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The Best Wedding Venues in Europe
by Clare Evans
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The Best Wedding Venues in Europe

The Best Wedding Venues in Europe
If you’re looking for wedding venues in Europe to make your dream a reality, we can help you pick the best the Med has to offer.
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There’s a reason why “I'm getting married in the Mediterranean!” returns an undeniable “ah” from most. Azure blue twilights in fairy-lit courtyards. Organic wine and regional delicacies. Cicadas providing an orchestral soundtrack. Wedding guests standing on white sands. The Mediterranean is an exquisite backdrop for nuptials, each of its special locations creating experiences that become memories. Whilst we do not accommodate weddings in our villas, our local experts have compiled a list of their favourite Mediterranean venues, handpicked from dreamy locations like Puglia, Sicily and Greece.


Glorious Wedding Venues in Italy

Unsurprisingly, there are many wedding venues in Italy that will leave you spoiled for choice. A country of rustic beauty, charm and sensational food, its wedding venues are also top tier. From the stunning coast to the island of Sicily, Italy has various spots that will help you have the perfect wedding, while it also has some incredibly luxurious villas to spend the week before or after the big day.


Wedding Venues in Puglia: Sandy Beaches, Picturesque Courtyards and Timeless Elegance

Puglia is located on the east coast of Italy, towards the peninsula's southern edge, home to Foggia, Bari, and Lecce.  These venues are located in the Valle d’Itria region, best known for its white wine vineyards, artisanal olive oil producers and gorgeous villas. Thanks to our local expert, Tamara, we've compiled our favourites below.

Relais Villa San Martino (Martina Franca, Puglia)

Relais Villa San Martino is timeless - both rich in history and equipped with everything to give you the ultimate Italian wedding. Located right in the middle of the Valle d’Itria, Relais Villa San Martino is elegant and unique, providing incredible views that will serve as the ultimate backdrop for your perfect wedding or civil union ceremony.

Le Palme Beach Club (Capitolo, Puglia)

For those with a connection to the sea and wanting to wed with the sand between their feet, a beach wedding is perfect. Le Palme Beach Club is beautiful. Our sizeable Terrarossa, Trullo Alice, Trullo del Sale, and Villa Eterea accommodations are all located nearby, ideal for those with a lengthy guest list.

Barsentum (Putignano, Puglia)

Barsentum is particularly close to our heart because one of our Thinking Traveller team got married here, and it couldn't have beenmore perfect. It boasts rustic charm in abundance and is incredibly charming- perfect for any happy couple that has plenty of guests on their list. Villas OttoConi and Montaltini are close by, providing authentic taste of Puglian living perfect for your wedding guests.


Wedding Venues in Salento: Sprawling Gardens, Fairytale Castles and Rustic Interiors

Located on the southernmost end of Puglia, Salento is often described as the "heel" of the Italian "boot". Our local expert, Saveria, knows the region better than anyone else and has compiled a handful of recommendations to help you find the perfect place if you have your heart set on getting married in Italy.

Tenuta Lucagiovanni Salento (Salento)

Tenuta Lucagiovanni Salento is a showstopper. A huge country villa with sprawling gardens and grand architecture, it is a location fit for a fairytale wedding. They put an artisan flare on each event they put on, making it fit to your exact expectations. Just a short drive from the town of Maglie, you won't need to travel far if you want to explore the area, while you'll only be around 25-40 minutes from the historic Palazzo Ducale Guarini and Palazzo Bernardini de Pace.

Gibo (Salento)

Also located in Salento, Gibo is a classically renovated venue complete with the traditional brickwork you would expect. Not looking like it would be out of place in a James Bond epic, we're sure that you will find Gibo to be the venue of your dreams, while it's also just a short 25-40 minute drive from our range of Salento villas.

Castello al Borgo (Salento)

If you want to tie the knot in style, getting married in a literal castle is one way to do it. Often home to fashion shows, concerts, and even movie sets, Castello al Borgo is one of the most impressive European wedding venues we've ever seen in terms of both style and size. What's more, it's less than an hour from our luxurious Salento villas.


Wedding Venues in Sicily: Tranquil Halls, Botanical Greenery and Unique Detail

Moving away from the Italian mainland, we'll now look at some Sicily wedding venues, which we're sure you'll love even more than we do. We asked our Local Concierge, Federica, who knows the owners of these Sicilian venues personally. Here are her recommendations:

Tenuta Falconeri (East Sicily)

To get things started, we'll look at the Tenuta Falconeri venue, located on the eastern side of Sicily. This venue is located right next to one of our gorgeous villas, also named Tenuta Falconeri. This is the only case where we can offer a villa and a location for your wedding. We might be biased, but if you're looking forward to getting married in Italy but can't decide where, you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere in Sicily that's more idyllic and tranquil.

Radicepura (Riposto, Sicily)

Located in Riposto, just a short drive north of Catania, home of Mt. Etna, Radicepura is perfect for those fascinated with nature and who love to be immersed in the tranquillity of botanical gardens. Getting married with an active volcano as the backdrop makes for some incredible photos, while it's also located close to a host of our villas including Don Venerando - which has the same owners and has the same tangible connection with nature. You can also stay in a number of our other villas nearby - including Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, Crossing the Rock, Camelia, Ortensia and Linera.

La Canonica Degli Archi (Riposto, Sicily)

Also located in Riposto, close to Radicepura, is La Canonica Delgli Archi. This venue is an old mansion, boasting rustic old-time charm and bohemian grandeur. This stunning building is very unique and will make your day incredibly special. It offers both smaller and larger wedding parties and can be perfect for both. This is similarly close to our villas in the Riposto area such as Crossing the Rock, Camelia, Ortensia, and Linera - so you'll be sure to have plenty of options.

Villa Criscione (Marina di Ragusa, Sicily)

To finish our little tour of Sicily is Villa Criscione, arguably the most luxurious of the bunch, perfect for those who want to make a lasting impression. Located close to the Marina di Ragusa beachfront, also known as Mazzarelli, this villa is easily accessible to those staying in our villas like Masseria d’Estia, Il Baglio della Sorgente, Baglio della Luce, and Corti dell’Eremia.


Wedding Venues in Greece: Clear Waters, White Beaches and Ocean Backdrops

If you're musing about a Grecian wedding and want to find the best luxury villas in Greece, you've come to the right place. With the help of our local expert, Mary, we've found a couple of the best wedding venues in Greece, each providing the perfect setting for you to tie the knot and have a truly remarkable time with your loved one.

Princess Hotel (Skiathos, Sporades Archipelago)

Complete with clear waters, white sandy beaches, and quaint huts that dot the shoreline, Skiathos is an island unlike anything else. If you like the look of the picturesque and instagrammable Crete wedding venues but want a touch more privacy, the Princess Hotel could be the perfect choice. With our Azalea villa just a short journey away, there's no reason why Skiathos shouldn't be high on your beach wedding wishlist.

Leftos Gyalos Beach (Alonnisos Island, Northern Sporades)

If you want to leave the beaten track and do something a little different, Leftos Gyalos Beach is found on the Greek island of Alonnisos and could be ideal for those wanting the ultimate ocean backdrop. With an intimate church, Elaionas Restaurant, and our Kolokithi Bay, Jura, and Hibiscus villas nearby, Leftos Gyalos Beach is definitely worth considering if you want to tie the knot in style.

Other notable venues

Our other local expert, Vicky, has some other smaller more traditional venues that could be perfect for your day. These include:

Any of these venues will make for a gorgeous ceremony, and day. Please note that these recommendations are by no means an endorsement from The Thinking Traveller. If you're looking for a partner to make your wedding truly memorable, get in touch and we'll help you find the right villa(s) to host you and/or your guests.