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Client reviews of our Think Experiences

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In-villa cooks, a wine delivery service, yacht, boat and speedboat charters, car hire delivery to your villa, cookery experiences, guides and airport transfers are just some of the extra services that we call Think Experiences.

Some of our Think Experiences are available in any of our villas, whilst others are specific to your destination. If you're staying in Sicily, why not take a 4x4 excursion to Mount Etna, or take in Etna's fiery craters and the sublime beauty of the Aeolian Islands from above on a helicopter trip? Or why not charter a yacht or speedboat in Puglia to explore some of its 800km of beautiful coastline? For a full list of the array of Think Experiences on offer, please see our Sicily, Puglia, Ionian Islands and Sporades Islands pages.

Below you can see what our clients thought of their extra services and adventures.

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In-villa cook service
Wine delivery service
Transfers and in-villa car hire delivery
Boat hire and charters
Private guides
Helicopter tours
Cookery experiences
Vineyard tours

Our “in-house” cook service enables you to sample authentic local dishes, prepared using the freshest locally sourced produce, in the comfort of your own home. Here’s what our clients have to say about it:

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"In-villa cooks were superb and wonderful to interact with - we very much enjoyed our 5 dinners and always looked forward to seeing what was on the long menu....the car transportation was always on time and the drivers were both professional and friendly and knowledgeable about the area..." P.L (Stayed at Crossing The Rock, October 2017)

"Excellent wine package and in villa cook who served us on my birthday dinner. Very efficient and service minded team, thank you!" C.B (Stayed at Casa Luza, October 2017)

"The in-villa cook experience was just incredible. It was the first time I had tried something like this and it was a perfect blend of restaurant and home cooking! Amazing service and very relaxed atmosphere" Miss Delphine Lobelle (Stayed at Fichimori, October 2017)

"The food delivery was great and we really appreciated the antipasto spread that was set up for us when we arrived after a long day of travelling." D.H (Stayed at Masseria Cacatosto, September 2017)

"The wine was delicious and the cooking of restaurant quality." Mrs Amanda Fisher (Stayed at Trullo Gaura, September 2017)

"Nice in house cook nice food . Would thoroughly recommend that to other visitors." L.S (Stayed at I Lentischi, September 2017)

"We had a meal prepared for our first evening. This was very enjoyable and much appreciated. The pasta was delicious and the fish beautifully cooked." B.H (Stayed at Lo Iazzu, September 2017)

"We took the in villa cooking service for one evening. Really lovely food and lots of it. We were still eating leftovers the following day." Mr Peter Woolaghan (Stayed at Agnantio, August/September 2017)

"Loved having a cook on our first night, it made the villa seem like home, such a treat after a long journey...delicious food (and leftovers for lunch the next day was a bonus!)" Mrs Nicola Watters (Stayed at Clio, August/September 2017)

"Home cooking was a huge success. Very high quality and so convenient, especially with young kids. In house wine delivery was also great. Boat charter was terrific. All very good." B.K (Stayed at Nerina and Christina, August 2017)

"The in villa cook service was just a great experience that kids and adults equally enjoyed." R.A (Stayed at Dietro al Muro, August 2017)

"The chef at the villa was amazing. We loved the food and the wine in Sicily." E.C (Stayed at Funcia, July 2017)

"Thought the in-villa cook was great, a very enjoyable service. Also liked the wine delivery and food hampers. The car delivery was excellent and hassle free." Mr Alan Needle (Stayed at Lilli, July 2017)

"I would highly recommend an in-villa cook! This was often times the highlight of the day. You can't get food like that at a restaurant!!" L.D (Stayed at Acquamarina, July 2017)

"We used the in-villa cook service twice during our stay at the villa. The quality of the food was exceptional and both the cooks were friendly. Overall a fantastic service." Mrs Mary Brownbridge (Stayed at Maristella, June/July 2017)

"I really enjoyed the in villa cooks. This experience was amazing and we wished we had done it every night." Mrs Jenna Fraser (Stayed at Baia del Riccio, June 2017)

"The pizza night was a must - you should tell everyone. Only bad thing is now I will never be able to enjoy another pizza again because it will never measure up to these ones!" Mrs Fiona Coope (Stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, June 2017)

"We loved being at the villa and having Marco and Isabella cook for us!! They were the most special moments!!" B.P (Stayed at Trullo Gaura, June 2017)

"The chef Sylvana was a gem. We booked her twice, and both times she presented us with fantastic meals, service with a smile and cleaned up as well. I only wish I could have taken her home! We loved our tour guide Marco. He was like part of our family. Very knowledgeable, kind, pleasant, and a sweetheart. He loves his Sicily, and it shows. The drivers were also excellent." T.C (Stayed at Baia del Riccio, May/June 2017)

"The Pizza Chef was a real highlight!"

"Silvana, our in-villa cook was amazing and worth every penny!" S.B (stayed at Marea, September 2016)

"The in-villa cook (RosaMaria) was spectacular! We really enjoyed the 3 meals that she cooked for us." J.H (stayed at Crossing the Rock, September 2016)

"Hamper delivery and welcome pack were great! The cook and his assistant were brilliant and very friendly. So I would recommend to anyone to have in-villa cook. It was like being in a top restaurant, but at home. They did everything, from shopping, preparing and cooking to laying the table, serving, unlaying and cleaning everything afterwards. The villa, a great place to unwind fully." Ms Corrinne Hearn (stayed at Casa al Faro, August-September 2016)

"In villa pizza chef was excellent, and a really good start, and end, to our holiday." Ms Lynette De Mestre (stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, August 2016)

"The in-villa cook was great. The food was delicious and the ladies engaging. There was enough to eat for two nights. Everyone should book them at least once." S.H (stayed at Penio, August 2016)

"We loved both meals cooked for us by the in-villa chef. We absolutely LOVED our cooking class with Katia Amore. It was perfect for everyone from the grandparents down to the toddlers." Madeline Gressel (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, July 2016)

"Planeta wine delivery & tour was great. In Villa Cooks great experience. Even my Sicilian family enjoyed the prepared meal. They could not have been more fun to be with." Alfred DAugusta (stayed at Al Plemmirio, August 2016)

"We had groceries on arrival which was really nice as our plane landed very late on the saturday night. On gate last night the chef came and cooked for us - the meal was amazing and the service wonderful. Our children did a lesson with him and he was brilliant, they really took that home as a memory of the holiday making pasta and street food." Anon (stayed at Masseria d'Estia, July 2016)

"Our cook Maria was the best!! We strongly recommend her to anyone staying at the villa..." Ms Stéphanie Steverlynck (stayed at Trulli della Mirandola, July 2016)

"We had one meal cooked for us and one pizza experience. Both were absolutely delicious." Mr and Mrs Sebastian and Frances Payne  (stayed at Lo Iazzu, July 2016)

"The in villa cook was fabulous. Great food and service." Anon (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, July 2016)

"With our large group, the in-villa cook experience was invaluable and made feeding a large group much easier. Davide is an excellent cook with many helpful suggestions and an interesting person to talk to as well!With our large group, the in-villa cook experience was invaluable and made feeding a large group much easier. Davide is an excellent cook with many helpful suggestions and an interesting person to talk to as well!" Mrs Lisa Iacovone (stayed at Villa Farli, July 2016)

"We had dinner cooked in-villa one night. It was delicious and really allowed us to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere of the house." Miss M.H (stayed at Bosco Marti, July 2016)

"The in-villa cooks were fabulous and would certainly recommend to anyone." Anon (stayed at Badia, July 2016)

"Had a in-villa cook 2 times and both were amazing. Also used the same man for all our transfers and he was awesome as well." Mr William Freitas (stayed at Villa Specchia, June-July 2016)

"The in-villa cook service was wonderful. Liliana was very helpful and did a great job looking after us." Mr Russell Williams (stayed at Demetra, June 2016)

"All were great -- in-villa cook, pre-arrival shopping, boat rental, etc." Mr Tom Williams (stayed at Casa Agave and Al Jafar, June-July 2016)

"Maria , the in-villa cook made us the best meal we had in Puglia. We had enough left over for the next night too. She is an excellent cook. We also enjoyed the trip to Alberobello and our visit to the farm making mozarella." Mrs Jean Ray (stayed at Trulli della Mirandola, June 2016)

"In villa cook (Theresa and Beatrice) were wonderful. Food prepared beautifully. Felt totally luxurious." Dr Sheryl Thacker (stayed at Masseria Curti Vecchi, June 2016)

"We had a cook who was excellent - not only producing fantastic food but also happy to chat in the kitchen while he was preparing it about what he was doing, and also Sicilian food more generally. We also had a nice babysitter (Manuella) who was great with the smallest members of our group." Mrs Victoria Kensington (stayed at Masseria d'Estia, May-June 2016)

"The in villa meal was an excellent experience which we all enjoyed and I would recommend it for a large group of people." Ms Janet Farebrother (stayed at Palazzo Ducale Guarini, May-June 2016)

"The home cooks were lovely! We loved the experience of having them cook and the opportunity to chat to them. It was a great service and well worth the cost. All in the party were very happy to have them there & they went over and beyond to accommodate our requests, tailoring meals to our specifics." Mr Matthew McCloskey (stayed at Casa Ceno, May-June 2016)

"Really enjoyed cook one of the highlights dining on the terrace" Mr Ken Lindsay (stayed at Villa San Tomasso, May-June 2016)

"The in-villa cook was excellent, the two meals we had were memorable and the food exceeded some of the restaurants. Cannot recommend highly enough. A very good team." Mrs Caron Loud (stayed at L'Olivastro, May-June 2016)

"In-villa cook.. Excellent but portions were HUGE! Still got eaten though!" Mrs Gwyneth Coombs (stayed at Tenuta ai Fichi, May-June 2016)

"The in-villa cook was excellent, along with the dinner service and presentation." Mrs Eileen Stitz (stayed at Crossing the Rock, May 2016)

"Lovely welcome supper when we arrived." Dr Sui Zeitlin (stayed at Scale Nove, May 2016)

"Cook was phenomenal. So glad we decided to engage her for a meal. Nice person as well." Dr Rebecca Dabora (stayed at La Limonaia, April 2016)

"We loved all of the outdoor excursions available. Mt etna and the aeolian islands were among our favorite experiences! The food at the villa was the best food we've ever eaten! We will dream about it for years to come! We were surprised at how many people understood at least a little bit of English!" Ms Jessisca Ruggles (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, March 2016)

"Beatrice's cooking was imaginative and delicious, her manner lovely. Fabio, our Etna guide, was wonderfully knowledgeable and fun." Mrs Mimi Conger (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, April 2016)

"Our massages the first day at the villa were nice and very relaxing. We loved coming back from a long day in Agrigento to an amazing meal prepared by chef Guiseppe." Mrs Elke Beck (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, October 2015)

"Our in-villa cook was fabulous. We asked for a typical Sicilian meal and we received more than we had hoped -- first course (arancini), followed by pasta, then baked orate (fish) and a fabulous tiramisu for dessert. We loved the experience of coming home after a hard day of tourism, and finding a great meal awaiting." Ms Gemma Zecchini (stayed at Camelia, October 2015)

"In villa cook was amazing! Wine tasting was also wonderful!" Miss Kathleen Sopp (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, September-October 2015)

"Anna, who prepared us a meal during our stay was absolutely wonderful. Her food was fabulous, and she was absolutely delightful!!" Mrs Liz Claydon (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, October 2015)

"Our in villa cook was the highlight of our trip, we enjoyed such a lovely meal from Lucrezia. Would hire the in villa cook more often next time." Ms Teresa Skabelund (stayed at I Trulli delle Sette Sorelle, September 2015)

"In villa cook experience was excellent." Ms Andrea Burke (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, September-October 2015)

"In-villa cook (Dorota) was brilliant and well worth the money." Mr Michael Symons (stayed at Azzurra, September 2015)

"In-villa cook was excellent. Boat charter with Fernando on the Lanterno(?) was so much fun! Every aspect of this vacation exceeded our expectations!" Mrs Nanette Hanley (stayed at Scale Nove, September 2015)

"We had a birthday celebration Greek dinner cooked in our villa. It was excellent in every way. Delicious food prepared by local people. They were friendly and efficient and left the kitchen spotless. I would do this again." Mrs Carmel Abraham (stayed at Ondine, September 2015)

"In- villa cook - donato - extraordinary!" Mrs Louise Strawbridge (stayed at Tenuta ai Fichi, September 2015)

"Having Lolita cook for us on our first night when we'd had 6am Ryanair flights to deal with was a real treat. The food was delicious and the kitchen was spotless by the time we got to it. We also really enjoyed having a cookery class with Anna Maria. She was very warm and fun, and we all now know how to make orecchiette pasta!" Ms Caroline Lewis (stayed at Masseria Cisterna Rossa, September 2015)

"We had Nina who cooked for us and it was wonderful." Mrs Mel Gearty (stayed at Avra, August-September 2015)

"In villa cook was great - our meal was excellent and they taught us so much about life on the island and in Greece. Our boat charter was so much fun and allowed us to spend a lot of time in the water and on the water - the best feature of all." Mr Louis Gasperut (stayed at Althea, September 2015)

"Wine was delivered prior to arrival, in villa cook (piña) absolutely terrific." Mr Glyn Crocombe (stayed at Casa Romigi, September 2015)

"In villa cooks excellent - lovely food, lots so plenty to eat the following day." Ms Amber Nicholls (stayed at Althea, August-September 2015)

"In-villa cooking and service first class. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience." Dr Johnathon Tucker (stayed at Il Canneto, August-September 2015)

"Very nice to have the wine delivered to the villa. Carla, our chef, was excellent." Mrs Deborah Van Nest (stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2015)

"Excellent. We booked several activities and arranged for a food hamper and cook services and everything went smoothly and exceeded our expectations." Mrs Akemi Kawano (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, August 2015)

"Cook wonderful wine excellent." Mrs Sophie Ford (stayed at Oliva, August 2015)

"We did the in-villa cook - a delicious and memorable experience." Mr Peter Spivack (stayed at Minerva, August 2015)

"The cooking was phenomenal!" Mrs Dearbhail Lang (stayed at Casa Alma, August 2015)

"The hamper was excellent - good quality. we also had a villa cook one evening. Good food with lots left over for lunch the next day." Miss Catriona Gordon (stayed at Ondine, August 2015)

"In-villa cook as always great, put her heart and soul and energy into creative cooking and we loved her food. Definitely recommended." Miss CV (stayed at Egesta, August 2015)

"Loved our in-villa cook Fabrizion and his wife Francesca, they were so charming and provided us with excellent, generous meals (plenty for left-overs the following day" Mr Hamish Ridgwell (stayed at Casa Romito, August 2015)

"The in villa cook was Marika. Her food is exceptional you could not eat like we did in any 5* restaurant. Also the way she laid the table and really thought about each person and what they would like. Marika knew I love melanzane and she made me a huge dish of grilled melanzane to have with my spaghetti with the sweetest tomato sauce. We all think Marika is super special and I miss her and our stay at Casa di Pietra." Mrs Nina Hammond (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July-August 2015)

"Beatrice the cook shopped for and produced a fantastic meal for us the evening we arrived. Definitely worthwhile." Mr Neil Cresswell (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, August 2015)

"In villa cook (Nena) was very accomodating and tried to find dishes, including desserts, that catered to our food intolerances. So convenient and fun to discover the local cuisine." Mrs Daniela Serov (stayed at Lilaea, August 2015)

"The in villa cook service was fantastic and it was so nice to have a meal on our first night which was a birthday for one of our party." Mrs Charlotte Aubrey (stayed at Helena, August 2015)

"The cook Carla was wonderful. Everything was DELICIOUS and she was very sympathetic!" Mrs Karine Trak (stayed at Gli Ulivi, July-August 2015) 

"Wine was great as always and the cook Fabrizio was probably the best cook we've had in all our years going to Sicily." Mrs Cecilia Bishop (stayed at Casa Romito, July-August 2015) 

"In-villa cook was AMAZING!" Mrs Nadine Abell (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, July-August 2015) 

"In-villa cooks Rosella and Theresa absolutely excellent." Mrs Carole Proudfoot (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, August 2015) 

"The in-villa cook was excellent." Mrs Mo Lancaster (stayed at Villa Farli, August 2015) 

"The in-villa cook was a real treat and fantastic." Mrs Jan Hearnshaw (stayed at Trullo Alice, August 2015) 

"Excellent." Mrs Clarissa Gasan (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, August 2015) 

"The cooks that came cooked up a complete feast that we lived off for a couple of days and I can honestly say was the best food we had while we were there. Frosso - the cook was totally wonderful. A real treat. She came, cooked up a storm, left the place immaculate" Ms Louise Hussey (stayed at Filoniki, August 2015) 

"The in-villa cook was fantastic, the quality and amount of food was amazing." Mrs Sarah Enright (stayed at Maristella, August 2015) 

"Loved the cook who came to villa." Ms Michele Weil (stayed at Casa alla Scala, July 2015)

"The cook was very good. Neat and tidy and tasty!" Ms Lesley Thomas (stayed at L'Eclisse, July-August 2015)

"The in-villa cook was wonderful...highly recommend." Mrs Jacqueline Woolf (stayed at Masseria Scippi, July 2015)

"All better than expected -- Pina, our house manager and chef was EXTRAORDINARY." Ms Claudia Church (stayed at Casa Romigi, July 2015)

"Sara, the chef, was unbelievably good." Mr Charles Cunningham (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2015)

"Transfer, car delivery, wine delivery and in-house cook - all excellent!" Dr Fiona Clunie (stayed at Camelia, July-August 2015)

"The in-villa cook was so good we ate in most nights." Mrs Sue Powell (stayed at Crossing Together, July 2015)

"We really enjoyed our in-villa cook experience. Rosaria was lovely, and the food and wine was delicious. We would highly recommend that experience to other travellers. Also, she left a delicious lasagna for us as part of the hamper she bought for our arrival. This was an amazing surprise!" Mr Michael Brown (stayed at Ballata, July 2015)

"The cook, Carla, was great. She served us very traditional food...yummy!" Mr David Lloyd (stayed at Infinito, July 2015)

"The in-villa cook was very accommodating." Miss Jane Hackett (stayed at Masseria Costanza, July 2015)

"Sonia the cook was exceptional - value for money and a wonderful cook." Dr Iain Michie (stayed at Gioi, July 2015)

"In-villa cook (Christina and sister) was excellent and we were still eating the huge amount of great food prepared days later." Mr Martin Charlick (stayed at Melina, July 2015)

"The cooking service was superb. The cook was very good, efficient, invisible and most kind." Mr Rob Abendroth (stayed at Lillì, July 2015)

"Rosaria the cook was wonderful! So much very tasty food that we lived off the leftovers all next day. Rosaria was also a great source of entertainment and is now friends with all of us on Facebook. We have many selfies!" Mrs Joanne D'Andrea (stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2015)

"The chef that was called at the house was the best meal we had." Ms Cristina Lupano (stayed at L'Argentiera, July 2015)

"We had the cook for five nights and it was excellent." Ms Caroline Firstbrook (stayed at L'Olivastro, July 2015)

"Boat charter and in-villa cook were real highlights of the holiday for us. The cost of in-villa dining is very reasonable and the quality excellent - it is a great way to sample local cuisine and life." Mr Mike Jones (stayed at Villa Elia and Casina Elia, July 2015)

"In-villa cook: We had Bruno who was outstanding." Ms Jacqueline Harkness (stayed at Masseria Scippi, July 2015)

"In-villa cook was fantastic, 10 out of 10. The shopping delivery on our arrival again 10 out of 10, all done and put away for us, so nice rather than having to go out straight to a supermarket." Mrs Deborah Harris (stayed at Azzurra, July 2015)

"Chef service by the caretakers was first class." Lady Heather Robinson (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, July 2015)

"The food cooked by Marika was absolutely fantastic. She was such an amazing host and really looked after us." Miss Cleopatra Graves-Johnston (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July 2015)

"We booked in-villa cooks and they were great." Mr Paolo Jelmoni (stayed at Casa Ceno, July 2015)

"Our cook was lovely and made us an excellent dinner." Mr David Mudd (stayed at Camelia, June-July 2015)

"We had the services of a cook for our breakfasts each day and for several dinners. The meals were extraordinary and varied." Mr Peter Arnold (stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, June-July 2015)

"The in-villa dining experience should be highly recommended. Lucia recommended some very good restaurants but we thought that the in-villa chef experience was the best meal we had." Mr Tim Steadman (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, July 2015)

"In-villa cook, transfers all great!" Mrs Neha Mahendru (stayed at Trullo Selva, July 2015)

"In-villa cook: perfect evening for all of us. They did everything possible to make it a memorable evening. Quality of food superb." Mr Ola Haugsrud (stayed at Cinnamon, July 2015)

"Maria (with the help of Elena) looked after us wonderfully and having her prepare two meals a day was a real treat. The food was excellent and everyone enjoyed it, including some fussy children!" Mrs Daniela Huxtable (stayed at Loggos View, July 2015)

"We had a pizza chef one night and a chef another night. Both were of exceptional quality and we would definitely book again." Ms Andrea Woolcock te Kloot (stayed at Lamia Bianca, June-July 2015)

"The cook was an extraordinary experience. We used the cook Rosa-Maria for all 7 evening meals and this was a true Sicilian dining experience with a master chef whose charm and gracious manner made every evening an experience." Mr Joseph Lonardo (stayed at Crossing Together, June-July 2015)

"In-house cook was brilliant." Miss Catherine Mortimer (stayed at Almyra, June 2015)

"The in-villa cook was a lovely person. She was an excellent cook and was very obliging and flexible." Mrs Liz Wilson (stayed at Villa Blanca, June 2015)

"In-villa cook excellent. The dinner cooks were excellent - professional, organised, great value." Ms Elizabeth Oswin (stayed at Trullo Alice, June-July 2015)

"Antonella and her entire kitchen staff were marvellous. The food was so fresh and delicious. We loved everything she made! We looked forward to our family style dinners every night. She always had a surprise dish for us." Mr Jacob Kacsik (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"In addition to breakfasts, Rosa prepared three dinners for us. All were excellent. In fact, all were at least as good as the best meals we had in restaurants. Since we had three little ones with us, they were also much more relaxing." Mr M Richard Zinman (stayed at Oliva, June 2015)

"The cooks were really excellent. We hire cooks at all of our villas and they are in the top 2 or 3 that we have had, and also really friendly and nice people." Ms Sarah Tomkin (stayed at Al Olivar and Ondine, June-July 2015)

"In-villa cook (Irina) was incredible. Irina, our cook and housekeeper was a gem and her food was the best we ate anywhere on the trip." Mrs Jennifer Argenti (stayed at Balu', June 2015)

"The meal from Tina was fantastic and we had enough food for the next day, thanks very much!! We would recommend this service." Ms Sandy Delap (stayed at I Lentischi, June-July 2015)

"The in-villa cooks were fantastic and well worth the expense!" Ms. Kajy Vicinelli (stayed at Trullo Pinnacolo, June-July 2015)

"In-villa cooking was superb. The choice of menus was excellent; we ate at the villa every night and every morning." Mr Pekka Kuusela (stayed at Villa Saracena, June-July 2015)

"The cook Loraine was very friendly and approachable. The food was plentiful and well done." Mr Adrian James-Morse (stayed at Almyra, June-July 2015)

"The wine delivery and in-villa cook were all great." Mrs Sarah Teaford Colby (stayed at La Limonaia, June 2015)

"In-villa cooks provided a lovely meal and were much appreciated." Mr Simon Farrant (stayed at Casa Nuvola, June 2015)

"In-villa cook service was an excellent experience and the food absolutely delicious!" Ms Päivi Salonen (stayed at Azzurra, June 2015)

"In-villa cook, fantastic, so much food! And pasta making skills to take home." Mr Mario Cientanni (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, June 2015)

"Annamaria was charming and we had a terrific meal on arrival. Given the location of the villa and the time of check-in it actually became an important add-on." Mrs Lula Redpath (stayed at CaSale, June 2015)

"We had a lovely Sicilian dinner cooked in the villa." Ms Carolyn Gray (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, June 2015)

"Cooking service was excellent, discreet and good value." Mr Bill Thomson (stayed at Al Jafar, June 2015)

"Pizza chefs at the villa were great." Ms Flo Deptford (stayed at Al Profondo Blu, June 2015)

"Our cook prepared us two extremely tasty meals, wonderful to be cooked for by someone local." Miss Kate Raymen (stayed at L'Eclisse, June 2015)

"In-villa cook: A wonderful meal and a great way to start our holiday. We might do it more next time." Mrs Katherine Britton (stayed at Palazzo Ducale Guarini, June 2015)

"The genuine highlight of our entire trip was having Sylvana and Robbie come cook for us. They were lovely, their food was beyond delicious and it was such a treat to have delicious fresh authentic Sicilian food in the comfort of the villa. No worries about picking a good restaurant, sitting with children or driving home after enjoying some vino! They even brought some aprons and gifts from their family alimentari for my children. They let my young son help with some of the dinner prep and taught him some authentic Sicilian cooking. I would highly recommend these two ladies." Ms Nicolle Diver (stayed at Al Plemmirio, June 2015)

"In-villa cook Frosso was great, the food provided was amongst the best we have ever eaten. You are lucky to have such a top team." Mr Edward Donne (stayed at Maristella, June 2015)

"We booked 2 nights with Gina, our in-villa cook and she was wonderful! A great way to arrive on first night with a beautiful 5-course meal awaiting!! Gina is a brilliant cook and such a sweet soul." Mrs Molly Campbell (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, June 2015)

"In-villa cook Spyros was extremely good, very friendly, delicious food, discrete." Mr Christopher Claridge (stayed at Zoe, June 2015)

"Amazing pizza chef mid-week, but crowning glory was the in-house chefs. The best homemade tiramisu I've ever tasted, Roberta's homemade Limoncello and as a parting gift her own mandarin marmalade. Definitely value for money and I will use The Thinking Traveller again next year." Mrs Jean Golledge (stayed at Casa al Faro, June 2015)

"The chef was wonderful and Maria fulfilled our every need." Mrs Margaret Toce (stayed at Badia, June 2015)

"Food the chef cooked was fabulous." Mrs Eloise Bellard (stayed at Il Ciliegio, June 2015)

"The in-villa cook was incredible! The three dinners we booked were incredible and plentiful. We have many memorable hours spent eating and laughing around the dining room table." Ms Peggy Ricciardi (stayed at Masseria Costanza, June 2015)

"Daniella, the cook, was excellent - nothing was too much trouble." Mrs Jacqueline Pomfret (stayed at La Favorita, June 2015)

"Pizza-chef - wonderful! Very friendly chef, enjoyed watching the process. He made delicious pizza and we completely gorged ourselves! In-villa chef - delicious! So delicious. Great meal, well-placed, they really looked after the baby too." Ms Sheila Chatrath (stayed at Lamia Bianca, June 2015)

"The in-villa chef (Carla) was the best meal of the trip! If we did it again, we would have her cook for us more than once. She was wonderful! We loved her and her amazing cooking." Ms Lana Cordes (stayed at Gli Ulivi, June 2015)

"Dina, the cook, prepared an excellent meal." Mr Jonathan Evans (stayed at Pietra Nera, June 2015)

"The in-villa cook, Daniela, was excellent and spoilt us for any other food that we tasted while we were there. Despite the complexity of my party's food needs she always provided delicious meals and managed to cater for everyone." Ms Jan Fiore (stayed at La Favorita, May 2015)

"We book our chef services late, under the 7 days, but it was accommodated, which was great." Mrs Leisel Lancaster (stayed at Trullo del Sale, May-June 2015)

"In-villa cook - excellent. Also reasonable price." Dr Anthony Sethi (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May 2015)

"The in-villa cook quality of cooking was excellent." Mrs Anne Jones (stayed at Althea, May-June 2015)

"Cook was excellent and good value." Ms Anna Johnstone (stayed at Gioi, May 2015)

"The cook was amazing - the food she prepared was delicious and so much food! The accommodation, Lucia and the cook were outstanding." Mrs Kim Walker (stayed at Brezza di Mare, Casa delle Sirene and La Riva, May-June 2015)

"The hamper we ordered was helpful when we first arrived." Mrs Nicola Sahota (stayed at Almyra, May 2015)

"We LOVED having the cook and waiter service - was one of the highlights of the entire trip! The in-villa cook was our favourite part of the entire trip! She made such delicious food (we even asked for one of her recipes!) and was very accommodating. LOVED it!" Ms Sarah Larsen (stayed at Crossing The Rock, May 2015)

"The in-villa cook (Anna Maria) was wonderful, friendly and warm, totally helpful and obliging and a great cook into the bargain!" Ms Vanessa Podmore (stayed at Secondo Amore, May 2015)

"Excellent wine and cook service." Dr Claire Kaye (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, May 2015)

"The in-house cook (Gabriella) was great and I thought good value for money. We were delighted by the quality of the food Gabriella provided. She was lovely to talk to, too, which was an added bonus!" Ms Jo Brittain (stayed at Casa Agave, May 2015)

"Boat-trip and in-villa cooks were both fantastic. The meal we had prepared for us on the Sunday night lasted for another couple of lunches. Yum!!" Mrs Lucy Jewson (stayed at Christina, May 2015)

"The in-villa cook was fabulous, would highly recommend this." Mrs Rebecca Howard (stayed at Christina, May 2015)

"The in-villa cook was a family affair with a bottle of wine which was hilarious!" Mr Cyrus Kapadia (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, May 2015)

"The chef Giuseppe - brilliant! Our housekeeper Antonella cooked us lasagne upon arrival, gosh it was delicious!" Mr and Mrs Simon and Sophie Hill (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, May 2015)

"The meal we ordered was very good and the cooks were very efficient." Ms Anne Pappas (stayed at Casa Nuvola, May 2015)

"Rosaria, the cook, was superb. Excellent in-villa cook, hamper, wine. The hamper itself was an excellent idea, as was the wine." Mrs Jill Pittaway (stayed at Il Gabbiano, May 2015)

"The cook was wonderful and came 3 times during our week stay." Mrs Diana MacKenzie-Charrington (stayed at Trullo del Sale, May 2015)

"The welcome packages are a wonderful idea. It makes you feel right at home immediately." Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed at Corte del Sole, May 2015)

"The house keeper / cook was a real jewel. She made our stay especially fun with wonderful Sicilian food. All the events we booked through The Thinking Traveller were excellent. Everything met our expectations and there were no hitches. This is why we will book again through The Thinking Traveller." Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed at Balu', May 2015)

"In-villa cook was excellent, the meal was delicious." Mrs Glenda Shirbin (stayed at Althea, May 2015)

"Gabriella was a star! Her Food Hamper was the work of an expert. We ate three days with what she had so prudently assembled." Dr Martha Eger (stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, May 2015)

"In-villa cook was really great! Very kind and available for any type of request. There was always a little attention for the persons that were intolerant to lactose and gluten. The food was varied and very good." Mr Edgar van Tuyll (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, May 2015)

"We really enjoyed the in-villa cook." Mr Nick Styring (stayed at Al Plemmirio, May 2015)

"In-villa cook was terrific!" Madame Maud Clivaz Varone (stayed at Buzza Alta, May 2015)

"In-villa meal on first night was lovely - well worth doing. Rosaria gave us a lovely welcome and dinner." Mr Richard Knight (stayed at Il Gabbiano, May 2015)

"We could not recommend the "chef package" highly enough, as the girls came in for three nights during our stay and the quality of food was superb. We had an absolutely wonderful week as a family from Australia. Congratulations to the owner of the property." Mrs Marion Patrick (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May 2015)

"Patrizia, the in-villa cook, served us the best meal of our stay!" Ms Fiona Grobien (stayed Respiro, May 2015)

"Cooking with Katia was a lot of fun. Very informal and friendly and we cooked an amazing lunch." Mr Bob Reichenfeld (stayed Casa al Faro, May 2015)

"The in-villa cook was a lovely bonus. We only booked the first night but then asked if she could come again when more family arrived." Mrs Sally Browne (stayed Azzura, April-May 2015)

"The in-villa cook is a real plus. They suggest some brief description of wines, nose, body, aftertaste etc." Miss Ann Jervis (stayed Scale Nove, April-May 2015)

"The cook and maid were fantastic. Carmelina was absolutely wonderful and helped us a great deal around the villa without us even asking. She was a delight." Mr Micah Hurt (stayed Villa Specchia, April 2015)

"Rosaria is second to none when it comes to making sure everything exceeds our expectations." Mr Jeffrey Ganssle (stayed Il Gabbiano, April 2015)

"The in-villa food the night we arrived was tasty and very welcome. As it was Easter weekend the hamper was also very welcome as we didn't have to scrabble around looking for shops that were opened as soon as we arrived. Wine in the wine cellar was very good too!" Mrs Christine Wordsworth (stayed Pietra Nera, April 2015)

"Excellent meal cooked by Anna Maria and she was really most intelligent about explaining all the villa's facilities on arrival." Mr John Malpas (stayed CaSale, April 2015)

"The cook was sensational! So friendly and sweet, prepared better food than we had in restaurants, and enough that we ate it up for the rest of the week! We had a feast of Sicilian delicacies." Mrs Helen Hardy (stayed Brezza di Mare, March-April 2015)

"We enjoyed very much having Chettina cleaning and Rosamaria and Santo preparing some meals. Santo was a real joy as the waiter, very elegant, resourceful and accommodating and extremely funny." Dr Maribel Rodriguez-Torres (stayed Crossing Together, March 2015)

"All were very friendly and helpful. We loved the 2 meals we had cooked for us at the villa and would recommend that people consider taking advantage of this option. In-villa cook and her husband were wonderful!!" Mr Richard Sumberg (stayed Balu', October 2014)

"We had an in house cook Patricia on 3 nights. Her food was outstanding. Also Pascale the house keeper who provided us with breakfasts was excellent and also gave very good advice on things to do and see. I cannot praise her enough. The only things we used were breakfast service provided by Pascale which was excellent and in house cook who was outstanding." Mr Martin Cowell (stayed Respiro, September-October 2014)

"The in-villa cook was brilliant." Mr Nick Styring (stayed Il Gelso, September-October 2014)

"Food delivery was a great treat and meant we could completely relax on our first full day." Mrs Carey Honeyball (stayed Poggio Pigio, September 2014)

"The pizza chef was very good - delicious meal." Mr Richard Grebe (stayed Il Palmento dei Castagni, August-September 2014)

"Vittoria had a welcome tray ready when we arrived, it was a marvellous surprise and truly wonderful, she is amazing, clone her!! The in villa cook was excellent...." Ms Patricia (Patty) Randall (stayed La Chicca, August-September 2014)

"Our cook, Giusy and her assistant, Marcella, were outstanding. To have an extraordinary home cooked Sicilian meal prepared for us after a long night and day of traveling was wonderful. And, sitting and eating outdoors overlooking the views of Cefalu was heaven. There was so much food that we had enough for the next night as well. We loved it so much we asked her to come back another night. The transfer to and from the Palermo airport was wonderful especially since we were new to Sicily and the area. Enzo gave us our first look of Sicily as we drove from the airport to the villa and it was thrilling. We were happy that we order the medium hamper of food - we had breakfast each day at the villa and since all of us enjoy cooking and the kitchen, we were able to leisurely eat when and what we preferred in the beautiful villa." Mr John Redmond (stayed Casa Nuvola, September 2014)

"In villa cook was excellent on both occasions." Mr Ben David (stayed Casa al Faro, September 2014)

"The in villa cook experiences were very good. The food was good and the ladies were charming." Mrs Diane Arrell (stayed Pietra Nera, September 2014)

"We used a cook for x1 night which was great ." Ms Nicki Evans (stayed Penio, September 2014)

"We did really appreciate the Welcome Pack as we arrived mid-afternoon having not had lunch." Mrs Victoria Dyer (stayed Filoxenia, September 2014)

"Wine delicious and the food prepared by the in-villa Cook was excellent." Mrs Deborah Looker (stayed Azzura, September 2014)

"In Villa cook Stefania was superb - helped along by the lovely Andrea." Ms Daryl Stevenson (stayed Al Plemmirio, September 2014)

"In-villa cook was exceptional. I think we sampled most Puglian dishes in one meal! We were still feasting on leftover antipasti 2 days later!" Ms Katie Bowman (stayed Villa San Vincenzo, August-September 2014)

"We had one dinner cooked in villa, although we had delicious complimentary lasagne waiting for us on arrival. A very nice touch. The dinner was excellent. Very good quality." Mr Michael Lambert (stayed Buzza Alta, August-September 2014)

"Catering by Spyros at Carnayo - delicious and imaginative Greek buffet for 10 people at the villa. Very enthusiastic cook and charming man." Mrs June Jones (stayed Filoxenia, August-September 2014)

"Dina the cook was amazing. We booked her for two nights." Ms Carol Richman (stayed Pietra Nera, August-September 2014)

"In villa cook which was just amazing and wonderful. We enjoyed Dorothea's cooking service a lot. She ist just such a nice women and cooks brilliantly." Mag Annette Heller (stayed Azzura, August-September 2014)

"In villa cook at both places was very good." Mrs Emma Green (stayed Casa di Pietra, August 2014)

"In villa cook was fantastic and great value for money." Mrs Sheree Weatherley (stayed Trullo Selva, August 2014)

"Pizza chef Mimmo was fantastic!" Mr Ian Sayers (stayed Lo Iazzu, August 2014)

"We had a dinner prepared by a cook. It was really good food. People were very nice and kind. I would definitely recommend this service to other guests." Mrs Licia Genghini (stayed Elektra, August 2014)

"Wine delivery was very good; boat trip was great fun; Tonia cooked for us - sublime!; Tonia also cleaned every other day for us." Mrs Anneke Berrill (stayed Cjase Madrac, August 2014)

"Well worth getting the advance shopping hamper. It is worth every penny and saves any worries over that initial shop when you there." Mrs Martina Milburn (stayed Il Canneto, August 2014)

"Luna, our in-villa cook was excellent - she made a delicious meal for my husband and me one evening, which we could really enjoy-after the children had gone to bed!" Mrs Nikki Thorpe (stayed Serralunga, August 2014)

"Thought Lida was wonderful Cook highly recommended all in all the most professional travel outfit." Mr Joseph Bennett (stayed Maristella, August 2014)

"Sonia, our in villa cook was fantastic and we really enjoyed the meals she prepared for us - extremely good value too." Ms Sally Whiteley (stayed Gioi, August 2014)

"In-villa cook was fantastic and we went on a day-long private boat trip using Karnic All day Sail - that was great too - I'd recommend it." Mrs Sian Virk (stayed Cape Lougi, July-August 2014)

"The in-villa cook was fantastic -- a lovely person, amazing food, the caretakers cooked extra local foods for us, taught us how to make a local milky limoncello -- they were awesome." Ms Jennifer Doebler (stayed Trullo Gaura, July-August 2014)

"The cook service was also wonderful. We had a wonderful meal the first night when we were exhausted from travelling. We had leftovers for the next day as well." Ms Rose Vespa (stayed Ai Trulli, July-August 2014)

"Wine and food delivery as agreed The in villa cook was amazing." Mr Anselm Van den Auwelant (stayed Acquamarina, July 2014)

"The two young ladies who cooked for us where a highlight and a total delight. They were so enthusiastic and clearly enjoyed both their cooking and meeting new people. There energy and preparation time they put into the meals was exemplary - home made tiramisu - delicious!!!" Mr David Doyle (stayed CaSale, July 2014)

"Cook was great but too much food for us!!!" Mrs Angie Gough (stayed Ortikia, July 2014)

"The food that we had on the first night was great - delicious, well cooked and presented." Mrs Catriona Lovatt (stayed Ondine, July 2014)

"Excellent in villa cook." Mrs Ilgi De Benedetti (stayed Trullo Alice, July 2014)

"She was terrific the cooking class in Lecce was divine." Mrs Ellen Jasper (stayed Villa San Vincenzo, July 2014)

"Lucia is a great cook and Katia is a lovely teacher. Fantastic with the children." Ms Rebecca Messina (stayed Casa Carcicera, July 2014)

"The food shop on arrival was great." Mrs Mandy Cornick (stayed Al Olivar, July 2014)

"Cook was very good , nice and friendly." Mr Jan Grobben (stayed Trulli della Mirandola, July 2014)

"Our pre-ordered food hamper and the in-villa meal on the first night were excellent (if a little too much pasta!)" Mr Philip Spencer (stayed Palazzo Ducale Guarini, July 2014)

"Really loved the evenings when we had the in-villa cook come to visit." Mr Paul Quarterman (stayed Villa Blanca, July 2014)

"The food was excellent and the cook was very kind and on a couple of occasions made separate gluten free food for me." Mrs Alice King (stayed Lo Iazzu, July 2014)

"Cooked ready made food was good (lasagne ordered - we actually got a sausage pasta bake - but good and very generously sized)." Mrs Julia Slocombe (stayed Altea, July 2014)

"In villa cooks were great. Not something we have experienced on holiday before and again made it quite special. They dont intrude at all and brilliant to have a meal without any stress or preparation so more time to relax." Mrs Sally Pyke (stayed Casa Nuvola, July 2014)

"Giuseppina ( cook) came 4 times and was wonderful, her food is delicious. I would recommend, once a geust gets to know her and her cooking style/ their personal preferences, to give her a food budget to work with. Obviously she wants to keep costs under control but food in Sicily ( even seafood) was really cheap and she was happy to purchase higher cost items ( lobster!! yummy!) once we spoke to her. Her food was delicious and she researched recipes for us, left leftovers and brought her home made liqueurs every time." Miss Catherine Villiger (stayed Egesta, July 2014)

"in villa cook fantastic." Mrs and Mr Sue and Chris Hessel (stayed Badia, July 2014)

"Mina was an excellent and friendly cook. Mina and Donato were excellent cooks (including the Pizzas and grilled sea food)." Mr Tony Andrews (stayed Tenuta ai Fichi, July 2014)

"we were more than happy with our in villa cooking lesson and meal. Would thoroughly recommend." Mrs Andrea Hay (stayed Trullo del Sale, July 2014)

"The wine and initial provisions were much appreciated. You are more generous with the initial provisions than most outfits and this makes a difference. Gabriella and her daughter cooked us an excellent meal that we all enjoyed. This too was better than we have experienced previously." Mr Peter Charvat (stayed Le Sorbe, July 2014)

"Dina cooked for us the first night and cleared up which was great." Ms Stacey Curran (stayed Pietra Nera, July 2014)

"Vittoria the housekeeper was simply brilliant and the local cook a delight!" Ms Fiona Carlin (stayed Villa Blanca, July 2014)

"All excellent, in villa cook was lovely... Great food, canapés and home made limo cella after, hadn't been expected so lovely surprise, felt sooo full though!" Ms Fiona Pringle (stayed Casa al Faro, July 2014)

"Wine delivery was good. I also ordered the food hamper which was a really great initiative - allowed us to relax even quicker !" Ms Judith Proudfoot (stayed Cinnamon, July 2014)

"Maria, the in-villa cook, was great, although how one could eat that much food in one sitting is hard to imagine!" Ms Megan Donnelly (stayed Masseria Moscala, July 2014)

"In villa cook was amazing! Great food and cheerful service." Mrs Lucy Barratt (stayed at Al Plemmirio, July 2014)

"We had the in villa Cook and that was a really fantastic dinner, would really recommend it." Mr Thomas Petersen (stayed at Gli Ulivi, July 2014)

"Two meals were purchased and We hired Guissy two times to prepared meals and clean. She and her helper were just as sweet as can be. They prepared authentic, rustic Sicilian dinners for my guests and me and we really enjoyed them and the food. They represent ThinkSicily very well..." Ms Anne Maxfield (stayed at Casa Nuvola, June-July 2014)

"Our maid, Antonia, went above and beyond what we expected and could not have been a nicer, more thoughtful and helpful person to have around the villa during the day. She cooked us a fantastic feast on our last night and none of us wanted to leave." Miss Tamsin Rose (stayed at Elektra, June-July 2014)

"For my birthday we organized an in-villa cook. She was an extremely lovely lady and the food was sublime. Thinking Traveller together with the owner of the villa sent a delicious cake for my birthday. Very sweet and greatly appreciated." Emilioano Ragnini (stayed at Clementina, July 2014)

"The in-villa cook was awesome!" Melanie Trent (stayed  at Crossing Together, June-July 2014)

"All excellent, in villa cook was lovely... Great food, canapés and home made limo cella after, hadn't been expected so lovely surprise, felt sooo full though! Both excursions excellent, great guides, most informative and happy to tailor tour to our needs." Fiona Pringle (stayed at Casa al Faro, June-July 2014)

"In villa cook great. Hospitality and insight into Sicilian life a bonus." Sarah Surtees (stayed at Il Canneto, June 2014)

"Cook was well worth it. Wonderful food." Donna Fabris (stayed at Clementina, June 2014)

"The in villa cook was very good." Anne Bolitho (stayed at Trullo Pinnacolo, June 2014)

"The in-villa cooks were terrific. So nice and the food and service was just fantastic. They were some of our best meals." Marco Caffuzzi (stayed at Priscilla, June 2014)

"Annarita our in house cook was marvellous and prepared us some amazing meals, she even made me a bottle of limoncello for my birthday." Vivienne Findlay (stayed at Villa San Vincenzo, June 2014)

"The cook was absolutely outstanding, it made the trip extra special and was worth every penny. And she worked around a difficult allergy for one of our group and was amazingly accommodating." Shana Kelley (stayed at Villa Blanca, June 2014)

"The cook was wonderful. We asked for an authentic Sicilian meal and we got it! So much food that we had two meals. The price was wonderful-we could not have dined out for that price." Susan Taluto (stayed at Casa Nuvola, June 2014)

"Wine superb, Etna trip (and the lovely Roberto!) exciting and memorable, and welcoming dinner on first night very good." Jean Symons (stayed at La Timpa, June 2014)

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What better way to get your holiday off to a good start than by being greeted by a few cases of quality Italian wine? Here’s what our clients have to say about our in-villa wine delivery service:

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"Wine delivery was perfect, as advertised." J.W (Stayed at Baia dei Turchi, September/October 2017)

"Smooth wine delivery, very good in-villa cook." S.D (Stayed at Montaltini, September 2017)

"The wine delivery was very welcome and a great way to sample Planeta wines which were all delicious. I carried the Plumbago home - it was worth it! The hamper delivery was also welcome to avoid having to stop with our bags en route; that too was a great way to sample local produce and the fruit and veg was ripe and fresh." A.S (Stayed at La Mora, September 2017)

"Wine was wonderful (just not enough!) as was the cook service and pizza oven evening. The cook service was especially gracious and relaxing." K.S (Stayed at Trulli Andrea, September 2017)

"Wine delivery and food hamper service on arrival was a great help and a real treat." Ms Sarah-Jayne Corbett (Stayed at Il Gabbiano, September 2017)

"Wine delivery was excellent quality." Mrs Helen Adamson (stayed at Lithia, August 2016)

"Wine delivery is a great touch! Loved it! Our in-villa cook was essential especially when we were coming back from a day trip and finding a delicious meal ready." Anon (stayed at Il Gelso, July 2016)

"Loved the wine delivery. Loved the in-villa cook on our first night. And appreciated the welcome pack to stock the larder our first day." Mr David McGovern (stayed at La Mora, July 2016)

"The Planeta wine was great, and we loved having that and the groceries already at the villa. The cooking class at La Foresteria was huge fun, and useful, and we'd highly recommend that." Mrs Elizabeth Tregear (stayed at Casa Agave, June-July 2016)

"Planeta wine was excellent and I am very glad we pre-ordered it. The in-house cook prepared delicious food (and so much of it we had leftovers for a whole day....) and it was a really special evening and way more fun than going out to eat." Mr Oliver Currall (stayed at Buzza Alta, June 2016)

"Planeta wine service is excellent and the wine was very good."Ms Camilla Ween (stayed at Cala Bianca, April 2016)

"Wine delivery and in-house cooking: all top notch!" Ms Tara Scichilone (stayed at Le Chicas, October 2015)

"Wine delivery and wine excellent, in villa cook are excellent." Mr Carmen Belefonte (stayed at Brezza di Mare, September 2015)

"Wine delivery was most welcome (the chardonnay is particularly good). The in-villa cook on our first night provided a fishy extravaganza that was absolutely delicious (but far too much - would have been enough for 10!). Marvellous not to have to worry about food on arrival." Mrs Juliet Glass (stayed at San Marco, September 2015)

"Wine delivery was great ... we just should have ordered more!" Mr Barry Cook (stayed at Casa Agave, September 2015)

"We pre-booked wine which was there waiting for us. Good quality and much enjoyed by all. We also felt more relaxed on our outward travel knowing that Laura would cook us pizza in the evening - so we arrived to wine and pizza - real holiday pleasure." Mrs Morag Redwood (stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, September 2015)

"We used the hamper and wine delivery service. The wine (Planeta) was really very good. Didn't last long. The shopping service saved us as we arrived on a 2-day bank holiday." Ms Anna Dilnot (stayed at Clementina, August 2015)

"Wine was there, an excellent way to start vacation." Mr Vito Nardelli (stayed at Trullo Selva, August-September 2015)

"Wine was great and would recommend to others to use this service." Mr Chris Gibbin (stayed at I Lentischi and Casa Alma, August 2015)

"Wine - delivered and waiting; boat trip was an absolute delight; in villa cooking (twice) was really good." Ms Frances Holliday (stayed at Clementina, August-September 2015)

"Wine delivery was great, we should have pre-ordered more!" Mr Alfonso Delgado (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, August-September 2015)

"Wine delivery was excellent and hamper for first night very helpful." Mr Graham Moore (stayed at Villa Farli, August 2015)

"Wine delivery was a Godsend, and the in-villa cook produced some wonderful food. It was a real treat." Mr Jonathan South (stayed at Casa Romito, August 2015)

"The wine from Olaneta was great. The airport transfers and car delivery to the villa were courteous and on-time." Ms Andrea Schreiber (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, August 2015)

"Wine was top notch. The boat journey and lunch forms a very strong memory of the holiday. The vineyard day out was also excellent." Mr Joel Black (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, August 2015)

"Wine delivery and hamper shopping was a lifesaver, brilliant service." Mrs Cassandra Human (stayed at Gioi, August 2015)

"Great to have the wine and prosecco waiting for us." Mrs Trond Jensen (stayed at Ortigia, July-August 2015)

"We bought wine from winery and hired Rosa just about every day for either lunch or dinner. Mostly just family time and enjoying the food and pool." Mrs Alicia Piazza (stayed at Oliva, July 2015)

"We very much thank the team for the fabulous case of wine we found upon arrival. Unfortunately, we didn't take advantage of any other services, hopefully next time." Mrs Simona Stevens (stayed at I Lentischi, July-August 2015) 

"We only had the wine delivery. It was really tasty and there were too little of it!" Mrs Outi Seppa (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, July 2015)

"Wine delivery excellent." Mrs Caroline Lee (stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, July-August 2015)

"Wine delivery worked perfect." Mr Nils Lindberg (stayed at Bonera, July 2015)

"Transfer, car delivery, wine delivery and in-house cook - all excellent!" Dr Fiona Clunie (stayed at Camelia, July-August 2015)

"Wine delivery was waiting and ready chilled for us." Mrs Sue Powell (stayed at Crossing Together, July 2015)

"The wine we ordered was superb." Miss Jane Hackett (stayed at Masseria Costanza, July 2015)

"Wine delivery excellent." Lady Heather Robinson (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, July 2015)

"The wine delivery by Planeta was a convenient way to stock our selections for the week." Mr Joseph Lonardo (stayed at Crossing Together, June-July 2015)

"The wine delivery worked well, the wines were very good." Mr Nigel Diepering (stayed at Casa Carcicera, June 2015)

"The wine was superb so we ordered some to be shipped to us!" Mr Jacob Kacsik (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"We were very pleased with the wines we ordered. They were the best we had in Sicily." Mr M Richard Zinman (stayed at Oliva, June 2015)

"Wine was great and waiting for us." Mrs Jennifer Argenti (stayed at Balu', June 2015)

"The wine delivery was fab and the wine was lovely, we would recommend this service." Ms Sandy Delap (stayed at I Lentischi, June-July 2015)

"The wine delivery and in-villa cook were all great." Mrs Sarah Teaford Colby (stayed at La Limonaia, June 2015)

"Wine delivery was great idea." Mr John Reese (stayed at Trullo Alice, June 2015)

"Wine delivery was good." Dr Gary Mauro (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, June 2015)

"Wines were delicious." Ms Nicolle Diver (stayed at Al Plemmirio, May-June 2015)

"Wine delivery - great idea." Mr Roger Ford (stayed at Ballata, May-June 2015)

"Fantastic hamper and wine delivery on arrival." Mrs Jean Golledge (stayed at Casa al Faro, June 2015)

"Our wine and food order were at the property." Mr Clemens Von Bechtolsheim (stayed at I Lentischi, June 2015)

"All our food and wine which we pre-ordered was there when we arrived, which was a great service." Mrs Kathryn Gill (stayed at Oneiro, June 2015)

"The wine was very good." Ms Jan Fiore (stayed at La Favorita, May 2015)

"The wine was very good, thanks." Prof Robert Pounder (stayed at La Limonaia, May 2015)

"Wine was great." Mrs Leisel Lancaster (stayed at Trullo del Sale, May-June 2015)

"Wine delivery worked well, as did the transfers. Everything worked as agreed and on schedule...which surprised positively many of us who have spent a lot of time in Italy." Ms Sari Baldauf (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, May-June 2015)

"We had wine delivered and it was waiting for us when we arrived." Mr Richard Furlong Brown (stayed at Archimede, May 2015)

"Excellent wine and cook service." Dr Claire Kaye (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, May 2015)

"Wine delivery, the yacht and all staff associated with the villa were great." Mr Edward Rossdale (stayed Al Plemmirio, May 2015)

"The wine delivery was a great service (and delicious)." Ms Jo Brittain (stayed Casa Agave, May 2015)

"The Planeta wine service was excellent and delish wine." Mrs Lucy Shaughnessy (stayed Rocca delle Tre Contrade, May 2015)

"Wine was great!" Mr Cyrus Kapadia (stayed Le Corti di Cannamara, May 2015)

"We had wine delivered, which was great." Mr and Mrs Simon and Sophie Hill (stayed Casa dei Gabbiani, May 2015)

"Wine delivered for arrival - very happy." Ms Claire Sugrue (stayed Estiva, May 2015)

"We were very happy with the hamper that we ordered to be delivered to the villa for our arrival." Mr James Clark (stayed Poggio Pigio, May 2015)

"The Planeta wine was very good." Mrs Margreet van der Zee (stayed Acquamarina, April 2015)

"Wine in wine cellar was very good too!" Mrs Christine Wordsworth (stayed Pietra Nera, April 2015)

"It was great to arrive the first night and have someone cooking dinner for our exhaustive party. We also enjoyed our Planeta wine." Mr Frederick Wickham (stayed Casa Nuvola, March-April 2015)

"We used the wine delivery option -- it was very convenient, and we would do so again. We particularly appreciated the range of wines you offer -- this is a hobby and interest of ours, and we feel that your choices reflect some of the best wines that the region can offer, rather than simply a random selection of Pugliese wines." Mr Casey Halladay (stayed Trullo Gaura, December 2014)

"The shopping basket and wine deliveries were perfect." Mr Richard Frey (stayed Corte del Sole and Il Gabbiano, September 2014)

"The Planeta wine delivery was good, though not necessary given the villa we were in. I didn't realize there would be a cellar for purchase, but I enjoyed the Planeta." Mr Richard Grebe (stayed Il Palmento dei Castagni, August-September 2014)

"The Planeta wine was waiting for us on arrival at Aphrodite and was all excellent. We are now looking into buying it back in the UK!" Mrs Juliet Glass (stayed Aphrodite, September 2014)

"We did indeed order a mixed box of Planeta wines and I would recommend doing that. It was there waiting for us a got the holiday off to a very good start ... then we bought more." Mrs Jo Dennis (stayed Zeffiro, September 2014)

"Wine was excellent as was the in-villa cook." Mr Joseph Rosio (stayed Scale Nove, September 2014)

"Wine delivered was excellent Cooking Class was great fun." Mrs Vanessa Campbell (stayed Masseria Moscala, August-September 2014)

"Wine delivery was good and a great in Villa cook." Mr Luis Hernandez (stayed Casa Ceno, August-September 2014)

"The Wine in Pietra Nera was in the cooler waiting for us in the kitchen....what a bonus! We loved it!" Ms Carol Richman (stayed Pietra Nera, August 2014)

"Loved the wine - thank you, delicious." Mr Ryan Hardy (stayed Bosco degli Ulivi, August 2014)

"The wine was good and it was nice to have on arrival." Mrs Beatriz Barclay (stayed Lo Scoglio, August 2014)

"wine was fab, the boat charter was fun, the in-villa cook was excellent." Ms Frances Holliday (stayed Casina Elia, August 2014)

"Wine delivery was excellent and the wine was good quality." Mrs Tara Heron (stayed Trullo Selva, August 2014)

"Wine delivery - very efficient, it was there on our arrival First shop - very thorough first shop with everything we needed for two days and more!" Mrs Louise Kitchen (stayed Casa Carcicera, August 2014)

"we loved the wine delivery -- the white wine we ordered was DELICIOUS and we are total wine snobs. Our cook was also amazing." Ms Jennifer Doebler (stayed Cjase Madrac, July-August 2014)

"Wine delivery was extremely helpful as if was not that convenient to purchase wine." Ms Rose Vespa (stayed Ai Trulli, July-August 2014)

"Wine delivery was perfect in villa cook was very good." Mr Martin Ferguson (stayed Le Corti di Cannamara, July 2014)

"Wine delivery excellent, we even got some more during the week." Mr Richard Furlongbrown (stayed Archimede, July 2014)

"Wine delivery and food delivery pre-arrival was much appreciated!!" Ms Robyn Norton (stayed I Lentischi, July 2014)

"The wine delivery was great--excellent sampling of different wines." Ms Megan Donnelly (stayed Masseria Moscala, June-July 2014)

"Wine was good and I would strongly recommend ordering it as buying locally proved disastrous. (all the red wines were sweet)" Susan Bates (stayed at Casa dell'Arco, June 2014)

"Wine, 4x4, transfers, and cooks all were handled professionally and service was excellent." Mark Schiavoni (stayed at Crossing the Rock, July 2014)

"We pre-ordered wine which was very helpful and very good" Susan Stokeld (stayed at Scale Nove, June 2014)

"The wine was a good introduction of which we liked some more than others, of course! Ordered dessert wine by mistake but liked it!" Michael Gibbard (stayed at Adagio, May-June 2014)

"Wine delivery all present and correct and much enjoyed." Patricia Heathcote (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, May-June 2014)

"Villa wine - inexpensive and fantastic." Zorin Finkelsen (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, April 2014)

"Wine delivery - excellent and essential rather than having to waste time shopping. Also food order excellent." Joyce Kitchen (stayed at Corte del Sole, May 2014)

"The wine was delivered on time. It was all good and well, we drank all of it." Christine McNab (stayed at Villa Farli, April 2014)

"We enjoyed the Planeta wine delivery so much we decided to visit one of their vineyards. And our Etna 4x4 tour, with Roberto from VolcanoTrek, was very enjoyable." Brock McGinnis (stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, October 2013)

"Wine delicious and perfect for arrival." Michael Donovan (stayed at Villa Saracena, October 2013)

"The local wine you supplied was delicious." Pepin Clout (stayed at Althea, September 2013)

"The wine delivery was great." Patricia Heathcote (stayed at La Mora, August 2013)

"Wine delivery was great and the Etna 4x4 trip was excellent too." Catriona Lovatt (stayed at L'Eclisse, August 2013)

"The wine delivery and cooks were fabulous." Tobias Nanda (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, August 2013)

"Wine delivery: a great idea." George Evans (stayed at Villa Elia, August 2013)

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Allowing us to organise your airport transfers for you, arrange delivery of a hire car to your villa and provide private chauffeurs and drivers can take the stress out of your travel arrangements. Here’s what our clients thought of these services:

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"I would rate them very highly - all the transfers were straightforward and took the hassle out of us doing it ourselves, and the company Elena hired us a boat through were great." Mrs Joanna Carolan (Stayed at Armonia, August/September 2017)

"The car rental delivered to /and picked up from our villa was a tremendous convenience." Mrs Joan Abitabile (Stayed at Masseria d'Estia, September/October 2017)

"The transfers went off without a "hitch" and the drivers were very professional." J.W (Stayed at Baia dei Turchi, September/October 2017)

"The transfers were seamless. Every part of our transfers to and from Prevesa ran to time." S.B (Stayed at Christina, September 2017)

"I would rate the transfers and car as 100%. We were very happy."

"Transfers were excellent - top quality taxi. Lovely sea taxi. Car was waiting for us on quayside." Mrs Angela Bickford-Smith (Stayed at Kala Filia, September 2017)

"The transfer experience was fantastic. It was so very good not to have to think of anything ourselves. We had some time between our flight landing in Corfu and our taxi boat to Paxos. Christina recommended a wonderful beach bar, Mon Repos, and it was brilliant." C.H (Stayed at Armonia, August 2017)

"The transfers were spot-on - not a minute was wasted hanging around waiting for the various phases of transfer." A.D (Stayed at Christina, August/September 2017)

"All transfers were arranged allowing us to travel at ease and know it was all well in hand. Paddle boarding arranged with SUP (Shaun) was a great experience we would recommend." Mrs Alexandra Gunton (stayed at Melitini, September 2016)

"I'm so glad we booked the transfers with Giuseppe. We didn't really fancy the hassle of driving and there was no need for it with him there to ferry us to and from the airport. He was punctual and friendly, and I would definitely take this option again." Dr Elizabeth Fistein (stayed at La Riva, July 2016)

"Transfers were fantastic and beyond expectation. always early and drove responsibly . Dora and Pina the cooks were 10 star/diamond level. we had so many food restrictions which I am sure was a pain to deal with but every night was complete happiness on a meal." Ms Nadia Zaki (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, July 2016)

"We had booked transfers which were very smoothly done. We had a charter boat twice and enjoyed it. The captain.of the yatch was very helpful and showed us offbeat places and caves. The in villa cook was.very very good." Mrs Himani Dugar (stayed at L'Argentiera, July 2015)

"Transfers were all excellent and supply of rental car very good." Mrs Kate James-Weed (stayed at L'Olivastro, August 2015)

"Car hire was easy and flexible as was the boat hire from Paxos - great local character." Mrs C King (stayed at Al Olivar, August 2015) 

"The transfer from airport to property of two of our party who could not arrive with us made our first day much easier." Mr Philip Johannes Lafeber (stayed at Cjase Madrac, July-August 2015)

"Transfers all went smoothly and were extremely efficient." Mr Charles Cunningham (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2015)

"Transfer, car delivery, wine delivery and in-house cook - all excellent!" Dr Fiona Clunie (stayed at Camelia, July-August 2015)

"The transfers were excellent. The local cab driver Salvatore was amazing." Mr Simon Waller (stayed at Azzurra, July-August 2015)

"All extras were great... transfer by specialist taxi and boat link. Boat hire great too." Dr Hywel Thomas (stayed at Ondine, July 2015)

"Transfers worked very well and took stress out of travel arrangements." Ms Maggie Britt (stayed at Gaios House, July 2015)

"All the transfers were of very high quality (beautiful immaculate cars driven by immaculate drivers who spoke perfect English)." Mrs Joanne D'Andrea (stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2015)

"In-villa cook, transfers all great!" Mrs Neha Mahendru (stayed at Trullo Selva, July 2015)

"Car hire was very smooth. Lovely car. Smooth collection and drop-off and I was so relieved to find CDW included. The flight was also very efficient." Mrs Gail Braithwaite (stayed at Pikermi, July 2015)

"The transfer was in two vehicles but Giuseppe and Angelo were terrific." Mr Joseph Lonardo (stayed at Crossing Together, June-July 2015)

"Transfers all very good, clean and efficient." Ms Sarah Tomkin (stayed at Al Olivar and Ondine, June-July 2015)

"Transfers to and from the airport were great." Ms Nicolle Diver (stayed at Al Plemmirio, June 2015)

"Transfers of which we had so many, were all on time with very friendly drivers." Mrs Jean Golledge (stayed at Casa al Faro, June 2015)

"Transfers were great and on time. Flights very impressive with Air Germania." Mrs Linda Chilcott (stayed at Christina, June 2015)

"We hired vans with drivers through the agency which worked out perfectly because it was quite a long day. The van drivers worked out beautifully - they were very knowledgeable and accommodating and clearly knew their way around the rural roads we were travelling on." Ms Peggy Ricciardi (stayed at Masseria Costanza, June 2015)

"Transfers both ways to Palermo excellent and worth the money. Welcome package great." Mrs Debra Connell (stayed at La Corte, May-June 2015)

"Transfers were smooth and, most importantly, on time. Car hire was equally smooth." Mr Mark Warner (stayed at Pikermi, June 2015)

"The transfers were excellent." Ms Jan Fiore (stayed at La Favorita, May 2015)

"Wine delivery worked well, as did the transfers. Everything worked as agreed and on schedule...which surprised positively many of us who have spent a lot of time in Italy." Ms Sari Baldauf (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, May-June 2015)

"Transfers all perfect, very charming and good drivers, comfortable." Mrs Tessa Allingham (stayed at Aphrodite, May 2015)

"Luggage transfer - perfect, no complaints at all. He went above and beyond and even went back for a lost cell phone!!" Ms Sarah Larsen (stayed at Crossing The Rock, May 2015)

"We were very pleased with the taxis that were ordered for us, all neat and clean and came on time." Mr John Gageby (stayed at Cala Bianca, May 2015)

"We had 2 cars and we enjoyed it very much." Dr Maribel Rodriguez-Torres (stayed at Crossing Together, March 2015)

"We particularly appreciated the hire car service to and from the villa. The welcome pack was lovely too." Lady Gill White (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, March-April 2015)

"Our driver was very knowledgeable, a good day." Mrs Liliana Vinciullo (stayed at Pietra Nera, September 2014)

"We booked the car through TTT which couldn't have been easier. It was a great little car too. Other than that we didn't book any extras', I will do next time though, especially the wine delivery!" Mr Tim Curteis (stayed Helena, September 2014)

"Our transfers between airport, Palermo and Milazzo all went like clockwork and Enzo and his other driver were efficient, reliable and good company." Mrs Juliet Glass (stayed Aphrodite, July 2014)

"Boat ,car rental, transfers, were all amazing" Ms Ebaa Alawaji (stayed Villa Specchia, July 2014)

"The car hire was brilliant, no hassle when we arrived." Ms Nicki Evans (stayed Penio, September 2014)

"Taxi transfers dealt with efficiently." Mrs Beverley Godfrey (stayed at Lithia, September 2014)

"We did book a driver for the day for a winery trip. He was punctual and got us to our destinations." Mr Robert B Orler (stayed at Villa Principe di Lumia, September 2014)

"Transfer excellent." Miss Susan Watt (stayed at Giara, August-September 2014)

"Transfer was also very good." Mr Max Foster (stayed at Villa Saracena, August-September 2014)

"Private transfers were excellent, went without a hitch Panos's boat half day was the highlight for the nine of us, lovely kind guy who recommended a restaurant for my birthday and sent me a cake too!" Ms Claire Standen (stayed at Akrothea, August 2014)

"I would recommend the taxi to the villa and car hire drop off service. It meant we did not have to queue at car rental and then have the stress of trying to get used to a new car and getting out of Catania on the ring road. The car was waiting for us. I would also recommend the food shop service and having the wine and in villa cooking. We arrived to a car, a full fridge and larder, a crate of wine and a home cooked meal." Mrs Yvonne Bennett (stayed at Buzza Alta, August 2014)

"The ground transportation drivers were most professional." Mrs Allison Brant (stayed at La Pergola, July 2014)

"Transfer services were top notch." Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Archimede, July 2014)

"Great car hire." Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2014)

"The car was fine, the arranged boats were excellent, the cooks lovely etc etc etc." Mr David Johnston (stayed at Al Olivar, June-July 2014)

"Transfers worked incredibly well. Extra hampers great." Ms Maggie Britt (stayed at Melina, June-July 2014)

"Enzo provided three services (Madonie Mountain tour and one drive to the Palermo airport). He was wonderful and on time. He, too, represents ThinkSicily very well." Ms Anne Maxfield (stayed at Casa Nuvola, June-July 2014)

"All airport transfers, wine and food orders etc were on time and as expected." Miss Tamsin Rose (stayed at Elektra, June-July 2014)

"Car hire people very prompt and helpful. Vasilis's boat was a great trip round the islands and Skorpis boat charter also very helpful and boats/ engines all in good condition." Lord Carnarvon (stayed at Lilaea, June-July 2014)

"The transfer was seamless." Jane Stoakes (stayed at Althea, June-July 2014)

"A local taxi was organised for us nearly every night, he spoke fluent English and very flexible with pick up and drop off times. Was great as in the past in various places it's been very difficult to order our own taxis due to language barrier and not knowing the area. So we were very pleased with this." Nathalie Stevens (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May 2014)

"I used the transfer from the airport to the restaurant in Scopello and have no idea what a taxi would have cost had I taken one on my own from the airport. However, Giuseppe, my driver, was delightful and provided some wonderful information on the way to Scopello. I speak Italian and we had a wonderful time." Barbara De Luca (stayed at Cala Bianca, October 2013)

"The pickup and delivery service from the airport and the arrangements for the Avis car were flawless." Herbert Fox (stayed at Giara, August-September 2013)

"Car transfers from our accommodation and to the airport were great. Punctilious friendly service." John Back (stayed at Scale Nove, August-September 2013)

"The transfer was smooth and efficient, the driver was very helpful during the arrival of my parents in law which was most appreciated." Jeremy Stretch (stayed at La Corte, August 2013)

"Transfers all picked up on time with friendly, helpful drivers. Felt very safe and comfortable in their cars." Gemma Nahas (stayed at Scale Nove, August 2013)

"Transfer from Catania to Giara - on time, clean and punctual." Aaron MacGregor (stayed at Giara, August 2013)

"Transfers worked well. Hire car pick up and drop off very extremely easy." Carla Geoghegan (stayed at Phoebe, August 2013)

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There’s so much to discover along the extensive coastlines of Sicily, Puglia and the Ionian Islands and chartering a boat is the perfect way to explore them. The Thinking Traveller offers a great variety of charter services. Here’s what our clients thought of them:

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"The boat charter arrangements worked fine and we had an upgraded boat." S.B (Stayed at Christina, September 2017)

"Boat hire was good. The boats were in good condition and the agent did not labour the technicalities of using them." Dr Martin Clarke (Stayed at Melitini, September 2017)

"Boat charter to Aeolian islands with Sergio was the holiday highlight. He took us to lovely spots which we would never have found on our own." A.K (Stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2017)

"Vathi was a beautiful place for lunch when we hired a boat for the day. Hiring a boat was definitely the best thing we did." S.M (Stayed at Filoniki, August 2017)

"The two days we hired the small motor boat from Nidri were probably the best days." C.W (Stayed at Avra, July 2017)

"Our boat trip experience was fantastic, an extremely relaxed but enjoyable day out, with Enrico and his crew taking amazing care of us. The boat was beautiful, as well as the scenery, with the food and drink served onboard all fantastic. An amazing experience and well recommended. We also had a fantastic experience with our in-villa cooks, who cooked for us on two separate occasions. They fantastically accomodate us and our requirements with a two-year-old." F.D (Stayed at Isola Blu, May 2017)

"The boat tour for half day was wonderful and very memorable! The car service to the airport was on time and provided us with a comfortable ride to Palermo." Mrs J.C (stayed at Brezza di Mare, April 2016)

"Boat hire very easy and the best days of the holiday." Mr Gary Stokes (stayed at Melina, July 2016)

"Boat charter trip directly out of villa port was brilliant...can't recommend it enough!!!" Ms Karyn Mottershead (stayed at Crossing Together, September 2015)

"Boat hire via Spiros - excellent." Mrs Jan Milton (stayed at Barbati Point House, August-September 2015)

"Loved the boat trip - a must in Meganissi to see the caves and coastline and to snorkel and swim. Also, loved the chef service - first class." Mrs Diane Wingate (stayed at Al Olivar, August 2015)

"Hiring a 30cc motorboat for a few days was great fun and enabled us to see the island from a different aspect." Mrs Rosemary Neale (stayed at Christina, August 2015)

"The wine order: the wine was drunk! The in-villa cook was brilliant (twice). The boat charter was the highlight. Carmelina, the cleaner, was so kind and helpful and brought in breakfast every day. An absolute star." Mr Simon Pigott (stayed at Villa Specchia, August 2015)

"The boat charter was good. Nice and comfortable boat and very nice crew. The cooks were great." Miss Diana Zanetto (stayed at Penio, August 2015)

"Boat trip was very good. Vishnu and Preema meal was excellent. They were also very attentive and helpful." Mrs Deborah Sutton (stayed at Villa Saracena, August 2015)

"Yacht trip was excellent and really enjoyed by all. Hostess and skipper were great company." Mr Richard Hutchinson (stayed at Geoeli House, July-August 2015) 

"Car hire was easy and flexible as was the boat hire from Paxos - great local character." Mrs C King (stayed at Al Olivar, August 2015)

"The boat trip was brilliant, very memorable and a fabulous Captain...Highly recommend." Mrs Jacqueline Woolf (stayed at Masseria Scippi, July 2015)

"All better than expected -- the boat trip! I thought it was going to be a dinky motor boat and it was a huge beautiful sail boat..." Ms Claudia Church (stayed at Casa Romigi, July 2015)

"We hired a boat that was delivered to us as soon as we needed it - this worked really well." Mr Charles Cunningham (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2015)

"Boat charter was excellent." Mr Keith Haviland (stayed at Daphne, July-August 2015)

"All extras were great... transfer by specialist taxi and boat link. Boat hire great too." Dr Hywel Thomas (stayed at Ondine, July 2015)

"Day boat hire was efficient with very friendly and helpful owner (Andrea) and good quality well maintained boat." Mr Martin Charlick (stayed Melina, July 2015)

"The boat charter was just brilliant. Hiring a boat and taking yourself around the island is a magical way to spend a day." Ms Jude Temple (stayed Christina, July 2015)

"We especially enjoyed our boat ride, the crew and captain and boat were perfect! All of these were perfect experiences!" Mrs Rachel Jansen (stayed La Limonaia, July 2015)

"Boat trip - excellent!" Mrs Joanne D'Andrea (stayed Il Gabbiano, June 2015)

"The boat trip with Enrique was one of the many highlights during our stay. He was the perfect host, cook and guide and we enjoyed our day with him immensely." Mrs Tone S Ovrebo Johannessen (stayed Ortigia, July 2015)

"The boat trip organised by Federica with lunch at Lo Scalo was superb. Boat charter and in-villa cook were real highlights of the holiday for us." Mr Mike Jones (stayed at Villa Elia and Casina Elia, July 2015)

"Skipper Andy (Vliho Yacht Club - sailing) and the skipper and crew on the Karnic were charming, knowledgeable - the two days we spent on boats made our vacation. Boating was very reasonably priced for the quality of the boats and the experience." Mr Arlan Gates (stayed Penio, June-July 2015)

"Boat trip was great." Mr Mason Lesure (stayed Le Antiche Pajare, July 2015)

"We were looking for a boat that we could charter for the day to take our 40 guests around the island. Lida kindly recommended the M/S Christina, a beautiful (huge) boat that comfortably fit everyone. They picked us up from San Nicolas Hotel in Mikros Gialos, and we had an amazing day. The food was delicious and Jane, her Husband and Crew were incredible helpful and lovely." Miss Emma Nairn (stayed at Agnantio, Pikermi and Phoebe, June 2015)

"The boat crew was great. Everyone got the opportunity to jump right off the boat and swim in the sea which was a real thrill." Mr Jacob Kacsik (stayed Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"The boat charter was a great day. The crew were delightful and it took us to stunning bays otherwise inaccessible." Mrs Sarah Paterson (stayed Thymus, June 2015)

"Sailing trip was very good." Dr Vanessa Elliott (stayed Christina, May 2015)

"The boat trip was lovely, Clemente cooked an excellent lunch and we swam in the cleanest waters. All over too quickly!" Mrs Emily Evans (stayed Corte del Sole, May 2015)

"Boat hire was all arranged." Mrs Linda Chilcott (stayed Christina, June 2015)

"Boat trip - great! Easily met up with boat captain. Were made to feel very safe and welcome. They were gorgeous with the baby, letting him play at steering the boat etc! Very much enjoyed our swim and the aperitivo provided." Ms Sheila Chatrath (stayed Lamia Bianca, June 2015)

"The one 'organised' trip we made that Lida recommended was a day boat-trip around neighbouring islands." Mr Mark Warner (stayed Pikermi, June 2015)

"The boat that we hired was a must if you're staying on Antipaxos." Mrs Kathryn Gill (stayed Oneiro, June 2015)

"The boat hire from Philpos made a big difference to explore the coves." Mr Guy Grainger (stayed Yasemia, May 2015)

"Day boat hire - a motor boat delivered to Vathi organised by Rachel. The young chap was very kind showing us how to use the boat well and advised a route to take account of the wind directions as it was a bit choppy." Mr Oliver Bulleid (stayed Melina, May 2015)

"A fabulous trip on a beautiful yacht with the wonderful Enrico and Michela, highly recommended." Mr Richard Furlong Brown (stayed Archimede, May 2015)

"Wine delivery, the yacht and all staff associated with the villa were great." Mr Edward Rossdale (stayed Al Plemmirio, May 2015)

"Really enjoyed the boat trip - could have had a second beach to swim after lunch." Mr Stefan Cross (stayed at Akrothea, May 2015)

"Boat arrangement was very easy, Gaios travel very good, well-maintained boat and they were very conscious of our safety and security, which was appreciated and reassuring." Ms Anouki Bronwlow (stayed at Lithia, May 2015)

"Boat-trip and in-villa cooks were both fantastic." Mrs Lucy Jewson (stayed at Christina, May 2015)

"We went on a sunset trip to Meganissi, this was very lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed (...). They did recommend and arrange with the restaurant we ate in to make a special effort for my partner's birthday and our engagement, which was lovely and much appreciated.Mr Simon Mcelligott (stayed Filoniki, May 2015)

"We loved Erice and our day at sea. The boat trip to the Egadi Islands was superb. We enjoyed the private charter and were pleased with the crew and the food. We also had the perfect Sicilian day to sail. Aldo, our guide from Trapani was exceptional. Taking care of 6 women was definitely a challenge! All the events we booked through The Thinking Traveller were excellent. Everything met our expectations and there were no hitches. This is why we will book again through The Thinking Traveller.Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed Balu', May 2015)

"We did a boat tour from the harbour which was relatively easy to arrange and in line with costs in the area." Ms Patricia (Patty) Randall (stayed La Chicca, August-September 2014)

"Have mentioned the yacht charter which was spectacular. We also hired a motor boat and went to Meganissi and had lunch at Stavros Taverna in Vathi, super food and great people! " Ms Karen Hopson (stayed Pikermi, September 2014)

"The use of the boat was really enjoyable and it was good of the Thinking Traveller to settle the issue re accuracy of web guidance re the boat with a discount was fair. The transfers were handled brilliantly between Christina and Yanni." Mr Roy Murray (stayed Iremia, September 2014)

"Loved the boat - best day of the week." Mr Ryan Hardy (stayed Bosco degli Ulivi, August 2014)

"We hired a boat which Lida organised through Stavros in Sivota - all worked out perfectly." Ms Cressy Johnson (stayed at Nerina, August 2014)

"Boat charter excellent." Mrs Angie Gough (stayed at Ortikia, July 2014)

"Wonderful to have our boat for the week and excellent service from the boat hire man." Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2014)

"We booked a boat trip and went to meganissi which was good. Definitely recommend that." Mr Ben Coles (stayed at Helena, July 2014)

"Boat charter v good" John Rampton (stayed at Christina, July 2014)

"We chartered the eco-boat of Vasili and had a splendid time. Vasili and Mark were very pleasant, great conversations, we loved the boat (an older converted fishing boat, plenty of place to sit and enjoy the sun or the shade) and what we got to see of the surrounding islands. What a beautiful area! We could only appreciate it from the water. The lunch was delicious, especially the fresh shell fish! Everything was perfect - highly recommend it." Josée Letarte (stayed at Lilaea, June 2014)

"We had fantastic outings including the sailing (our favorite), in villa cooks were unbelievable (a ton of food), the wine was excellent. The 4x4 Etna trip was also wonderful. All in all, we recommend all of the tours." Dan Vohs (stayed at Mila, June 2014)

"We appreciated the help with the boat hire, the snorkelling equipment and the fishing equipments. It kept us busy and happy." Yoon Brueckner-Son (stayed at Iremia, June 2014)

"Boat charter with IBA worked very well, Maurizio's briefing was thorough and his recommendations were helpful - plus the 21' Beneteau was easy to sail. We were able to anchor and swim in a couple of pretty bays." Christine Street (stayed at Filoniki, May 2014)

"Boat charter around Siracusa [was] wonderful. We were pleased that the boat was the very one from the pictures and the captain and mate were friendly and accommodating." Barbara Sezna (stayed at L'Olivastro, September 2013)

"We used the boat charter for 1/2 day and it was great. The owner made us lunch and had some wine." Freddi Gregson (stayed at Villa Saracena, September 2013)

"Boat hire definitely a must." Michael Francis (stayed at Agnantio, August 2013)

"Boat charter was good" Nicholas Tatum (stayed at Agnantio, August 2013)

"Sailing very good, as were transfers and car hire." Ian Thomas (stayed at Nerina, July-August 2013)

"Lida arranged for us to hire a boat for one day - good value and highly recommended." Martin Sharratt (stayed at Phoebe, July-August 2013)

"We booked a boat which was really well coordinated and a really fun day out!" Heather Naylor (stayed at Melina, July-August 2013)

"The boat trip was perfect" Ronen Zohar (stayed at Phoebe, July 2013)

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A private guide can give you an invaluable insight into archaeological sites, cities, historical towns and other areas of interest. Our 4x4 Etna excursion with a top geologist is a firm favourite amongst our clients. Here’s what our clients thought of their guide experience:

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"The boat captain Gaetano really wanted to make sure that we had an excellent time. The guide for Mt Etna, Marco, treated us like family, Actually everyone treated us like family. The guide in Agrigento gave us historical and political lessons too, so we really had a well rounded cultural view of Sicily. Just a fascinating well rounded vacation." K.B (Stayed at Camelia, August 2017)

"Our 4X4 Etna experience with Alessandro was a day we will never forget. Our in villa cook for the one evening was perfect and plenty of food left over for the following day too!"

"Etna trip just brilliant. Our guide Lorenzo was so helpful, knowledgeable and considerate. Our boat trip with Gaetano and Felicity was fantastic. Such lovely people. A truly memorable day. Both experiences really were highlights of our stay. Would recommend without hesitation. In-villa cook amazing and food delicious. A real treat for us." D.H (Stayed at La Limonaia, July/August 2017)

"All the guides and trips we arranged via The Thinking Traveller were really great. The guides were great (particularly in Syracusa but all were good)." Mrs Kate West (Stayed at Estiva, July 2017)

"Our trip to Etna was brilliant and Marco our driver was superb with his knowledge also kindness in driving us to a shop with local produce on the way home. This day was a highlight for us all." Mrs Caroline von Behr (Stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, July 2017)

"Guides and boat charters were fantastic as previously discussed. The in-villa cooks were wonderful - very professional, flexible, and they served us some amazing meals that we're still talking about. The transfer staff were very timely and made the experience easy - in particular the transfer back to the airport was wonderful as he recommended an excellent stop for lunch." Ms Tara Schauerte (Stayed at Baia dei Turchi, June 2017)

"Palermo walking tour. Excellent and informative and the guide Andrea was a font of knowledge and charming." Ms Sally Wolstencroft (stayed at Pizzo Castellaro and Al Profundo Blu, September 2016)

"Both 4 x4 and helicopter trips were memorable, our guide on the 4x4 was superb." Nicholas Webb (stayed at Camelia, July 2016)

"4x4 Etna Tour was great for our family; the guide Lorenzo was fascinating ; we loved the experience and it was a highlight of our stay, Cook Service was more than a Cook Service is was a culinary feast, recommendation to stay at Lido on last day was brilliant." S.C (stayed at Casa Romito, July 2016)

"4x4 trip was superb, Paolo our guide was extremely knowledgeable and informative. We were expecting a picnic lunch but instead were treated to a lovely plentiful lunch at cute mountain restaurant. In villa cook was good too and gave us so much food!! The portions were huge and we couldn't always finish it all but definitely value for money!" Mr I.M (stayed at Giara and Giara, July-August 2016)

"All of our Think Experiences were of a very high quality. On the 4 x 4 Etna trip the guide was extremely knowledgable and the family learnt a huge amount, particularly the geography teacher in the group." Mr Johnathon Honey (stayed at Estiva and Casa dei Gabbiani, July 2016)

"The 4x4 Etna trip was fantastic. We had wonderful guides and it was an experience we will never forget. The in-villa cook was wonderful. Our meal was absolutely delicious and memorable. " Anon (stayed at Villa Saracena, June 2016)

"The 4 X 4 Etna trip was brilliant - the guide was truly fantastic, passionate and brought it to life for us and our young children" Mr Kieron Barton (stayed at La Pergola, July 2016)

"The 4x4 tour guides were great and very personable. They gave great info and a nice, private tour. The boat was excellent and the staff was very accommodating for a side trip to a grotto - they called in a smaller boat." Mrs Megan Toma (stayed at Ortensia, June-July 2016)

"The 4x4 Etna tour was great and the guide very interesting and knowledgeable." Mrs Rhonda McKenzie (stayed at La Riva, May 2016)

"In villa cooks were great and the guided tour we took of Siracusa was outstanding." Mr Jon Cohen (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, May 2016)

"The Etna trip and Agrigento were both wonderful. Both had very knowledgeable, articulate guides. Beatrice, the cook we had for three nights, was terrific, too." Ms Camille De Frank (stayed at L'Eclisse, October 2015)

"Etna tour was great as was Benanti vineyard tour. We went to Siracusa and spent the day- Taormina town three times and ate well. We also did a cooking class with Pietro D'Agostino and greatly enjoyed that." Dr Daniel Esposito (stayed at La Pergola, September 2015)

"We loved the Etna trip and the wine tasting. Re Etna, our guide, who was a geologist, provided insights we would have missed on our own. And we had lunch in a lava field! Wine tasting was also enjoyable, especially at Planeta." Ms Dorothy Whelan (stayed at Pietra Nera, October 2015)

"Planeta wine was excellent. We toured Agrigento with Laura, the archaeologist and she was very knowledgeable. We booked Olio Verde experience at Barbara's suggestion and I would highly recommend it." Dr Michelle Hooper (stayed at Oliva, September-October 2015)

"Etna tour was really good and all of us enjoyed it." Mr Andrew Hull (stayed Il Palmento dei Castagni, September 2015)

"We really enjoyed both the Etna trip and the boat charter. Roberto (Etna) was terrific. He was so informative and his love of the mountain really came through. We also enjoyed the boat. The food was wonderful and we spent a wonderful day swimming in the bay and seeing a bit of the coast. Highly recommend both." Mrs Akemi Kawano (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, August 2015)

"Roberto the guide on our Etna trip was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to make the tour as interesting and personalised as possible - even buying us some fresh fruit during the tour!" Mrs Hilary Birt (stayed at Oliva, August 2015)

"The 4x4 Etna trip was good... Roberto, the guide, was unfailingly informative and charming." Mr Richard Ogden (stayed La Limonaia, July 2015)

"Etna trip excellent." Mr Hugh Sergeant (stayed Masseria Costanza, July-August 2015)

"The Etna Excursions and Trekking "Etnafinder" with Lorenzo was superb, he was really good to us and sympathetic to my slow walking pace. Loved the 4x4 Etna trip." Mr Simon Waller (stayed Azzurra, July-August 2015)

"4 x 4 Etna trip was great fun, the drivers and guides were knowledgeable and helpful. A guide was arranged for us at the Valley of the Temples and she was first rate." Mrs Sue Powell (stayed Crossing Together, July 2015)

"The Etna tour with Roberto was excellent, he needs our thanks. It was a very special experience for us all." Mr David Lloyd (stayed Infinito, July 2015)

"Our pilates teacher was excellent." Miss Jane Hackett (stayed Masseria Costanza, July 2015)

"The Etna Tour Guide Group was excellent. Our guide was so knowledgeable and taught us so much. The picnic lunch they arranged was a highlight of the day!" Mr Jacob Kacsik (stayed Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"I would also give very high marks to our tour guides, Cetty and Andrea. They were a delight." Mr M Richard Zinman (stayed Oliva, June 2015)

"Etna a must!!! Picnic a nice touch!!! Etna-trip - fabulous!!! The transportation company was by far one of the BEST that I ever encountered!!!" Mrs Patricia Holloway (stayed Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"4x4 Etna trip with Lorenzo was great. He was a charming guide, very passionate about the subject and good company." Ms Kate Lewis (stayed La Riva, May-June 2015)

"Fabulous and peaceful excursion with the canoe. 4x4 adventure." Ms Eveline Schnorf (stayed Ondine, May-June 2015)

"The day on Etna was unmissable." Mr Jonathan Evans (stayed Pietra Nera, June 2015)

"Etna trip was interesting and our guide Roberto very knowledgeable. Everything worked as agreed and on schedule...which surprised positively many of us who have spent a lot of time in Italy." Ms Sari Baldauf (stayed Rocca delle Tre Contrade, May-June 2015)

"The 4x4 trip up Etna was excellent, the guide was very informative and interesting, and we certainly saw more than we would, had we done the trip on our own." Mrs Lucy Shaughnessy (stayed Rocca delle Tre Contrade, May 2015)

"We really appreciated the professional and caring attitude." Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed Corte del Sole, May 2015)

"The 4x4 Etna trip was superb - a real high point of the holiday." Mr Mario Thomas (stayed Casa dei Gabbiani, May 2015)

"4x4 Etna trip with Roberto was absolutely wonderful and distinguished. He has a deep knowledge of the geological and environmental aspects of the island and was very attentive." Mrs Monica Belfort (stayed La Pergola, May 2015)

"The 4x4 Etna trip was amazing. Our guide Roberto was very knowledgeable and we had a very tasty Italian pick-nick lunch." Mr Bob Reichenfeld (stayed Casa al Faro, May 2015)

"4x4 Etna trip very enjoyable. Roberto was a great guide (very handsome) and provided a wonderful lunch." Mrs Maryanne Young (stayed Baia dei Turchi, April 2015)

"Etna trip was amazing." Mrs Christine Wordsworth (stayed Pietra Nera, April 2015)

"The 4x4 Etna trip was excellent." Dr Maribel Rodriguez-Torres (stayed Crossing Together, March 2015)

"The Etna trip was fantastic, a guide is a must. The Roman mosaics, the Valley of the Temples, Taormina..." Ms Christine Berrettini (stayed Mila, March-April 2015)

"We booked a Siracusa tour. Our guide, Alessandra, was absolutely fantastic. She is lovely, intelligent, highly knowledgeable, witty, patient, and flexible -- all the best qualities! We have had many guides in Italy, and she ranks at the very top." Ms Elizabeth Gleicher (stayed Le Corti di Cannamara, December 2014)

"All the staff were exceedingly helpful and kind. Daniella dropped in regularly and gave us excellent advice. Unfortunately the masseuse was away the week we needed her but heigh-ho!" Mrs Margaret Eliott (stayed Baia dei Turchi, September 2014)

"Church location and wedding venue!" Ms Martha Lam (stayed Il Palmento dei Castagni, September 2014)

"We booked the Palermo tour of the Baroque churches and markets and that turned out to be a fantastic day. The tour guide was exceptional and took us places we would have never found on our own." Mr John Redmond (stayed Casa Nuvola, September 2014)

"The Go Karting in Castelveltrano is at a professional track where people train off season and our group of young 20 s went twice it was so good!!" Ms Amanda Aspinall (stayed Oliva, August-September 2014)

"The Etna trip was very good and our guide excellent. also the taxi driver from the airport on arrival." Mr Kevin Booth (stayed Respiro, August-September 2014)

"Wine delivery was there when we arrived at Egesta. We had the in-villa cook as I have already mentioned. We went to the Planeta vineyard at Sambuca de Sicilia and did the day trip to Etna. All were excellent but we particularly enjoyed the Etna trip. Roberto, our guide was a geologist - our son is doing geology at university and so he was able to ask lots of questions and have clear informative answers back. The picnic lunch was great and we saw so much we wouldn't have seen without him. We also had a transfer from the airport on arrival and this was great as the road to Egesta was dire and we were very glad we hadn't had to do it in the dark." Dr Rosemary Taylor (stayed Egesta, August 2014)

"The boat trip was lovely." Mrs María Murillo (stayed Lamia Bianca, August 2014)

"The Planeta Buonivini tour and lunch she arranged for us was superb." Mr Mark Davison (stayed Villa Farli, August 2014)

"The boat trip around Meganissi with Yannis was brilliant. He knew the best places to stop so we could swim in the most amazing clear water. We also found the kayaking trip fun even though it was quite tiring on the arms!" Mrs Clare Bloxidge (stayed Melina, August 2014)

"The experience was fantstic! The guide great!" Frau Sasha Foster (stayed Estiva, July 2014)

"Full marks all round. Roberto was a marvellous Etna guide. Enzo, Nicolas & Debra were a super boat crew. Mount Etna trek was fantastic. Syracuse boat trip was a wonderful day out. The 3 restaurants in Brucoli that you recommend were all good. The Augusta supermarket meets all requirements, buy the freshest fish in Brucoli." Mrs Caroline Scott-Gall (stayed Azzura, July 2014)

"The wine tour was better than any wine tour we have taken before, more of a wine tasting with food, and we were very glad of our driver." Ms Stacey Curran (stayed Pietra Nera, July 2014)

"Both excursions excellent, great guides, most informative and happy to tailor tour to our needs." Ms Fiona Pringle (stayed Casa al Faro, July 2014)

"Our half-day tour of Palermo with Sophie as tour guide was outstanding. Her knowledge of Palermo's history, local architecture, and art history added so much to our brief taste of the rich culture and history of Palermo. The Inquisition museum at Palazzo Chiaramonte was something I'd never seen anywhere before. Sophie's direct hand in aiding with the restoration of these unusual prisoner writings and drawings added so much to our appreciation of what we were seeing." Ms Megan Donnelly (stayed Masseria Moscala, July 2014)

"Etna trip was amazing, Roberto our guide was excellent. boat charter was also good, in-villa cook Patricia was lovely, transfers were good." Dominica Yang (stayed at Respiro, July 2014)

"Our half-day tour of Palermo with Sophie as tour guide was outstanding. Her knowledge of Palermo's history, local architecture, and art history added so much to our brief taste of the rich culture and history of Palermo. The Inquisition museum at Palazzo Chiaramonte was something I'd never seen anywhere before. Sophie's direct hand in aiding with the restoration of these unusual prisoner writings and drawings added so much to our appreciation of what we were seeing." Megan Donnelly (stayed at Masseria Moscala, June-July 2014)

"4 x 4 Etna trip was outstanding, The trip was well described by pre-departure and executed brilliantly in accordance with our particular wishes." Wendy Legg (stayed at Azzurra, June-July 2014)

"Etna trip (and the lovely Roberto!) exciting and memorable." Jean Symons (stayed at La Timpa, June 2014)

"The 4x4 trip to Etna was enjoyable and educational. Great trip!" Jillian Perucki (stayed at La Casina del Biviere, May-June 2014)

"We felt we really benefitted from insightful, local knowledge on our Etna 4x4 day and that it was tailored expertly for our needs." Catherine Fletcher (stayed at Villa Armerina, May 2014)

"Our guide at the Temples was very knowledgeable and pleasant." Jackie Wimberley (stayed at Il Borghetto, May 2014)

"Roberto our guide we liked very much. He was so informative and had lots of fun and laughs with him. The 4x4 Etna trip was a educational and wonderful experience thanks to him." Jackie Ruth (stayed at Casa alla Scala, May 2014)

"Excellent guided tour in Syracusa with Alessandra." Monika Sebold-Bender (stayed at Cubo al Mare, April-May 2014)

"Highly recommedable Siracusa half day guided tour - also highly recommendable, Rosa is fantastic and has such passion and makes the day fly by. Pre-arrival grocery shop - a must." David Levin (stayed at Casa al Faro, April 2014)

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Taking a bird's eye view of Mount Etna and the Aeolian islands is a breathtaking experience that won't be forgotten in a hurry! Here's what our clients had to say about their adventure:

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"Helicopter ride was amazing. As was the in villa catering for my birthday party" Mr Zorin Finkelsen (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, October 2015)

"The helicopter ride was fantastic with bonus trip along the coastline." Mrs Jean Golledge (stayed at Casa al Faro, June 2015)

"The helicopter ride was perfectly organised by Ornella. We found the place without problems. We would not like to miss this great experience, neither the dishes of our cook Rosa Maria!" Angela Bortenschlager (stayed at Crossing The Rock, May-June 2014)

"The helicopter ride over Mt Etna was a life-changing experience....Our daughter rode horses in the Madonie Mountains and said it was amazing (she is an experienced rider)." Julie Smith (stayed at Il Ciliegio, July-August 2013)

"Think Sicily staff booked the helicopter flight to Etna for us. We wanted to do something a bit special and this really was special - well organised and a very memorable experience." Michelle Ryder (stayed at Brezza di Mare, March-April 2013)

"Michela organised all our extra services and did a fab job. The transfers were effortless and the drivers charming. The cook prepared a meal for our arrival which we enjoyed later that evening. However the highlight was the helicopter trip early one morning - awesome." Hazel Chenhall (stayed at La Pergola, August 2012)

"Helicopter - Aeolian Islands with Icarus. Female pilot, absolutely brilliant. A costly extravagance that I could barely afford - but I don't regret it for a second." David Chaikin, UK (stayed at Masseria Maggiore)

Taking a cookery course can be a fantastic way to really get to know the local produce and culinary specialities of your destination, with the help of our gastronomic experts. Here's what our clients had to say about their exploits in the kitchen: 

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"We booked through Judith a cookery lesson. It was a really enjoyable experience and we would like to thank Natasha and her daughter Eleanor for cooking us a lovely meal.They were charming." Mr D.J (stayed at Potami, August 2016)

"The Planeta wine was great, and we loved having that and the groceries already at the villa. The cooking class at La Foresteria was huge fun, and useful, and we'd highly recommend that." Mrs Elizabeth Tregear (stayed at Casa Agave, June-July 2016)

"I did take advantage of all of your wonderful services. From delivery of wine, boat charter, in-villa cook and the cooking class at La Foresteria (which was the best cooking class I have ever attended). Chef Angelo was wonderful. I would definitely encourage this experience." Miss Mary LaRosa (stayed at Oliva, June-July 2016)

"Our cook was absolutely first class. Every meal was exquisite. She made enormous quantities so we always had enough leftovers for lunch the following day." Mrs Lindy Ambrose (stayed at Villa Elia, September 2015)

"Great in-house pizza evening." Mrs Caroline Lee (stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, July-August 2015)

"Pizza cooking at Il Palmento was great and enjoyed by us all!" Ms Alex Howarth (stayed at Cinnamon and Il Palmento dei Castagni, July 2015)

"The cooking class we had with Katia Amore in Modica was a real highlight of our trip. The helpfulness of your guides and staff in getting these experiences booked was great." Mr Joshua Mogal (stayed at I Lentischi, July 2015)

"The cooking lesson at Planeta/La Foresteria was spectacular." Mr William McGlone (stayed at La Favorita, June-July 2015)

"I would strongly recommend the cooking class with Katia Amore." Mr Magnus Andersson (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, May-June 2015)

"We did the cooking class in Modica. I like the company because all of the extras are available if you want to use them." Ms Carolyn Gray (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, June 2015)

"My 8-year-old niece loved our pizza-making experience under the stars with the oven blazing in the background. And we all loved learning to make pasta with Anna-Maria for our special family meal later in the week. I would definitely book this experience again!" Ms Vanessa Podmore (stayed at Secondo Amore, May 2015)

"Food hamper was a real treat so as not to go to the supermarket on first day. Perfect service; we went for your medium hamper and then customised with lots of adds-on - all were met." Ms Anouki Brownlow (stayed at Lithia, May 2015)

"Our cooking lesson at Planeta was at the top of the list. All the events we booked through The Thinking Traveller were excellent. Everything met our expectations and there were no hitches. This is why we will book again through The Thinking Traveller." Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed at Balu', May 2015)

"Loved the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school." Mr Jeffrey Ganssle (stayed at Il Gabbiano, April 2015)

"Cooking lesson was exceptional - very unique experience." Ms Christina O'Dell (stayed at Lo Scoglio, August-September 2014)

"The cooking class with the duchess was one of the best parts of our whole trip. She was lovely, interesting, and a great cook. Her husband was fascinating. The palazzo was like a museum. It was well worth the money." Laurie Zuckerman (stayed at La Corte, December 2013)

"We did cooking with the Duchess and with Katia in Modica. Both were great in different ways." Jennifer Forrester (stayed at Ballata, July-August 2013)

"Sicilan Cooking with Nicoletta- Very very enjoyable. Loved going to the market with her and we learned alot in the class. Tour of her Palazzo was very interesting... Would highly recommend." Everett Diemer (stayed at Masseria Moscala, May 2013)

"My in house cooking lesson was great. I am quite experienced but enjoyed learning about anelletti pasta (which is so far unobtainable in London), new ways to cook artichokes and how to use ricotta cheese in desserts." Diana Gore (stayed at Conca d'Oro, April 2013)

"The in-villa cookery class was a lovely introduction to Sicilian food and I highly recommend it (Katia Amore is very informative and very skilled at giving a relaxed, interesting and pleasant cookery experience." Sue Wright (stayed at Casa Carcicera)

"I cooked with Angela and it was a great experience. Food was great!" Pawel Debowski, Poland (stayed at Giara)

If you're a wine aficionado, a tour of a vineyard followed by the chance to sample various local wines could be just the ticket. Here are some comments from our clients about their vineyard experience: 

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"The wine tasting at Planeta in Sambucca also excellent (the lunch was wonderful!). Both services exceeded expectations." W.F (Stayed at Chirchiaro, September/October 2017)

"The food and wine at the Planeta estate was exceptionally good and dinner at La Foresteria was amazing!" V.N (Stayed at Al Profondo Blu, July 2017)

"Loved the cos wine tour" Mrs Elisa Amoroso (stayed at I Lentischi, May-June 2016)

"The visit to the Planeta winery was superb, so was the dinner at La Foresteria, quite amazing." Mrs Camilla Mira (stayed Cinnamon, June 2015)

"Vineyard trip was a good value day out." Mrs Sue Powell (stayed Crossing Together, July 2015)

"We enjoyed the Benanti wine tour and lunch at Planeta. All of these were perfect experiences!" Mrs Rachel Jansen (stayed La Limonaia, July 2015)

"Cos winery tour is fascinating given that they produce their wine in amphorae. The helpfulness of your guides and staff in getting these experiences booked was great." Mr Joshua Mogal (stayed at I Lentischi, July 2015)

"Benanti Vineyard was a highlight, the owners were very welcoming." Mrs Deborah Paton (stayed at Ortigia, April 2015)

"Wine tour was excellent." Mrs Liliana Vinciullo (stayed at Pietra Nera, September-October 2014)

"The Planeta/Benanti wine trip was a great day and we bought a bunch of wine to ship to the states.The Mt Etna trip was a great/informative adventure and very different from what you would typically do in Italy." Joseph Melchione (stayed at Pietra Nera, June 2014)

"The wine tour was very interesting and the wine was great." Liborio Ferracane (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2014)

"We booked two planned activities: a boat charter around Siracusa and the wine tour of Planeta. Both were wonderful. We were pleased that the boat was the very one from the pictures and the captain and mate were friendly and accommodating. Viviana at Planeta hosted us for a lovely tour and very fun wine tasting. In addition to our planned activities we were so appreciative of the response and availability of our local support person when asking advice for day to day activities and restaurant recommendations." Barbara Sezna (stayed at L'Olivastro, September 2013)

"Winery visit (benanti) - fantastic. In villa cook service - truly outstanding - recommend that to anyone." Martin Ferguson (stayed at Badia, July 2013)

"The vineyard tour and lunch was superlative." Regina Hamilton (stayed at Casa Nuvola, April 2013)

"The Benanti winery was a very interesting experience. Highly prized by our group who have spent many holidays wine tasting in Napa Valley. The tour guide was so passionate and well informed that she had us all captivated. When we booked something it happened and right on schedule." Lynn Watanabe (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, October 2012)

"Wine delivery was great. Winery tour was great." Steven Radwany (stayed at Il Borghetto)

"The wine tour at Planeta was amazing from the warm welcome and excellent hospitality to the fantastic wine and Olive Oil tasting, followed by an al fresco lunch, the highlight of my trip!" Helen Keen, UK (stayed at Ballata)

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