Villa accessibility questions check list


Guests with limited mobility or disabilities are most welcome in our villas, some of which have been audited by a professional working in the field of Accessible Travel.

In order to assist you in identifying villa that meets your requirements, however, we need to know the full medical conditions of any guests with limited mobility or disabilities travelling in your group (as is required when applying for airline assistance). With this in mind, please take a moment to consider the following questions, the answers to which will be invaluable in helping you choose your villa.

1. Do you need a room with a flat floor shower? Do you require a chair in the shower?

2. Can you walk at all – can you manage steps? If so, approximately how many.

3. Do you use any mobility equipment at home that you would require overseas?

4. Will you be bringing any mobility equipment with you?

5. Do you need to hire any mobility equipment?  We may need to know your weight and height to ensure the correct size.

6. Are you taking any medication on holiday?  If flying, a doctor’s letter may be required.

7. If you are a wheelchair user, what type of wheelchair will you be taking? – make, model, battery type (very important if electric) and dimensions including weight.

8. What type of access do you require to get into a swimming pool (e.g. a hoist , a ramp, steps or others)?

9. If hiring a car will you require an adapted car?

10. Does your bed need to be a certain height?

11. Is there any further information we should be aware of?

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