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The Best 2023 Holiday Destinations in the Med
by Clare Evans
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The Best 2023 Holiday Destinations in the Med

The Best 2023 Holiday Destinations in the Med
From the Greek Islands to beautiful Italy, these are the best places for Mediterranean holidays in 2023. Learn more here.
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We love the new year. It’s a time of possibilities and reinvigoration, of looking ahead and making plans. For us, that means thinking about all the places we want to travel and explore in the year ahead - and when it comes to the enchanting Mediterranean, there are so many great options from which to choose.

The only challenge (if you can even call it that) is deciding which holiday destinations you’ll visit in 2023. That’s where we come in, sharing our expertise and our selection of the best places for sun, sights and exciting experiences.


Where to travel in 2023: Mediterranean destinations to watch out for

When it comes to holidays in 2023, there are a few Mediterranean destinations that truly shine. We’ve handpicked our favourite spots, which feature everything from immersive history and stunning scenery to amazing food and wine and more.

Holidays in Greece: Even better than fiction

Dreaming of relaxing olive groves, set amongst the natural beauty of the Greek Islands? So are we. With so much variety - and the opportunity for all kinds of exploration and island hopping - Greece is, with good reason, the quintessential Mediterranean getaway. 

It’s also one of the best places to learn more about the ancient civilisations that shaped so much of the world as it exists today. And even better, you can do all of that and then retire to a beach with crystal clear waters or take in a private moment by your villa’s pool.

You’ve probably already seen some of the most awe inspiring parts of Greece, from Porto Heli to Skopelos (where Mamma Mia! was filmed), thanks to your favourite television shows and movies. If you’re like us, and fell in love with the sun-drenched locations in Glass Onion, you can visit them yourself on the island of Spetses. Or how about seeing some of the exciting parts of Athens where Jack Ryan was filmed? There’s no shortage of famous spots across Greece - all the more reason to choose the country as your 2023 holiday destination.

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Patmos holidays: Explore the cosmopolitan and the religious

But even long before the invention of the movies, Greece was wowing its visitors. Known as the Island of the Apocalypse and the Jerusalem of the Aegean, Patmos is an island where you’ll immediately feel a sense of spirituality, serenity and mysticism. It’s both a holy island and a hidden paradise, making it the perfect place to relax, recharge and reconnect with yourself.

There are some truly amazing sites here that you simply can’t miss on a trip to the Dodecanese Islands. First amongst them is a fortress-like monastery, sitting atop a hill and dominating the island’s skyline, built as a reminder that St John the Theologian – one of the 12 disciples of Jesus – wrote his Revelation, also known as The Book of the Apocalypse, while in exile here. The cave where St John lived and experienced his visions, as well as the monastery dedicated to him, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and need to be seen while on the island.


Cyclades Islands holidays: Serifos for nature lovers and history enthusiasts

While it might be one of the smallest of the Cyclades Islands, Serifos packs plenty into a small space. It’s relatively close to the capital Athens, but still feels remote and serene, making it a perfect place for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature and experience a moment of peace.

The island has a rich history, and is alluded to in Greek mythology as the site of Odyssean adventures, as well as the popular story of Persues and Medusa. It was a flourishing island during ancient times, until eventually it fell under Roman rule; they used it as a place of exile.

Whilst there are a few must-see sights such as the old mines, the Monastery of Taxiarches and the Church of Agios Sostis, the island is not on many travellers’ holiday itineraries, meaning you’ll find it to be quiet and serene. We also have some of our most beautiful villas on the island to suit any kind of holiday.

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Holidays in Italy: Visit moments from the silver screen

It seems like everyone has been going mad for Italy this year, and with good reason. In the heart of the Mediterranean, its combination of culture, history and beautiful landscapes makes it a place you could spend weeks in and still discover something new each day.

It’s no wonder that it’s been enchanting film makers for years, providing the backdrop to some of our most loved movies of the past and the present. And if you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself in the glamour of the silver screen, here are some of the best places to do so this year.


Sicily holidays: Where The Thinking Traveller began

We love Sicily for so many reasons, but one of them is that it’s where it all began for The Thinking Traveller. Our first villas were located on the island and since then, we’ve only expanded our offering in this excellent area.

If you’ve been watching the latest series of the thrilling television show The White Lotus, then you’ve already had a glimpse of the jaw-dropping beauty of Sicily. The island is a visual feast, from the beaches of Cefalu where the opening scene of the show was shot to the majesty of Mount Etna. Whether you’d like to take a hike and explore the island, or just relax on the beach, we believe this island has got it all.

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Holidays in Puglia: The most stunning backdrop for your getaway

When it comes to unforgettable coastlines, we always come back to Puglia. If the country is a boot, Puglia is essentially the heel of Italy, with many of its best seaside towns looking out over the Adriatic Sea.

It’s also where the James Bond film No Time To Die was filmed, in the towns of Gravina and Matera - why not head into the local squares for a taste for what it’s like to be an international super spy? Of course, this being Italy, you’ll also be enjoying some of the best food and wine that the world has to offer in the midst of chasing moments from the silver screen - it’s no wonder this is one of our favourite destinations.

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Enjoy Mediterranean holidays in 2023 with The Thinking Traveller

Now is the perfect time to start booking your holidays for 2023. We’d love for you to spend your holidays with us, and explore some of the places we adore across the Mediterranean. Our villas are an excellent way to make the most out of your stay, allowing you a unique and comfortable place you can call a home away from home. Whether it’s a little oasis in the centre of town or a secluded paradise on the coast, we can match a villa to your holiday- just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re still not sure which destination is right for you, we’re always on hand to chat and help you start building the perfect getaway. Just get in touch whenever you’re ready to get started.