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The Thoughtful Traveller Day 2023
by Bianca Neal-Shaw
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The Thoughtful Traveller Day 2023

The Thoughtful Traveller Day 2023
The Thinking Traveller launched an awareness day in order to support small businesses abroad. On August 12th help us to spread the word by leaving a review.
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That little-known taverna. The rustic restaurant nestled in the corner of that cobbled square. The food market that served authentic local delicacies. These are the places that make a holiday unique. These are the experiences you tell your friends about and the memories you treasure once you’re home.

In 2021, these local places suffered as a result of the pandemic. The tourism industry lost 1.78 trillion Euros due to lack of tourism. The effect was felt globally -  and countries with economies that depend on tourism were impacted the most, meaning a lot of small businesses responsible for unforgettable holidays were lost forever. In 2022 the industry reignited and the countries that relied on tourism needed our support more than ever.


The Thinking Traveller exists to inspire memories through places with soul. Our team of local experts are passionate about delivering experiences that are rooted in authenticity. A community united by a love of places with soul, our success is in the enduring relationships we have built over our 20 years – with villa owners, local communities and guests. One way we like to honour these relationships, connect people and support small local businesses is through  ‘The Thoughtful Traveller Day’.

This awareness day encourages people all over the world to think back to the wonderful small restaurants, cafés, shops and markets that made their holiday special and leave them a review online. The purpose? To inspire others to seek out the same experiences and pay homage to the businesses that are intrinsic to these local communities.  By working with people who share our passion for hospitality, we deliver impeccable experiences for every guest.


With over a third of tourists visiting a small business while on their holidays because of a review they read, it’s not difficult to see why it’s important to leave reviews for these special locations. We launched this day to not only support local businesses in the regions where we offer our luxury villas, but to urge every holidaymaker to think about a time when that little bistro off the beaten path made your holiday unforgettable. Perhaps someone else will find it now too.

Antoine Levy, Sales & Marketing Director of The Thinking Traveller said: “Post pandemic, the travel industry has bounced back but not without its difficulties. From an ever-challenging economic climate, soaring energy and material costs plus airfares being the highest they have been in decades, it is still difficult to travel abroad- all this affects small businesses and, by extension, the countries where they are located, many of which depend so much on tourism.

Knowing how crucial positive user-generated reviews are to small businesses, we wanted to continue to play our part in helping the tourism sector to recover and encourage travellers to think about supporting small businesses abroad. That little local taverna, a family run beach bar - The Thoughtful Traveller Day is a welcome reminder to share places close to our hearts and local experiences that became memories.”


How to get involved in supporting small businesses abroad

Leaving a review for a small business abroad can mean the difference between them winning or losing a customer – so on the 12 August, we urge you to think back to the businesses you loved while you were on holiday but haven’t yet reviewed. Whether it was a backstreet café, a little restaurant in a sleepy village or a bustling market in a city centre, if you can find them on any review site then please leave a positive review and encourage other travellers to shop, eat or visit there.

Don’t forget to show your support for this awareness day by using the hashtag #TheThoughtfulTraveller in your review!


The Thoughtful Traveller Facebook Group

To celebrate The Thoughtful Traveller Day, we are accepting our annual requests to join our select Facebook group. Admittance to this group will allow users to get exclusive access to benefits that other clients wouldn’t normally, such as first access to new villas, last minute availability offers and more. We will only be accepting 100 members every year, and admittance is based on if you have left a review for a small business abroad by telling us the platform and business you helped to support. You can submit your application to join the group here.

Thoughtful choices that inspire memories

The Thoughtful Traveller Day also encourages people all over the world to think more sustainably when seeking out the best travel experiences.


Embrace Shoulder Season

With many special destinations at risk of overcrowding and overtourism, we encourage travellers to consider alternative times of travel, exploring our destinations during quieter periods of March, April, September, October & November. Enjoy the same beauty of the Mediterranean but at a slower pace of life.


Souvenirs that last a lifetime

We know that our customers love to take keepsakes home with them from their trip and thanks to the relationships we have built with the people and the businesses in the communities where we offer villas, we know that the best souvenirs are experiences that capture the location's culture, which you can take with you wherever you go and share with others. Food and wine retreats are a great way to do that. Taking authentic recipes with you wherever you go.

If you’d like to know more about our upcoming immersive food and wine experiences, you can find more information below:


30th September - 7th October 2023: The Sicilian Wine Harvest With Isabelle Legeron

Isabelle Legeron is the founder of RAW WINE and acclaimed author. Guests will discover the emerging wine areas of Sicily, enjoy exclusive access to winemakers and experience the Sicilian wine harvest. Learn more here.

View retreat


7th - 14th October 2023: Culinary Retreat With Merlin Lebron-Johnson

Cook alongside Michelin-star chef, Merlin Labron-Johnson, owner of Osip restaurant. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in Sicilian food culture with a series of dedicated hands-on workshops.

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14th - 21st October 2023: Culinary Workshop with Chef Dora

Immerse yourself in Sicily’s culinary traditions in these hands-on cookery lessons with Rocca delle Tre Contrade’s in-villa chef. This also includes a vineyard visit with wine tasting, foraging, a street food and market tour and an extra-special experience cooking alongside a Sicilian Michelin-starred chef. You can learn more here.

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Discover some of the best restaurants, shops, markets, and other unique businesses in the Mediterranean with The Thinking Traveller

As the only keyholders to unique houses and experiences, we can help you to plan a holiday that will inspire memories to last a lifetime. Our destinations offer a perfect mix of unique accommodation and vibrant authentic culture. We work with local experts who are not only knowledgeable about every inch of our private villas, but also have information on some of the best restaurants, shops, markets, exhibitions and tours across the Mediterranean. If you want to find out more about our luxury villas, the experiences we offer and the small businesses we support that will make your holiday unforgettable, please get in touch and we would be happy to help you plan your next getaway.