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The White Lotus - and Its Sparkling Sicilian Filming Locations - is Taking the World by Storm
by Clare Evans
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The White Lotus - and Its Sparkling Sicilian Filming Locations - is Taking the World by Storm

The White Lotus - and Its Sparkling Sicilian Filming Locations - is Taking the World by Storm
It’s the television series everybody’s talking about. The White Lotus is back on our screens for season two with some stunning new locations - namely the sensational Sicily! Get more information on the show here.
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The White Lotus: it’s the television series everyone is talking about right now. The show is back on our screens, but this time it’s swapping Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean for a new destination in the Mediterranean - the gorgeous island of Sicily. Read on to learn more about where it is filmed, and how you can visit the setting of some of its most iconic episodes.


Where is The White Lotus filmed?

If you’ve been watching The White Lotus and wondering where such a stunning backdrop could exist (it’s almost unreal), the answer is one of our favourite holiday destinations - Sicily. We’re not surprised they chose it. The island is a visual feast, from the beautiful architecture to the jaw-dropping natural beauty - including the iconic Mount Etna.


The opening beach scene was filmed in Cefalu, up on the northern coast of the island. This small town is certainly one that’s worth a visit while you’re staying in Sicily - we recommend visiting the Madonie National Park or hiking up La Rocca.

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More specifically, many of the scenes in the new series are filmed in the seaside resort of Taormina, a village on the eastern side of the island, not far from Mount Etna itself. That’s where you’ll find the hotel, which plays host to many of the key parts of the series.


Two villas that are perfectly situated so that you are close to Taormina and all it has to offer are La Prora and Villa Carmine, which combine comfort, charm and luxury. Villa Carmine is located in the heart of the city, allowing you a front-row seat to the action. La Prora is just outside the town, allowing you a more secluded holiday experience - but you can easily reach the city centre through a variety of different transport options, making it incredibly accessible. For example, it takes just 20 minutes on foot or five minutes by car, with cable car and bus transport available as well.

If you’re looking for a spacious, five-star resort experience without the chaos depicted in the popular show, we have some excellent villas available. Why not treat yourself to a stay in Rocca delle Tre Contrade or Don Arcangelo all'Olmo? Both can be fully serviced at your request - we particularly recommend indulging in a private chef to dish up their favourite Sicilian gastronomical delights. Other enviable resort-esque features include the tennis courts, extensive grounds, enchanting gardens and luxurious interiors - pure perfection.

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What is The White Lotus about?

The White Lotus follows the dramatic and sometimes sinister events connected to a fictional hotel chain. While in the first season the hotel is based in Hawaii, it jumps to another in Sicily for the second.

Jennifer Collidge reprises her role as the glamorous Tanya, but this time she’s joined by new faces including the enigmatic Aubrey Plaza. The show itself follows the intricate lives of both the guests and employees at the hotel, with comedy and intrigue around every turn. This series serves us a mystery from episode one, so we won’t reveal any more details than that - no spoilers here!

What does ‘white lotus’ mean?

The ancient Egyptians were some of the first to use the white lotus as a symbol of purity. This is because they grow out of the mud, but emerge white and unblemished. These flowers are, therefore, also seen as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, something that the staff and guests of The White Lotus are trying to achieve themselves.

What to watch after The White Lotus

If you’re after beautifully shot shows with amazing backdrops, complex characters and plenty of suspense, then you might now be asking what can scratch your White Lotus itch next?

One series we love is Inspector Montalbano, also set in Sicily, which has brought the towns of Ragusa, Scicli, Noto and Modica to life. This series is perfect for anyone who loves a detective story filled with twists and turns and a gorgeous Mediterranean backdrop.

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We’d also recommend revisiting The Durrells, the story of an eccentric English family that becomes enthralled with the enchanting island of Corfu. This show is truly a love letter to the Ionian Island it’s set on, and shows off just why it’s one of our favourite holiday destinations. And once you’ve watched it, why not also book to stay in the house featured in the series? We are accepting bookings for the historic and glorious Posillipo, where many of the show’s scenes were filmed.

Still not sold that The Durrells should be the next show on your watchlist? Read through our blog post dedicated to series for more information on the plot, setting and more.

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If you’ve been wanting to jump into your TV screen to visit the beautiful resort in The White Lotus, now is the time to make that fantasy a reality. Take a look at the villas we have on offer for more inspiration, or contact us for assistance in planning your White Lotus-inspired adventure in Sicily.