Think Ionian Islands: some answers you might be looking for

Below you will find the questions our clients most frequently ask us that relate specifically to the Ionian Islands. To see questions about Sicily or Puglia, or to return to our general FAQ, please use the links below:

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    Think Ionian Islands FAQ


    Q. Do we need to rent a car?
    A. For the majority of our villas, which are not easily accessible by any other means, we strongly advise you rent a car. This is also the case if you are intending to tour around and see the sights: public transport is often not terribly reliable or available. If you prefer not to drive, take a look at our selection of villas within walking distance of shops and restaurants.

    Q. Do you arrange flights or car hire?
    A. We do not arrange flights or car hire. Our site does, however, have a definitive list of flights to The Ionian Islands from all over the world with links through to the various airlines. For car hire, we have a link through to a car hire search engine, which will help you find the best prices and deals available.

    Q. Where can we fly to/from?
    A. The closest airport to Lefkada and Meganissi is Preveza, which is about 25 minutes drive from Lefkas town. it is served by scheduled and charter flights from several European cities. Next closest is Araxos (Patras), which is also served from all over Europe, and is about 2 hours 40 minutes drive from Lefkas town. After that come Athens and Thessaloniki on the Greek mainland, or flights to the Ionian Islands of Corfu or Kephalonia, followed by a ferry trip and a car transfer. For more information see our definitive list of flights to The Ionian Islands

    Q. What's driving in Greece like?
    A. In Lefkada and Meganissi, towns are not particularly large and so driving on public roads is not particularly challenging. Access to some villas can be along steep and/or unmade roads and where this arises we will always advise clients.

    Q. How safe are the Ionian Islands?
    A. Greece is a very safe place! In larger towns, such as Lefkas are fine as long as you take the normal precautions. In the smaller towns muggings or bag-snatching are virtually unheard of.