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If your villa doesn't have a cook included in the rental price, no problem. You can book a cook at all our villas for as many or as few meals as you like. Here is a step by step guide to hiring a cook during your stay in Sicily.

Before you leave

1. If having a cook is an important requirement, inform your Experience Specialist and let them know which days you would like a cook.

2. Inform your Experience Specialist of your requirements as soon as possible before your departure, letting them know of any special dietary requirements, i.e. allergies, group members who don't eat meat, shellfish, etc. Remember the food will be traditional Sicilian cuisine. It may be possible to hire the cook for further meals while you are in Sicily but this will depend on availability. An administration fee of €30 is payable at the time of booking the in-villa cook service.

4. You can expect a 3 or 4-course meal consisting of antipasti, a pasta dish, a second course and a dessert. To give you an idea of the kind of things you may eat, please look at our recipe page. What is sure is that the ingredients will be whatever's seasonal when you're there (Sicilian cuisine follows the seasons rigorously and no two days’ fishing catches are the same). General preferences such as meat or fish will be communicated to the cooks and if you have a particular favourite dish, we will try to accommodate you wherever possible.

NB This service is subject to the availability. We cannot, therefore, guarantee it will always be possible to organise. Cooks should be paid directly, both for ingredients (receipts will be provided) and for the service.

Once in Sicily

This is an example of how things will typically work. Our cooks are all local people who might have been working with the owners of the properties for years (sometimes it's the owners themselves!), and each will have his or her unique way of doing some things. This is part of the charm of this very Sicilian experience.

1. On the day, the cook will do all the necessary food shopping. You will be responsible for choosing and buying your own wine (this often being a very personal choice).

2. On arrival at the villa, the cook will present the receipts for the shopping. At this time it is opportune to settle the whole bill, i.e. reimburse the cost of the food and pay the cook for his/her services as agreed with Think Sicily before departure.

3. The cook may prepare the entire meal at the villa (in which case will be present for several hours) or prepare some of the food at home (depending on the type of dish). Please ensure that the kitchen is clean and ready for the cook when he/she arrives.

4. The cook will lay the table (he/she may bring an assistant). If you have paid for extra service then the cook will bring out and serve the food. If you have opted for no extra service, the cook will bring the food out and you will serve yourselves.

5. Whilst you are eating, the cook will clean the kitchen and wash up all pans, utensils, etc. that he/she has used.

6. If you have paid for extra service, the cook will do all the washing up (this may involve stacking the dishwasher where available). If you have opted for no extra service, the cook will leave after you have received dessert, and washing-up of plates, cutlery and glasses etc. will be your responsibility.

Buon Appetito!

Villas in Sicily with cook services >>

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