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Our Favourite Springtime Experiences
by Clare Evans
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Our Favourite Springtime Experiences

Our Favourite Springtime Experiences
Looking for the perfect springtime getaway? We’ve gathered our favourite Mediterranean Experiences, from exciting boat trips to guided hiking tours.
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Springtime offers travellers an invigorating breath of fresh air in the Mediterranean. From a day spent hiking in Corfu to taking off on thrilling boat trips beyond the shores of Lefkada, an exciting Experience is the perfect way to set the tone for the year ahead.

Allow us to be your guides, as we share our favourite experiences to inspire and enhance your holiday this spring. We’re here to share the most memorable activities we offer throughout the Mediterranean so you know your springtime escape abroad will be utterly unforgettable.

The magic of springtime in the Mediterranean

When we think of springtime and the bounty of exciting wonders that come with it, the Mediterranean may come to mind. The mild climate plays host to beautiful floral blooms and a treasure trove of seasonal foods are sure to delight you as you explore the best of the regions’ activities without the major influx of tourists that flock during summer.

Whether you crave an afternoon spent boating over the sparkling sea or would prefer to uncover the hidden gems of the Mediterranean via private tour, our magnificent villas are perfectly suited to help you to feel the magic of springtime abroad.

Exciting boat trips

The Mediterranean is known for its translucent teal waters and opulent beaches of pebble and sand. There is no better way to discover the wonders of the sea than by private chartered boat trips.

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Sicily boat trips

The sublime scenery of the Aeolian Islands and Ionian Riviera makes boat trips in Sicily the perfect way to kickstart your springtime holiday. Whether you’ve booked a full day, half day or sunset excursion, your skipper will make sure you get the most out of your Sicilian boat trip experience.

Taking off from your preferred port of departure, float along the shore to take in the springtime colours of fresh flowers dotting the charming fishing villages scattered among the shore. Find yourself in the most magical surroundings, from bay to bay, and drop anchor for a swim to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of your voyage. If you’re able to pull your gaze from the tranquil water, you’ll be treated to the most scenic selection of coastline - and if you stay out late enough, you’ll be captivated by the sunset glistening over the sea. 

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A Corfu boat trip

The Corfu coastline is best experienced by booking a private boat charter. Savour the sweet springtime sights as your skipper guides you along the shores of Corfu and its colourful neighbouring islands like Paxos and Antipaxos, painted in flowering petals. As you travel, you’ll get a closer look at the beaches and caves of the Ionian Sea - a wondrous sight this time of year. Drop anchor in the bay of a friendly fishing village along the way for a sumptuous seasonal lunch, before heading out to sea again to enjoy a late afternoon swim.

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Boat trips in Lefkada

Adding a day or two of boating in Lefkada will leave you revitalised as you breathe in the salty sea air and marvel at the enchanting allure of the white cliffs and exclusive beaches that can only be accessed by boat. Lefkada is riddled with stunning sandy beaches, like the beautiful Porto Katsiki and Egremni Beach. While many can be accessed by foot, some cannot - allow us to organise a private boat tour for you that takes you to these hidden gems.

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Fascinating guided tours

If you want to stay a little closer to shore, why not immerse yourself in what the mainland Mediterranean has to offer?


The best guided tours of Sicily: Mount Etna

The temperature of Sicily in the springtime makes it the perfect time to embark on one of our guided tours throughout this historic island - particularly an exciting tour of the region’s highest mountain, Mount Etna. We offer a variety of adventurous tour options you can choose from, but one of our favourites this time of year is our guided sunset tour, fit for travellers of all skill levels. After all, spring is the time when fresh life and beauty emerge on the mountain, all of which is best appreciated at golden hour.

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We recommend booking a stay holiday at our elegant villa Crossing The Rock, which features gorgeous sea views and a close location to Mount Etna. This villa is blessed with a privileged sea-view and is for the perfect place to reset between guided tours of Sicily.

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A private tour of the botanical gardens in Salento

Allow us to schedule a private guided tour of the botanical gardens in Salento on your behalf. Our guests have the exclusive opportunity to visit the botanical gardens before they open to the public.

A local guide will spend approximately an hour and a half ambling through the gardens with you, where you will enjoy the greatest selection of succulents in Europe, along with ancient trees and a handful of animals. A visit to La Cutura Botanical Gardens invites a sense of peace and serenity into your holiday, and can be enjoyed by travellers of any age.

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Hiking, cycling and horse riding

While it is no secret that flora of all varieties come to life in the springtime, wildlife, too, begins to buzz with life. There is no better way to enjoy all the spectacles of nature than by getting up close and personal, by foot, pedal or hoof.


Hiking in Corfu

Corfu is one of the most beautiful places in Greece - anyone walking around the island would be the first to tell you so. From admiring ancient olive trees to discovering secluded beaches, Corfu hiking is unparalleled. Whether you opt to explore the historical villages of the island and the surrounding lush foliage, have been craving a coastal adventure or would love to ascend to the peak of Mount Pantokrator, trekking in Corfu will offer you unspoiled hiking routes you’ll love.

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Horse riding in Corfu

Perhaps you want something a little more adventurous than a hike - then consider horse riding in Corfu. Whether galloping through olive groves or prancing along a wide sandy beach, a spirited excursion on horseback is a memorable way to appreciate the island’s pristine scenery. And when it comes to accommodation, our seaside villa Calliope is perfectly situated so you can enjoy plenty of day trips around the island. It’s a convenient and homely place to rest and recharge after a day out enjoying a sunset ride on horseback.

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Cycling around Lefkada

Whether you prefer to hit the trails solo or would like the guidance of a local, cycling around Lefkada is a wonderful way to get in tune with nature. We can help you rent an e-bike fit with a GPS to make navigation throughout the island easy - or you could join a troupe of experienced riders who will show you the way. We offer a selection of group expeditions on an array of different trails, suited for every type of rider.

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When you’ve had enough of the rugged outdoors for one day, return to our stunning villa Madreterra, which comes highly recommended for a luxurious repreve after a day of satisfying exercise. Air conditioned and with awe-inspiring views, you’ll be entirely enchanted during your stay with us.

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We would love to see you this spring! Book a springtime escape with us and allow us to tailor it to suit your preferences. Whether your wanderlust calls you to the sea or you’ve been craving an unplugged day of cycling, your holiday to the Mediterranean will be unforgettable. Allow us to help you build your perfect springtime itinerary - contact us to get started.