Villa Armerina, part of our historical Leopard collection


Villa Armerina is a splendid example of Sicilian Baroque architecture and dates back to 1690. It was built by a local noble family as a hunting lodge and used frequently for holidays away from the hustle and bustle of Piazza Armerina.

The symmetry of the Sicilian Baroque façade is characterized by the family coat of arms (carried by an eagle) and by the wrought-iron “goose breast” railings on the balconies. The master bedroom still has a splendid, original sleeping alcove while most of the doors are embellished with stucco decorations.

Due to its distance from town, the owners set up a small chapel on the ground floor where Mass could be celebrated on Sundays. Indeed, around the back of the villa you can still see the bell that was used to call the family to prayer. It is also thought that this relatively secluded spot was very popular with the young men of the family who used it for their romantic trysts.

In the 19th Century a cottage was built nearby for the farm’s workmen. This was later enlarged to provide storage space for grain.

Today the villa has been carefully restored conserving as many original elements and furnishings as possible.

Arrival is down an impressive cypress-flanked driveway giving intimations of the grandeur and class awaiting you.

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