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Client reviews of our site, brochure and booking with The Thinking Traveller

Our website is generally the first contact our clients have with The Thinking Traveller and certainly one of the most important booking tools. We try to make it as user-friendly, accurate, extensive and representative as possible, while also concentrating on the quality of photography and writing. It is a constant work in progress and is improved and updated on a daily basis.

Our brochure has always been an integral part of who we are and what we do. While changing considerably over the years, its essential function has remained the same: to communicate our passion for what we do and to illustrate the quality of what we offer, both in terms of product and service. We like to think of it as a coffee table publication that you can consult whenever you feel the need to dream a little!

Below, you can read what our clients say about our website, our brochure, and their experience of booking with The Thinking Traveller.

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Feedback from clients of The Thinking Traveller on our website, brochure and their overall booking experience:

"The printed brochure was lovely, receiving it felt like the holiday was about to start, we could look at the pictures without going online." P.C (Stayed at A Torra, October 2017)

"By far the easiest to navigate. We are never slowed down or required to make phone calls to confirm details, which makes the process seamless and very easy." Mr Mark Smith (Stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, October 2017)

"We love to browse a nice brochure with beautiful pictures on it. You can always seek more precise information from the net, when you have first noticed some nice place in the brochure." Mrs Johanna Vatiainen (Stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, October 2017)

"The website has everything I believe is required. From full recommendations and suggestions to reviews and stunning photos, I feel like I get a real feel for how my holiday experience will be." Miss Delphine Lobelle (Stayed at Fichimori, October 2017)

"Great website and nothing I would change." Ms Jen Campbell (Stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, October 2017)

"[The brochure is] drool worthy. Makes you want to spend the rest of your life on holiday at any of your villas." Mrs Amanda Fisher (Stayed at Trullo Gaura, September 2017)

"[The brochure is] a lovely touch and I could show the villas to my friends on the brochure." Mrs Claudia Falcone (Stayed at Mura Mura, September 2017)

"Excellent website - I have referred several people to it as an example of what should be available." Mr Grant Carolan (Stayed at Villa San Tommaso, September 2017)

"The images of the property we stayed at were really accurate and the number of images for each property is helpful too. Website really easy to navigate and information provided for locations is good. In my view The Thinking Travellers website is one of the best." Mrs Kathryn Smith (Stayed at Jasmine, September 2017)

"One of the best websites for villa bookings I have ever used. I don't really think it can be improved as it is so comprehensive." L.R (Stayed at La Limonaia, September 2017)

"Still have [the brochure] on hand so we can book another trip, nice to share with friends." B.L (Stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, September 2017)

"It is good to look through the entire range of villas available. Having hard copy brochure makes it easy to mark properties of interest for comparison." J.S (Stayed at La Favorita, September 2017)

"One of things we really appreciated was the accuracy of the photography - no tricks! The villa was just as (if not more) beautiful as it was on the website. It was also an easy website to navigate. Otherwise, we were delighted that our experience was exactly as described on the website." Ms Alisa Goodyear (Stayed at Althea, September 2017)

"Your website is very comprehensive and searchable. It compares very favorably with your competitors. Can't think of any deficiencies." Mr Richard Terapak (Stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, September 2017)

"Love the printed brochure and it makes it easier to investigate other opportunities now for our next holiday..." Mrs Lindy Griffiths (Stayed at Trullo Gaura, September 2017)

"Excellent website - I have referred several people to it as an example of what should be available." Mr Grant Carolan (Stayed at Villa San Tommaso and Al Jafar, September 2017)

"We really appreciate having the tactile experience of a true brochure. This is a real value in the overall experience provided." Mr Gregory Kavanagh (Stayed at Villa Armerina, September 2017)

"When we first accessed the website, we were surprised to see that all the villas looked great! Usually, before renting a house, we spent a lot of time finding one that was what we wanted. This was quite easy!" J.S (Stayed at Demetra, September 2017)

"We started thinking about going to Sicily for almost three years. After making an enquiry about one of the villas 3 years ago, much to our surprise we continued to receive a brochure we kept is interested in making the trip and working with the Thinking Traveller. The brochure in fact sold is on your company." A.T.K (Stayed at Il Cappero, September 2017)

"I thought your website was most informative and also very easy to book on. The photographs were completely accurate, in fact, the villa was exactly as I had imagined which was wonderful as so often, one is disappointed due to exaggerated pics." S.N (Stayed at Katavolos House, September 2017)

"We absolutely valued receiving this - it meant you had time before the holiday to think about where to go and what to do." Mrs Joanna Carolan (Stayed at Armonia, August/September 2017)

"Loved the website. It's what attracted me to the company as I had never heard of it before." S.H (Stayed at Daphne, August/September 2017)

"We browse through it from time to time and it's nice not to always default to screens for inspiration." T.H (Stayed at Terrarossa, August 2017)

"We found the website to be well designed and easy to use. The information was excellent." B.K (Stayed at Nerina and Christina, August 2017)

"The reason how I came to this holiday with my family is because my Dr. had his brochure lying on a coffee table in his waiting room. I saw it there and started planning my holiday on the spot."
S.K (Stayed at Badia, August 2017)

"I loved the printed brochure it was good to be able to flip through pages instead of continually opening tabs on my laptop." Mrs Katie Minney (Stayed at Casa Vera, August 2017)

"It was all excellent and I loved the bag it came in. It was great to have a map and all the info about both the villa and the area before arrival." S.M (Stayed at Filoniki, August 2017)

"Excellent website, very detailed information. Easy to navigate. I have not experienced anything that excellent!" Mrs Julia Farrell (Stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, July/August 2017)

"The package was very useful and frankly made my entire family comfortable with our choice of villa's and working with The Thinking Traveller." L.L (Stayed at Lo Scoglio, July 2017)

"It's always been easy to navigate and find what I'm looking for so happy with how it is." Dr Vani Bissett (Stayed at Priscilla, July 2017)

"Your website is one of the best, full of details and really a beautiful one." Ms Silvia Sacchini (Stayed at Pikermi, July 2017)

"Excellent brochure. Great pictures and descriptions. Enjoyed looking through it and choosing a villa." Mrs Sue Powell (Stayed at Posidonia, July 2017)

"I think it is very important to maintain the brochure. We always keep ours and reference it for future holidays." Mr James Robinson (Stayed at Kastanida July 2017)

"We found the property via the website because it was easy to use and clear - also enticing!" Mr Mark Groves-Gidney (Stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, July 2017)

"Generally very good. Just felt the pictures of the property we rented didn't do it justice. It was better in the flesh!" J.C (Stayed at Mura Mura, July 2017)

"Its one of the great pleasures in life receiving your yearly brochure and dreaming of our next adventure..."

"Far and above better than any other company we have ever used, a really personal service." F.B (Stayed at Casa Agave, July 2017)

"Beautiful, intuitive and easy to find information. Great quality pictures and so beautiful, I thought they might have been "staged". However, once on site and after staying in 2 villas, I know that they are not and truly reflect what it looks like. I really appreciated the fact that TTT website gives an accurate rendering of their product." S.R (Stayed at I Trulli delle Sette Sorelle, June/July 2017)

"It is the best and most comprehensive websites that we visited in every detail." H.A (Stayed at Ortensia, June 2017)

"I very much value a printed brochure. Easy to carry around and show people etc. and yours is of a high quality." M.H (Stayed at La Mora, June 2017)

"The brochure is very professional and extremely valuable in deciding which Villa is appropriate for your particular requirements." Mr John Carah (Stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, June 2017)

"Your knowledge of more than just the house, but also the surrounding areas gave us a sense of comfort, and most importantly, the ability to talk to someone directly about the neighborhood and the fact that you've traveled to the area and stayed in many of the houses was above and beyond the other sites I looked at." T.I (Stayed at Chirchiaro, June 2017)

"There is always an advantage to being able to leaf through a brochure instead of being always chained to a screen. The relaxed nature of the process leaves you more open to different ideas." Mr Tim Mcinnery (Stayed at Epipleon, June 2017)

"Its lovely to receive the hard copy brochure - it's wonderful to flick through and get inspired." Mrs Bryong Toogood (Stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, March 2017)

"The website & brochure are beautiful. The website has wonderful information about Sicily; food, culture, activities, etc. We found it very helpful in planning what we wanted to see & do while in Sicily." Paula Condon (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July 2016)

"Great, easy to navigate with wonderful photos!" Mr D.R (stayed at Il Gabbiano, April 2016)

"One of the best travel websites I've used. Great!" Mr N.V (stayed at Casa Romigi, July 2016)

"Your website is exceptional in clarity, information and ease to move from one page to another." Miss Mary LaRosa (stayed at Oliva, June-July 2016)

"Your brochure is the best I have received." Ms Trish Marsden (stayed at Villa Blanca, June 2016)

"High quality document with an impressive choice of villas." Mr Alexander Vaulkhard (stayed at Villa Armerina, May-June 2016)

"I love the brochure and all printed materials." Mrs Elisa Amoroso (stayed at I Lentischi, May-June 2016)

"The brochure is beautiful and makes us want to go back to Sicily again!" Dr Nanette Santoro (stayed at Villa Saracena, May 2016)

"Very intuitive and easy to navigate - liked it a lot!" Mrs Gwyneth Coombs (stayed at Tenuta ai Fichi, May-June 2016)

"Very accurate photographs which show all aspects. Good info about the area - do like the honesty of the "things to bear in mind" bit." Ms Katherine Richardson (stayed at Althea, May 2016)

"Your website is both clear and alluring." Ms Janet Forman (stayed at Helena, May 2016)

"It was excellent, first class." Ms Rita Salenius (stayed at Il Gabbiano, May 2016)

"Website clear and easy to use." Mrs Alison Montague-Jones (stayed at Archimede, April 2016)

"Better than anything I have seen and easy to use. We loved flicking through (the brochure) and trying to decide which villa to go to next!" Mrs Kay Smith (stayed at Il Gabbiano, April 2016)

"The brochure is truly great. We loved looking through it and now are thinking of other areas to visit." Mrs Milana Tolins (stayed at Funcia, October 2015)

"The website and brochure raised serious expectations. The villa and its setting fulfilled them all!" Mr Edward Bray (stayed at Nerina, October 2015)

"Simple and easy to navigate." Mr Lee Cannon (stayed at Buzza Alta, October-November 2015)

"The website is excellent, very professional and informative." Ms Gail Anderson (stayed at Minerva, October 2015)

"In a league of its own - comprehensive information, slick to operate and easy to navigate." Mr Mark Jefferson (stayed at Estiva, October-November 2015)

"The website made us want to go to all the villas." Mr Chris Pitcher (stayed at Christina, October 2015)

"One of the best I have ever seen. Provides useful information about each villa (prices,location, areas of interest), as well as the region itself. Easy to navigate and to book. Absolutely loved it." Ms Dorothy Whelan (stayed at Pietra Nera, October 2015)

"Yes, beautiful. And it's nice to have to show to friends and others considering this kind of vacation." Ms Erin Langdon (stayed at Archimede, October 2015)

"The website was very clear, informative and of a very high standard." Mrs Jayne Clayton (stayed at Cinnamon, September 2015)

"It's a gorgeous way to show friends our place and our journeys. I think we've recruited people to Think Sicily with it. And it will probably lure us to Puglia." Mr William Brown (stayed at Egesta, September-October 2015)

"[Website] It was the best I ever dealt with." Mrs Mary Miller (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, September-October 2015)

"[Website] Head and shoulders above, easy to use and book and backed up by excellent support in person if required." Mr Tony Mellor (stayed at La Pergola, October 2015)

"Loved the brochure. Shared with friends." Ms Diane Van Wyk Daly (stayed at La Rosa dei Venti, September-October 2015)

"Very classy looking, and gives a very good and accurate perspective of the villas." Mr Michael Lambert (stayed at Filoxenia, September 2015)

"Very user friendly. Plenty of useful info." Ms Kathy Loscalzo (stayed at Trullo Guara, September 2015)

"Beautiful brochures. Extremely high standards used in publication and great presentation." Mrs Susan Horne (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, September 2015)

"We loved the brochure and also browsed it on holiday, for inspiration for our next break." Mr Simon Venturi (stayed at Nerina, August 2015)

"I found the website very user friendly and photos were spot on to actual villa we stayed at." Mr Vito Nardelli (stayed at Trullo Selva, August-September 2015)

"It was beautiful and very helpful." Mrs Stephanie Ackerstein (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, August 2015)

"The brochure was fantastic, both the one about the property and driving directions as well as the little booklet for the destination. A very nice surprise." Mr Alfonso Delgado (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, August-September 2015)

"I really valued receiving a brochure, it meant that I could look and dream whilst not online!" Mrs Kate Arton (stayed at Hippokampoi, August-September 2015)

"Excellent web site and high quality of villas." Mrs Deborah Van Nest (stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2015)

"The best part was that the villa matched the photos. We loved it!" Mrs Akemi Kawano (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, August 2015)

"Far superior. Easy to navigate and full of necessary information." Ms Andrea Schreiber (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, August 2015)

"Nice to have - and has got me looking at next year already!" Mr Mike Tapp (stayed at Jasmine, August 2015)

"Very good and easy to use." Mr Benjamin Knowles (stayed at Penio, August 2015)

"Really helpful and will use again in the future/share with friends & colleagues." Mrs Anne Cox (stayed at Trullo della Mirandola, August 2015)

"Beautifully presented." Mr Peter Spivack (stayed at Minerva, August 2015)

"It's a very good site, with plenty of detailed information." Mr Paul Marston (stayed at Villa Armerina, August 2015)

"It is a great and helpful website." Ms Julia Farrell (stayed at Baglio dei Carrubi, August 2015)

"Fantastic website, I appreciate the vast range of photos per villa which enable to see many features." Miss CV (stayed at Egesta, August 2015)

"The brochure(s) were great - inspiring in terms of where we might visit, helpful and made us think about future holidays." Mrs Jennifer Jones (stayed at Principato, August 2015)

"The brochure was beautiful; we have kept it for future reference, definitely an attractive feature of your company." Dr Gillian Atkinson (stayed at Cecilia, July-August 2015)

"We love going through the brochure and seeing all the wonderful villas." Mrs Nina Hammond (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July-August 2015)

"Very useful info. Quality of photographs good. Easy to navigate." Mr Joel Black (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, August 2015)

"The Website was very easy to use and very informative not only about the villa but also about the region. The brochure is one of the most amazing ones I have seen in a long while. Very well done." Mrs Himani Dugar (stayed at L'Argentiera, July 2015)

"It's great. The best travel website I've ever come across. [The brochure] Brilliant - great to hold something of that quality in your hand." Mr James Thomas (stayed at Iremia, July 2015)

"I thought it was very useful. Also a well produced and handsome brochure." Mrs Trond Jensen (stayed at Ortigia, July-August 2015)

"The site is attractive and well organised." Mrs Hana Marzban (stayed at Casa Nuvola, August 2015)

"I found it very informative, accurate and easy to use." Mrs Sara Nelson (stayed at Althea, August 2015)

"It's high quality and gives confidence in quality of future experience. Also excellent to browse for future bookings." Mrs Chris Clarke (stayed at Lithia, August 2015)

"Love it. My teenage daughters have pored over it at length in anticipation of this and future holidays." Ms Jacinda Humphry (stayed at Zoe, August 2015)

"I loved receiving the book and will keep it in my travel files. I found that to be a nice perk and nice to have a reference and visual copy. Excellent." Mrs Alicia Piazza (stayed at Oliva, July 2015)

"It was lovely to see all the villas in the brochure." Mrs Paula Lagos (stayed at La Limonaia, August 2015)

"It is very user friendly" Ms Kathryn Lake (stayed at Le Sorbe, July-August 2015)

"[The brochure] It has coffee table quality" Mr Richard Hutchinson (stayed at Geoeli House, July-August 2015)

"Very nice brochure!" Mr Fergus Hardie (stayed at Avra, August 2015)

"It was very stylish and informative" Mrs Lucilla Lunn (stayed at Cinnamon, August 2015)

"Very good information." Mrs Penny Lines (stayed at Trullo Selva, July-August 2015)

"It really help me make a decision." Ms Jodi Markoff (stayed at Gasa dei Gabbiani, August 2015)

"[The website] was the best that I found regarding Sicily!" Mrs Clarissa Gasan (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, August 2015)

"All aspects of the website and booking process were first class." Mrs Judith Mitchell (stayed at Brezza di Mare, July 2015)

"The website is great but liked having the hard copy. It also makes it easier to compare different villas." Mrs Sarah Enright (stayed at Maristella, August 2015)

"The website and printed materials were excellent, well-organized, and easy to use. I carried the materials around with me for the entire trip (Even during the week that I was staying elsewhere in the region) and found all of the advice extremely helpful." Mrs Julie Katz (stayed at Le Antiche Pajare, August 2015)

"Excellent - very easy to navigate and full info on villas and lots of photos. The brochure is high quality and nice to look at." Mrs C King (stayed at Al Olivar, August 2015)

"[The brochure] is more speaking than any internet site." Mrs Sophie Chemello (stayed at La Fenice, July-August 2015)

"Excellent [website]... Very Informative with accurate descriptions. Brochure was very professional and perfectly supported your company brand." Mr Ray Pomfret (stayed at Phoebe, July-August 2015)

"Website is great. I do not have much experience with other websites of travel companies, but I find this to be very user friendly, photos are beautiful and completely reflect the actual houses. Though all is on the website, it's always nice to have the book around the house also to show people." Mrs Simona Stevens (stayed at I Lentischi, July-August 2015)

"Great website. Fabulous brochure." Ms Michele Weil (stayed at Casa alla Scala, July 2015)

"The site was very informative and better than most with more accurate photos of each property." Mr Philip Johannes Lafeber (stayed at Cjase Madrac, July-August 2015)

"[The website] is beautiful and very easy to use. All excellent." Ms Catherine Hamilton (stayed at Pikermi, July 2015)

"I think your pictures were more truthful than travel companies normally show. The pool was bigger in real life and the house even nicer than the pictures showed. [The brochure] was nice." Mrs Outi Seppa (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, July 2015)

"Absolutely the best company I've used by far. Incredible [brochure]. So helpful, so gorgeous, total surprise to get!" Ms Claudia Church (stayed at Casa Romigi, July 2015)

"We were particularly impressed with all the published material that came from The thinking Traveller." Mrs Kate Rice (stayed at Ai Trulli, July-August 2015)

"It's excellent, covers all the main elements needed, very easy to navigate. The secure client area is a great idea and works very well. [The brochure] is lovely, part of the holiday is looking through the brochure and day dreaming about where you might go ;-) and then reflecting post holiday on where you'd like to go next - it conveys a sense of escapism and luxury that makes it feel like a real treat to be savoured. Also, as most companies do not do a print version any longer, it makes The Thinking Traveller stand out (even more) from competitors." Mrs Lucy von Weber (stayed at Casa Chiara, July-August 2015)

"Your website is excellent." Dr Peter Moncur (stayed at Poggio Pigio, July-August 2015)

"Excellent guide to ease our travel." Ms Mitra Rifai (stayed at Maristella, July-August 2015)

"Very good and accurate." Mr Leslie Burrough (stayed at Avra, July-August 2015)

"[The brochure] is a good asset for you as a company." Mr Keith Haviland (stayed at Daphne, July-August 2015)

"It is very professional." Mr David Allen (stayed at Trulli della Mirandola, July-August 2015)

"We did value the glossy brochure." Mr Simon Waller (stayed at Azzurra, July-August 2015)

"Great photos and information about villas." Mrs Sue Powell (stayed at Crossing Together, July 2015)

"All very good. [The brochure] was of a fantastic quality." Mrs Anne-Catherine Creed Bovill (stayed at Oneiro, July 2015)

"We really found the website easy to use, and appreciated the extra detail compared to a lot of other sites." Mr Michael Brown (stayed at Ballata, July 2015)

"[Website] fully prepared for both villas. Thank you. [Brochure] very accurate descriptions, classy photos and nice to handle!" Ms Alex Howarth (stayed at Cinnamon and Il Palmento dei Castagni, July 2015)

"Extremely good website and no 'pop ups' please keep it that way! [The brochure] is excellent." Mr David Lloyd (stayed at Infinito, July 2015)

"Very attractive [brochure] and nice to flick through for ideas." Dr Ian Michie (stayed at Gioi, July 2015)

"[The website] is far superior. Clear, easy to use and stable. Links are quick and the save to box useful - you see so many divine properties you lose count! I like a brochure as it's tangible - but the online service equates." Dr Jane Stackpool (stayed at Il Gabbiano, July 2015)

"[The website] is very clear and good to see availability straight away without calling first. [The brochure] is fun to flick through." Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Yasemia, July 2015)

"I particularly like having a brochure, it was one of the reasons I picked your company." Mrs Janey Lewis (stayed at Clementina, July 2015)

"[Website] easy to use, good oversight, useful options, top class. [Brochure] was much appreciated." Mr Rob Abendroth (stayed at Lillì, July 2015)

"I loved the website and all the booking options - perfect. We were overwhelmed with options online but the booklet was perfect for our group to brainstorm ideas. We probably have picked a different company without this printed book." Mrs Rachel Jansen (stayed at La Limonaia, June 2015)

"Beautifully presented and very easy to use. Also very informative." Mrs Joanne D'Andrea (stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2015)

"Very good - excellent quality photographs and accurate and detailed description of the villa. Useful local information too!" Ms Sian Davies (stayed at Oneiro, July 2015)

"Very user-friendly [website]. Superb brochure." Mrs Lynda Vernon (stayed at Rosina, June-July 2015)

"We thought it was perfect. It made us want to use you next year too!" Mrs Tone S Ovrebo Johannessen (stayed at Ortigia, July 2015)

"The brochure is very helpful, well laid out, beautiful to look at, and we keep browsing through it to see where to go next." Ms Nicola Kendrick (stayed at Iremia, July 2015)

"Very user-friendly and informative [website] - works well. [The brochure has] high quality pictures that are representative of the actual villa and facility. Information on the surrounding area and facilities was extremely helpful." Mr Mike Jones (stayed at Villa Elia and Casina Elia, July 2015)

"I like looking through a brochure as easier to see the properties that may appeal." Mrs Sarah Willis (stayed at Trullo Selva, July 2015)

"[The website] is very good as it is & better than others. [The brochure] gets you thinking about the holiday." Mr Thomas Milner (stayed at Oriente, June 2015)

"Excellent." Mr Peter Kysel (stayed at Lillì, June-July 2015)

"All the family spent ages looking through [the brochure]!" Mr Carl Callaghan (stayed at Altea, July 2015)

"Good website, all the info is there." Mr Paolo Jelmoni (stayed at Casa Ceno, July 2015)

"Very good. Your brochure is beautiful." Ms Cathy Lasowski (stayed at Masseria Lamacoppa, June-July 2015)

"The client portal was pretty great. We keep [the brochure] on our coffee table - aspirational." Mr Joshua Mogal (stayed at I Lentischi, July 2015)

"The website is first-rate! It's detailed, user-friendly, and really fun to use! We very much enjoyed the hard copy!" Mr William McGlone (stayed at La Favorita, June-July 2015)

"I think the villa is better than the photos!" Dr Neena Jha (stayed at Casa di Pietra, July 2015)

"By far the best website for villa rental that I have encountered." Mr Eric de Best (stayed at Trullo Gaura, July 2015)

"Love the website - immediate price and availability!" Mrs Katherine Grigorian (stayed at Casa Nuvola and Casa di Pietra, June-July 2015)

"TTT website was excellent. I especially like being able to see the different regions where the homes were located and things to do in these areas. It is nice to get a printed brochure to also keep for future reference or give to a friend." Ms Michelle Brooks (stayed at Ortigia, July 2015)

"I like to look at [the brochure] throughout the year and I have earmarked other properties for future holidays." Mrs Elizabeth Wall (stayed at Gaios House, July 2015)

"Very good [website], clear and easy to use. By far the best I have experienced." Mr Ola Haugsrud (stayed at Cinnamon, July 2015)

"One of the best [websites] I have used. Very professional and thorough. Very useful [brochure]." Mr Jeff Hurmuses (stayed at Villa Farli, July 2015)

"The Thinking Traveller website is very clear and precise. I really enjoyed being able to just pay for what I wanted. The Thinking Traveller is ahead of all others." Mr Mason Lesure (stayed at Le Antiche Pajare, July 2015)

"Your website is much more visually appealing than many other travel companies with excellent (yet not misleading - I am an estate agent!) photography. I found information easily." Mrs Gail Braithwaite (stayed at Pikermi, July 2015)

"[The website] provides all the information we needed. The brochure is good...allows you to flick through offline." Mr Phil Hamlett (stayed at Filoniki, June-July 2015)

"The website information and photos are excellent. The information complete and accurate." Mr Joseph Lonardo (stayed at Crossing Together, June-July 2015)

"Greatly appreciated." Mr Andrei Lopata (stayed at Zeffiro, June 2015)

"[The website is] very easy to find the information we needed & the pictures were accurate. We enjoyed looking at the other properties available [on the brochure]." Mr William Neill (stayed at Villa Armerina, June 2015)

"The website is fantastic and I know my Father really liked having the information about the villas, his flights and car hire all in one place. Your brochure is absolutely beautiful! I know our family and friends loved looking through the brochure too, and it's great to be able to see all of your other available properties." Miss Emma Nairn (stayed at Agnantio, Pikermi and Phoebe, June 2015)

"Beautiful brochure, helped us choose a villa." Mrs Lee Wicks (stayed at Avra, May 2015)

"Very good [website]." Mr Nigel Diepering (stayed at Casa Carcicera, June 2015)

"Absolutely and we passed [the brochure] on to a friend who will be travelling with you very soon." Mrs Judith Salaman (stayed at Althea, June 2015)

"The website is very easy to navigate and the photos are representative of the property. The brochure is lovely and worth having. We looked at other villas for our next visit." Ms Rosa Scarcelli (stayed at Trullo del Sale, June 2015)

"[The brochure] was great and appreciated." Mr Steven Ross (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, May 2015)

"I like having a brochure to look at." Dr Annie Linley-Adams (stayed at Oriente, June-July 2015)

"A website that considers everything and everyone, can't think of anything I would change..." Mrs Kate Eales (stayed at Gaios House, June 2015)

"It is a great website. Though the pictures were beautiful, I didn't think they did full justice to how wonderful Clementina is." Professors Jonathan and Gabriel Lear (stayed at Clementina, June-July 2015)

"A constant stream of upgraded enhancements that portrays the development team are eager to make the customer experience as user-friendly as possible." Mr Adrian James-Morse (stayed at Almyra, June-July 2015)

"Fantastic - easy to navigate and find exactly what you really want." Mrs Anne Puricelli (stayed at L'Argentiera, June 2015)

"I really like all of the search options - by region, near major attractions, with a pool, etc. I have received the printed catalogue for 3 or 4 years now. I live in a cold, snowy area and really look forward to receiving it during the winter. It's a big motivator for planning a trip sooner, rather than later." Mrs Sarah Teaford Colby (stayed at La Limonaia, June 2015)

"An excellent brochure." Dr Peter Travis (stayed at Mia, June 2015)

"Your descriptions, pictures etc are superior to other agencies. [Brochure] very valuable." Mr Jesper Kragerup (stayed at Ai Trulli, June 2015)

"[The brochure] is much nicer and more fun to review than just online information. Am keen to continue receiving these." Mr Nathan Flaman (stayed at Villa San Tommaso, June 2015)

"Very informative and easy to use." Ms Päivi Salonen (stayed at Azzurra, June 2015)

"Superb!" Mr John Reese (stayed at Trullo Alice, June 2015)

"Your website is very professional, easy to use and delightful to use. Your brochures were regularly used by us." Mrs Lula Redpath (stayed at CaSale, June 2015)

"The brochure is good for the initial look-through, the website is then useful for drilling down information in specific villas." Mr Martin Evans (stayed at Mia, June 2015)

"Your website is very thorough and not lacking in any information. It is excellent." Ms Carolyn Gray (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, June 2015)

"The [website] compares very favourably." Mrs Julie Mawby (stayed at La Corte, June 2015)

"Your website was wonderful!" Ms Nicolle Diver (stayed at Al Plemmirio, June 2015)

"I still belong to those who prefer planning their travels leisurely in the armchair instead of sitting at the computer." Frau Angelika Braun (stayed at Cinnamon, June 2015)

"[The brochure] helps to compare the various benefits of different villas, before researching them in detail on the website." Mr Peter Dennell (stayed at Al Plemmirio, June 2015)

"[Website:] Superb. Easy to use. Great photos of the villas. Very good quality brochure and nice to browse through rather than visiting the website." Ms Erika Chasey (stayed at Ortikia, June 2015)

"[The brochure] was a great idea and very useful, a nice touch." Mrs Fiona Barkhouse (stayed at Poggio Pigio, June 2015)

"[The website] compares well." Ms Victoria Brandon (stayed at Ballata, June 2015)

"Very helpful to see the location of each villa so we didn't waste time looking at villas outside the area we were interested in. The website gave us everything we needed but the brochure gave us an idea of the range of your properties if we're looking for something different on another occasion." Ms Clare Risby (stayed at Clementina, June 2015)

"One of my favourites [websites]. Very useful [brochure] for browsing." Mr Christopher Claridge (stayed at Zoe, June 2015)

"I liked the website. I did value the brochure. I still find it helpful to be able to flip through the pages to review possibilities, rather than relying only on the website." Mrs Louise Joyce (stayed at Oriente, June 2015)

"[The website] is very good in comparison." Mr Roger Ford (stayed at Ballata, May-June 2015)

"I like the website, because you are so specialist, it is easier to choose. But a part of me wishes you covered more countries, as I would certainly use The Thinking Traveller again. Oh [the brochure] gives you more time to pour over details rather than the distraction that the internet offers, I really appreciated it." Mrs Emily Evans (stayed at Corte del Sole, May 2015)

"[The brochure]: I still love things the old-fashioned way!" Mr Sam Beard (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, June 2015)

"[The website is] very easy and straight-forward to use. Because of [the brochure] I have been able to pass it on to a friend who was very interested." Mrs Jean Golledge (stayed at Casa al Faro, June 2015)

"[The website is] easy to navigate - extremely informative - accurate information." Mrs Patricia Holloway (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, June 2015)

"[The website] is nicely intuitive to navigate." Mrs Dorothy Garland (stayed at Il Canneto, June 2015)

"[Website] very easy to use, great information! We loved the beautiful guidebooks and brochures. They were helpful but also make lovely keepsakes to remember the stay." Ms Lana Cordes (stayed at Gli Ulivi, June 2015)

"It was very helpful to go in and out of the site as a quest to view trip details. We will pass the brochure along and enjoyed it." Mrs Debra Connell (stayed at La Corte, May-June 2015)

"I cannot imagine any improvement at this time." Ms Mary Anne O'Hara (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May-June 2015)

"The website is excellent and provides all necessary information clearly and concisely. Yes we do value the printed brochure. I spend far too many hours looking at a screen and both Janet and I value the opportunity to relax with the printed words and photos." Mr David McDowell (stayed at Filoniki, June 2015)

"Very good brochure." Ms Kate Lewis (stayed at La Riva, May-June 2015)

"Very professional [website]. I think [the brochure] is a big plus for you and for me..." Ms Eveline Schnorf (stayed at Ondine, May-June 2015)

"[Website] is very clear and fine. I valued [the brochure] greatly and it will encourage us to try again." Mr Clemens Von Bechtolsheim (stayed at I Lentischi, June 2015)

"[Website] accessible, easy to navigate, informative, engaging. [The brochure] encouraged us to plan for the holiday. Really added value." Mr Simon Wright (stayed at Estiva, June 2015)

"Very easy to use and informative [website]. The quality [of the brochure] is excellent." Mrs Nicola Boyd (stayed at Kala Filia, May-June 2015)

"There isn't another website that is quite so in-depth. Fantastic [brochure]. Everyone wants one. Very stylish." Mr James Price (stayed at Villa Saracena, June 2015)

"Love the login once booked and updated with all relevant travel, really important when booking last min. High-end brochure that matches the service we received, before, during and now, after." Mr Andrew Champ (stayed at Akrothea, June 2015)

"Very good. I really like [the brochure] to browse and review." Mr Andrew Ingram (stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, May 2015)

"[The brochure] was very helpful." Ms Jan Fiore (stayed at La Favorita, May 2015)

"Website user-friendly, good graphics and simple to understand, as a villa-only company it simplifies the use, good use of links and information of region and attractions. A one-stop shop! Good visuals. [The brochure] is nice to flick through, my parents liked it as I guess they don't use internet as much, so definitely a good marketing tool and souvenir." Mrs Leisel Lancaster (stayed at Trullo del Sale, May-June 2015)

"Very user-friendly [website]. [The brochure] was unexpected and very appreciated." Mrs Sonia Trogi-Menard (stayed at La Fenice, May 2015)

"Very good [website], we liked the option to log in and view all our booking details. [The brochure] is lovely to browse through." Mrs Anne Jones (stayed at Althea, May-June 2015)

"Excellent [brochure] - with additional nice touches including typical dishes of the region." Miss Amanda Wren (stayed at Trullo Cutetto, May 2015)

"[The brochure is] nice to browse at leisure. Good for planning future holidays. Easier and more comfortable to share a book rather than a webpage when you are browsing through." Ms Teresa Head (stayed at Brezza di Mare, May-June 2015)

"Very good [website]." Miss Rachel Roberts (stayed at Phoebe, May-June 2015)

"We really liked the soundbites of local information dotted in the brochure, about the caves for example. And about the food." Mr Oliver Bulleid (stayed at Melina, May 2015)

"One of the most user-friendly websites we've found - really easy to navigate / see / store interesting properties." Mr Roger Taylor (stayed at Agnantio, May 2015)

"Your website made it very easy for us to compare properties. [The brochure] was the kind of high-end piece that I expect from a 5-star company and this type of rental. It was both beautiful and helpful." Mrs Mariann McDonagh (stayed at Priscilla, May 2015)

"I use [the brochure] as a coffee table book now and love it, it really differentiates you from your competitors - keep producing it!" Mrs Alice Fowler (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, May 2015)

"I liked the information about flights and airports. It's nice sometimes to have a book to look through as well as a website." Mrs Nicola Sahota (stayed at Almyra, May 2015)

"Fab, seductive, gorgeous. I absolutely love the brochure, don't stop producing it. It just makes the whole booking experience feel special from the outset." Mrs Tessa Allingham (stayed at Aphrodite, May 2015)

"[The website] was extremely comprehensive and very valuable." Ms Sarah Larsen (stayed at Crossing The Rock, May 2015)

"[The website] is much better - I love the range of artivles which give you lots oh help in choosing where to go. [The brochure] is really upmarket - it gives you a sense of what the company is." Mrs Wendy Berliner (stayed at Adagio, May 2015)

"The website was wonderfully designed and quite helpful." Mrs Linda Gould (stayed at Pikermi, May 2015)

"It's a fabulous brochure." Mr Chris Cowan (stayed at Brezza di Mare, May 2015)

"[The brochure] was used even during our holiday as we thought about future years..." Ms Vanessa Podmore (stayed at Secondo Amore, May 2015)

"The brochure is gorgeous and we all love to pore over it." Ms Ailsa Prior (stayed at Thymus, May 2015)

"All seems very good to me." Mr Edward Rossdale (stayed at Al Plemmirio, May 2015)

"[The website] is perfect." Mrs Marianne Granpre Moliere (stayed at Acquamarina, May 2015)

"Well presented with accurate and attractive pictures. [The brochure] is good to be different and it gives a reassurance on quality and reliability. Some older customers like to have something concrete and tangible. It is also easier to share with others and compare villas." Mrs Christine Lovell (stayed at Trullo Alice, May 2015)

"Very well, there are a lot of photos which are really important. I booked over the phone rather than online. But paying and booking extras like our boat and food hamper were really quick and easy to do following the link you sent me each time. I love the printed brochure. We spent a long time looking at the pictures of the villa we were booking online, but flicking through your brochure at home has given me a whole load of villas I would like to book for the future - it drives me to the internet to make a booking. Flicking through the brochure is much quicker and easier than going online to look at every villa you offer." Ms Anouki Brownlow (stayed at Lithia, May 2015)

"Yes, nice to receive the brochure." Mrs Lucy Shaughnessy (stayed at Rocca delle Tre Contrade, May 2015)

"Amazing photos... Our place was well depicted." Ms Dilys Farney (stayed at Ortigia, May 2015)

"Much superior website, what you see is what you get. You can trust The Thinking Traveller right from the minute you land on the website. [The brochure] gives you time to enjoy choosing, it's all part of the experience." Mrs Rebecca Howard (stayed at Christina, May 2015)

"Absolutely brilliant website. Again, fantastic [brochure], beautifully produced and lovely pictures. We loved it!" Mr and Mrs Simon and Sophie Hill (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, May 2015)

"Excellent, clear and almost personal feel to the site. You know your locations and the villas, which makes review and booking very simple. [The brochure] is very nice to have." Mr Cyrus Kapadia (stayed at Le Corti di Cannamara, May 2015)

"Very thorough [website]. [The brochure] was very nicely done." Ms Anne Pappas (stayed at Casa Nuvola, May 2015)

"Receiving [the brochure] is a nice keepsake and will be useful for future reference." Mr Simon Mcelligott (stayed at Filoniki, May 2015)

"Your website was the reason we booked with you. It was easy to get information and to connect with real people quickly. Also, as we booked it was easy to firm up our plans. [The brochure] allows us to show the rentals to our friends who might enjoy a villa rental. It is also a beautiful book to leave on our coffee table. It also places all information in an easy accessible format." Mrs Tanya Gitto (stayed at Balu', May 2015)

"I particularly liked the printed brochure and other printed literature we received." Mr Mario Thomas (stayed at Casa dei Gabbiani, May 2015)

"It's a beautiful brochure and makes it simple to compare villas in the first instance." Mrs Glenda Shirbin (stayed at Althea, May 2015)

"[The brochure] is great to receive plus the pdf!" Ms Chantal Koster (stayed at Lamia Bianca, May 2015)

"[The brochure] is really helpful and very handy." Mr Edgar van Tuyll (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo , May 2015)

"[The brochure] is a lot easier than looking up in the internet. It does make you want to visit again." Mr John Gageby (stayed at Cala Bianca, May 2015)

"The site is excellent. One of the reasons for picking our trip to Sicily was the availability of the beautiful villas you offer." Mr Edward Lindsay (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, May 2015)

"Excellent site. Outstanding [brochure]." Mrs Marion Patrick (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, May 2015)

"Very professional, beautiful presentation and very informative. Sold us immediately!" Mr Bob Reichenfeld (stayed at Casa al Faro , May 2015)

"Lots more photos - very good. Nicely produced [brochure]." Mr David Forsdyke (stayed at Jasmine , May 2015)

"Yes, it is useful to browse through before and after the holiday and to be able to show other people." Mrs Sally Browne (stayed at Azzura, April-May 2015)

"Very good." Mr Alan Brooks (stayed at Acquamarina, April-May 2015)

"We loved all the printed materials we received. Very nice touch and very helpful." Mr Micah Hurt (stayed at Villa Specchia, April 2015)

"Far superior to other companies. I like the printed brochure on my coffee table." Ms Angela Oglesby (stayed at Brezza di Mare, April 2015)

"All the information needed is there and easy to find. It's a beautiful and inspiring brochure that makes me want to travel again! Much better than online brochure only." Ms Johanna Reder (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, April 2015)

"It is a pleasant website, easy to navigate." Mrs Margreet van der Zee (stayed at Acquamarina, April 2015)

"Everything was explained perfectly." Mrs Maryanne Young (stayed at Baia dei Turchi, April 2015)

"Great information - thanks." Mrs Sarah Kinnoch (stayed at Casa Nuvola, April 2015)

"The information is incredibly useful and well-presented, especially the great photos, comprehensive lists of features at each location, and attention paid to specifying distances by foot and car to amenities. This isn't so much a brochure as a coffee table book! A pure pleasure to look at - we've already given our spare copy to a friend." Mrs Helen Hardy (stayed at Brezza di Mare, March-April 2015)

"Photographs were beautiful and accurately showed villas The booklet with information about the villa and directions was very helpful." Mr Frederick Wickham (stayed at Casa Nuvola, March-April 2015)

"Your publications are great, much of what was sent was very valuable." Ms Christine Berrettini (stayed at Mila, March-April 2015)

"The website was very informative with good photographs and details of all your villas. The brochure was like a coffee table book packed with all the information we needed and full of really good photographs." Mr Bruce Rankin (stayed at Ballata, March 2015)

"The brochure and related materials were excellent -- the practical information offered really made a material difference in the quality of our trip. These materials are the first thing I mention when recommending you to friends and colleagues. They are very much worth the investment." Mr Casey Halladay (stayed at Trullo Gaura, December 2014)

"The booking process was the best I had experienced. The advice received about which villa would be the most family-friendly was spot on, and the villa was exactly as described." Mrs Jasmine Cohen (stayed at Masseria Curti Vecchi, August 2014)

"Really useful information about pool sizes, distance from shops,etc." Mr Mark Sadler (stayed at Tenuta ai Fichi, November 2014)

"It is very well laid out and easy to navigate. No improvements necessary. I appreciate it because I'm always dreaming about the next trip. Your brochure gives me lots of ideas for future. Keep it coming." Mr Richard Frey (stayed at Corte del Sole, September 2014)

"Absolutely. It was a great guide and set the scene well." Mr Andrew Grech (stayed at Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, September 2014)

"I liked that I could enter my information on the site rather than sending documents. The website was easy to use and set out in a way that was not fussy or confusing at all. It was good to see pictures of the Villa as well. Receiving the brochure was much better than anything you can view online. We loved being able to leaf through pre holiday as well as post holiday. It was good to show others and to made us think about booking for next year!!" Mr Tim Curteis (stayed at Helena, September 2014)

"I think the numerous photographs are very helpful as this is something I look for when choosing a house. I felt the brochure was of great help especially the directions with photographs they were very helpful!" Mr Colm Gaynor (stayed at Villa Blanca, September 2014)

"Very accurate website and helpful with our planning. Absolutely! We ended up using the printed brochure the entire time we were there." Ms Martha Lam (stayed at Daphne, September 2014)

"The website has a beautiful lay out, the photos are professional and the informations about the villas and the area are detailed. Yes, offline brochures adds an exclusive touch." Miss Dorottya Lantos (stayed at Daphne, July 2014)

"The site contained everything I would want - pictures, description, pricing, contact information, etc. I did value greatly the brochure and continue to look at it. I believe you may benefit from it as it may produce future rentals from your customers." Mr Richard Grebe (stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, August 2014)

"We love the fact that there are so many pictures of the accommodation and area. The brochure is pretty but we always look on the website to get more information and then speak to Vicky - our personal expert!" Mr Mark Sadler (stayed at Althea, September 2014)

"The best website in comparison." Ms Ebaa Alawaji (stayed at Villa Specchia, July 2014)

"The website compares very well. It seems to illicit sighs from everyone who opens it... in a good way! Yes we did, it lived in the bathroom for lengthly perusal whilst we deliberated about which to choose - so much easier than a computer or ipad. Although the website is good too." Mrs Jo Dennis (stayed at Zeffiro, September 2014)

"The website is better than other websites because it is truly interactive. It was easy to schedule in villa cooking and order wine. Brochure: Absolutely. It's fantastic." Mr Joseph Rosio (stayed at Lo Scoglio, September 2014)

"Yes - showed friends the brochure who have also booked. Good to refer to." Ms Christina O'Dell (stayed at Lo Scoglio, August-September 2014)

"I actually found myself thumbing through the brochure quite a lot; it serves a different function to a website and I'll probably continue going through it. Its a very convenient and in many ways alluring document to go through. You should keep it up." Mrs Delyth Turner-Harriss (stayed at Le Chicas, August-September 2014)

"The website is very easy to use. Yes I thought the brochure was very nice to be able to show others the bills available." Ms Nicki Evans (stayed at Penio, August-September 2014)

"The brochure contains everything that a traveller requires. Absolutely, despite being in the digital world, nothing beats having a hard copy." Mrs Rosemary Neale (stayed at Althea, September 2014)

"Excellent. I like the ability to book mark villas. I love the brochure, I return to it often to consider future options." Dr Elizabeth Stokes (stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, September 2014)

"I like getting the printed version. And your is indeed excellent." Mr Bruce Cornick (stayed at Filoniki, September 2014)

"Yes I often look through the brochure wishing to spend time at most of the villas!" Ms Karen Hopson (stayed at Pikermi, August-September 2014)

"The website is good and provides lots of useful information to help make an informed decision about which villa best suits one's needs." Dr Suzanne MacLeod (stayed at Lo Scoglio, September 2014)

"The website was very useful and easy to access. All of our questions were replied to promptly. Yes we do. The brochure was very helpful and full of great information." Ms Robert B Orler (stayed at Villa Principe di Lumia, September 2014)

"Absolutely! Thought everything you provided was marvellous - such a treat to receive it in the post too!" Ms Daryl Stevenson (stayed at Al Plemmirio, September 2014)

"Beautifully presented, guidebook quality materials." Ms Katie Bowman (stayed at Villa San Vincenzo, September 2014)

"Yes, the brochure also gave me the opportunity to show friends and family what you have to offer." Miss Annette Wilson (stayed at Poggio Pigio, September 2014)

"Head and shoulders above other sites. Nothing. Brochure was excellent and shall be treated as a collectable." Mr Thomas Whitlock (stayed at Cjase Madrac, August-September 2014)

"Excellent. Good to have access to more photographs than in the brochure. I think the brochure is really useful. It was certainly our starting point to compile our short list in order to research further on your website." Mrs Janet Clydesdale (stayed at Althea, August-September 2014)

"Professional website and very appealing lay out. I actually think that the website and brochure understate the beauty of the setting and the views. The gardens were really stunning. The villa was homely and had everything that we wanted." Mr Michael Lambert (stayed at Buzza Alta, August-September 2014)

"Your website was the best of any I had looked at whilst looking at Villa properties. It was organized, easy to follow, and the photography was beautiful, which really is a draw. The printed brochure was gorgeous and amazing, and I read it for many nights whilst propped up in bed!!!" Ms Carol Richman (stayed at Pietra Nera, August-September 2014)

"I appreaciated the brochure a lot, so I can look through it without any hurry." Mag Annette Heller (stayed at Azzura, August-September 2014)

"Look at brochure all the time, and value it." Mrs Sheena Smith (stayed at Poggio Pigio, August 2014)

"Love the website. First class brochure." Mr Ryan Hardy (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, August 2014)

"The website was very accurate, and user friendly. if anything the photos understate the beauty of the place. The information was very accurate regarding the surrounding area." Mr Gaby Charbachy (stayed at Badia, August 2014)

"Excellent. The Villa looked even better then the pictures!" Ms Christine Vachon (stayed at Il Palmento dei Castagni, August 2014)

"Good website - comprehensive information. Yes, very much so. We prefer to have a brochure in our hands to browse at leisure rather than using the internet." Mr Robert Lown (stayed at Helena, August 2014)

"Website far superior to other travel companies." Ms Frances Holliday (stayed at Casina Elia, August 2014)

"Definitely nice to have a printed brochure - useful when the family is sitting around the table discussing their holiday options." Dr Mark Dorgan (stayed at Palazzo Colucci, August 2014)

"Very easy to navigate with plenty of photos to get a feel for the place and area. I love having the physical brochure - bed time reading at its best and being able to flip from one villa to the next by turning a page is a nice experience!" Miss Rowena Miller (stayed at Badia, August 2014)

"Absolutely - we actually could have relied solely on the brochure without purchasing one in the UK." Mr Mark Nightingale (stayed at Casale Castelluzzo, August 2014)

"YES. I like to use the brochure as well as the website. I find they compliment each other and make it easier to narrow down where we want to go." Ms Caroline Costello (stayed at Akrothea, August 2014)

"We thought the website was excellent and acturately reflected the villa we were visiting. The brochure was excellent quality and well produced but we didn't really need it as the website was so good." Mrs Martina Milburn (stayed at Il Canneto, August 2014)

"It was excellent, very clear and well designed." Mrs Clare Bloxidge (stayed at Melina, August 2014)

"Yes, very much so. If anything the brochure serves as a very good coffee table book to flick through and daydream about being back in the Med." Mr Aaron MacGregor (stayed at Scale Nove, July 2014)

"Excellent. Loved seeing location and info about the area." Ms Felicity Blunt (stayed at Villa Blanca, August 2014)

"Your website is clear and easy to use. The improvements have helped to make searches (private pool, no car required etc) much easier. It is lovely to have a flip through the brochure and see the properties but I tend to do most searches online." Mrs Tara Heron (stayed at Trullo Selva, August 2014)

"It's way better and more accurate than other website I saw. The Brochure is a plus, it's nice to have the brochure under your eyes in your house." Mrs Simona Stevens (stayed at Cubo al Mare, July-August 2014)

"if anything the photo's of the villa didn't do it credit, we were genuinely surprised when we arrived. yes, it's nice to be able to move easily between villa's and to be able to compare / contrast." Mr Richard Fernandes (stayed at Gli Ulivi, August 2014)

"There were so many pictures to look at it really gave you a feel for the villa. I have often found that you only get 2 or 3 photos and these tend to be of the "best" areas of the villa. The photography was great although the villa was so much better when we saw it. I do not think any photo could do it justice. The information given was excellent." Mrs Yvonne Bennett (stayed at Buzza Alta, August 2014)

"We find your website is very easy to follow, and what you see on the website is what you get. Yes we do. It's great to have the brochure on our coffee table for visitors to also browse through." Mr Andrew Tramonte (stayed at Ballata, July 2014)

"The book is great for inspiration. It entices to find your next holiday spot." Mr Wiggert Deelen (stayed at Lilli, July-August 2014)

"Your website is fantastic, we're really tempted to try out all the villas. But Estiva is much more beautiful in real than on the pictures!" Frau Sasha Foster (stayed at Estiva, July 2014)

"The Brochure spurred us on and was inspiring." Ms Jennifer Doebler (stayed at Trullo Gaura, July 2014)

"The Website is structured clearly and the offer transparent and very near to the reality. 150% yes! Despite the fact that we are members of the digital native generation I treat the printed book as "a must have". Everyday when I pass my book case going to work the feelings of our holidays come out of it." Mr Simon Osterwalder (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, July-August 2014)

"I think there is still great value in having a hard copy brochure to peruse and compare." Mr Jeremy Stretch (stayed at Scale Nove, July-August 2014)

"The website is beautiful. No suggestions for changes. Yes. Found the brochure useful to show friends and family. Adds credibility to you organization and makes you stand out. Target audience still uses print." Ms Rose Vespa (stayed at Ai Trulli, July-August 2014)

"Think you have it all covered, lots of clear photos of the villa itself and surrounding areas - very clear also appreciate the feedback from other guests who have stayed in your villas. Yes please do not stop. Your brochure is the ideal reference to find a villa you like in the location you want and then go to the website to look at more pics and info." Mrs Sam Cope (stayed at Mia, July-August 2014)

"Preparation was very well done. The villa looks exactly like the pictures." Mr Giancarlo Caldognetto (stayed at Mia, July 2014)

"Great website with beautiful photos. The book and all materials are amazing and very much appreciated. I think this sets you apart from those who only focus on electronic marketing and materials." Mrs Allison Brant (stayed at La Pergola, July 2014)

"The TT website was excellent on all fronts, presentation of each property, depth of detail given regarding all aspects of booking a villa, client testimonials, services offered, the list is endless." Miss Treena McWilliams (stayed at Villa Armerina, July 2014)

"Your website is excellent. Perfect. Wonderful map and brochure. They proved very useful." Ms Carla Cullati (stayed at Trullo Terra Dolce, July 2014)

"It was very informative and the pictures were accurate." Mrs Roxanne Angotta (stayed at Oriente, July 2014)

"I think sometimes it is easier to flick through a book to see if something grabs you." Mrs Carolyn Barker-Mill (stayed at Barbati Point House, July 2014)

"The website was very good and area specific. The brochure was excellent." Mr Philip Spencer (stayed at Palazzo Ducale Guarini, July 2014)

"As far as we were concerned your website was the most accurate and informative that I have come across - across many countries and levels of properties too often companies fail to deliver thier online promises." Mr David Johnston (stayed at Al Olivar, July 2014)

"Its way better. You get a good feel for the place that you are staying in with the great selection of photos. The brochure is excellent. I have one in the office which people randomly leaf through. However, i think the website covers all i need." Mr James Price (stayed at Badia, July 2014)

"The website is fantastic and one of the easiest to use. The brochure is amazing. All my work colleagues keep flicking through it." Miss Catherine Villiger (stayed at Egesta, July 2014)

"Website is excellent. Is easy to use and very comprehensive. The best I have experienced. Yes, the printed book I received was a surprise. It enhanced the feeling that I was dealing with a very professional, efficient and "up market" organisation handling quality properties. The information on the website regarding the property we rented was accurate." Mrs Andrea Hay (stayed at Trullo del Sale, June 2014)

"The brochures and information provided were excellent. The brochure was very helpful both before and during the holiday." Ms Carolyn Gray (stayed at Lamia Bianca, June-July 2014)

"I can look offline. It also gives you the appearance of professionalism. I'm heavily involved in the digital industry but still think that there is a major place for marketing through such brochures." Mr Francis Charig (stayed at Casa Arena, June-July 2014)

"The website is very comprehensive and informative. The brochure is a Nice addition to website." Ms Judith Proudfoot (stayed at Cinnamon, June-July 2014)

"It is better than most websites. Yes, it is a beautiful book and lovely to be able to refer to it without having to use a computer, which makes it very useful for recommending it to friends." Mrs Wendy Legg (stayed at Azzura, June-July 2014)

"Very good website, once used for a while it became very easy to navigate. First class paper products all around. Great touch with pictures in the driving directions." Mr Mark Schiavoni (stayed at Crossing The Rock, July 2014)

"Prior to booking with ThinkSicily, I spent quite a bit of time on your competition's website. As I think back, I would have to say your site if far more rich in detail and photos. What I also found helpful was the general information about Sicily." Anne Maxfield (stayed at Casa Nuvola, June-July 2014)

"It is a beautiful book and lovely to be able to refer to it without having to use a computer, which makes it very useful for recommending it to friends." Wendy Legg (stayed at Azzurra, June-July 2014)

"Website is very comprehensive and informative." Judith Proudfood (stayed at Cinnamon, June-July 2014)

"Your service and website is great and I'd definitely use you're whichever location you chose to expand in to. Not only that, I would recommend to friends and family. Even your feedback service speaks volumes about the quality of your business." Dave Monk (stayed at Pikermi, June-July 2014)

"Photographs are excellent and not misleading. Superb brochure-really appreciate receiving it and it certainly sells villa holidays!" Hugh Arthur (stayed at Ondine, June 2014)

"This is nice and helpful. Allows chance to review when not connected to the web." Cuneyt Alper (stayed at Il Gabbiano, June 2014)

"Great for pre planning and continual reference." Joseph Melchione (stayed at Pietra Nera, June 2014)

"It was very special to receive your beautiful brochure and it will definitely take pride of place on our coffee table!" Emma Nairn (stayed at Pikermi, June 2014)

"The brochure was a wonderful surprise. All our friends love reading it." Donna Fabris (stayed at Clementina, June 2014)

"It is by far better than any other site I have seen. Everything is there to help make a decision on the destination and the property." Josée Letarte (stayed at Lilaea, June 2014)

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