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Holidays in the Mediterranean: Ring in the new year with these traditional New Year’s celebrations
by Antoine Levy
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Holidays in the Mediterranean: Ring in the new year with these traditional New Year’s celebrations

Holidays in the Mediterranean: Ring in the new year with these traditional New Year’s celebrations
After a long year, you deserve to be reminded of the best part of life - celebrating with your loved ones. Now is the perfect time to ring in 2023 in style at one of the finest luxury villas inthe Mediterranean.
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Another year is over and it's time for one of the most joyful celebrations of the year - the long-awaited New Year's Eve party! To make the most of the occasion, why not treat yourself to an unforgettable, last-minute Mediterranean holiday abroad? After all, can you think of anything more exciting than ringing in the new year in a foreign country, surrounded by your partner, friends or family?


Luxury holidays in the Mediterranean: Where to go on New Year's Eve

We couldn't think of a better place to ring in the new year than a luxury villa rental in the Mediterranean, where you can experience the authentic celebrations, food and traditions of Italy, Greece or Corsica.

Today we will introduce you to welcoming and cosy villas that place you close to:

  • Spirited open-air celebrations with live music

  • Sparkling fireworks shows

  • Traditional New Year's Eve meals, including suckling pig, pork and lentils and an orange-infused pound cake with a special surprise, complete with vegetarian alternatives like tumbet, lentil stew and a selection of indulgent cheeses

2023 is almost here. Are you ready to start it in style?

1. New Year's Eve in Italy

If you picture yourself ringing in the new year under the romantic sparkle of a fireworks display, Italy is sure to deliver. New Year's Eve and fireworks shows are synonymous there, transforming this holiday into a huge event for many locals. If you like massive celebrations, you will be rewarded with the sight of countless people gathered at open-air street parties and dancing to live music in all the country’s main cities and larger villages. Christmas in Italy is generally a more subdued family affair, but New Year's is extremely social - which means that anyone can join in on the celebration.

On New Year's Eve, to honour St Sylvester’s Day, most Italians will kick off the celebration with a convivial dinner. A meal of pork and lentils is traditional, with the former representing the richness of life and the latter signifying money and prosperity. We recommend a traditional lentil stew as a vegetarian alternative that will still bring about good luck and fortune in the new year.

If a traditional St Sylvester's Day feast sounds like something you would like to experience, we recommend hiring an in-villa cook to whip up this delectable holiday meal. The eco-friendly Rocca delle Tre Contrade is one of our most popular luxury villas in Sicily and is an excellent option for food-centric New Year's celebrations. It is fully serviced with daily maid service and an authentic Sicilian cook, ensuring you won't have to lift a finger while celebrating.

Within walking distance of Taormina is La Prora in Sicily, which offers an opportunity for peace and quiet for those looking for a more subtle way to start 2023. The enticing heatable pool, superb sea views and luxurious amenities are sure to leave you feeling prepared to take on whatever the coming year has to offer.

If a holiday to Puglia is on your mind, Villa Eterea in Selva di Fasano presents the perfect location to cosy up next to the contemporary fireplace in the dining area during a meal or take a dip in the stunning heatable sea-view infinity pool after the festivities have wound down.

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2. New Year's Eve in Greece

The Greeks have a variety of interesting New Year's customs that you are sure to enjoy experiencing firsthand. Like the Italians, the Greeks love to welcome the new year with the glitter and magic of fireworks displays. New Year's Eve is always illuminated with a light show you are sure to never forget – especially at the Parthenon on Athens' Acropolis Hill. Something many of us associate with Christmas - door-to-door carols - is a charming New Year's tradition for the people of Greece. Children and adults throughout the country - from Lefkada to Zakynthos and beyond - will joyfully sing while playing the triangle to bless your home for the coming year.

Interestingly, in Greece, January 1st is not only New Year's Day but also St Basil's Day. To mark the occasion, Greek families will prepare vasilopita cake, a decadent, orange-infused pound cake with a hidden coin to celebrate St Basil. The lucky person who receives the slice with the hidden coin is rewarded with good fortune for the rest of the year. Will it be you?

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3. New Year's Eve in Corsica

Holidays in Corsica during the festive winter season are magical. If you’re planning to spend your New Year's in Corsica, we have some suggestions for making your celebration authentically French. In France, New Year’s Eve is known as Le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre. Whether at a small family dinner or boisterous party, celebrating the holiday by dressing to the nines is common in French culture. Traditional New Year's Eve foods in Corsica include oysters, lobster, foie gras, escargot, smoked salmon, caviar and, of course, champagne, with vegetarian options including a selection of cheeses ranging from a ripe Brie de Meaux with walnuts to a Saint-Marcellin, raw and cooked asparagus and one of the many classic French soups. Even the smallest of the island’s villages and towns organise some form of public celebration, so be prepared to participate in the customary faire la bise (cheek kiss) at midnight.

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Welcome 2023 in Mediterranean fashion

After a long year, you deserve to be reminded of the best part of life - celebrating with your loved ones. If a bespoke luxury villa holiday sounds like the ideal way to ring in 2023, we encourage you to connect with our team to begin the celebratory preparations.