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What is a workation and is it right for you?
by Clare Evans
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What is a workation and is it right for you?

What is a workation and is it right for you?
We like to think that if you love where you are, you never work a day in your life. A working holiday (or workation) may be just what you need to reignite enthusiasm, boost productivity and reinvigorate a passion for your career.
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Workations are quickly becoming one of the hottest travel trends, especially having had to put our holiday plans on hold over the past year. For those who want to enjoy an escape abroad without using up too much annual leave, or for those who want to take an extended holiday to make up for lost time, a workation could be the perfect solution.

This blog post will explore the 'workation' trend, offering tips on how to have a successful one and give our suggestions of Mediterranean villas which are perfect for a workation. In particular, we’ll highlight those which are:

  • Fantastic for longer stays

  • Equipped with the technology to keep you connected

  • Designed with equal measures of relaxation and productivity in mind

  • Brimming with extra amenities to help maximise your free time

  • Ideally located to enjoy unforgettable views as you carry out your workday


2023 travel trends: The workation

For many of us, remote work has afforded us more freedom to decide where (and sometimes when) our occupational duties are fulfilled. Enter the 'workation' - a handy portmanteau of working vacation.

A workation is ideal for:

  • Burnt-out office workers

    - A working holiday may be just what the doctor ordered for office work that can be done from anywhere - pending approval from your employer, of course. Sometimes a simple change of scenery is all it takes to reignite passion for your career and spark some much-needed inspiration.

  • Families who are homeschooling young children

    - The pandemic has kickstarted something of a homeschooling renaissance. If your family has school-aged children currently taking online courses, why not allow them to complete their lessons poolside in a fabulous villa?

  • Digital nomads

    - Writers, designers and creatives will find that a working holiday abroad often breathes new life into their artistic endeavours. After all, what's more inspiring than the majestic Mediterranean Sea?

  • Entrepreneurs

    - Owning a business can be demanding, but with added responsibilities comes a level of freedom that you deserve to enjoy. Put your number two in charge for a few weeks and run meetings from a lovely gazebo in Sicily or overlooking the sprawling sea in Puglia.

Working while travelling abroad is a genius move for anyone hoping to stay on track with their workload, whilst letting their new surroundings ignite passion and creativity.

How to work while travelling

Next, let's explore how to maximise your productivity during your workation in the Med. These tips will help ensure you hit organisational benchmarks while relaxing in some of the finest villas the Mediterranean has to offer:

  • Set a routine and stick to it

    - Make sure you’re always available for meetings, questions from your colleagues and general communications during your regular working hours. You may have to turn in for the night quite a bit earlier than your travelling companions some evenings, as being well-rested is key to a successful workation.

  • Establish a quiet and relaxing workspace

    - You'll be spoilt for choice when selecting the perfect location for your ad hoc office within our sprawling villas. On the first day of your workation, we recommend choosing where you will do your work each day, where you can then set up all your technology and be ready to hop on a Zoom call when the time comes.

  • Plan activities around your working hours

    - Whether you want to visit the gorgeous vineyards of Sicily or the beautiful beaches




    in Puglia, be sure to plan your activities around your work schedule. That way, you won't miss out on one iota of fun, while still getting your responsibilities finished on time.

  • Professionalism is key

    - If you want your superiors to give you the okay to organise future workations, be sure to keep up with the same professional standard you've established in person.

Now that you know the keys to a successful workation, it's time to select the perfect villa with equal measures of relaxation and productivity for your working holiday abroad.

Working holidays abroad with The Thinking Traveller

At The Thinking Traveller, we like to think that if you love where you are, you’ll never work a day in your life. With that in mind, here is our handpicked selection of magnificent villas for your next workation.

1. Casa Vera

Located in Sicily, Casa Vera is a perfectly proportioned, contemporary villa with views that will motivate any employee to rise above expectations. Because Casa Vera spans two properties - the main house and the guest house - you can designate one space to serve as your office for the length of your stay, while the other can remain your indulgent escape once it's time to clock out.

Amenities like satellite WiFi can keep you connected while an in-villa cook will save you the hassle and time of preparing meals, ensuring Casa Vera becomes the backdrop to your best workation yet. As soon as you shut your laptop, you can walk out the sliding glass doors of the villa into a panoramic courtyard perfectly equipped for al fresco dining and local wine tastings or take a refreshing plunge into the spectacular saltwater pool.

For more inspiration on what to do in your downtime, please have a look at our Sicily travel guide.


2. TerraMia

Another of our favourite villas for a workation is also located in Sicily: TerraMia. Vast stretches of sliding glass windows make this villa a bright and refreshing space for your workday. The open concept design of TerraMia organically flows outdoors to frame the glorious vistas of the sparkling sea, calming countryside and the Vendicari Nature Reserve. Imagine the aromas of a traditional Sicilian meal being prepared by your in-villa cook on the villa's built-in barbecue while you chill a bottle of local Grillo to toast another successful day’s work. This and more can become a reality at TerraMia, thanks to its tranquil grounds, amenities that go above and beyond (including satellite WiFi) and rejuvenating aura.

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3. Casina Elia

Picture yourself contentedly working among beautifully tended gardens while breathing in the scent of fragrant Mediterranean herbs in the gentle breeze. In the distance, you hear the gentle splashing of your guests relaxing in the built-in pool. In the back of your mind, you know a once-in-a-lifetime sunset awaits you once your day is done from the vantage point of a panoramic roof terrace. In these circumstances, you may well accomplish some of your best work yet.

For a spa-like working holiday abroad, Casina Elia in bewitching Puglia can provide an ideal base. WiFi will ensure you don't miss any important meetings, while amenities like a private masseur, in-villa cook and yoga instructor guarantee that you will stay grounded and relaxed, even if you're working on holiday.


4. Adina

Our villa Adina on the Greek Island of Skopelos is not only the location of the famous movie Mamma Mia!, but also the ideal setting for a working holiday abroad. We suggest setting up your ad hoc workspace in the villa's independent suite, which comprises a double bedroom, an open concept living area, a private en-suite shower room, a designated dining space and a kitchenette. Though you may be travelling with a crowd - and Adina comfortably houses up to 12 guests - you will be sure to avoid distractions, as this property is at no shortage of space to stretch out. The sizable sea-view terrace will patiently await you in the evenings, as will the welcoming tree-shaded lounge area and sandy-pebbly beach located just 80 short steps from the property's doors.

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5. Villa Eterea

Located near the charming village of Selva di Fasano in Puglia, Villa Eterea serves as a picture-perfect location for your workation on the Med. Imagine yourself typing away or conducting a call with a client on a lovely terrace overlooking stunning scenes of the hills and sea beyond. Absolute bliss.

WiFi and daily maid service, an optional in-villa cook and shopping service will ensure all you have to worry about is completing your work and, once you finish for the day, revelling in the majesty of Puglia's immaculate sandy beaches, charming seaside villages, exciting culinary scene and superb Baroque architecture with the ones you love.

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Are you ready to design your bespoke workation?

If the prospect of a productive holiday sounds enticing, you may be wondering, Can I work remotely from another country? We are pleased to report the answer is a resounding Yes! At The Thinking Traveller, we are happy to help you organise a bespoke workation that suits all your professional needs while reigniting your passion, creativity and lust for life. Simply reach out to one of our well-informed team members once you're ready to get something in the work calendar.