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Get away from it all with a private island experience
by Clare Evans
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Get away from it all with a private island experience

Get away from it all with a private island experience
From quiet Greek Islands in the Ionian Sea to wild Mediterranean islands, uncover secluded holidays in indulgent villas far from the beaten track.
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Sometimes you just want to get away from it all - and when we say 'it all', we really mean it. We have compiled some of the most secluded islands in Greece, France and Italy, all perfect for a holiday experience that will have you feeling like you’ve hired out your very own private island.


Secluded holidays: Quiet Greek Islands

With 227 islands (including many that are uninhabited), travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding secluded holidays in Greece. From the Ionian Islands to the Sporades, some of the world’s most relaxing holiday destinations lie in this region. Even on larger isles, secluded villas situated on remote clifftops and white sand beaches offer guests their own private island experience. Keep reading to uncover where to holiday in the Greek Islands for some blissful peace and quiet.



The tiny island of Kastos is just 8km in length and under a kilometre wide. Home to just 50 full-time residents, this quiet Greek Island can easily be accessed via ferry, but please note that these ferries only take foot passengers. Private boats are also available to charter from other Ionian Islands, such as Meganissi.

With just one village, Kastos is famed for the unspoilt sandy beaches that encircle its shores and the tranquil olive groves that roll across its interior. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day trip or a quiet Greek Island getaway, few destinations compare to dreamy Kastos.

Set midway down the ‘spine’ of the island and 1.6km from the village, Gaia boasts panoramic views across the island of Kastos and out to the Ionian Sea. This lovely villa is what secluded holiday daydreams are made of. With three bedrooms sleeping up to six guests, this undisturbed villa offers travellers unparalleled peace and quiet.

Gaia is our only villa on the island and comes complete with use of a compact 4x4 car, allowing guests to easily explore the secret coves and sandy beaches of Kastos at their own pace before returning to the serenity of the villa’s seaview infinity pool. Our Local Specialists are more than happy to arrange deliveries to your door, allowing you to focus on rest and relaxation. They can even arrange for delivery of freshly prepared local cuisine from a Kastos taverna, with a complimentary meal delivered on your first night.

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Tiny Antipaxos is a secret retreat in the Ionian Islands that offers visitors a real private island experience. With an area of just five square kilometres, the island has a permanent resident population of a mere 20 people. Home to a couple of tavernas open in the summer months, a sprinkling of houses and no real roads to speak of, Antipaxos is a little known oasis for guests looking for a true escape from daily life.

With no shops on the island, supplies must be carried in by boat - which we will gladly arrange, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the tranquility and flawless beaches that skirt Antipaxos. Voutoumi and Vriki are two of the finest, both easily accessible on foot from virtually anywhere on the island.

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Alonissos is a quiet retreat in the Ionian Islands that offers visitors a peaceful atmosphere. With its lower tourist density, unspoiled natural beauty, and remote beaches, you can connect with nature, explore hidden coves, and enjoy serene days in private villas like Kolokithi Bay, with its own secluded bay.

Alonissos also maintains an authentic Greek culture, with charming villages and limited nightlife, making it perfect for those seeking tranquility and a more immersive cultural experience. The island's emphasis on eco-friendly tourism further enhances its appeal as a secluded getaway, making Alonissos an ideal destination for an intimate holiday experience.

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Relaxing holiday destinations: Quiet Italian islands

Mainland Italy is generally associated with vibrancy and passion, but this vivid nation’s islands are home to some truly tranquil locations. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, even popular islands such as Sicily have their very own peaceful pockets that feel like private retreats. Amongst all of the quiet Italian islands, however, Favignana and Lipari are our very favourite destinations for getting off the beaten track for a little solitude and serenity.



Lying 30 kilometres from the coast of Sicily, Lipari is widely regarded as the ‘pearl’ of the Aeolian Islands. Cobbled streets, bright bougainvillea clambering traditional whitewashed walls and peaceful olive groves dot the small Italian island’s 37 square kilometre interior. The isle’s modest year-round population predominantly lives in the eponymously-named Lipari, the largest of the island’s four towns.

As a relatively unknown island, Lipari offers visitors an ‘away from it all’ private island experience (albeit one with delicious local cuisine - cuttlefish is a particular specialty on the island). Formed through ancient volcanic activity, it is encircled by Spiagge Bianche (white sand beaches) and Spiaggia Nero (black sand beaches), which make its coastline truly intriguing to explore. We recommend you hire a scooter to see the island the Italian way.

A 15-minute walk from the town of Lipari, Posidonia offers guests the tranquility of a remote island with easy access to local colour, cuisine and conveniences. Overlooking the sea across to a nearby historic castle, Posidonia accommodates 14 guests across seven bedrooms and bathrooms. An enticing, shady terrace surrounds the villa’s main floor, perfect for guests who wish to embrace Italian al fresco living and ideal for soaking up the panoramic views. Walking down the curved steps, guests will find themselves at the pool, encircled by fragrant foliage and carefully cultivated greenery and truly in a world of their own.



From the sea caves beneath Favignana’s crystalline waters to the ruggedly beautiful ancient Roman quarries cut into this Egadi Island’s red rock, this is an island rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Lying off the beaten track, with an area of just 37 square kilometres, this butterfly-shaped retreat feels like a true hideaway. Basking on the sun-warmed coastal rocks of Favignana feels like a real escape from reality. Beloved beaches include Cala Rossa, with its breathtaking blue waters, and Bue Marino, cut into the sea-lapped rocks by the Romans.

Astonishing Zu Nillu has also been cut into Favignana’s rocks. Partially formed from a Roman quarry, this unbelievable villa looks like an organic part of the island’s striking landscape. Located just above the magical cove of Cala Rossa, it accommodates eight guests across four bedrooms. Within the grounds, a pool has been fashioned from the ancient quarry and a beautiful Mediterranean garden has flourished. Entirely a world of its own, Zu Nillu is like no other villa. Beyond the property’s unique architecture, it also includes garden-gate sea access, beautiful sea views, al fresco dining areas and its own wood-fired pizza oven.

Calming Mediterranean islands: Corsica

The French island of Corsica is one of the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean. Rugged, wild and breathtakingly beautiful, this scenic isle has many untrammelled corners where travellers can truly leave their busy lives at home and get back to nature - at least for a short while.

The quietly beautiful villa of I Bruzzi is one such Corsican gem. Tucked away on the south coast and set among the area’s scented evergreens and other trees, this 10-person villa was designed with seclusion and relaxation in mind. The wood-clad property sits harmoniously in a natural environment, offering travellers every comfort they could want. Alongside views of the sea and beyond to Sardinia, I Bruzzi boasts a heatable infinity pool, Jacuzzi and al fresco dining, all just a short stroll from the nearest beach.

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Get away from it all

Allow us to recommend the perfect, tranquil escape. Contact us to explore the finest destinations from our villa collection. Let us design a stay especially for you, whether you long to get off the beaten track into the heart of nature or never lift a finger at an ‘away from it all’ villa. From arranging restaurant deliveries to remote villas to organising in-villa massages and yoga classes, we will take care of every little detail, providing insider information about your destination along the way.