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Luxury masserie in Puglia's countryside
by Max Lane
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Luxury masserie in Puglia's countryside

Luxury masserie in Puglia's countryside
Puglia's countryside is scattered with impressive Italian masserie - estates that were once the beating hearts of communities. See how some have been transformed into luxury masserie villas for your Puglian stay.
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The Puglian countryside is scattered with masserie, impressively imposing constructions that were once the beating hearts of local agricultural estates.  

Here, we’ll look at their importance in the local landscape, and the characteristic features that make them ideal places to stay for large groups visiting Puglia.

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What is an Italian Masseria?

A masseria is a fortified farm our country house usually built on large complexes of land. Italian masserie served many purposes:

They provided accommodation for the local lord or Massaro (landlord or farm manager), who would live on the upper floor.

They also housed storerooms, workrooms, stables and living quarters for the farmhands on the lower level.

They were generally very large in size and built of thickly-carved blocks of tuff stone. The main building was often connected to a chapel and surrounded by courtyards, and large fertile gardens. Finally, strong protective perimeter walls designed to keep out unwanted visitors. Beyond the walls lay the fields and farmland.

Luxury masserie

Thanks to their great size and impressive architectural designs, over recent decades a great many of Puglia’s masserie have been transformed into luxury hotels and glorious private residences.

Several luxury villas have decided to open their doors exclusively to clients of The Thinking Traveller.

Below are our luxury masserie villas in the Salento region of Puglia.

Masserie in Salento

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Villa Elia

Just a short drive from Gallipoli and some glorious beaches, Villa Elia has recently been restored and refurbished to exacting standards.

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Masseria Curti Vecchi

Masseria Curti Vecchi has been beautifully restored, combining the simple warmth of the original stone walls with modern elegance.

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Masseria Scippi

With its intriguing mix of original features, rustic charm and luxurious touches, Masseria Scippi offers pleasant surprises at every turn.


Masseria Cisterna Rossa

The high-end, beautifully restored Masseria Cisterna Rossa features extensive grounds and a fabulous pool.