Guided Tours of Syracuse


Tour Siracusa

Siracusa is definitely one of the most interesting cities in Sicily.
This 2,700-year-old city was once the greatest city in the Greek world, and stood amongst the most powerful and prosperous cities of Europe. The tour includes visits to the Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum, the main archaeological park of Neapolis, as well as some significant places of interest on the island of Ortygia, namely the Apollo Temple, the Aretusa Fontana and the Duomo, Siracusa’s magnificent cathedral that encapsulates over 2500 years of history.
Our Siracusa tour naturally begins with a visit to the superb archaeological museum Paolo Orsi, which displays an important and well organized collection of items covering the late prehistoric period up to the Magna Grecia era.
Stroll through the archaeological park of Neapolis, admiring one of the largest of all surviving Greek theatres, a Roman amphitheatre built to allow for gladiators ‘sporting’ activities, which the Greek theatre could not accommodate, and the Ear of Dionysius, a huge cavern shaped in a way that gives it surprising acoustic properties. A great many legends are associated with this cave.
In Ortigya, we stop at many important sites such as the ruins of the Apollo temple, the famed Arethusa fountain and the Piazza del Duomo, certainly one of the most suggestive Italian Baroque piazza. The cathedral structure rests on the fluted columns that pertained to a 5th century B.C.E Greek temple. Strolling the quiet streets of Ortigya, you will revel in front of splendid architectural edifices of Roman, Byzantine, Gothic-Catalan, Norman and Renaissance origins.

Syracuse walking tour with street food tasting

Walking tour of Syracuse historical district, Ortygia, led by a guide and a Sicilian food storyteller.
The tour starts with a visit to the bustling market in Ortygia, with a tasting of cheese, deli meat and other traditional food. From there you will reach the baroque heart of the city, between the sea and the light of white sandstone, amazing buildings and churches, pretty boutiques, always having some food with you: pastries, street food and many other delicious things!
A deep immersion in the culture of Sicily, where food is itself a piece of the culture.

How long: The tour last approximately 3 hours.

Eureka! Discovering Archimedes' Syracuse*

What: an archaeological workshop for children accompanied by their parents, during which the ancient history of Siracusa - home to Archimedes - is brought to life through visits to the Archaeological Museum and the Archaeological Park of Siracusa (complete with Greek theatre, Roman amphitheatre, a stone quarry and a huge ear-shaped prison!). Children are given a variety of materials and can take part in a variety of activities including discovery-games, drawing and colouring.

Who: families with children
How long: half-day including ice-cream break!

 * Please note that 'Eureka! Discovering Archimedes' Syracuse' will not be available on Mondays, as the archaeological museum is closed on this day.

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