Our Hand-Picked Guide to the Best Beaches in Alonissos


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Agios Dimitrios

Where: about two thirds of the way up the east coast, approx. 5km north of Steni Vala 
Description: one of Alonissos’s most photographed beaches, Agios Dimitros wraps  around two sides of a pointed headland that protrudes into the sea. Crystal  clear waters, vibrant green surroundings and pure white pebbles make for a vivid  palette, while a lido, taverna and other facilities make it a firm favourite  with families.
Access: easy, by car, though the last 250m are by dirt track


Where: 50m north of Steni Vala, about half way up the east coast
Description: a white-pebbled beach whose transparent blue waters and its  proximity on foot to Steni Vala’s tavernas and facilities makes it popular. Take  your own water and shade, as there are no facilities actually on the beach. 
Access: easy, by car or on foot from Steni Vala

Agios Petros

Where: just 1km south of Steni Vala, about half way up the east coast 
Description: a small, secluded pebble beach with pebbles seemingly hidden away  amongst pine woods. There are no facilities but the views of the island of  Peristera are great.
Access: an easy 10-minute walk from Steni Vala...

Leftos Gialos

Where: about one third of the way up the east coast, mid-way between Steni Vala  and Patitiri 
Description: Leftos Gialos is a beach for those who like idyllic-looking beaches  (think white pebbles, turquoise waters and fragrant pine woods) and a bit of  liveliness. Popular with young people and families alike, there are lidos,  renting sunloungers and umbrellas, tavernas and a couple of beach bars, which  stay open into the evening. 
Access: easy, by car

Tzortzi Gialos

Where: the next bay down from Leftos Gialos 
Description: a small, secluded pebbly beach in a perfectly formed bay surrounded  by pine trees. A favourite with those who like the simple things in life (i.e.  there are no lidos or other amenities).
Access: easy, by car


Where: just south of Tzortzi Gialos, about 6km north of Patitiri 
Description: possibly the most evocatively named beach on Alonissos (literally  meaning “red castle” after the red-hued cliffs that form a dramatic promontory  separating two stretches of pebbly beach. The beaches offer a secluded  atmosphere, the possibility of renting sunloungers and deep waters that are  great for snorkelers. There are no bars or tavernas though, so visitors should  take their own provisions.
Access: easy, by car

Chrisi Milia

Where: about 4km north of Patitiri 
Description: with its peblles, its lidos and its watersports facilities, it is  no wonder that Chrisi Milia is one of Alonissos’s most popular. Children will  enjoy the shallow waters and when hunger strikes one of the beachfront tavernas  will welcome you to taste their specialities.
Access: easy, by car


Where: just round the headland from Chrisi Milia heading south 
Description: a mix of sand and pebbles, Milia is a secluded beach flanked by  pine woods that tinge the transparent waters with a green hue. There are no  facilities here, but nature is at its splendid best.
Access: easy, on foot


Where: the southernmost tip of Alonissos, about 3km south of Patitiri 
Description: at the end of a small, south-facing bay on Alonissos’s southern  point, Marpounta beach is flanked by dramatic cliffs and offers a variety of  facilities including lidos and watersports. The presence of quite a large hotel  means that it can get busy in high season.
Access: easy, by car 


Where: on the south coast of Alonissos, just west from Marpounta
Description: Vithisma and its neighbour Marpounta have little in common, the  former being relatively remote, rather off-the-beaten-track and without any  facilities. Possibly for these characteristics, it is popular with naturists. 
Access: not so easy, involves quite a walk and signposting is not great 

Megalos Mourtias

Where: on the south coast below Alonissos Town, the former capital of the island 
Description: a mainly pebble beach offering translucent waters, a peaceful  atmosphere and shelter from the northerly winds, not to mention stunning views  across the water to Skopelos island. It also boasts a series of seafront  tavernas and facilities such as sunloungers and umbrellas.
Access: easy, by car, though the last part is a dirt track

Vrisitsa and Gialia

Where: on the west coast, due north of Alonissos Town 
Description: these two near identical beaches are separated by a jutting  headland. They are quite wild, and popular with those who love to immerse  themselves in nature. There are no facilities so visitors should take their own  provisions for the day. The water can get quite choppy when the wind blows from  the north.
Access: fairly easy by car, though the road is mainly a dirt track


Where: on the west coast, a few kilometre due north from Patitiri
Description: though relatively remote, Tsoukalia is arguably one of Alonissos’s  loveliest beaches, with a mix of sand, shingle and irresistible acquamarine  waters. There are no facilities.
Access: easy, by car

Megali Ammos

Where: about a quarter of the way up the west coast 
Description: another of a series of wild, pebbly beaches on the west coast. Like  Vrisitsia and Gialia, it’s only frequented by those keen on getting away from it  all and there are no facilities, just mother nature in all her beauty.
Access: fairly easy by car though most of the roads are dirt tracks. Best by 4x4


Where: near the northern tip of the island
Description:the most remote of all Alonissos’s beaches, Gerakas is situated at  the end of a long east-facing bay that is used by fishermen and boaters to  shelter from the northerly winds. Pebbles and stones give way to clear waters  and the beach rarely gets busy. 
Access: easy, though quite a long drive, by car

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