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The Ultimate List of Summer Travel Destinations in the Med
by Clare Evans
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The Ultimate List of Summer Travel Destinations in the Med

The Ultimate List of Summer Travel Destinations in the Med
Read our ultimate guide to the best summer travel destinations, featuring some of the Mediterranean's best-kept secrets. Discover your top summer destination here.
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The allure of the Mediterranean summer sun beckons, with the promise of warm waters and breathtaking destinations that offer a unique blend of culture, beauty, and relaxation. In 2024, venture beyond the usual and discover our curated selection of the best travel destinations for the summer. From the cliffside towns of Puglia to the tranquil shores of Greece's lesser-known islands, or the historic streets of Sicily to the rare scenic beauty of south Corsica, each destination promises an unforgettable escape.

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Enjoy sun-washed Puglia, Italy


The Valle d'Itria: Alberobello and Polignano a Mare

In the enchanting Valle d'Itria in the centre of Puglia, you’ll find leafy olive groves and the prettiest of historic towns. The UNESCO town of Alberobello, world-renowned for its whimsical trulli houses, offers great opportunities for sightseeing, while Polignano a Mare, perched on a 20-meter-high limestone cliff, presents stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

These towns are not just scenic wonders but also cultural hubs, making them a top choice for visitors seeking the quintessence of Italian charm in the summer months.

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Gallipoli's beachfront: La Spiaggia della Purita

As summer arrives, the seafront town of Gallipoli brims with life. Its cafes, bars, and restaurants create a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for those who enjoy lively summer nights. Gallipoli’s renowned beach, La Spiaggia della Purita, offers golden sands and turquoise waters - ideal for a day under the sun.

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Enchanting experiences in Sicily, Italy


Explore Sicily’s natural landscapes

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, offers an array of experiences that make it one of the best travel destinations for the summer. From the little-known island of Favignana to the idyllic fishing village of Marzamemi, Sicily is a tapestry of rich history and natural beauty.

For those seeking serenity this summer, Mondello's quieter beaches are a haven. Nature enthusiasts will find their paradise in the Zingaro and Vendicari nature reserves, where unspoiled landscapes meet the azure sea.

Discover Sicily’s scenic areas


Sicily’s historic towns

Sicily is also the most cosmopolitan of our summer travel recommendations. The bustling town of Taormina, perched on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, is a gem that offers both historical richness and stunning views. Its ancient Greek theatre, buzzing streets, and chic cafes make it a perfect destination for cultural exploration.

The small town of Cefalù, with its unique Norman cathedral, medieval streets, and sandy beaches, provides a unique combination of experiences for all travellers for the summer months. If you’re looking for adventure, just south of Cefalù is Madonie National Park with its charming villages and towns, delightful scenery, and impressive mountains.

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The top summer destinations in Greece

Greece, a summer favourite, offers a myriad of beautiful islands, each with its unique summery vibes. Whether you’re seeking elegant architecture, convivial festivals or secluded shores, see our recommended Greek islands to experience this summer.

  • Porto Heli – the most exclusive retreat: Porto Heli stands out as one of Greece’s best kept secrets, and is one of the more luxurious summer destinations. Situated in the eastern Peloponnese, Porto Heli is host to a cosmopolitan harbour with plenty of fine dining restaurants and secluded coves to enjoy, and is just 10 minutes from the island of


  • Syros - a cultural melting pot: Syros and its main town of Ermoupoli, the capital of the Cyclades, offers a blend of Catholic and Greek Orthodox heritage and a rich cultural tapestry. The island's elegant architecture and array of festivals provide a vibrant summer experience.

  • Tinos – imbued with Greek soul: Tinos, with its artistic traditional villages, windmills, unique dovecotes and stunning landscapes, is perfect for creatives and nature lovers alike, offering an authentic yet inspiring summer holiday destination.

  • Antiparos - dreamy and secluded: the smaller sister island of Paros, Antiparos, is favoured for its easy-going character and secluded beaches. Antiparos is the perfect choice for travellers seeking a stylish yet serene summer retreat in the Greek islands.

  • Paxos - a private paradise: the Ionian Island of Paxos, known for its crystal-clear waters and luscious landscape, is a haven for those seeking a more intimate Mediterranean getaway over the summer months, away from the typical tourist paths.

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Explore the diverse and captivating Corsica, France

For those seeking a blend of scenic experiences and gastronomic delights, Corsica is an ideal choice. This French island provides a quieter alternative to the usual Mediterranean hotspots, great for both family holidays and romantic getaways. From the pristine beaches to its dramatic mountains, Corsica's diverse landscape is captivating.

The harbour town of Porto Vecchio offers a cosmopolitan flair, while Bonifacio, a fortress town, is steeped in history. The island's versatility makes it one of the best travel destinations for the summer, offering something for everyone in your group.

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Find your summer destination

Whether you're a beach lover, a history buff, or a food enthusiast, each of these Mediterranean locations promises an unforgettable experience. If you’d like to know more about these sun-kissed destinations, speak to our Villa Specialists, who can help you plan your next summer getaway. And once you have booked you will be connected with your Local Specialist who lives near your villa - they will be able to help organise the finer details of your trip: restaurant bookings, private chefs, group tours and more.