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Nature holidays abroad: 10 Greek villas perfectly situated to allow you to reconnect with nature
by Laura Bardell-Smith
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Nature holidays abroad: 10 Greek villas perfectly situated to allow you to reconnect with nature

Nature holidays abroad: 10 Greek villas perfectly situated to allow you to reconnect with nature
Reconnect with nature this year and soothe your mind, body and soul. Here are our top 10 Greek villas to enjoy the natural wonders that Greece has to offer.

Due to the pandemic, we've all been sequestered inside for far too long. This makes 2022 the perfect time to book a fantastic nature holiday abroad at one of our luxurious Greek villas, and reacquaint yourself with the beauty and magnificence of Mother Nature. After all, reconnecting with the natural world is beneficial for the mind, body and soul – so why not start the new year off right by putting your wellbeing first?


The best villas for nature holidays abroad in Greece

Are you dreaming of a lush, luxurious and verdant holiday with close proximity to natural sights and experiences in Greece? If so, you are going to fawn over the flora and fauna that accompanies our masterfully curated collection of fabulous villas on the Greek isles.


1. Noiya

Perched in a stately panoramic position in Porto Katsiki among the emerald green pine woods of Lefkada's southwestern peninsula stands our villa Noiya. This sprawling eight-bedroom property shelters up to 18 guests over several levels and delivers unencumbered views of the sparkling sea and bewitching sunsets that could serve as a muse for gallery-worthy paintings.

Aside from extraordinarily panoramic views, Noiya offers countless ways to revel in the great outdoors, such as:

  • A pair of natural pools.

  • An ideal location just a 20 minute drive from a selection of beaches and the watersports hotspot, Vassiliki. This makes it easy to enjoy a Lefkada sailing excursion.

  • Proximity to Katsiki and Egremni, two of the finest and most dramatically situated

    Lefkada beaches.

  • Nearby immense chalky-white cliffs, spectacular views and azure blue waters.

  • A fantastic starting point for hiking excursions and walking tours across Lefkada's interior, where the mountains tower to over 1,100m. Here, you can take in some breathtaking scenery and visit a handful of charming villages, where daily life is deeply connected to nature.

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2. Iro

On the island of Paros stands Iro, a stunning five-bedroom villa with a superb view of blue waters below, beguiling twin edge pools and a beautiful minimalist, open-concept space that opens out to shady terraces.

Please the outdoors enthusiasts in your group by:

  • Heading out on bicycles to explore the island's seafront, villages or mountainous hinterland.

  • Taking a dip in one of the outdoor pools before retiring to the al fresco dining area for an aperitif.

  • Trying your hand at windsurfing.

  • Taking full advantage of the nearby sandy bay of Faragas for some stand-up paddle boarding.

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3. Aperghis

Ensconced in the unrivalled tranquillity of Paxos' verdant hills sits the charming four-bedroom Aperghis. This utterly delightful villa was designed by architect Dominic Skinner and is loved by patrons of the contemporary country chic aesthetic and easy-going al fresco living.

Reminders of the natural world will surround you at all times when staying at Aperghis, from the stone-built façade to the stunning pool with sea views set amongst a secluded garden of shady olive trees.

Opportunities to enjoy the enchantment of the natural world include:

  • Casting off for a day of exploration at sea by booking

    boat hire on Paxos and Antipaxos.

  • The western seaboard of Paxos, with remarkable sea caves, towering cliffs and stretches of rocky, rugged coastline, and its soothing east coast - home to soothing sandy

    beaches and picturesque views of the Greek mainland.

  • The hinterland of Paxos, which is blanketed with olive groves and produces some truly superb olive oils.

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4. Roellia

Located in what is known as the Greek Riviera, Roellia is situated on the peninsula of Porto Heli, one of the premier locales for holidays on mainland Greece. Sheltering up to 12 guests across three buildings, Roellia is surrounded by a host of gorgeous beaches and shimmering blue seas.

We recommend getting closer to nature during your stay at Roellia by:

  • Enjoying the natural grandeur of mainland Greece.

  • Participating in water sports, yachting and island hopping - you can easily visit the cosmopolitan islands of Spetses and Hydra.

  • Staying close to home and relaxing on the pebbly beach at the end of the garden.

No matter how you choose to spend your time, you are in for a taste of the good life when residing at Roellia.

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5. Akrothea

On Meganissi rests the flawlessly positioned five-bedroom property Akrothea, which combines transfixing views, an abundance of space and, of course, plenty of opportunities to bask in the grandeur of the outdoors.

Here are just three things we love about this villa:

  • Akrothea is set in an entirely private 10-acre coastal estate, just south of Agios Ioannis on Meganissi's west coast.

  • It’s private sea access offers excellent snorkelling and swimming opportunities, which means you won't need to travel far from the villa to enjoy a shallow, secluded beach - it’s just a short walk from the main gate.

  • The area around Akrothea features a multitude of lovely walking paths that wind through to the centre of the island.

Whether hiking, scuba diving or mountain biking, Akrothea is the perfect starting point for countless unforgettable natural experiences on Meganissi.

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6. Artelia

Equestrians rejoice! Occupying a privileged position above the sea and the wooded hills of southwest Zakynthos, Artelia is in a magical world all of its own. The vast estate contains a manège where guests can witness the rare Akhal-Teke horses. Artelia is also within easy reach of sandy beaches, shipwrecks and calming crystal clear waters.

Enjoy nature's calming scenery while staying at Artelia by:

  • Selecting from a variety of boat trips in Zakynthos to visit the most photographed beach in the area, Navagio, located in the northwest of the island.

  • Exploring the island's hinterland, which is dotted with romantic villages such as Lithakia and Exo Chora.

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7. Mirkella

Mirkella on Hydra offers unparalleled privacy, 360-degree panoramic views and numerous enchanting sitting areas tucked around the expansive terraces. Connoisseurs of the outdoors love Mirkella for many reasons, and particularly for the path that winds through the pine trees to the coast below. There, guests have access to a private jetty. Walk a little further to arrive at the clear waters and tranquil pebbly beach of Molos. 

Additional ways to experience a natural holiday in Hydra include:

  • Discovering the many breathtaking beaches on the Saronic Islands across Aegina and Hydra.

  • Trekking the island's mountainous landscape, which is sprinkled with monasteries and crisscrossed by ancient mule tracks. Hikes such as this are a popular choice in the spring and the autumn.

  • Enjoying the silence! Cars are not allowed on Hydra, making it an excellent destination for those who strive to travel sustainably.

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8. Ibid

The romantic one-bedroom Ibid is also located on Zakynthos. Perfect for couples, this property features beautifully-designed interiors, a pool and a rooftop terrace that is sure to take your breath away. For an intimate getaway that focuses on nature, consider the following activities when staying here:

  • Cast off from Agios Nikolaos via boat charter and travel down the coast to take in the Blue Caves, a series of sea caverns that glow in the morning light. This area is also an excellent site for scuba diving and snorkelling.

  • Spend time on the nearby glorious beaches, including Makris Gialos and Xigia.

  • Witness the majesty of ancient vineyards while touring the nearby Goumas and Ambelostrates wineries.


9. Fanya

Fanya on Syros is one of the finest places to explore in the Cyclades Islands. This five-bedroom villa was designed by a legendary Greek architect and stands as a stone and earth-toned extension of the surrounding terrain. 

Fanya is an excellent option for those who wish to enjoy nature from the comfort of a home away from home. Here are just a few ways in which you can indulge in the natural world during your stay:

  • Wander the property’s secluded gardens with a refreshing glass of locally produced white wine in hand.

  • Relax on the pine-shaded terrace off the fourth bedroom - it is a lovely location, ideal for sipping your morning tea or coffee as the sun rises.

  • Take advantage of the garden gate beach access that facilitates laidback beach days broken up by fresh, healthy meals prepared by your in-villa chef.

  • Witness the stark contrast between lush olive trees and the majestic rocky coastal terrain.

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10. Lyssiana

A perennial favourite with the discerning traveller, Lyssiana, located on Alonissos, occupies a panoramic position overlooking the sea on the island’s southern coast.

Here are a few of its most enticing features:

  • The surrounding minor islands of Alonissos form the Alonissos Marine Park, which is home to flora, fauna, marine life and unspoilt natural beauty.

  • Alonissos' sister island, Skopelos, is also highly recommended to explore during your visit.

  • Alonissos is spoilt for choice when it comes to gorgeous sandy beaches, many of which are easily accessible from the villa.

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Making your luxury nature holiday as unique as possible is easier than ever with one of the 10 stunning Greek villas we've shared here today. From sandy beaches and sparkling night skies to boating adventures and lively hiking excursions, there is sure to be something for everyone in your group. Each of these locations has the ability to facilitate a truly unforgettable connection with the natural world, creating an extraordinary experience that will leave your mind, body and soul invariably rejuvenated.

Our brilliantly presented villas will help make your stay one for the ages. Get in touch with us when you are ready to start planning a nature holiday you won't soon forget.