The island of Lefkada (Lefkas), Greece

An introduction to the Greek Ionian island of Lefkada (Lefkas)

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Lefkada lies in the Ionian Sea of Greece’s west coast, approximately halfway between Corfu to the north and Ithaca and Kephalonia to the south. At just 35km long and 15km wide, it is relatively easy to explore in a week and offers a great deal to see and do.

The azure, transparent waters of the Ionian Sea are a real attraction and the varied coastline boasts a host of sandy beaches, secluded pebbly coves and dramatic white cliffs, such as those of Cape Lefkatas on the southernmost tip. Most beaches can be reached by car and a walk, though a few are only accessed via sea, a good excuse for hiring a boat for a day or two.

The island’s green, wooded interior is also very much worth exploring, with some glorious scenery, great walking paths, mountains rising to over 1100m and a scattering of unspoilt villages, whose way of life remains profoundly connected to Lefkada’s ancient traditions and customs.

The main town on the island, Lefkada, has a pretty maze of streets with lots of tavernas, shops and bars and a popular marina. A few minutes’ drive from here will take you over to mainland Greece via a causeway, while frequent ferry services from the ports of Nidri and Vasiliki, on the east and south of the island respectively, run to the other islands of the Ionian archipelago (including Meganissi, Itaca and Kephalonia), making it eminently possible to explore further afield.


One of the best ways to explore the island of Lefkada is on foot. Why not take a look at our guide to walking in Lefkada?

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 1/42 Beautiful Milos beach.  2/42 Lefkadian colours.  3/42 The long sandy beach at Porto Katsiki in the south.  4/42 Agios Nikitas beach in the north west.  5/42 There are plenty of walking opportunities on the island.  6/42 Vlychos near Geni and Nidri in the east.  7/42 A beautiful sunset over Lefkada.  8/42 Skorpios island.  9/42 Pefkoulia beach in the north west.  10/42 The west coast is famous for its beautiful beaches.  11/42 The incredible bay at Porto Katziki.  12/42 The white sand and rocks at Kathisma beach.  13/42 Boats moored in Geni on the East of the island.  14/42 Vassiliki is the water sports capital of the island.  15/42 The green hills and beautiful Ionian sea at Agios Ioannis beach.  16/42 Boats moored in Geni on the East coast of the island.  17/42 The beautiful colours of Lefkada at Agios Nikitas.  18/42 A taverna overlooing Geni bay.  19/42 A Taverna in Lefkada Town.  20/42 The lovely facade of a church.  21/42 A little port on Lefkada.  22/42 Lefkada takes its name from the white cliffs on the island.  23/42 Sunbeds and the lovely view from Mikros Gialos.  24/42 The village of Karya is famous for its special embroidery.  25/42 A fisherman tending to his nets.  26/42 Local woman still produce remarkable handmade embroidery.  27/42 Lefkada town's seafront is full of tavernas.  28/42 A bridge crossing the Lefkada canal.  29/42 The beautiful beaches are also surrounded by beautiful countryside.  30/42 Boats moored in the tranquil bay of Mikros Gialos.  31/42 The town of Tsoukalades seen from above.  32/42 A fabulous sandy cove on Lefkada.  33/42 A boat entering Nidri bay.  34/42 Swimming near the caves on the south of the island.  35/42 Yachts moored out in Nidri bay next to Skorpios island.  36/42 Windsurfing in the Vassiliki.  37/42 The castle of Santa Mauvra in Lefkada town.  38/42 Geni Harbour between Nidri and Poros.  39/42 A lovely shot of Geni between Poros and Nidri.  40/42 The white cliffs at Egremni Beach.  41/42 Sailing in Vassiliki.  42/42 The town of Geni is halfway between Mikros Gialos and Nidri.