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An adventurous holiday on Corfu - a guide for great outdoors lovers
by Clare Evans
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An adventurous holiday on Corfu - a guide for great outdoors lovers

An adventurous holiday on Corfu - a guide for great outdoors lovers
Adventure is just around the corner. We have compiled our favourite adventurous things to do in Corfu, from exploring the island by mountain bike to galloping through the lush greenery on horseback.
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Calling all adventurous souls. It’s time to put away your beach towel and explore beyond Corfu’s golden shores.

The Ionian archipelago’s most northerly island is, of course, home to beautiful beaches caressed by crystal clear waters, but there’s also a wealth of gastronomy, history, nature and culture waiting to be discovered - The Durrells, for example, was set and filmed on Corfu and you can easily visit many of the film locations while on holiday.

Without further ado, let your adventure begin.


What to do on Corfu

Boat tours to glittering blue lagoons, mountain biking through olive groves, exploring ancient monasteries… There’s no shortage of adventurous experiences to be had on Corfu. Here are the top picks from our Local Specialists for where to go on Corfu when you’re craving a taste of adventure.

When you book a villa with The Thinking Traveller, you will have the option to add on any of our Corfu Experiences, many of which are listed below. Our Specialists are on hand to help you select the perfect excursion to complement your holiday and take care of all of the minor details for you.

1. See Corfu on horseback

Exploring this Ionian island on horseback offers travellers an entirely new perspective on Corfu. Horseback riding is an adventurous option for those looking to explore the island’s natural beauty, whether they are new to the saddle or experienced riders. Some of the finest spots to experience on horseback include the Erimitis nature reserve, home to stunning greenery and coastline views, and the St Spiridon and Acharavi beaches, depending on your ability and the season..The experienced guides at Arena Horse Riding will show you the way.

Experiences: Horse riding on Corfu.

2. Cross the water to Albania

Set your sights beyond Corfu’s coastline and add an expedition to Albania to your Ionian travels. Just across the Straits of Corfu lies a UNESCO World Heritage site, Albania’s Butrint National Park. The rolling hills and mountain peaks of this natural wonder are so close guests can see them from a number of our villas on Corfu’s north coast, including irresistible Khaleesi near Agios Stefanos.

Not only does this incredible corner of little-travelled Albania boast miles upon miles of pristine countryside and inland lakes, but it’s also home to Butrint, which dates back to the eighth century BCE. This ancient city was controlled by prehistoric tribes, the Greeks and the Romans before it fell to an earthquake and a flood in the Middle Ages. Today, many of the city’s remains still stand or have been excavated, including an astonishing theatre.

Experiences: Guided tours of World Heritage Sites in Albania.


3. Explore Corfu's non-coastal area

If you can bear to take your eyes off Corfu’s gorgeous coast, the island’s interior is waiting to be discovered. With so much attention paid to its crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, inland Corfu is often ignored by visitors, which makes it all the more rewarding to discover. With so much rugged terrain and vibrant nature to traverse, mountain biking rentals and tours offer an exciting way to see the best of inland Corfu, from its olive groves to its medieval towns.

The experts at Corfu Outdoor & Leisure Activities offer such rentals and tours, along with stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking trips, walking and hiking adventures, unique tailor-made tours and more. We would be happy to work with them on your behalf to arrange an exciting off-the-beaten-track experience for you.


4. Discover Corfu by boat

By far the best way to explore the Ionian islands is by boat. Chartering a vessel in Corfu - run by an experienced skipper who can guide you through the waters - is very straightforward and opens up the entire archipelago to adventurous travellers. Alternatively, you can hire a boat and take it out yourself. Many of our villas, such as the timeless Iola, feature sea views to inspire you before your excursion and easy beach access where you can moor your hired boat.

By boat, travellers can discover:

  • The picturesque islands of Paxos and Antipaxos - You must charter a boat with a skipper to visit these islands

  • The ‘pocket-sized’ islands of Erikoussa and Mathraki - As above, these islands can only be reached by booking a boat trip with a skipper

  • The idyllic bays of northeast and northwest Corfu - You may hire a boat and explore these bays at your leisure

The picturesque islands of Paxos and Antipaxos

According to ancient Greek mythology, the island of Paxos was created when Poseidon wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet with his wife, Amphitrite. Thus Poseidon struck Corfu with his trident, breaking off a piece that would become Paxos.

Serenity is certainly in abundance on this small island and its tiny neighbour Antipaxos, which lie an hour and 15 minutes away from Corfu by boat. So idyllic is the scenery of Paxos that the island has long been a favourite site of inspiration and creativity for artists around the world. Tour the islands’ coastlines by boat before mooring up for a meal at one of Paxos’ gorgeous seafront tavernas.


The ‘pocket-sized’ islands of Erikoussa and Mathraki

These miniature islands are notoriously difficult to access except by boat from Corfu. Lying to the northwest of Corfu, Erikoussa and Mathraki are home to approximately 1,000 islanders in total. The islands are rich in greenery and offer some wonderful walking experiences for the intrepid traveller. Their small size - Erikoussa measures in at just 3.7 square metres - makes these islands easy to explore on foot, with plenty of gorgeous coves readily available for a quick, cooling swim and tavernas perfectly placed to fuel your adventure.

Experiences: Corfu boat hire and yacht charters.

The idyllic bays of northeast and northwest Corfu

See the ‘other side’ of Corfu on a boat trip around the north of the island. At Corfu’s northern tip, you’ll discover the Canal D’Amour, or Channel of Love, near Sidari. Here a striking inlet has created a magical swimming spot. As your boat continues northwest, you’ll uncover Corfu’s secret, rugged coastline and sweeping bays. A ‘hidden’ taverna can be found here, accessible almost exclusively by boat.


In the northeast you’ll find:

  • Kerasia Beach and Agni Beach – Beaches and bays with tavernas. You can moor at one of the jetties outside the tavernas and stop off for lunch.

  • Kalami village – A bay with a beach and a charming village complete with tavernas, shops and bars. As above, you can moor at a jetty and have lunch at one of the tavernas.

  • Agios Stefanos village – A bay, beach and little village with tavernas complete with jetty access and a couple of shops and bars.

  • Avlaki Beach – A bay and a beach with two tavernas and a few houses, but no village.

  • Kassiopi – A small town with plenty of tavernas, shops and bars, and a fairly large marina.

In the northwest, you can enjoy exploring:

  • Paleokastritsa – A lovely bay with beaches, a couple of tavernas with jetties and a little marina.

  • Agios Stefano (different from the one named above) – A resort with villas, a couple of hotels and beach bars.

  • Angelokastro Castle – This castle is quite a sight from the water. There are a couple of beaches down below that are only accessible by boat.

Our villas are all located on the north of Corfu, making exploring the beautiful surrounding bays easy. The enchanting Jasmine and elegant Josephine House are both located close to Kalami, while the sea-facing Calliope is perfectly situated near Kassiopi.

5. Taste Corfu’s exquisite olive oil

Corfu is among the world’s biggest producers of olive oil, one of the fundamental ingredients in traditional Corfu food. Exploring the island’s olive groves, some of which contain olive trees that are 500 years old, is a true gastronomic treat. Some of the most famous olive oil makers who offer tours of their mills and museums on the island include:


Where to stay in Corfu

Our bright and modern villa, Khaleesi, near Agios Stefanos, is an excellent base for up to eight adventurous travellers to enjoy all that Corfu has to offer. From the panoramic grounds of the villa, travellers can pinpoint their next destination and map out their stay on the island. Across the Channel of Corfu, guests can see the hills and lakes of Albania’s Butrint National Park, which hide the ancient city of Butrint.

Located on Corfu’s upscale northwest coast, Khaleesi also offers adventure closer to home. The villa boasts excellent walking opportunities for guests who like to explore at their own pace. The charming coastal village of Agios Stefanos is a 20-minutes walk away, while Kerasia and Kalami Bay can be reached in just 25 minutes on foot. At each destination, visitors will find bars, tavernas, exceptional seafood and local colour.

At the end of each day, you can choose to relax in the infinity pool, enjoy a glass of Corfu local wine while taking in the sea views or sip on a sundowner while grilling up a delicious dinner in the barbecue area. As you look out over the cypress tree- and olive-covered hills that surround the villa, the sense of peace and seclusion that washes over you will refresh you for the adventures tomorrow holds.


τα λέμε σύντομα (See you soon!)

Ready to explore Corfu? Here at The Thinking Traveller we can help you plan your adventure. We’re with you every step of the way, from helping you handpick one of our luxury villas in Corfu and giving you insights into the local area to discovering secret unmissable spots and uncovering the real Corfu. Our team has the first-hand, in-depth knowledge to ensure you receive the detailed and transparent answers and sound advice you need to craft a holiday that’s just right for you.

To embark on the first step of your journey to Corfu, please contact one of our Villa Specialists. We will be with you every step of the way, from booking your stay until you return home again, to ensure your holiday is as enjoyable as possible.