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Alluring Alonissos: Things to do on this spellbinding Sporades Island
by Clare Evans
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Alluring Alonissos: Things to do on this spellbinding Sporades Island

Alluring Alonissos: Things to do on this spellbinding Sporades Island
Alonissos is one of our favourite Sporades Islands - and for good reason. It has an unparalleled selection of activities and things to do, from gourmands and adventurers to families looking for wholesome days out. Explore our guide to the alluring island of Alonissos here.
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Alonissos is a magical holiday destination. The island offers ample opportunities for refreshing dips in the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, a variety of hiking trails across its pristine natural landscapes and relaxing walking routes through the historical Old Town.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of its offerings. Once you have decided when and how to get to Alonissos, it is time to start crafting your itinerary for the trip - something we would love to help you with. Our Alonissos guide, as well as our team of travel experts, are here to make sure you get as much as possible out of this spellbinding Sporades Island.


Authentic Alonissos: What to do on your holiday

Thanks to having some of the best weather that Greece has to offer, there are a lot of adventurous things to do on the island. Our range of villa collections make it easy to ensure close proximity to the activities you and your loved ones wish to take part in most.

1. Things to do in Alonissos with children

The Sporades Islands offer a wonderful environment for children to play, learn and have fun. Golden sandy beaches, enchanting villages and unspoilt natural surroundings inspire the imagination and promote curiosity. Here are a few great activities we know children of all ages will love.

Spotting Alonissos seals and dolphins

Alonissos Marine Park and the waters of the Sporades Islands provide the perfect habitat for numerous species of marine animals. A day or two out on a boat is great fun in and of itself, but nothing beats the thrill of being escorted out to sea by a playful pod of dolphins or watching Mediterranean monk seals go about their daily business.



For families who love cycling, the quiet, scenic roads of Alonissos are ideal for a day out pedalling. Go off the beaten track, discover secluded corners of the islands and stop off for a swim here and there to cool down. Bike hire shops can easily be found in town. Alternatively, our team would be happy to arrange bike hire on your behalf.


Kyra Panagia: A monastic adventure

A trip to the nearby little island of Kyra Panagia is a must. Home to wild-roaming goats, the island has been inhabited on and off by farming monks for over a thousand years. Drop anchor in the bay below, wade ashore, climb up the hill and visit the impressively remote seventeenth-century monastery.


2. Alonissos Marine Park

Officially established by presidential decree in 1992, the National Marine Park of Alonissos is the largest reserve of its kind in the Mediterranean. Taking up about 2,250km², it comprises a group of seven main islands and is divided into three different areas, each of which has varying degrees of protection. The core - and most protected part - is Piperi.

The islands in the park are home to a wide range of flora, including pine trees, holm oaks, garrigue, strawberry trees, oxalis, Judas trees, orchids, wild sage and oregano, lentisk, Phoenician juniper, heather and more. Even the seabed is a botanist’s delight, thanks to the presence of large fields of posidonia (sea grass) that sustain a diverse and fascinating array of marine life.


3. Alonissos boat trips

Alonissos is a very green island, with amazing pine forests on the outskirts of its white beaches and transparent waters. The best way to admire all this beauty from the sea is with one of the activities outlined below:

Sail the historic routes of pirates and merchants

Set sail in the Sporades and explore the routes of pirates and merchants. Relax on deck and enjoy cooling winds and warm sunshine as you sail through the National Marine Park, admiring its numerous deserted islands, beautiful coastlines and small fishing villages.

Departing directly from Alonissos, cruises usually start at 10am and end at 6pm. They include snacks, refreshments and a pre-arranged fish lunch at a taverna. There are plenty of chances for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling while your captain introduces you to the local history, traditions and geography. The area itself is a natural habitat for many species of animals, including monk seals, various types of dolphins, hawks and gulls. If you're lucky, you'll spot a few en route

Boat charters in Alonissos


Snorkelling safaris

Experience the Sporades' pristine clear sea and its thriving marine flora and fauna with an expedition cruise and snorkelling safari. On board the boat, you'll explore broader Alonissos and its Marine Park, stopping off for lunch at a traditional taverna to enjoy some fresh fish, salads and refreshments.

Snorkelling safaris depart at 10am and last for six to eight hours. All the equipment you need will be provided by the tour. The experience is suitable for all ages and the boat has capacity for up to six people at a time.

Boat charters in Alonissos

Gourmet Greek food cruises

Spend the day exploring the island and its treasures aboard a lovely, traditional wooden motorboat. Enjoy a gourmet lunch prepared by a talented chef who will introduce you to Greek cuisine while you enjoy excellent local wine and refreshments as part of the experience.

This cruise starts at 10am and ends at roughly 6pm. Discover hidden coves, small secluded beaches and turquoise waters where you can swim and snorkel. You will also learn about the history and the flora and fauna of the islands - all while enjoying time spent aboard one of the most exclusive yachts in the area.

Boat charters in Alonissos

4. Boat hire

Exploring the island of Alonissos by hiring a small boat is the perfect way to unwind on holiday. Chartering a boat gives you the freedom to anchor and swim in the many bays, pebble beaches and inlets and explore this fantastic archipelago. You can choose to become immersed in the enchanting coastlines of the island or reach the other amazing islets that make up the Sporades.


Boat rental in Alonissos

Experience Alonissos with The Thinking Traveller

Now that you know what this exceptional island has to offer, we are happy to help you start planning your Alonissos adventure. For more information and prices related to the experiences we’ve mentioned, feel free to contact our team as soon as you are ready or visit our terms and conditions page. We can also help you choose from the best villas in Alonissos, in order to make your holiday that much more special and memorable.