Our Hand-Picked Guide to Lefkada's Best Beaches


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If you're looking for a beach holiday, then Lefkada is hard to beat. The west coast is home to long stretches of sandy beach running below some impressive cliffs, while the east coast has more sheltered bays and coves. Most have seafront tavernas, bars and lidos and many offer watersports. 

Here's a guide to some of the best, touring the island clockwise:


Where: just south of Lefkada Town near the top of the east coast
Description: a small pebble beach in an important area for Lefkada's fishermen so there are lots of great seafood tavernas nearby and excellent views of the Greek mainland
Access: easy, by car


Where: about 10km south of Lefkada Town on the east coast
Description: once a tranquil fishing village, Nikiana is now quite a developed tourist spot, though certainly not spoiled. There are two small pebbly beaches, one just north of the harbour, one just to the south. The former is flanked on one side by trees and both have views of the Greek mainland. The tavernas, cafés and bars of the village are nearby.
Access: easy, by car


Where: about half way down the east coast
Description: Nidri is one of Lefkada's liveliest resorts with some great restaurants and bars. The pebbly-sandy beach is quite popular and very well-equipped with lidos, tavernas and bars. There are also great views over the neighbouring islands of Heloni, Scorpios, Sparti and Madouri. If you're there in September, don't be surprised to see lots of sailing boats: this is just the Ionian Regatta, one of the most important sailing competitions in this part of the Med. For those interested in a little nightlife, Nidri also has a few clubs.
Access: easy, by car

Mikros Gialos

Where: a sheltered bay in the south-east, near Poros
Description: quite a long stretch of shingle-pebbly beach with lidos, bars and tavernas
Access: easy, by car


Where: on the south coast
Description: a large-pebbled beach in one of the more rocky areas of Lefkada's coastline. It's a bit off the beaten track but there is a lido with a taverna and a café where you can hire sunloungers and umbrellas.
Access: quite easy, by car, but there is quite a long stretch narrow minor road involved


Where: on the south coast, just west from Ammouso
Description: quite an isolated, small-pebble beach flanked to the north by some quite impressive hills. The area is well-loved by windsurfers and it is also possible to go canoeing.
Access: by boat from nearby Vasiliki.


Where: in a large bay at the south of Lefkada
Description: one of the busier resorts on Lefkada, Vasiliki has long been popular with windsurfers and sailors. It is also home to a long pebbly beach enclosed by the green hills that so characterise much of the scenery on Lefkada. The town has lots of tavernas and bars as well as facilities for watersports enthusiasts.
Access: easy, by car

Porto Katsiki

Where: at the southern tip of the west coast
Description: one of the loveliest, most colourful and most scenic of the beaches in the Greek Islands. It is flanked on either side by impressive white chalk cliffs and access is via a green wooded passage. Then the white sand and the azure waters complete the palette. This beauty makes it very popular in the high season.
Access: arrival at the car park is easy, but then there are about 100 steps that lead down to the beach. Again, it is possible to arrive by boat, from nearby Vasiliki or Nidri on the east coast.


Where: a few kilometres north of Porto Katsiki in the south-west
Description: a 2.5km-long expanse ofwhite sand and pebbles, transparent waters and dramatic cliff surroundings...Sound good? Well, Egremni is another of Lefkada's A-lister beaches and well worth a visit, even if, temporarily, it is only accessible by boat. 
Access: only by boat until the access road and steps down to the beach are completed.


Where: on the west coast, just south of Kathisma beach.
Description: from the village of Kalamitsi follow the road down to the coast to get to some fantastic beaches with a mix of white sand and pebbles. On the left is Kavalikefta with sun loungers and a bar and further along is Megali Petra which doesn't have any facilities. To the right is Avali, which has a bar, and further on you will find several other beaches that are perfect for those seeking tranquillity.
Access: by car via a windy road. For Megali Petra you have to walk from Kavalikefta or descend via a track


Where: about one third of the way down the west coast (about 15km south-west of Lefkada Town)
Description: another gorgeous long sandy beach offering lidos, watersports, super sunsets and nearby restaurants and bars. As with its southern cousins, it is bordered by wooded hills and cliffs that make for spectacular surroundings.
Access: easy, by car, though parking can sometimes be difficult in August 


Where: between Kathisma and Agios Nikitas on the west coast
Description: another splendid beach in idyllic surroundings, bordered to the south by imposing granite cliffs and to the east and north by steep wooded hills. The turquoise, limpid waters are not so easy to get to, but worth the effort. Don't forget to take provisions, though, as there are no lido facilities here!
Access: it's a good 15-20 minute walk down quite steep terrain. Much easier to come by boat from Agios Nikitas, just up the coast.

Agios Nikitas

Where: on the northern part of the west coast
Description: the village of Agios Nikitas offers seafront tavernas and good transport links (also via boat) to many of the west coast's most popular beaches. Its own beach is small, pebbly and very pretty
Access: easy, by car


Where: in the north-west of Lefkada
Description: one of the finest beaches on Lefkada, boasting beautiful turquoise waters, a mix of white sand and pebble and some stunning scenery. Bordered by steep wooded hills it runs for a couple of kilometres along the coast so rarely gets overbusy. It is served by a car park and a taverna/café.
Access: easy, by car 

Agios Ioannis 

Where: on the north coast of Lefkada
Description: the beach at Agios Ioannis runs up and round the thin promontory that flares of the northern coast of Lefkada. Being open to the northerly winds it has become something of a mecca for wind and kitesurfers. The sand is soft and golden, the water dreamily azure and the old windmills that dot the area give a fascinating backdrop. Restaurants and bars are to be found nearby.
Access: easy, by car

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