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What our clients enjoyed most about their destination

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We love to hear what our clients most appreciated about Sicily, Puglia and the Ionian Islands. Below you can read hundreds of comments about our clients' favourite things and recommendations.

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The Ionian Islands



What our clients enjoyed most about Sicily

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In 2009 readers of Condé Nast Traveller voted Sicily as their favourite destination and in 2012, their favourite island, citing its history, culture, hospitality, cuisine and wine... We find that our clients have much the same opinion! So don't take our word for it, see what they have to say and start planning your holiday to one of the top destinations in the world!

Find out more about Sicily from our on-line guide to Sicily >>

"The goats. The cheese. The breeze." Catherine Villiger (stayed at Egesta, July 2014)

"We expected good food, warm weather, plentiful historical ruins and a beautiful ocean. We did not realize just how physically beautiful Sicily is. Further, although not cheap to get to from the US, it is much less expensive then many parts of Europe once you are there. Finally, even though we were there in the middle of July, it never seemed crowded to us. Sicily greatly exceeded our expectations." Peter Charvat (stayed at Le Sorbe, July 2014)

"Everything! food,wine,lovely historical buildings. Cefalu was a delight. Sea is crystal clear,people were great,nice that we had to make an effort with the language as not too touristy." Sally Pyke (stayed at Casa Nuvola, July 2014)

"Ideal combination of amazing sea/beaches, sublime food, extensive history/culture (Noto, Ortigia, Ragusa, Modica...) and fantastic weather. The perfect destination." Emilioano Ragnini (stayed at Clementina, July 2014)

"Etna erupting! The wine tour was so much better than any wine tasting we have done previously, and the wine was a very high standard." Stacey Curran (stayed at Pietra Nera, June-July 2014)

"(i) The scenery; (ii) The scenery." Francis Charig (stayed at Casa de Arena, June-July 2014)

"The beautiful scenery and the prices of food are very reasonable. Quality of produce and meat was great." Charles Best (stayed at Egesta, June 2014)

"We visited last year, so we know the area pretty well now. We were again surprised by the warmth and friendliness of everyone we met: in several restaurants people actually remembered us from last year." John Vater (stayed at Casa delle Sirene, June-July 2014)

"We found Cefalu a wonderful town with lovely streets to wander around, super restaurants to lunch in and a great beach with the choice of sun beds or places to just put your towel down and enjoy. The hill towns such as Castell Buono are wonderful to walk around and just sit in the evening in the square and get the feel of local life." Jennifer Wells (stayed at Pizzo Castellaro, June-July 2014)

"The villa was lovely especially having our own pool and beach! The weather was perfect, so hot!" Hannah Russell (stayed at Buzza Alta, June-July 2014)

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What our clients most enjoyed about Puglia

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There's so much to see and do in Puglia, whether you are a beach fanatic or a culture vulture! Take a look at our definitive on-line guide to Puglia or download a copy of our App guide, "A Portrait of Puglia" available free for iPhone and iPad from iTunes.

Here's what our clients most appreciated:  

"Was our first visit to Puglia. We thoroughly enjoyed, particularly the contrast after spending 2 weeks on the Amalfi coast. Was far less "touristy" and less crowded and good value for money. We particularly enjoyed the food and the ability to be able to drive to a different town each day within 20-30 minutes, all with interesting historical centres. The highway network made this relatively easy. We also like the fact that beaches, with clear, clean water and good beach clubs were close to the villa." Andrea Hay (stayed at Trullo del Sale, June 2014)

"We had the in villa Cook and that was a really fantastic dinner, would really recommend it." Thomas Petersen (stayed at Gli Ulivi, July 2014)

"The beauty of the surroundings, the delicious food and the lack of foreign travelers." Marco and Susan Zarbin (stayed at Lo Scoglio, June-July 2014)

"Beautiful cities to explore and great beaches. The people were really polite and helpful and the food was great. My husband was also able to kitesurf." Lucienne Agius (stayed at Bosco degli Ulivi, June-July 2014)

"Castro..marina and upper village....non-touristy! world cup under the stars with local folks!" Jeff Ives (stayed at Il Gelso, June 2014)

"Gastronomy experience. Very friendly people." Christopher Claridge (stayed at Trullo Selva, June 2014)

"That is was not too touristy, that it was so very charming, access to cute towns like Lecce and Cisternino...the trulli and landscape were wonderful and unique." Janet Shaw (stayed at Trullo Rosmarino, June 2014)

"We have traveled quite a lot in Italy and came to just enjoy the rural Puglia. Wild beaches, small mountain villages, olive groves, and of course, cuisine." Siret Zirk (stayed at Tenuta ai Fichi, June 2014)

"We loved how unspoilt it was and how few people spoke English, Lecce was a complete surprise and we will definitely return." Vivienne Findlay (stayed at Villa San Vincenzo, June 2014)

"Visiting the nearby towns, the great food and wine." Hannah Levy (stayed at Masseria Cisterna Rossa, May-June 2014)

"As we know Puglia for many years, just the beautiful villa was a real surprise! A wonderful place!" Manfred Rechberger (stayed at Villa Elia, June 2014)

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What our clients most enjoyed about The Ionian Islands

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We love the Ionian Islands for their unspoilt beauty, glorious sandy beaches, charming villages and friendly locals. Don't take our word for it, however!

Here's what our clients most appreciated:

"Views, how unspoillt it was and ease of whole journey- water taxi was great." Maggie Britt (stayed at Melina, July 2014)

"Views from Villa, local food, hiring a boat to travel round coast." John Rampton (stayed at Christina, July 2014)

"Loved Greek friendliness and hospitality." Deborah Sutton (stayed at Phoebe, July 2014)

"The beauty of the islands and the clear sea with the pine forests was stunning and views from the villa amazing. Very nice trip on boat organised by Lida and much enjoyed the small boats we hired for the day. Local people very friendly and local eating out good value." Lord Carnarvon (stayed at Lilaea, June-July 2014)

"Beautiful coastline, delicious food and friendly people. Weather was just right!" Tamsin Rose (stayed at Elektra, June-July 2014)

"The views were fantastic and Sivota a lovely little harbour with good restaurants. We took a boat out one day and that was good fun." Jane Stoakes (stayed at Althea, June-July 2014)

"Meganissi was quiet, you don't need a car, you can access everything by boat or by walking. The villa is a perfect place to unwind, relax and then re-charge your batteries." Hugh Arthur (stayed at Ondine, June 2014)

"The vistas are amazing, the mountains on the islands are majestic, the beaches are gorgeous, the villages are charming, people are polite and relaxed, local wine is great, we ate very well. We really enjoyed going to the beautiful beaches - and there are so many to choose from! Lefkada is a beautiful, unpretentious, laid-back island where one can completely relax and recharge. " Josée Letarte (stayed at Lilaea, June 2014)

"Going to Ithica on a hired boat and jumping off the boat into the most beautiful water to a deserted beach filled with white egg shaped pebbles." Susan Mitnick (stayed at Akrothea, June 2014)

"It is very friendly, clean and reasonable prices to eat out etc." Caroline Abbott (stayed at Althea, June 2014)

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