Sporades FAQs

Below you will find the questions our clients most frequently ask us that relate specifically to the Sporades. To see questions about other regions or to return to our general FAQ, please use the links below:

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Q. Do we need to rent a car in the Sporades?
A. For the majority of our villas, which are not easily accessible by any other means, we strongly advise you rent a car. This is also the case if you are intending to tour the islands as public transport is often not very reliable or available.

Q. Do you arrange flights or car hire?
A. We do not arrange flights to the Sporades. Our site does, however, have a list of flights to the Sporades with links through to the various airlines. Please click on the link  to see further information

We would be glad to arrange your car hire for your holiday in the Sporades. Just speak to our team of Experience Specialists once you’ve booked your villa. Please see our Car hire page  for more detailed information.

Q. Where can we fly to/from?
A. The closest airport to Skopoelos and Alonissos is Skiathos (Alexandros Papadiamantis) Airport, which is well connected to many European cities (please see our Flights page for more detailed information).

A taxi transfer from Skiathos Airport to the port and a hydrofoil/ferry to the port on Skopelos/Alonissos (and vice versa) are included for clients whose flights arrive in time to catch the last crossing (timetables to be confirmed) on the first and last day of the booking. If your flight arrives in Skiathos after the last ferry/hydrofoil to Skopelos has left, a taxi from Skiathos airport to the port is included but private sea taxis are not(however, we would be happy to organise one for you where possible). In this case, the return leg from the port on Skopelos to Skiathos airport for your flight home is of course still included.

It is also possible to fly to Thessaloniki, which is about a 5-hour drive (including a ferry crossing) from Skiathos.

Q. What day of the week do your rentals in the Sporades start?
A. Our villas in the Sporades are available from Friday to Friday. Some flexibility may be possible out of high season.

Q. What's driving in Greece like?
A. In the areas we operate in, towns are not very big and so driving on public roads is not particularly challenging. Access to some villas can be along steep and/or unmade roads and where this arises we will always advise clients.

Q. How safe are the Sporades?
A. The Sporades are very safe! Just take the normal precautions.

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