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Client reviews of our joining information pack and guide publications

The Thinking Traveller's support starts even before you leave! In fact, several weeks before departure, you will receive an exhaustive information pack designed to help you get the most out of your trip and to ensure that everything runs perfectly to plan. This pack includes:

  • A House Guide, complete with detailed directions to your villa, useful tips about how to get the most from the property and information about the surrounding area, including local restaurants, beaches, shops and leisure activities
  • A detailed Thinking Traveller map of Sicily, Puglia, the Ionian Islands or the Sporades Islands
  • A copy of our full colour published guide, A Portrait of Sicily or A Portrait of Puglia. A guide to the Ionian Islands will follow soon!

Below you can read what our clients think about our information pack and guide publications.

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Feedback from clients of The Thinking Traveller on the holiday information pack any guide publications they used:

"What a lovely surprise to get that beautiful package in the mail!"

"I have never received anything like this before. It was so helpful and pushes your competition completely in to the shade." R.R (Stayed at Masseria Moscala, October 2017)

"I found the whole experience of booking and the information provided to help us have a wonderful holiday exceptional." D.P (Stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, October 2017)

"Far exceeded expectations and was a really useful pack." Mr Simon Ford (Stayed at Villa Armerina, October 2017)

"An extremely useful book especially the driving instructions"

"We could not dream of a better guide with directions to the villa, which we would have had trouble finding otherwise.." C.B (Stayed at Casa Luza, October 2017)

"We never went anywhere without it. We referred to it as 'our bible'!" Mrs Joan Abitabile (Stayed at Masseria d'Estia, September/October 2017)

"Everything was exceptional and everything and anything about getting there, what to do and information about the villa was covered." Mrs Amanda Fisher (Stayed at Trullo Gaura, September 2017)

"Your brochure and holiday pack was perfect, it had everything that we needed in it and all put together in a very smart pouch." S.N (Stayed at Katavolos House, September 2017)

"Booklet with local info superb. Best directions I have ever used. Important as we arrived at 1am." J.B (Stayed at Calliope, September 2017)

"The book on the villa itself in particular was an extremely helpful guide and gave just the right amount of local knowledge." Mrs Nicole Fry (Stayed at Isola Blu, September 2017)

"The physical info packet you sent us was AMAZING." Mr Danny McNamara (Stayed at Villa Eterea, September 2017)

"It exceeded my expectations and the villa manual that was inside was incredibly helpful, especially for directions, openings of supermarket, even tips on where to get petrol to fill up my hire car." E.W (Stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, September 2017)

"I was waiting for the package to arrive and used it to plan our week in Puglia. The package is beautifully designed and extremely helpful. It also provides a "memory" package of our trip." Mrs Tanya Gitto (Stayed at I Trulli delle Sette Sorelle, September 2017)

"All of the material exceeded our expectations. It was definitely felt that the company had attempted to leave no stone unturned to ensure that our entire holiday was without issue." Ms Sarah-Jayne Corbett (Stayed at Il Gabbiano, September 2017)

"The pack that you sent was amazing and incredibly helpful and thorough." Ms Cleo Brock-Abraham (Stayed at Gioi, August/September 2017)

"This was better than we expected. And perfect for what was needed. We used the travel guide throughout our week and it was good to get a sense of the villa's facilities before arriving." T.H (Stayed at Terrarossa, August 2017)

"The joining pack made us feel very well looked after and made us secure in the knowledge that someone was thinking about us." C.H (Stayed at Armonia, August 2017)

"I thought this was excellent - particularly the book on Sicily and the physical map, even though we used GPS to get around." Mr Keith Conlon (Stayed at Villa Armerina, August 2017)

"Exceeded our expectations. Beautifully packaged and so lovely to receive such localized information about the region. Bravo." S.S (Stayed at Trulli Andrea, August 2017)

"Excellent. The directions and level of detail were really helpful. Cannot fault." R.A (Stayed at Dietro al Muro, August 2017)

"I was so impressed, we were amazed at the local detail, maps and directions we received not to mention the lovely bag they all came in - so useful! We will be booking again for next year this autumn." H.S (Stayed at Hibiscus, July/August 2017)

"The joining pack was excellent. Far better than that provided by any other company I have used." Mrs Joanne McDermott (Stayed at Corte del Sole, July/August 2017)

"We loved this, it was stylish but also very useful." R.B (Stayed at Adagio, July 2017)

"The pack provided was very useful and was certainly more detailed than I expected it to be." Mr Andrew Saunderson (Stayed at Lilli, July 2017)

"Far better than anything we had received when renting a villa before." J.C (Stayed at Mura Mura, July 2017)

"Very nice starter package. All you need is included." Miss Victoria Dellorto (Stayed at Kyvos, July 2017)

"This is a terrific help - we thought our pack was the best we have had in many years of renting villas in Europe." L.H (Stayed at Ai Trulli, July 2017)

"The welcome pack was amazing! We used the printed booklet constantly through our stay and it was great to have a map. The book on Sicily was also a great read and a fantastic way for us to learn more about the area." Ms Georgie Maher (Stayed at Villa Principe di Lumia, July 2017)

"Yes, the material we received did exceed our expectations. The booklet about the villa and what do in the area was very helpful. The directions to and from the airport were particularly useful." C.W (Stayed at Avra, July 2017)

"Excellent and helpful information about villa and local area. Great map of the island. It was very useful having photos of the route to the villa also. Made everything much easier." C.S (Stayed at Gaios House, July 2017)

"I was very surprised and delighted to receive your printed brochure documents, they were greatly valued. We referred to them most days from recommendations to the map of Puglia. Would highly recommend other rental specialists do the same." D.A (Stayed at Lamia Bianca, July 2017)

"It was so nice to have the guide book and road map. The villa information along with the information about the local area was outstanding - again far exceeded what I have received from other villa rental companies in the past!" M.F (Stayed at Casa di Pietra, July 2017)

"The booklet was imperative. We used it over and over again. Particularly because our villa was located in a somewhat remote area, we found the guidance from the booklet extremely helpful. Do not get rid of this feature!!" Ms Lin Howard (Stayed at Trullo Alice, June 2017)

"Everything was clear and well laid out. Particularly the driving instructions from Preveza to the villa ( including photographs ! ). Actually the book on the villa also exceeded our expectations. I can't think of anything that you could improve." Mr Tim Mcinnery (Stayed at Epipleon, June 2017)

"The material exceeded expectations. We've never traveled like this before (with a company like TT), so were delighted to have explicit driving instructions, thoughtful restaurant reviews, and itinerary suggestions. The Sicily book was impressive, well-written, and useful." S.F (Stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2017)

"We loved the bag that contained the information." L.D.B (Stayed at Nerina and Kala Filia, June 2017)

"Five stars plus. The directions were genius - everyone should include images like this. Nice recommendations and your reviews of the beach clubs were spot on." M.S (Stayed at Kyvos, May/June 2017)

"This was absolutely brilliant -- thank you. Particularly good to have recommendations for nearby supermarkets, and restaurants in each town." T.S (Stayed at Al Plemmirio, May/June 2017)

"LOVED THIS!!! What a nice excellent touch. I've been hiring villas for years for my family and friends and have never received this extra special packet before heading out on our trip" Mr Alexander Sotelo (Stayed at L'Argentiera, May 2017)

"Exceeds my expectations. Joining pack is excellent. The little bag is very practical and nicely designed. Really made us look forward to our holidays." Mr Bart Odink (Stayed at Pikermi, April/May 2017)

"Your documentation with Villa Guide, useful tips, map and booking services was outstanding – best ever, considering that we have been renting holiday houses* in the last 30 years! Bravo!" Mr Guido Lori (Stayed at I Trulli delle Sette Sorelle, April/May 2017)

"This is a unique touch. We loved our bag of goodies. We really appreciated the guides and used them regularly." E.O (Stayed at Gioi, March/April 2017)

"The new Thinking Traveller pack is brilliant. The map was so useful and the directions with photos were absolutely invaluable! Without the photos we would never have found Katavolos House! Very impressive. The pouch is a lovely touch." Anon (stayed at Katavolos House, September 2016)

"This was a truly lovely touch and such a gorgeous surprise in the post!" Mrs Alexandra Gunton (stayed at Melitini, September 2016)

"All of the information in the package was excellent and we referred to the villa info book for shopping, dining, and sightseeing many times. The driving directions to Oliva are invaluable, because the villa is quite secluded, and we needed the directions to verify the GPS co-ordinates." David Bombini (stayed at Oliva, July-August 2016)

"This book was priceless and was such an asset for our trip. It was the guide that answered all of our travel questions and we could plan our adventures everyday from the guide. This alone is the travel bible." Darian Boyle (stayed at Crossing The Rock, April-May 2016)

"I was blown away by this pack. I have hired villas/houses all over the world and this was the most complete pack I have ever received. I did not know Sicily at all so really relied on the information that was supplied and it was excellent." I.K (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, July-August 2016)

"The maps, guides and villa information was indeed singularly impressive. The driving directions proved especially valuable when approaching the villa for the first time from Palermo at 10 PM." A.M (stayed at Egesta, July 2016)

"Pleased with what we received and the inclusion of photos for driving to the villa most helpful." D.J (stayed at Potami, August 2016)

"The booklet with guides, driving directions and villa information were invaluable. Having those kinds of small details about towns to visit, parking, supermarkets, beach clubs, restaurants etc. was very much appreciated. We used the booklet for the entire trip as our first point of reference (other than our local guide who was fantastic!)" Mr James Tisato (stayed at Poggio Pigio, July 2016)

"The pack was excellent. The map was good quality and a useful size, the guide was an unexpected bonus, and the driving details were fantastic. Thank you - an unexpected bonus." Mrs G.Y (stayed at Rosina, July 2016)

"Above and beyond what I expected." Mrs V.G (stayed at Villa Specchia, July 2016)

"It was all there and all clear - the villa booklet was particularly valuable and I loved all the restaurant and shopping tips - we took it everywhere with us." Mrs R.C (stayed at Adriana, July 2016)

"Loved the joining pack. Lots of helpful information and excellent presentation." Anon (stayed at Ondine, July 2016)

"Guide book and specific booklet with details about villa were fantastic." Mrs D.B (stayed at Casa Vera, July 2016)

"The pack was our bible in Puglia! Recommendations from the pack and from Tamara were spot on for restaurants, beach clubs, tours, etc." Mr N.V (stayed at Casa Romigi, July 2016)

"The detailed map was very useful. The guide to Puglia was informative and we enjoyed having the insider information it included. The property guide was excellent and very clear." Mrs Rebecca Laubi (stayed at Trullo Selva, June-July 2016)

"I loved the booklet - we carried it with us as it was very informative" Ms Jennifer Wardrop (stayed at La Riva, June 2016)

"All of the information was thorough and accurate, and very helpful. It definitely exceeded expectations." Mr James Green (stayed at L'Argentiera, June 2016)

"Incredibly detailed and helpful." Mrs Kate Jenkins (stayed at Althea, May-June 2016)

"Very comprehensive and helpful, will keep for any future visits to Cefalu and surround." Mr John Stainton (stayed at Brezza di Mare, May 2016)

"We found this info very helpful, especially the directions to the villa and the restaurant recommendations." Mrs Megan Weisser (stayed at Geoeli House, May-June 2016)

"Exceeded expectations best I have seen." Mr Ken Lindsay (stayed at Villa San Tomasso, May-June 2016)

"Really good ... Particularly like very clear driving instructions and local knowledge" Mr Barry Cook (stayed at Lamia Bianca, May 2016)

"The maps, guides and villa information were amazing, especially the villa information. Simple things like where to buy groceries and sundries were all covered in the literature." Mrs Eileen Stitz (stayed at Crossing the Rock, May 2016)

"This material was utterly superb. Greek roads can be confusing and it was a brilliant idea to send pictures of each turn." Ms Janet Forman (stayed at Helena, May 2016)

"The pack was very helpful and great to have!" Mrs Juliane Loretz (stayed at Brezza di Mare, May 2016)

"Attention to detail before (such as a call from an expert before departure day) and during the holiday was impressive. On arrival the caretaker and local host made the experience feel very personal. The directions and written information with tips on parking, shopping, markets and so on proved invaluable. I will be keeping this and the excellent map for future visits!"Ms Teresa Machan (stayed at Archimede, May 2016)

"Brilliant. I was really impressed."Ms Camilla Ween (stayed at Cala Bianca, April 2016)

"It was all excellent, we were very impressed and used most of it!" Ms Jennifer Marshall (stayed at La Riva, October)

"Simply excellent! To include a map is a brilliant touch, and the driving directions and photos of road junctions are a real help." Mr Edward Bray (stayed at Nerina, October)

"A joy to receive. The map was especially helpful." Mr Lee Cannon (stayed at Buzza Alta, October-November 2015)

"It was very good. The directions I sent our one guest arriving by car were excellent. I used your pack to make all my excursion decisions. We did visit San Pietro Niceto and made contact with other Sciotto's. It was an amazing experience." Ms Peggy Sciotto (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, October 2015)

"Such helpful information. Particularly liked having the maps and driving directions. Of course, the guides were also helpful in planning." Mrs Karen Tomb (stayed at Il Gelso, October 2015)

"Very detailed information from driving to experiences to villa information. All exceeded our expectations!" Ms Tara Scichilone (stayed at Le Chicas, October 2015)

"You have thought of everything! Very impressed!" Miss Kathleen Sopp (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, September-October 2015)

"The joining pack was wonderful! It was of a higher standard than any joining pack that I have previously recieved." Mrs Jayne Clayton (stayed at Cinnamon, September 2015)

"Fantastic. We arrived at our hard-to-locate villa without a single misstep." Mr William Brown (stayed at Egesta, September-October 2015)

"Joining pack was fantastic." Ms Evelyn Spreitzer (stayed at Zeffiro, September-October 2015)

"Excellent pack of information and guides. Received in good time to enjoy and anticipate a great holiday." Mr Tony Mellor (stayed at La Pergola, October 2015)

"No improvement necessary, we utilized the entire pack. So incredibly concise, you thought of everything." Ms Teresa Skabelund (stayed at I Trulli delle Sette Sorelle, September 2015)

"This info pack is excellent, so helpful, the book and area guide especially before we went, and the map and area guide once we arrived in Sicily." Mrs Claire Rees (stayed at Le Chicas, September 2015)

"These were very helpful, particularly the tour guide for our area. The information about our property was informative and helpful as well." Ms Susan Villani (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, September 2015)

"ALL the materials and information exceeded our expectations. We would have been lost without them. It was very useful having very detailed localised information which might not necessarily be available in commercially bought travel guides." Mr Michael Symons (stayed at Azzurra, September 2015)

"I thought the Sicily guide was very good, as well as the area guide." Mrs Debbie Williams (stayed at Brezza di Mare, September 2015)

"All the information sent exceeded expectations. We were particularly impressed with the Puglia guide and the restaurant recommendations list within the villa information which we took out with us wherever we went. The restaurants never disappointed!" Mrs Anna Ilett (stayed at Trullo Selva, August 2015)

"I could not have have expected a more comprehensive information pack. you guys certainly pay attention to detail." Mr Vito Cilenti (stayed at Trullo Gaura, September 2015)

"Way beyond expectations. Very professional and substantive. All recommendations turned out successfully." Mrs Susan Horne (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, September 2015)

"The information package was wonderful and very useful. The directions to the villa were fantastic!" Mrs Karen Simpson (stayed at Infinito, September 2015)

"We used this information as our main source and compass. It was comprehensive and the suggestions proved themselves out every time we tried something new." Mr Louis Gasperut (stayed at Althea, September 2015)

"The bespoke guide to the villa and the driving instructions were absolutely first class. the use of Planeta beach club on departure day was a stroke of genius and meant that very unusually the last day was genuinely lovely ... which is a first for me!" Mr Barry Cook (stayed at Casa Agave, September 2015)

"Brilliant! The pictures of street signs a great help."Mrs Martha Bernstein (stayed at Zeffiro and Infinito, August-September 2015)

"Exceeded our expectations. Very thorough and well researched." Mr Vito Nardelli (stayed at Trullo Selva, August-September 2015)

"The information was very helpful. We used many of the recommendations for restaurants and places to see, and they were all spot on. Thank you!" Mrs Vanessa Macmahon (stayed at Villa Principe di Lumia, August 2015)

"They were truly excellent. The best we have come across." Mr Simon Allen (stayed at Azzurra, August-September 2015)

"It did exceed our expectations. We made use of the local knowledge to shop at the food market and also dine at some of the recommended restaurants which enhanced the holiday experience." Mr Roy Campbell (stayed at Casa al Faro, August-September 2015)

"Most helpful and greatly appreciated." Mrs Deborah Van Nest (stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2015)

"The joining pack is really handy!" Ms Cat Hoxton (stayed at La Corte, July-August 2015)

"Very valuable and constantly came in handy." Mr Pardeep Saran (stayed at Casa dell'Arco, July-August 2015)

"Driving instructions were excellent" Mr Mike Tapp (stayed at Jasmine, August 2015)

"Having photos of the road junctions to take to get to your villa (in the prep pack) is a great idea." Mrs Lisa Dunckley (stayed at L'Eclisse, August 2015)

"The information provided was a great help." Mrs Anne Cox (stayed at Trulli della Mirandola, August 2015)

"All excellent. Directions to villa exceptionally clear." Dr Alison Greenwood (stayed at Nerina, August 2015)

"We used the information throughout the stay, from landing to departure and in between. The local guide was a constant reference." Mr Peter Spivack (stayed at Minerva, August 2015)

"The pre-departure package was very complete and very nicely packaged." Mr Mircea Florescu (stayed at I Lentischi, August 2015)

"The area information book was very useful as well as the tips about the airport." Mrs Dearbhail Lang (stayed at Casa Alma, August 2015)

"Driving directions were excellent and far exceeded anything we've received from other companies in the past; maps and guides were a real bonus." Mrs Louise Etherington (stayed at La Rocca, August 2015)

"The maps and information we received were a great resource on our trip. All of this information was thorough and useful." Ms Sage McCotter (stayed at CaSale, August 2015)

"The villa guide, driving directions and map were extremely good, and much used before and during the trip." Mr Paul Marston (stayed at Villa Armerina, August 2015)

"Everything provided was perfect." Mrs Nina Hammond (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July-August 2015)

"It exceeded expectations and we do not feel it could be improved." Dr Gillian Atkinson (stayed at Cecilia, July-August 2015)

"All of the joining pack was used. All very helpful and easy to follow." Mr Joel Black (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, August 2015)

"Directions were excellent and much appreciated" Ms Sharon Frederick (stayed at Secondo Amore, August 2015)

"Perfect! Nothing to add. Photos and directions to get to the villa were super helpful. The fact that it could be downloaded from the website was also handy as we had people coming from different countries and arriving in separate flights." Mrs Daniela Serov (stayed at Lilaea, August 2015)

"The material we received was very detailed and informative. There was no way one would get lost." Mrs Himani Dugar (stayed at L'Argentiera, July 2015)

"It was so detailed and clear it made finding the villa so easy." Mrs Charlotte Aubrey (stayed at Helena, August 2015)

"All useful material - which enhanced the enjoyment of both houses we rented." Mr James Thomas (stayed at Iremia, July 2015)

"It was very accurate and gave enough information for us to prepare." Mrs Hana Marzban (stayed at Casa Nuvola, August 2015)

"I wasn’t expecting that much information and it was all really useful in helping us decide what to do, what we needed to take, where to shop etc. It gave me great confidence that any problems or questions we had would be sorted out and so I had to worry less about preparing for all eventualities (as I usually do)!" Mrs Sara Nelson (stayed at Althea, August 2015)

"It was outstanding!" Mrs Helen Sheridan (stayed at Palazzo Ducale Guarini, August 2015)

"High quality and informative." Mrs Chris Clarke (stayed at Lithia, August 2015)

"I felt prepared and welcomed when we arrived. I appreciated that I had "on the ground" service. Rose & her daughter made the trip wonderful and felt like our home. Food was exceptional and house was well taken care of. All of the maps & directions came in handy." Mrs Alicia Piazza (stayed at Oliva, July 2015)

"Exceeded expectations" Ms Kathryn Lake (stayed at Le Sorbe, July-August 2015)

"We loved the precision of the photographs with signs very helpful and very neccessary in Sicilia" Mr James Noble (stayed at Casa Nuvola, July-August 2015)

"Couldn't have managed without them!" Mrs Lucilla Lunn (stayed at Cinnamon, August 2015)

"Everything was perfect." Ms Lisa Stirling (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, August 2015)

"Very good information." Mrs Penny Lines (stayed at Trullo Selva, July-August 2015)

"Excellent driving directions." Mrs Vanessa Griffin (stayed at Melina, August 2015)

"Excellent." Ms Jodi Markoff (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, August 2015)

"Very good brochure on things to do in Sicily and local area." Mr Andrew Linklater (stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2015)

"All absolutely fabulous! The directions got us there without a single wrong turn." Ms Louise Hussey (stayed at Filoniki, August 2015)

"All great and far exceeded any expectations in terms of what was provided" Mrs Sarah Enright (stayed at Maristella, August 2015)

"The materials were excellent." Mrs Julie Katz (stayed at Le Antiche Pajare, August 2015)

"Excellent information booklets. Full of necessary info and yet compact." Mrs C King (stayed at Al Olivar, August 2015)

"The best we have experienced. Directions to the villa were exceptional. The information on the surrounding area was most helpful." Mr Ray Pomfret (stayed at Phoebe, July-August 2015)

"Roadmap with photos was very helpful. Well done!" Mrs Marijke Heijer (stayed at Jasmine, July-August 2015)

"Excellent." Ms Michele Weil (stayed at Casa alla Scala, July 2015)

"All very straightforward and easy to follow. Brilliant photographic signposting, which you really need in rural bits of Sicily." Mrs Plaxy Locatelli (stayed at Al Profondo Blu and Zeffiro, July-August 2015)

"All good - particularly impressed with the accuracy of the driving directions!" Ms Catherine Hamilton (stayed at Pikermi, July 2015)

"Nothing could be improved, it was fantastic." Mrs Jacqueline Woolf (stayed at Masseria Scippi, July 2015)

"Everything was very clear and well put together." Mrs Outi Seppa (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, July 2015)

"All of it exceeded my expectations. I've rented houses all over the world and I have never received such extensive, helpful and beautiful literature. You helped make our trip easy and perfect!" Ms Claudia Church (stayed at Casa Romigi, July 2015)

"They all exceeded our expectations, well done!" Mrs Camilla Mira (stayed at Cinnamon, June 2015)

"Your printed documents pack is exceptionally good." Mr Richard Ogden (stayed at La Limonaia, July 2015)

"Yes, this did exceed our expectations and was invaluable! Don't stop it!" Mrs Kate Rice (stayed at Ai Trulli, July-August 2015)

"Map and villa information was excellent." Dr Peter Moncur (stayed at Poggio Pigio, July-August 2015)

"Excellent guide to ease our travel." Ms Mitra Rifai (stayed at Maristella, July-August 2015)

"Very, very good." Mr Hugh Sergeant (stayed at Masseria Costanza, July-August 2015)

"Really lovely to have a brilliant map and the booklet was fantastic for information and we used it as our guide." Mr David Allen (stayed at Trulli della Mirandola, July-August 2015)

"Excellent. Directions easy to follow, even in the dark. The villa information was very thorough, told us everything we needed to know." Mrs Sue Powell (stayed at Crossing Together, July 2015)

"All very good too." Mrs Anne-Catherine Creed Bovill (stayed at Oneiro, July 2015)

"The villa information and driving instructions were excellent (we had GPS so didn't use the map). We appreciated all the detail, as it made us very comfortable before arrival." Mr Michael Brown (stayed at Ballata, July 2015)

"All useful and in fact the book on Sicily did exceed expectations." Ms Alex Howarth (stayed at Cinnamon and Il Palmento dei Castagni, July 2015)

"The pack is fantastic, full of info." Mr David Lloyd (stayed at Infinito, July 2015)

"The map, villa info and driving directions were great." Dr Iain Michie (stayed at Gioi, July 2015)

"Outstanding." Mr Peter Wake (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, July 2015)

"Absolutely terrific - especially the real place photos when you got close to the destination. Very much appreciated." Dr Jane Stackpool (stayed at Il Gabbiano, July 2015)

"The villa information pack is excellent as is the locality info." Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Yasemia, July 2015)

"Just perfect." Mr Rob Abendroth (stayed at Lillì, July 2015)

"AWESOME. This was really good for our group to have - especially to use when we were at the villa and out and about." Mrs Rachel Jansen (stayed at La Limonaia, July 2015)

"All very good and yes, exceeded our expectations." Mrs Joanne D'Andrea (stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2015)

"All of the products exceeded our expectations." Mrs Tone S Ovrebo Johannessen (stayed at Ortigia, July 2015)

"I would not change anything!!! Molto Bene!!" Mrs Paula Gelsomino (stayed at Casa Nuvola, July 2015)

"We were surprised and excited about our upcoming holiday when we received the joining guide pack." Ms Nicola Kendrick (stayed at Iremia, July 2015)

"The pack was well thought out and high quality - including the detailed area map is really useful. Information on the surrounding area and facilities was extremely helpful." Mr Mike Jones (stayed at Villa Elia and Casina Elia, July 2015)

"Your printed material was excellent. The material on the surrounding area was excellent, we took many side trips we might have missed. It made for an excellent week. I was particularly pleased with your driving directions. As you know, driving in Italy can be tricky for Americans as our roads and directions are very different. I very much appreciated the specific driving directions with pictures! It made a huge difference to arrive at the villa not frazzled." Mrs. Jane Mudge (stayed at Corte del Sole, July 2015)

"Absolutely excellent. We go away a lot and I have never received such comprehensive information including pictures to help us with directions etc." Mrs Deborah Harris (stayed at Azzurra, July 2015)

"All booklets excellent & useful. Book on Sicily great for planning." Mr Thomas Milner (stayed at Oriente, June 2015)

"Everything was spot on." Mr Andre Marcell (stayed at Villa Saracena, July 2015)

"Excellent." Mr Peter Kysel (stayed at Lillì, June-July 2015)

"All of the joining pack material was really good and we weren't expecting any of it!" Mr Carl Callaghan (stayed at Altea, July 2015)

"This was good, and yes, some of it was clever and exceeded expectations." Mr Paolo Jelmoni (stayed at Casa Ceno, July 2015)

"Your joining pack was amazing. Best bundling of info that I have received. Other villa agencies should take note." Ms Cathy Lasowski (stayed at Masseria Lamacoppa, June-July 2015)

"The information provided was extraordinary, overall." Mr Joshua Mogal (stayed at I Lentischi, July 2015)

"The material exceeded expectation - unusual and super helpful." Mr Peter Arnold (stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, June-July 2015)

"Could not ask for anything more." Dr Neena Jha (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July 2015)

"The app with the brochure is fantastic." Mrs Katherine Grigorian (stayed at Casa Nuvola and Casa di Pietra, June-July 2015)

"I loved all the material that was sent prior to departure. It was tailor-made for our house, which was very much appreciated." Ms Michele Brooks (stayed at Ortigia, July 2015)

"Great to have photos of the route to the villa. Lots of great information on Paxos as well." Mrs Daniela Huxtable (stayed at Loggos View, July 2015)

"Very complete, great job!" Mr Jeff Hurmuses (stayed at Villa Farli, July 2015)

"This is a wonderful package!" Ms. Shana Kelley (stayed at L'Olivastro, June-July 2015)

"Excellent." Mr Mason Lesure (stayed at Le Antiche Pajare, July 2015)

"Fantastic & invaluable pure departure pack. We particularly liked the directions with photos, perfect when you have teenagers giving you directions!" Mrs Gail Braithwaite (stayed at Pikermi, July 2015)

"The information pack was the best we have ever received." Mr Peter Deverell-Smith (stayed at Filoxenia, June 2015)

"They are excellent." Mr Phil Hamlett (stayed at Filoniki, June-July 2015)

"The driving directions and villa information were excellent." Mr Howard Bujtor (stayed at CaSale, June 2015)

"This was more than we expected." Mr William Neill (stayed at Villa Armerina, June 2015)

"The instructions for finding the house were very clear and a big help." Mrs Liz Wilson (stayed at Villa Blanca, June 2015)

"No improvements at all! The driving directions are particularly helpful (especially with the images)." Miss Emma Nairn (stayed at Agnantio, Pikermi and Phoebe, June 2015)

"Very good, answered all my additional questions." Mrs Lee Wicks (stayed at Avra, May 2015)

"On the whole, very helpful, especially the information about airports, driving directions, and restaurant recommendations." Mr M Richard Zinman (stayed at Oliva, June 2015)

"Certainly better than what we get from other companies and exceeded expectations. Having said that, because Rachel and Matilde were so great we didn't actually need any of it!" Ms Sarah Tomkin (stayed at Al Olivar and Ondine, June-July 2015)

"They were very helpful and used often on the trip." Ms Rosa Scarcelli (stayed at Trullo del Sale, June 2015)

"This material was great, especially the map and local area guide which we used a lot." Ms Sandy Delap (stayed at I Lentischi, June-July 2015)

"All top notch!" Mr Steven Ross (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, May 2015)

"A detailed excellent set of information." Dr Annie Linley-Adams (stayed at Oriente, June-July 2015)

"The presentation of the pack and personalised message exceeded my expectations!" Mrs Kate Eales (stayed at Gaios House, June 2015)

"The driving directions, with photos of important turns, was invaluable. One of the many indications that you've really thought this through." Professors Jonathan and Gabriel Lear (stayed at Almyra, June-July 2015)

"Very useful." Mr Adrian James-Morse (stayed at Almyra, June-July 2015)

"It was great, very helpful." Mrs Anne Puricelli (stayed at L'Argentiera, June 2015)

"I appreciated all of the detail." Mrs Sarah Teaford Colby (stayed at La Limonaia, June 2015)

"All very comprehensive." Dr Peter Travis (stayed at Mia, June 2015)

"Superior again." Mr Jesper Kragerup (stayed at Ai Trulli, June 2015)

"Excellent!" Ms Päivi Salonen (stayed at Azzurra, June 2015)

"Glad we had the brochure for the driving directions." Dr Gary Mauro (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, June 2015)

"This is the sort of material that all operators should prepare." Mr John Reese (stayed at Trullo Alice, June 2015)

"The area guide and portrait of Sicily were great and the map was fought over by all of us. They really provide a point of difference from your competitors and add to your professional image. We are three groups of adults and we are now fighting for who keeps what." Mrs Lula Redpath (stayed at CaSale, June 2015)

"Extremely thorough and very useful!" Dr Susan Zarbin (stayed at Respiro, June 2015)

"I brought all the printed material to Sicily and we used it all of the time. Everyone I travelled with was very impressed with the quality and content of the written material. This was my second year with The Thinking Traveller and I was not disappointed. I can't think of anything you could do to improve. I am very impressed with everything conveyed to me via email or printed material." Ms Carolyn Gray (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, June 2015)

"It had everything I needed." Mrs Ruth Power (stayed at Lillì, June 2015)

"Exceeded expectations." Mrs Sarah Peterson (stayed at Thymus, June 2015)

"Exceeded expectations but was supremely helpful." Mrs Katherine Britton (stayed at Palazzo Ducale Guarini, June 2015)

"All of it, I have to say - excellent map and local information." Mrs Julie Mawby (stayed at La Corte, June 2015)

"It was so helpful to have all the information about the house upfront, and we especially appreciated the driving directions from the airport." Ms Nicolle Diver (stayed at Al Plemmirio, June 2015)

"The detailed map and the guide to Sicily were excellent." Mr Peter Dennell (stayed at Al Plemmirio, June 2015)

"Brilliant directions and really helpful brochures for surrounding areas and facilities." Mrs Molly Campbell (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, June 2015)

"Excellent. So helpful having photos of the road junctions!" Ms Erika Chasey (stayed at Ortikia, June 2015)

"Used the directions which were a necessity and spot on." Mrs Fiona Barkhouse (stayed at Poggio Pigio, June 2015)

"The Sicily guidebook was excellent. Good level of detail, interesting detail and nicely presented. A good intro to the country. I shall hand it on to friends thinking of visiting." Ms Victoria Brandon (stayed at Ballata, June 2015)

"Very high standard - makes such a difference." Mr Christopher Claridge (stayed at Zoe, June 2015)

"The material we were sent was excellent." Mrs Louise Joyce (stayed at Oriente, June 2015)

"It did exceed our expectations." Mr Roger Ford (stayed at Ballata, May-June 2015)

"Fantastic, not expected, much appreciated and very helpful!" Mrs Emily Evans (stayed at Corte del Sole, May 2015)

"All of the pack exceeded expectations. In fact the hotel we stayed at in Taormina, who we showed the driving directions to, have never seen anything like this before and were really impressed." Mrs Jean Golledge (stayed at Casa al Faro, June 2015)

"The package on the local area was really useful, and used frequently." Mr Aron Shein (stayed at Casa di Pietra, June 2015)

"All information was perfect and needed!" Mrs Patricia Holloway (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"Excellent, handy pack. Kept our tickets and passports all in one place. The map and villa guide were extremely useful." Mrs Priya Georgiou (stayed at Helena, June 2015)

"All good, especially the map." Mrs Jacqueline Pomfret (stayed at La Favorita, June 2015)

"This was fabulous. Answered every query. Directions with photos were so helpful." Ms Sheila Chatrath (stayed at Lamia Bianca, June 2015)

"Again, all very helpful." Ms Lana Cordes (stayed at Gli Ulivi, June 2015)

"The combination of Area Guide and Villa Guide was very helpful." Ms Mary Anne O'Hara (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May-June 2015)

"The material did exceed our expectations, 1st class." Mr David McDowell (stayed at Filoniki, June 2015)

"All excellent." Ms Kate Lewis (stayed at La Riva, May-June 2015)

"Super!" Ms Eveline Schnorf (stayed at Ondine, May-June 2015)

"Great!" Mrs Susan Emptage (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, April-May 2015)

"All excellent." Mr Clemens Von Bechtolsheim (stayed at I Lentischi, June 2015)

"All understandable and welcome." Mr Mark Warner (stayed at Pikermi, June 2015)

"Generally more than was expected. Faultless." Mr Simon Wright (stayed at Estiva, June 2015)

"The pack is great." Mr James Price (stayed at Villa Saracena, June 2015)

"Guides were extremely helpful and detailed." Mr Andrew Ingram (stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, May 2015)

"The guides were really helpful, we used them every day and really saved us time doing the immense amount of research we usually spend. They were simple to use and light so could be thrown in the beach bag. The Trullo del Sale one was good ... We've stayed at villas with a long list of don't's, but it was refreshing to see the list was minimal." Mrs Leisel Lancaster (stayed at Trullo del Sale, May-June 2015)

"Excellent." Mr Sigurdur Ragnarsson (stayed at Lillì, May-June 2015)

"All great." Dr Anthony Sethi (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May 2015)

"Very detailed...very well done." Mrs Sonia Trogi-Menard (stayed at La Fenice, May 2015)

"We like the driving map." Mr Guy Grainger (stayed at Yasemia, May 2015)

"Fantastic - all the restaurant recommendations in particular were very up-to-date. I liked the directions with photos." Ms Anna Johnstone (stayed at Gioi, May 2015)

"Excellent. We did not have to buy a guide or maps." Miss Amanda Wren (stayed at Trullo Cutetto, May 2015)

"The photos for directions were very helpful and carefully studied." Mr Oliver Bulleid (stayed at Melina, May 2015)

"We loved the packs and passed them around to all the members of our family that we travelled with. We read the materials cover to cover." Mrs Mariann McDonagh (stayed at Priscilla, May 2015)

"I was very surprised when I received this in the post, it was so helpful and had everything in it that we needed to prepare for our trip, in a perfect little wallet." Mrs Alice Fowler (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, May 2015)

"The detailed directions were unexpected and very helpful." Mrs Nicola Sahota (stayed at Almyra, May 2015)

"As it was our second time we knew what to expect, a very high standard." Mr Richard Furlong Brown (stayed at Archimede, May 2015)

"The material sent was a wonderful help." Mrs Linda Gould (stayed at Pikermi, May 2015)

"Again outstanding. Given the challenges of providing directions in Sicily, even these were excellent! Also warned us of motorway closure, hence not simply generic instructions. Providing a map is a lovely extra and the guides are terrific." Mr Chris Cowan (stayed at Brezza di Mare, May 2015)

"Loved the welcome pack, helped us plan ahead for the holiday and built excitement in advance." Ms Vanessa Podmore (stayed at Secondo Amore, May 2015)

"Everything we needed was included, thank you." Ms Ailsa Prior (stayed at Thymus, May 2015)

"All was excellent." Mr Edward Rossdale (stayed at Al Plemmirio, May 2015)

"Perfect." Mrs Marianne Granpre Moliere (stayed at Acquamarina, May 2015)

"All very useful." Ms Jo Brittain (stayed at Casa Agave, May 2015)

"We appreciated the small booklet of information giving travel directions and other local information - brilliant." Mrs Gill Walt (stayed at Trullo Selva, May 2015)

"This was really great and we used it extensively to find nice beaches and restaurants and had all the right phone numbers etc that we needed. I would recommend sending out a couple of these when you have large groups travelling so that all can read and get excited before the trip - people like to have a think about the things and places they would like to see when they get there so I think the printed books are great for that." Ms Anouki Brownlow (stayed at Lithia, May 2015)

"Very impressive." Ms Dilys Farney (stayed at Ortigia, May 2015)

"These are excellent." Mrs Rebecca Howard (stayed at Christina, May 2015)

"Great - the directions are essential." Mr Cyrus Kapadia (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, May 2015)

"Very clear directions to the villa - photos helpful. We liked the guide book to Sicily and used it on holiday. All destinations mentioned in your guidebook are worth a visit." Mr George Winstone (stayed at CaSale, May 2015)

"Your directions with photos were a very good idea." Ms Anne Pappas (stayed at Casa Nuvola, May 2015)

"The pack was very informative and I was very impressed with the directions; they were excellent." Mr Simon Mcelligott (stayed at Filoniki, May 2015)

"The materials were very useful. I was very interested in knowing the history of Balu'." Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed at Balu', May 2015)

"Great level of detail and info." Ms Chantal Koster (stayed at Lamia Bianca, May 2015)

"Exceeded expectations." Mr Hugh Morland (stayed at Acquamarina, May 2015)

"I was very pleased to receive a brochure. Although it duplicates information on the website, it is still wonderful to be able to leaf through the brochure and look for potential villas to rent." Mr Edward Lindsay (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, May 2015)

"It was brilliant, we used it for the restaurants, and to find local butchers etc." Mrs Karen Riley (stayed at Corte del Sole, May 2015)

"Outstanding, everything is covered." Mrs Marion Patrick (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May 2015)

"Amazing. We had much fun recognizing the pictures en route to the villa. Helpful in finding supermarket and planning dinner." Mr Bob Reichenfeld (stayed at Casa al Faro, May 2015)

"Very good, informative and detailed." Mr David Forsdyke (stayed at Jasmine, May 2015)

"All excellent." Mrs Sally Browne (stayed at Azzura, April-May 2015)

"We did not expect to receive such a detailed package. This was something that really sets The Thinking Traveller apart in our eyes from other villa rental companies." Mr Micah Hurt (stayed at Villa Specchia, April 2015)

"It was very good quality." Ms Angela Oglesby (stayed at Brezza di Mare, April 2015)

"Excellent welcome pack, very useful. Great to have all the guides etc which I actually used everyday. It basically helped to save a lot of time doing the research myself which I didn't have time to do! Extremely valuable for busy people who still don't want to miss out." Ms Johanna Reder (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, April 2015)

"Everything was above and beyond." Mrs Maryanne Young (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, April 2015)

"It was all a nice surprise." Mrs Christine Wordsworth (stayed at Pietra Nera , April 2015)

"The literature guide book directions and map were outstanding and we were particularly grateful for the three copies." Mr John Malpas (stayed at CaSale , April 2015)

"Excellent material." Mrs Helen Hardy (stayed at Brezza di Mare, March-April 2015)

"Excellent information - was terrific to plan our days in Sicily. Your book includes all. We followed the book recommendations for dining and certainly Federico is a wonderful place to have dinner." Dr Maribel Rodriguez-Torres (stayed at Crossing Together, March 2015)

"The guide specific to the villa was very helpful, especially directions." Mr Frederick Wickham (stayed at Casa Nuvola, March-April 2015)

"The joining pack was so useful and interesting; the directions to the villa, advice on local shops and places to see; also thanks for sending a second copy of the pack to Elain we both read the book about Sicily before we left the UK." Mr Bruce Rankin (stayed at Ballata, March 2015)

"The map was wonderful - we used it almost every day. Driving BACK to the airport directions would be very useful in the little booklet, we nearly got lost on the way to Brindisi. But truly the joining pack was a tremendously appreciated touch and one of the (many) reasons I would wholeheartedly recommend The Thinking Traveller." Mrs Zoe Blanc (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, October-November 2014)

"Again - all excellent. The directions/photos to the house & local points of interest/shopping etc all exceeded expectations" Mr Matthew Phillips (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, October-November 2014)

"Wonderful arrival pack. (amazing cheeses, ham, wine, water, fruit and veg)" Mrs Clair Doubleday (stayed at Brezza di Mare, October 2014)

"The materials were first class. Told us lots about the villa, the area and all of Puglia. could not have asked for more." Mr Frank Guzzetta (stayed at Palazzo Colucci, October 2014)

"It was all very thorough, can't think of how you'd improve this." Mr Uves Wood (stayed at Cala Bianca, August 2014)

"The pack is extremely helpful." Mrs Jill Miller (stayed at Cala Bianca, October 2014)

"First rate pack." Mr Paul Phillips (stayed at Ortigia, October 2014)

"I was not expecting it at all and was very impressed. It was most helpful." Mrs Jane Henderson (stayed at Casa alla Scala, October 2014)

"Very helpful to have such good directions." Ms Jo Taylor (stayed at Gioi, October 2014)

"We were really impressed with the amount of information we received which enabled us to undertake our trip around Sicily with ease. Again it was well presented and easy to follow. It was a great reference tool for whenever we were looking for a particular service or location in the area where we were staying. We also appreciated being sent information on those areas which we were visiting but not renting a villa through Think Sicily." Mrs Carol Wilson (stayed at Giara, October 2014)

"All were helpful. Appreciated restaurants and stores." Mrs Patricia West (stayed at Il Gabbiano, October 2014)

"Incredible directions with really helpful photos." Mr Martin Lomas (stayed at Helena, September-October 2014)

"All was perfect and very helpful. Directions to the villa were much appreciated as were the tips on arriving at Catania airport." Ms Elizabeth Swanson (stayed at La Casina del Biviere, September 2014)

"Spiral brochures were invaluable!" Ms Cherry Capik (stayed at Infinito, September-October 2014)

"Yes, absolutely. It was a fabulous help, especially the directions to the houses. Also, the information regarding local attractions and shopping was very useful." Mrs Erica Plotkin (stayed at Lo Scoglio, September 2014)

"Beautifully researched and well-thought out. I had no trouble navigating to and from. And the local tips were indispensable." Mr Richard Frey (stayed at Corte del Sole, September 2014)

"All of the materials were excellent and helpful, particularly the detailed map of the island." Mr Paul Jacobs (stayed at Althea, September 2014)

"This material made the trip that much easier. The directions were spot on, guides extremely useful and the information on the villa was so helpful. Having this before/at all made the stay that more enjoyable." Mr Tim Curteis (stayed at Helena, September 2014)

"Really liked the information on each villa and that directions are very clear." Mr Colm Gaynor (stayed at Villa Blanca, September 2014)

"It was brilliant and the photos in the directions were very helpful." Ms Jean Ray (stayed at Avra, September 2014)

"I'd rate this a 10 as I was not expecting it. I thought this was extremely well done. The guides to the house and immediate area were excellent align with the printed book on Sicily. The directions and pictures were very helpful." Mr Richard Grebe (stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, September 2014)

"We used all of this information to plan our stay and continued to use it daily while we we were in Sicily. However, each day as we traveled to our destination, we were always taken aback by the awesomeness. No words to describe!" Mr John Redmond (stayed at Casa Nuvola, September 2014)

"I did not expect to receive a map or guide book - a great bonus." Mrs Juliet Glass (stayed at Aphrodite, September 2014)

"The joining pack includes the best set of information that we have experienced in over 30 years of overseas travel. Well done!" Mr Nigel Halkes (stayed at Al Plemmirio, September 2014)

"The information books were very useful and it was extremely useful to have a good quality map of Sicily." Mrs Jane Shott (stayed at Egesta, September 2014)

"The guides were very good. They seemed to be well researched and the maps etc. were very reliable." Mrs Delyth Turner-Harriss (stayed at Le Chicas, August-September 2014)

"It all exceeded expectations and was extremely useful." Mrs Rosemary Neale (stayed at Althea, September 2014)

"The drivers guide to the villa was excellent. The photos worked brilliantly." Mr Bruce Cornick (stayed at Filoniki, September 2014)

"Very helpful indeed especially the map to the property." Ms Karen Hopson (stayed at Pikermi, August-September 2014)

"The villa guidance was particularly good and very helpful." Mr Roy Murray (stayed at Iremia, August-September 2014)

"The information in the packet was very helpful and it helped us to plan other trips from our villa." Mr Robert B Orler (stayed at Villa Principe di Lumia, September 2014)

"Thought everything extremely informative and yes did exceed expectations - can't think of any way you could have improved it. Particularly loved and used a lot was the book you have produced describing Sicily and the different areas to visit - excellent." Ms Daryl Stevenson (stayed at Al Plemmirio, September 2014)

"They were very thorough and accurate. Even very new roads were listed." Mr David Miller (stayed at Lilli, May 2014)

"It was an unexpected extra. Which proved most useful." Miss Annette Wilson (stayed at Poggio Pigio, September 2014)

"Joining pack was excellent." Mr Thomas Whitlock (stayed at Cjase Madrac, August-September 2014)

"Very good. I thought that the big map didn't look right, but it turned out to be the roads in Sicily that were odd...." Mr Max Foster (stayed at Villa Saracena, August-September 2014)

"The directions were excellent! I am not a good navigator and so to avoid using a map was a really good start to the holiday." Mrs Janet Clydesdale (stayed at Althea, August-September 2014)

"These were really excellent, and for me a real differentator from other companies. In particular the directions, really took a lot of stress out of the journey planning. Ditto local shops etc." Mr Michael Lambert (stayed at Buzza Alta, August-September 2014)

"This material was all extremely helpful.....especially the directions to the Villa, which was really hard to find!!!" Ms Carol Richman (stayed at Pietra Nera, August-September 2014)

"Very comprehensive. The directions to the property were invaluable!" Mr Matt Wates (stayed at Cinnamon, August-September 2014)

"It was just excellent and very helpful. Thanks again !!!" Mag Annette Heller (stayed at Azzura, August-September 2014)

"Way beyond what one might expect." Kim Humpreys (stayed at Le Chicas, August 2014)

"The photo instructions on how to get to the villa were really good as was the information about the villas." Dr Rosemary Taylor (stayed at Egesta, August 2014)

"The directions were fantastic to have." Ms Cressy Johnson (stayed at Nerina, August 2014)

"Met our requirements more than adequately. Directions to villa excellent." Mr Robert Lown (stayed at Helena, August 2014)

"We loved the driving directions and photos - throw in a few more and you have a great car game as we all wanted to be the first to spot 'the tree on the left'. The guides were great both locally and the villa - the photos of the fuse boxes were great! No other company we have used has come close to this and throwing in a map - great." Miss Rowena Miller (stayed at Badia, August 2014)

"Yes - we felt that the information on the house and directions to and from airport were so welcome and far exceeded expectations." Mr Mark Nightingale (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo , August 2014)

"Wow, had never received anything this bespoke before. The directions etc were invaluable." Mrs Mel Threader (stayed at Casa Alma, August 2014)

"Very helpful-- it was particularly helpful for the directions getting from the airport." Ms Lisa Campisi (stayed at Casa de Arena, August 2014)

"I can't think of any improvements at all!" Mr Gary Marshall (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, August 2014)

"You provided much more information than we had expected. The road map was very much appreciated. The directions to the villa were excellent. We appreciated the information on places to see; shopping; beaches etc.," Mrs Karen Foley (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, August 2014)

"Yes - Receiving the map and booklet of directions with photo prompts was great." Mrs Nicki Thorpe (stayed at Serralunga, August 2014)

"Nothing to improve at all!" Mrs Clare Bloxidge (stayed at Melina, August 2014)

"Seamless." Mr Aaron MacGregor (stayed at Scale Nove, July 2014)

"They were unexpected so it was a very pleasant surprise to receive them and so helpful to us especially the map as we had a hire car arranged." Mrs Helen Almond (stayed at La Riva, July-August 2014)

"This is terrific material, a real plus point. We were sent the wrong pack initially, but that was quickly corrected." Mr Simon Taylor (stayed at Archimede, August 2014)

"Superb, the directions to the villa were spot on." Mrs Richard Fernandes (stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2014)

"The material is very helpful, detailed." Mrs Wendy Yorke (stayed at Priscilla, July 2014)

"Everything we could have needed was there." Mrs Yvonne Bennett (stayed at Buzza Alta, August 2014)

"This was BRILLIANT - incredibly helpful." Mrs Annabel Davidson (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, August 2014)

"Everything is covered, the welcome pack has everything you will need. If not there your agent is a phone call away as is the owner. We have never had to do this." Mr Andrew Tramonte (stayed at Ballata, July 2014)

"The material was very impressive." Ms Patricia Armstrong (stayed at Villa Elia, June-July 2014)

"Fantastic! We never received so accurate guidance to a destination!" Frau Sasha Foster (stayed at Estiva, July 2014)

"Great getting maps etc before leaving." Mr David Judge (stayed at Melina, July-August 2014)

"Keep it "physically" as it is!" Mr Simon Osterwalder (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, July-August 2014)

"I think the joining pack of very high quality and is most useful to help familiarise prior to arrival, while things like restaurant recommendations prove hugely beneficial." Mr Jeremy Stretch (stayed at Scale Nove, July-August 2014)

"Driving map was invaluable. All the material was extremely helpful. We used it." Ms Rose Vespa (stayed at Ai Trulli, July-August 2014)

"I never saw this in another travel company. Great service. Well done!" Mr Anselm Van den Auwelant (stayed at Acquamarina, July-August 2014)

"As I said last year, this is one area where you guys really excel. It is such a simple yet very rare thing to provide really accurate driving instructions, so that the usual getting lost en route is taken away." Mr David Doyle (stayed at Oliva, July-August 2014)

"Driving directions were the best, most accurate and thoughtful that I have used." Mr Sean Davies (stayed at Adagio, July-August 2014)

"brilliant, really thorough, especially the driving directions to the door of the villa." Mrs Sam Cope (stayed at Egesta, July-August 2014)

"This was brilliant. So comprehensive, lovely to receive before we left and much used during hols." Mrs Angie Gough (stayed at Ortikia, July-August 2014)

"The information given is first class." Mrs Catriona Lovatt (stayed at Ondine, July 2014)

"The map was excellent, so much so that I should not have wasted time & money with the 2 maps I had already purchased beforehand. The guide also rivaled the guide I had, giving a more user friendly & common sense approach to advice & recommendations. The driving directions helped to an extent when we got to Piazza Armerina, but our difficulty was down more to the poor signage in the area. The photographs were good & helped decipher where we were going. The villa information was invaluable, especially when a thunder & lightening storm knocked the power out during our stay. Overall the joining pack was a God send & was exactly what was needed." Miss Treena McWilliams (stayed at Villa Armerina, July 2014)

"Everything about the material was fantastic - made us really well prepared and cared for when we arrived. Much appreciated." Ms Amanda Wedgwood (stayed at Ortigia, July 2014)

"All of the material was excellent and very valuable. The map was excellent. We relied on it all the time." Ms Carla Cullati (stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, July 2014)

"Travel directions were excellent and the pictures extremely helpful." Mrs Mandy Cornick (stayed at Al Olivar, July 2014)

"top notch." Mr Richard Furlongbrown (stayed at Archimede, July 2014)

"It was helpful to have a guide to the area. " Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2014)

"Directions with photos of road signs were excellent." Mrs Lillian Pincus (stayed at Ai Trulli, July 2014)

"Much more impressive than that received from other similar organisations." Ms Robyn Norton (stayed at I Lentischi, July 2014)

"Your joining pack is exceptional, better than any other we have had." Mrs Caroline Scott-Gall (stayed at Azzura, July 2014)

"This especially, was wonderful, very clear and explaining everything in the fullest details." Ms Patricia Salas (stayed at La Corte, July 2014)

"The area information re beaches etc. was very useful." Mr Philip Spencer (stayed at Palazzo Ducale Guarini, July 2014)

"this was excellent. getting two proper maps when there are two families was so helpful." Mrs Alice King (stayed at Lo Iazzu, July 2014)

"Yes, this is good. I went to stay at the same place 4 years ago when you didn't include the pictures of how to get there and we got lost. This time, there was no problem. Makes a big difference." Mr James Price (stayed at Badia, July 2014)

"This was great, especially as we were a large party and needed to forward a lot of stuff to others. took all the paper material with me and used it several times whilst away to look up restaurants, local amenities etc." Mrs Sally Pyke (stayed at Casa Nuvola, July 2014)

"This was so helpful, I've never seen anything like it." Catherine Villiger (stayed at Egesta, July 2014)

"First class paper products all around. Great touch with pictures in the driving directions." Mark Schiavoni (stayed at Crossing the Rock, July 2014)

 "It exceeded our expectations, my fellow organiser and I know that we are fairly OCD about getting details right and we were very impressed with the level of detail you gave us." Stacey Curran (stayed at Pietra Nera, June-July 2014)

"Totally exceeded expectation! In fact never seen anything like it!" Fiona Pringle (stayed at Casa al Faro, June-July 2014)

"The entire packet exceeded my expectations. The directions were spot on and the helpful hints were wonderful. We all enjoyed reading the blue book on Sicily. The map was very useful. Loved the restaurant recommendations and ate at Chat Noir and had a delicious meal." Anne Maxfield (stayed at Casa Nuvola, June-July 2014)

"The house guide was very useful and the local area guide invaluable." Lucienne Agius (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, June-July 2014)

"It was great to have such a comprehensive overview of the house systems (electric panel) as well as detailed directions from the airport. The map of Sicily was great as were the local guides." Megan Donnelly (stayed at Masseria Moscala, June-July 2014)

"Material definitely exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting a personalized info package." Cuneyt Alper (stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2014)

"Great personalized booklet and driving directions." Jeff Ives (stayed at Il Gelso, June 2014)

"Extremely helpful and relevant. That pack far exceed our expectations." Ricardo Vazquez (stayed at La Rocca, June 2014)

"The guides sent to us in Australia before we left made our entire holiday so easy and stress-free and increased my excitement even more." Emma Nairn (stayed at Pikermi, June 2014)

"It was perfect. people really do need all of this especially when traveling so off the grid in Meganissi. The villa was even more beautiful than the mages and that was a glorious surprise." Susan Mitnick (stayed at Akrothea, June 2014)

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