Holidays, history and the sea - an introduction to Corfu


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Corfu is without doubt one of the most famous, popular and important of the Greek Islands. Temples, castles and a wide variety of architectural styles testify to the island’s long, often traumatic history that has been characterised by wave upon wave of invaders, including the Venetians, who stayed from the 13th to the 18th century and whose influence is still evident.

Today Corfu welcomes visitors with open arms and, thanks to its superb beaches, its unspoilt mountainous interior and its fabulous climate, tourism is the mainstay of the economy. The capital city, also called Corfu, is a fascinating network of streets with many fine Italianate buildings, an impressive Venetian citadel and plenty of excellent shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife.

An international airport with direct flights from all over Europe makes Corfu easy to reach, while the hedonistic atmosphere, the friendly locals and the overall feel-good vibe ensure that visitors want to come back for more. Our villas, amongst the most desirable on Corfu, are situated in the go-to, upmarket area of the northeast coast of the island, where you will find clear waters, charming villages and plenty of superb local tavernas.

Villas in Corfu >>

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