Corsica FAQs

Below you will find the questions our clients most frequently ask us that relate specifically to Corsica. For FAQs about Sicily, Puglia, the Ionian Islands, the Sporades Islands or Trancoso, or to return to our general FAQs, please use the links below:

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Corsica FAQs

Q. Do you arrange flights?
A. We do not arrange flights. On our site you will, however, find a dedicated flights page with a flight search engine. 

Q. Where can we fly to in Corsica?
A. Corsica has four international airports, two in the north and two in the south. The closest ones to our villas are in the south: Figari Sud-Corse Airport and Aéroport Napoléon Bonaparte in Ajaccio. Poretta airport, near Bastia in the north, is also within reasonable driving distance of our villas near Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. The last airport, near Calvi in the northeast, is the furthest from our villas.  There are dozens of direct flights to Corsica from all over Europe.

Q. Do we need to rent a car?
A. While some of our villas are within walking distance of beaches and restaurants, we strongly advise you rent a car, which will be essential for shopping, visiting local towns and seeing the sights. Public transport is often not terribly reliable or even available.

Q. Do you arrange car rental?
A. On our site, you will find a dedicated car hire page with a search engine, which will help you find the best prices and deals available. If you would like to arrange a transfer to your villa and have your hire car delivered there, please contact our Experience Specialists, who will be delighted to help you organise this once you’ve booked your villa.

Q. What's driving in Corsica like?
A. Driving in Corsica (especially in busy towns) can sometimes be a little challenging but not particularly dangerous. We find that most visitors quickly get used to the Corsicans’ liberal interpretation of the highway code and find the whole experience relatively stress-free.

Q. How safe is Corsica?
A. Corsica is a very safe place and as long as you take normal precautions with your valuable you should not have any problems. 

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