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Our Local Specialist recommends: Rachel's local guide to Meganissi
by Laura Bardell-Smith
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Our Local Specialist recommends: Rachel's local guide to Meganissi

Our Local Specialist recommends: Rachel's local guide to Meganissi
Resident Local Specialist Rachel Ward is an invaluable resource for everything there is to know about having an unforgettable luxury holiday in Meganissi, Greece.
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From glassy clear waters to undulating hills and endless greenery, it’s possible to find a bit of everything when you go on holiday in Meganissi, Greece.

Resident Local Specialist Rachel Ward is an invaluable resource for everything there is to know about the island, including a few secrets that will make any visit to this immaculate destination as fun and memorable as possible.


Meet Rachel

Hello there! I’m Rachel, from Liverpool in the UK. I first encountered the treasure that is Meganissi (also spelled Meganisi) after six months of backpacking around Greece. I knew right away that I wanted to work here one day and I consider myself lucky to have realised that dream early on in my life. The island’s immaculate beauty still takes my breath away, especially during a sunrise pilates class. I love the locals, enjoy meeting new people and my number one priority is making sure that my guests have the best possible experience here.

Rachel’s picks for Meganissi


Favourite Meganissi beach

It’s difficult to choose a single favourite from the wide variety of Meganissi beaches. I have a deep affection for the rugged west coast, where sea spots have a natural backdrop of stunning olive trees. I love going for a dip at Stravnam Beach (also known as Ammoglosa, which translates to tongue of sand).  It’s a small stretch of pebbled beach nestled gently between translucent waters and lush green valleys.


Favourite Meganissi restaurant and bar

Guests often rave about the delicious traditional food in Meganissi, and the local wine options are great for those looking for the perfect pairing with their meal. My favourite restaurant - if I really have to choose just one - is the picturesque Errikos in Vathi. Chef Thras Mitsoulis is known for creating mouth-watering dishes all year round. For days when a refreshing summer cocktail is all you need, try Petrino in the same area.


Favourite cultural spot

Meganissi is something of a hidden gem when it comes to cultural experiences. Its fascinating local history and wide variety of seasonal events and festivals often come as a surprise to first time visitors. The neighbouring islands of Lefkada, Kastos, Kalamos and Ithaki are good to visit if you really want to get to know the history of the area, but one must-see cultural spot in Meganissi (and that I love talking about) is the Papanikolis Cave. Its name was taken from a Greek submarine that hid in the mouth of the cave during World War II and, despite its small entrance, the cavern stretches 120 metres long and is brimming with limestone.

Favourite local food and beverage

Greeks love their coffee. My go-to at the start of the day is a Freddo cappuccino or a fresh espresso with frothed milk and ice, both of which are available anywhere on this island. Food wise, I’m a fan of most Greek dishes, but especially those with a bit of crumbled feta. Oven-baked sea bass with vegetables and fennel makes my mouth water. A glass of Idylle d'Achinos rosé with shrimp saganaki (a sauce made with fresh tomatoes, garlic and a little kick of ouzo) is a popular combination for tourists too.

Favourite things to do in Meganissi

From cycling around Meganissi to paddle boarding and scuba diving, it simply isn’t possible to run out of things to do here. I especially love taking a boat out to sea and exploring the coastline, which is a great way to see most of the island - I seem to discover something new every time. There are a plethora of hidden coves, perfect for a quick dip in the sparkling waters, and many nearby islands for a spot of hearty lunch.


The locals’ best kept secret

There’s nothing quite like sailing around Meganissi. Visitors with a power boat licence (or those who book a day trip with someone who has one) have a unique opportunity to experience something truly special at Varka, a taverna on the north coast of Kalamos. Getting there comes with the added adrenaline rush of mooring up on the pontoon. The reward of doing so is some of the tastiest food the island has to offer in an idyllic setting!


Favourite luxury villas in Meganissi

Many of our villas on Meganissi are show stoppers, but I’m particularly fond of Panorea, Akrothea and Hippokampoi. Panorea is known for its majestic sea views with unparalleled privacy for guests. Akrothea is a pristine, spacious estate on the stunning north of the island. Hippokampoi lies comfortably between two and a half acres of olive groves (my favourite, as you’ll recall from earlier). I always recommend that guests book an in-villa cook when staying in any of these villas, as there’s something special about breaking bread with loved ones from the comfort of your own private sanctuary.

We hope that Rachel’s recommendations have sparked excitement about the prospect of adding Meganissi to your list of luxury villa holiday destinations this year. She’ll be available during your stay with even more unrivalled knowledge of the area, as well as for anything else you may need. Feel free to reach out to us as soon as you are ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the island.