences.


Autumn holiday destinations in Italy: Olive groves, ancient ruins and peaceful countryside


Making up the stiletto heel of Italy’s famous boot, Puglia spans 400km to its southernmost tip, where the warm waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas lap against soft beaches and rocky rises topped with traditional stone towns, where trulli nestle along the edges of winding roads.

A late summer visit to Puglia offers balmy weather, fewer crowds, and more space to enjoy the region’s breathtaking natural beauty.


Cannole, Puglia - Montekore

Set within twenty acres of organic farm, Montekore welcomes you with sprawling grounds to explore, and guides you inside with its airy and open architecture.

Venture outside the villa and into Cannole, and you’ll find an authentic Italian village with cobblestone streets and architecture dating back centuries. Olive groves and vineyards abound, and mark the perfect spots to explore in the harvest season, where you’ll be able to sample locally sourced produce, from delicate and herby olive oils to warm and rounded wines.


Ostuni, Puglia - Masseria Donnagnora

Proud and regal within its walled gardens, Masseria Donnagnora is a majestic sight in the autumn sun, with unique features including an inviting spa surrounded by bare rock walls.

The product of a five-year restoration project, completed in 2023, Donnagnora’s past as a fortified masseria is evident in its elegant arches, vaulted ceilings and flagged flooring.

The white-washed town of Ostuni, meanwhile, gleams like a gemstone on its perch atop a hill in the heart of Puglia, with labyrinthine streets that offer the perfect opportunity to get lost in exploration this autumn.


Known as ‘the jewel of the Mediterranean’, the island of Sicily sits between Italy’s toe and Tunisia. Visitors will find everything from picturesque coastal towns to ancient ruins that whisper tales of empires past, from Greek temples to Roman amphitheatres.

Warm seas for swimming and world-class cuisine, from fresh seafood to the flavour bursts of citrus fruit, combine to make the island one of the best places to visit in autumn.


Marina di Ragusa, Sicily - Corti dell’Eremia

Gaze out from the terrace dining area of Corti dell’Eremia, and you’ll see the land fall away around you, as the gorge plunges 100m down to the River Irminio, which winds its way to the sea some 5km to the south, where you’ll see the waters of the Mediterranean glisten blue-green.

The lush landscape around is green and golden, and winding stone paths lead you through the grounds, past the private pool area and into the valley.

Just 15 minutes away sits the idyllic seaside haven of Marina di Ragusa, where you’ll be able to sample airy gelato from local cafes, stroll past luxury yachts and leave footprints on golden sands.


Menfi, Sicily - Angheli

Another of our best luxury villas in Sicily, Angheli stands out with its panoramic views over the wide-open landscapes of the Belice Nature Reserve, its al fresco dining area, infinity pool, and secluded garden, where you’ll be bathed in the scent of citrus blossoms.

Belice boasts sites of natural beauty from beaches to vibrant green grasses and trees, and the wider Menfi region is perfect for cycling in the less intense heat of the autumn months. The archaeological sites of Selinunte and the Cave di Cusa are close by, as are the towns of Sciacca and Mazara del Vallo.


Noto, Sicily - I Lentischi

Settled in the peaceful surroundings of the Noto countryside, I Lentischi offers a charming modern space, designed with intention by its two owners. The open-plan interiors of the main house offer you the space and tranquillity to achieve true relaxation, whether you’re lounging on the sofas or sharing a meal in the light let in by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The nearby town of Noto boasts flamboyant baroque architecture, while hiking in the rolling hills will let you see everything from the white foam of waterfalls to the sweeping Pantalica valley.


Autumn holiday destinations in Greece:  Bustling tavernas, hidden coves and mountainous backdrops


Home to some of our very best luxury villas in Greece, the Ionian island of Zakynthos stands as one of the best autumn holiday destinations in Europe, offering visitors the chance to see everything from lush olive groves to dramatic cliffs.


Agatas, Zakynthos - Artelia

An extensive 250-acre estate with accommodation over two floors and an enchanting mix of clean contemporary lines and traditional wooden flooring and furniture, Artelia is the perfect late summer accommodation for those seeking luxury away from the summer crowds.

The villa is set in a commanding position on the island’s southwest, with views encompassing all the natural beauty Zakynthos has to offer.

There’s a wealth of small towns no more than 30 minutes’ drive away, too, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the buzz and bustle of the local bars and tavernas.


Another gorgeous island in the shimmering waters of the Ionian, Lefkada is connected to the Greek mainland by a causeway, and offers expansive views with the Greek mountains rising in the background.


Perigiali, Lefkada - Villa Ino

Villa Ino makes the most of its prize location, with floor-to-ceiling windows and wall-length sliding doors inviting you to gaze out and drink in the vistas.

Below the villa sits the village of Perigiali, built of the green slopes of the luscious mountains, while the island’s capital Lefkada Town is just 15km to the north. The town boasts Venetian churches, quaint museums and unique architecture.

Porto Helli

Nestled on the shimmering shores of the Argolic Gulf, Porto Heli offers a coastline of sweeping sandy beaches, dotted with hidden coves to explore. The area has long been a favourite of the great and the good, from Athenian aristocrats to modern business leaders.


Porto Heli, Porto Heli - Neysa

Neysa sits close to the sea just north of Porto Heli’s main resort area, with a driveway to lead you from the house to the pebbled beach and clear waters of Kyparissia.


Autumn holiday destinations in France: Picturesque towns, unique culture and charming architecture


Rugged and mountainous, dotted with historic towns, and home to a unique Mediterranean culture all its own, Corsica is one of the standout locations for the autumn season in Europe.


Ometo, Corsica - Casa Bisua

Bright blue sea rises into lush green woods, and nestled within them, the light and airy spaces of Casa Bisua, where the placid waters of the private infinity pool lap against the terrace.

As well as the soft sandy beaches, quiet in the late season, Casa Bisua is also just 20 minutes’ drive from the bustling harbour town of Propriano.


Pianottoli, Corsica - A Torra

On the tip of the island’s south coast, surrounded by beaches, A Torra offers traditional Mediterranean charm, with terracotta roofs and sea-blue shutters, and surrounded by an extensive set of elegant gardens.

Less than 20km away is the picturesque town of Bonifacio, perched on the edge of a cliff high above the sea. It is famous for its medieval past and bustling marina, offering something for everyone.

From the space to enjoy the natural beauty and historical sites to the wealth of locally sourced food, a late summer trip to the Mediterranean offers everything you could want.

If this list of the best autumn holiday destinations has inspired you, why not explore our offering further? Our experts are always excited to recommend the perfect villa to fit your needs.