Sicily FAQs

Below you will find the questions our clients most frequently ask us that relate specifically to Sicily. To see questions about other regions or to return to our general FAQ, please use the links below:

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Q. Do we need to rent a car?
A. For the majority of our villas, which are not easily accessible by any other means, we strongly advise you rent a car. This is also the case if you are intending to tour around and see the sights: public transport is often not terribly reliable or available. If you prefer not to drive, take a look at our selection of villas within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

Q. Do you arrange flights or car hire?
A. We do not arrange flights or car hire. Our site does, however, have a definitive list of flights to Sicily from all over the world with links through to the various airlines. For car hire, we have a link through to a car hire search engine, which will help you find the best prices and deals available.

Q. Where can we fly to/from?
A. At the moment Sicily has three international airports (a fourth is in the pipeline) in Palermo, Catania and Trapani. There are dozens of direct flights from all over Europe and even some from the US. For more information see our definitive list of flights to Sicily.

Q. If I am looking at a villa in the west, could I still fly into Catania in the east or vice-versa?
A. Yes! Catania airport is only 2 hours' drive from our villas in Palermo, Cefalu' and along the north coast. Likewise, most of our villas in the east and south-east are between 2-3.5 hours drive from Palermo. Trapani, in the far west of Sicily is perfect for getting to villas in the west, including those around Palermo, Cefalu' and the north coast. The drive from Trapani to the east coast and the south-east takes between 3 and 4 hours respectively. 

Q. What's driving in Sicily like?
A. In the larger cities, such as Palermo and Catania, driving can sometimes be a little challenging, as in most large, busy cities around the world. It is not dangerous, however, partly because the traffic rarely moves fast enough to be so! Sicilians are quite "inventive" drivers and tend to consider that they always have right of way. They are not aggressive, however, and one merely needs to get used to their unspoken rules. Many visitors actually rather enjoy it! Driving around Sicily is very easy: the motorways are never really busy and your day trips will be relatively stress free!

Q. How safe is Sicily?
A. Sicily is a very safe place - don't believe any stereotypes or clich├ęs! Large cities, such as Palermo and Catania, are just as safe (and in some cases safer) than other cities in Italy (and indeed the rest of the world) and as long as you take the normal precautions you should not have any problems. In the smaller towns muggings or bag-snatching are virtually unheard of.

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