Casa Carcicera villa accessibility report


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Casa Carcicera was inspected by Lynne Kirby, Managing Director of Enable Holidays, in November 2014 in her capacity as an experienced auditor of Accessible Properties.

The information below is a summary of her findings. The information is believed to be accurate, but is offered by way of a guide only. The Thinking Traveller cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions, and it is the responsibility of our guests to ensure that the property is suitable for their requirements. To help in this regard, please provide us with all possible information about any member in your group with limited mobility or disabilities (see our question check list for more info).

Casa Carcicera ticks most of the boxes for guests with limited mobility or disabilities and over the years it has hosted guests who are both full-time and part-time wheelchair users. Below is a list of some of the positive and negative aspects for part-time and full-time wheelchair users and anybody with limited mobility.


  • Access from the car park to the front door is via a concrete ramp. 
  • The house is surrounded by a wrap-around terrace and so one can access the garden directly from the car park. 
  •  Movement throughout the garden and the pool area is fairly easy and would be suitable for a wheelchair user. There are some uneven surfaces including gravel, grass and paving stones but the majority of the garden immediately surrounding the villa is all on one level. 
  • There are 5 steps into the pool. On either side of the steps are two ledges. This effectively reduces the depth of the pool to 0,50m next to the steps and the pool gradually deepens to 3m. 
  • There is a one-sided handrail in the shallow end of the pool (new 2015). 
  • The orchard (near the parking area) is not accessible.
  • There are some uneven steps up to the raised shaded pergola behind the pool.


  •  Access to the property is over a 17cm step. There are runners that a wheelchair must get over (1.5cm – the same as patio door runners). There are two removable stone ramps to access the property with a wheelchair. 
  • Once inside the villa, access to all rooms is very good.  All internal doors are 80cm wide and there is no change in floor level. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all in one big open space with no fixed barriers. 
  • The showers in each of the en suite bathrooms have a glass partition with an access of 64cm. 
  • There is an 8cm lip into the shower to prevent the bathroom from flooding. 
  • None of the showers have a hand-held shower. 
  • There are two bathtubs inside two of the bedrooms. 
  • There are no grab rails in the bathrooms but the owner provides a shower chair if needed. 

Available facilities

  • Removable stone ramps
  • Shower chair

Facilities not available

  • Grab rails in bathrooms

Other specifications

  • Front door step - 17cm
  • Shower lip - 8cm 
  • Shower access - 64cm
  • Bed height - 50-56cm
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