Skopelos Town


Huddled around its perfect horseshoe harbour and clinging to the low hills that rise up from the water, Skopelos Town is all pure white facades, terracotta-red tiled roofs, cerulean blue shutters, jungle green foliage and gun-metal grey flagstones.

It’s a charming, uplifting sight for those arriving by boat, a fabulous promise of pleasures to come. Wandering the town’s streets and seeing it up close is an equally enjoyable experience. Its labyrinthine web of narrow, traffic-free streets hides innumerable photogenic treasures and picturesque scenes. Tempting tavernas spill out on to shady, vine-covered terraces overlooking the sea, cats bask lazily on sun-warmed steps, tiny churches sound their diminutive bells, reminding neighbours of their religious duties, vigorous bougainvillea flourishes, splashing colour onto white-canvas walls. As the afternoon mellows into evening, bars fill up with thirsty, bronzed beach-returners and then, as darkness falls, restaurants around the harbour buzz with the gentle excitement of convivial pleasures, diners’ faces flushed with the soft glow of lanterns and candles.

If your wandering requires focal points, head up to the remains of the 13th century Venetian castle at the top of town. From here the views over the port and out to sea are stunning. Then, as you wind down back towards the harbour, stop off at the Museum of Folklore to find out more about your surroundings. An even better insight into the life of the locals might be had at the lovely portside church of Eisodia tis Theotokou.

During your exploration of Skopelos Town you will come across some great little shops, selling beauty products made from olive oil and honey, artisanal jewellery and crafts, and gastronomic delicacies. Spare a thought for those poor souls who are not with you, and buy them a little bit of Skopelos magic!

The stylistic uniformity of the town’s architecture and the integrity of its old town plan was recognised as far back as 1978, when the then President of Greece designated it a Traditional Settlement of Outstanding Beauty. This heritage site status imposes strict building regulations and guarantees that Skopelos Town’s intrinsic beauty might be enjoyed by future generations.

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