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Wondering where to spend your holidays? Explore our villas in Corsica for a relaxing beach holiday
by Antoine Levy
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Wondering where to spend your holidays? Explore our villas in Corsica for a relaxing beach holiday

Wondering where to spend your holidays? Explore our villas in Corsica for a relaxing beach holiday
Nothing says relaxation more than a well-deserved beach holiday. This blog post recommends three of The Thinking Traveller's villas that are situated near Corsica's lovely beaches - some of the best beaches this island has to offer.
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If a Corsican beach holiday is what you desire, look no further for the most exquisite accommodation the Mediterranean has to offer. Here at The Thinking Traveller, we are honoured to present a selection of beautifully situated private villas by the sea - all within walking distance of the white sandy beaches of your fantasies.

Don your sunglasses, grab a towel and prepare to be gently lulled into relaxation by the glistening blue waters of the majestic and storied isle of Corsica.


Where to stay in Corsica

Suppose you have a taste for long days spent basking in the warm and comforting Mediterranean sun. In that case, we recommend Corsica's southern beaches as a starting point for your tranquil holiday.

Corsica accommodation by the beach

Our luxury villas in Corsica, located in southern Corsica near Pianottoli, offer effortless access to a selection of sandy stretches. Pianottoli is predominantly shoreline, featuring the Bay of Figari to the east. Highlights of the area include the beaches, like Chevanu and San Giovanni, two deep coves - Arbitru and Chevanu - and a nearby nature reserve. Here are three of our favourite villas in the area, which act as welcoming bases for days out exploring and relaxing on the beaches:


1. I Bruzzi

I Bruzzi is situated roughly 20km away from Bonifacio, one of Corsica's most picturesque and dramatically situated towns, and serves as your gateway to the lovely beaches of Corsica's south coast, the nearest one being just 650m away from the villa. Take a short stroll through I Bruzzi’s gardens, gaze out at the crystal clear waters of the Med or enjoy al fresco Corsican food and picturesque vistas throughout the villa's expansive grounds.


2. A Torra

If rustic yet elegant features and modern amenities suit your taste, A Torra humbly welcomes you. Simply follow a short path through the villa’s gardens, and you will arrive at a lovely little sandy beach that looks out at the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. When staying at A Torra, the sea is always within view, a comforting and relaxing reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.


3. Cala d'Istria

Enjoy tranquility and elegance at Cala d'Istria. In the morning, stroll along a gentle path from the grounds to land on a little stretch of private beach used only by our guests and a small selection of other nearby properties. In the evening, enjoy the beautiful view of Corsica’s magnificent sunsets in the heated, three-tiered infinity pool before adjourning to the decked terrace to indulge in al fresco dining and local wine from Corsica

View our entire selection of villas for rent in Corsica


The best beaches in Corsica

Our Local Specialists have compiled their picks for the best beaches in Corsica

  • Cara Lunga

    - A short 15-minute drive from Bonifacio will bring you to one of Corsica’s purest and most natural beaches. Enjoy a magnificent view of Sardinia while a chorus of crickets serenades you.

  • La Tonnara 

    - Visitors have dubbed La Tonnara ‘a dream to the eyes’ due to its spectacular scenery. Travel just eight miles from Bonifacio for sun, sand and delicious beachside cuisine.

  • Plage de Balistra

    - Follow a long narrow road to discover a gorgeous beach with crystal clear waters. Gaze out across the spellbinding waves and watch as yachts cruise down this spacious coastline.

  • Roccapina

    - Travellers love Roccapina because it’s typically not overcrowded, even in the busy summer season. Try your hand at snorkelling to view gorgeous coral formations and a rainbow of fish.

  • Maora Beach

    - A favourite spot for lovers of nautical sports, and the perfect place to try windsurfing and beach volleyball or hire a pedalo. Afterwards, unwind with a freshly prepared meal or cocktail at a charming nearby eatery.

The best beaches in Corsica by activity

Corsica is the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the birthplace of Napoleon. The history of Corsica is turbulent and fascinating, and the island itself is frequently celebrated for its unmatched natural beauty. Often described as ‘The Mountain in the Sea’, Corsica offers no shortage of adventurous opportunities for everyone from the casual hiker to the skilled mountaineer.

If you desire activities closer to sea level, Corsica boasts over 1,000 kilometres of unspoiled and idyllic beaches that remain the ultimate draw for the sun-worshipping traveller, whether he or she wants adventure or relaxation. Corsica is guaranteed to offer the perfect beach for you and your travel companions.


1. For snorkelling

Hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, Palombaggia does not disappoint. Take in the striking images of white sand, red rocks and crystalline waters before setting off to enjoy some of the best snorkelling in the world. Dive in and descend just a few short metres to observe rocky outcrops that shelter a variety of interesting-looking marine life.

Due to Palombaggia’s generous size, there is plenty of room for visitors to stretch out and relax, even during the busy summer months.

The Thinking Traveller villa recommendation: Fontana, which is just a few minutes’ drive from Palombaggia.


2. For families

We know how important it is for families with children to enjoy easy access to shops, restaurants and other facilities. A holiday with the whole family also means a need for space, shade and a gently sloping beach that guarantees safety. We've selected the following beaches as ideal spots for families with young ones.

  • Plage de Pinarello

    - Whether you choose to take a long and relaxing stroll along the picturesque promenade or charter a private boat to discover dolphins and other wildlife, Plage de Pinarello has activities for children and adults alike.

  • Rondinara 

    - Located right in the middle of Bonifacio and

    Porto Vecchio

    , Rondinara features clear water, a white sand beach and convenient parking. It is an excellent choice for families with younger children because it is sheltered from the wind and has a gentle, safe slope into the sea.

  • Campomoro

    - With its soft and silky sand, calm waters and accompanying quaint seaside village, Campomoro is perfect for a day out as a family. If you have hired your own car, we recommend you arrive early to take advantage of the best parking spaces, as they can be limited in the area.


3. For stunning views

If ‘a picture is worth one thousand words’ is your mantra, don't miss the spectacular views the following beaches have to offer

  • Plage de Santa Giulia

    - Pull out your camera and capture the stark white sand sparkling in stunning contrast to the calm and shallow turquoise waters of Plage de Santa Giulia. Delicious eateries nearby will keep you fortified for a long day of photography and sunbathing.

  • The Gulf of Valinco

    - Travellers adore this extraordinary micro-region nestled between the Genoese towers of Capo di Muro and the village of Campomoro. You will find unmatched natural diversity, remarkable landscapes, scenic hamlets, sandy beaches, the attractive marina of Porto Pollo and more.


Enhance your holiday with an Experience

An Experience is the ideal way to enrich your holiday in Corsica. Whether you desire a private boat charter or guided day trip, would like to try your hand at watersports or simply want to sit back and sample the fabulous local gastronomy, we can arrange the perfect experience for you. We will work with you to help you select your ideal villa and then coordinate with the rest with our knowledgeable and accommodating team to ensure your Experience is memorable.

A Mediterranean state of mind

You deserve the beach holiday of your dreams. Here at The Thinking Traveller, we will expertly craft an unforgettable stay that impeccably showcases the sparkling Mediterranean's breathtaking sights and sounds. Our mission is to provide start-to-finish white-glove service that ensures your next trip to Corsica is one for the ages.

When you are ready to book your getaway, please contact our team and allow us to organise your next relaxing beach holiday on Corsica’s sun-drenched white sand beaches.