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Our story by Rossella & Huw Beaugié

Huw  Rossella founders  The Thinking Traveller

The dream behind The Thinking Traveller was forged in 2000 in the magmatic crucible of the Aeolian Islands. The morning after a night-time ascent of an incandescent Stromboli, we descended to the coast below, dived into the transparent cobalt waters, and made our decision. In 2002, we founded The Thinking Traveller.

Since then, we’ve been on a voyage around the Mediterranean that has so far taken us from Rossella’s homeland of Sicily to Puglia, the Ionian Islands, the Sporades Islands, and Corsica. No matter where we go, our passion and our core values remain unchanged, as does our mission: to hear our clients say, “That was the best holiday we’ve ever had. We’ll be back.”

We very much look forward to welcoming you (back) to one of our exceptional, exclusive villas soon.

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Our mission

Infinity pool  villa Rocca delle Tre Contrade Sicily

Our mission at The Thinking Traveller is simple: to hear our clients say “That was the best holiday we’ve ever had… we’ll be back”.

Our aim is also simple: to be the first port of call for anyone wishing to book a quality villa experience in the heart of the Mediterranean.

To achieve this, we provide our clients with access to:

  • - our collection of exceptional villas, all exclusively available through us
  • - our unrivalled local knowledge
  • - our extra-mile personal service

Our values

  • Exclusive villas

    We offer only exceptional villas: we’re defined by the quality of our villas and take on less than 1% of those we are offered. All our villas are offered exclusively through us, because only then can we create enduring partnerships and take a hands-on role in delivering the quality our clients have come to expect.

  • Local knowledge

    We’re always informed: whether we’re helping clients choose their perfect villa, planning the details of their holiday, or supporting them whilst they’re away, we make it our business to know and to communicate to our clients what’s what, who’s who and how things work.

  • Personal service

    We always go the extra mile. Our greatest desire is to deliver exceptional experiences, exceed expectations, demonstrate flexibility and provide peace of mind to our clients.

  • Peace of mind

    We’re proactive and we understand that little things can mean a great deal. Our clients know that we’re with them all the way and that they can rely on us for anything they might need.

  • Thoughtfulness

    We always behave thoughtfully, considerately, honestly, proactively, passionately and with integrity.

Our team
The Thinking Traveller team

A growing business offering such high-end, bespoke service requires a great team of people and careful management. From just the two of us with an idea, The Thinking Traveller now numbers over 60 members of staff in London, Sicily, Puglia, the Greek Islands, Corsica and, since October 2018, New York.

We are a multi-national, multi-cultural, polyglot group of travel professionals with a thirst for knowledge, a passion for detail, an extra-mile attitude, and a shared love of all things Mediterranean. We hail from all over the world, from New Zealand to New York and from South Africa to South America, and we speak over 20 languages (and several dialects). We hold degrees, MAs and PhDs in engineering, biology, languages, sociology, photography, literature, Arabic, international business, tourism, marketing, translation, IT, drama, music and more. When we’re not enjoying ourselves at work, we’re marathon runners, bakers, singers, cyclists, cooks, hikers, sailors, wine connoisseurs, dancers, kick-boxers, fencers, actors, and mothers and fathers.

The Thinking Traveller’s joined-up team of passionate specialists works hand-in-hand to ensure your holiday is a complete success.
Here’s a little summary of who you will be in contact with and when, should you decide to book your next holiday with us:

  • Infinity pool villa Akrothea Ionian Islands Greece

    Villa Specialists

    Your first contact at The Thinking Traveller will most likely be with one of our Villa Specialists. Their aim is to help you identify the perfect villa(s) and destination(s) for you and your group.

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  • Private guided tour Alberobello town, Puglia

    Experience Specialists

    Once your booking is confirmed, you will be contacted by one of our Experience Specialists, who will have been briefed about your plans by your Villa Specialist. The aim of our Experience Specialists is to make your holiday both a logistical breeze and the experience of a lifetime.

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  • Local concierge service The Thinking Traveller

    Local Concierges

    From the eve of your holiday until the day of your return home, you’ll be looked after by one of our Local Concierges. They too will have been briefed about all elements of your holiday.

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The Thinking Traveller team

"The Thinking Traveller's service is amazing! Coordinated from before you travel through to arrival, it is wonderfully settling and high-end. We were seamlessly handed to the company's people on the ground and to the staff at the villa to give us a warm welcome. The Thinking Traveller is a game changer for the travel industry, which needs to wake up to the needs of the luxury customer." - Douglas Ker, UK

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