Guaranteed prices


Variable or fixed currency?

We know our clients enjoy the flexibility of choosing between £, $ and € when they come to pay, and so we've worked hard to find a way to offer payment in several currencies that does not require us to inflate our prices to account for exchange rate risk, or worse to risk having to apply a surcharge (something we have NEVER done, and NEVER will do).

The Thinking Traveller's unique pricing system means that when you book your villa, you can choose to EITHER lock in at today's exchange rate (FIXED) or bet that it will get more favourable for you (VARIABLE).

To lock into a FIXED rate… pay your deposit now in USD or GBP, and we’ll lock in the rate, so when you come to pay your balance you’ll pay at exactly the same rate, whether you pay it now, or next year!

To bet on a VARIABLE rate, pay your deposit now in EUR, and when you come to pay the balance in EUR, you’ll automatically be charged at the going rate at that time.

N.B. you can select which currency you want to pay in when you confirm your booking using our online booking management system and the currency and amount of your outstanding balance will be calculated automatically.

N.B. Because we buy currency forward at the rates we use to calculate your price in Dollars or Sterling, you will not be able to change your selected currency for the balance once you have paid the deposit.


NO "currency surcharges" ... EVER.. and that's a promise!

Whether you pay in Euros, Pounds Sterling or US Dollars, the price on the web at the time you book is the price you will pay, independent of exchange rate fluctuations.

Many operators apply surcharges when exchange rates fluctuate. Thanks to our pricing model, The Thinking Traveller has never asked for an exchange rate surcharge, and never will.

We accept payment with any major credit card in EUR, GBP or USD. Please note that there are no extra charges for payments made by credit or debit card.


Financial Security

When you book with The Thinking Traveller, you have the peace of mind that goes with booking with an established operator which has been working in the villa rental business for over 10 years.

When you use a credit card to pay for your holiday, you will also benefit from the guarantees offered by your card issuer, ensuring that you would be reimbursed in full should we cease to trade. That is a measure of the confidence Barclays (our bank) has in The Thinking Traveller.

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