Street food and culture in Palermo


Street food and culture in Palermo

Palermo has a centuries-old culinary tradition, with Greek, Arab, Spanish and French influences. Whether you are a food amateur or a serious foodie, this immersion into Palermitan street food will give you a good understanding of the provenance and use of many Sicilian foods, as well as of local gastronomy. During the walk, your guide, specialized in architecture or art history, will also highlight many of Palermo's artistic and architectural landmarks, including its Norman heritage, which has recently been included on the World Heritage List.

This culinary and cultural immersion commences with a stroll through the Ballarò Market, one of the liveliest places of the city, with its shouting vendors, and colourful and fragrant stalls. Your guide will discuss the history of Palermo’s historical markets, and relate it to the peculiarities of some local food specialties, some of which can be traced back to the influence of the Arab, Norman and Spanish dominations. While exploring the market and other family-run speciality food shops, we will indulge in savoury snacks such as Arancine (fried rice balls filled with either meat ragù, béchamel, ham or butter), sfincione (deep pan pizza with fresh tomato sauce, onions, anchovies and cheese), pane e pannelle (fried chickpea flour pancakes seasoned with lemon juice) Pani ca meusa (spleen sandwich), and delicious ricotta-based sweets. Our Palermo walks continues through other parts of the historical center, to explore the complexities and layering of the city’s history, cultures and artistic expressions. We will pay particular attention to three buildings of many styles, La Martorana, the cathedral and the Palazzo Reale, which reveal the sometimes harmonious, sometimes incongruous composition of different architectural and artistic cultures (Arab, Norman and Spanish) that has characterized Palermo for centuries.

Tour duration: up to 4 hours
Starting time and location: 09:00 in front of the town hall, piazza Pretoria.

For more information, please contact your Experience Specialist on +44 (0)20 7377 8518 or by emailing

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