Food experiences in Catania


Catania walking tour with street food tasting 

Catania is the second largest and second most important city in Sicily after Palermo. While the locals would grudgingly accept this status, woe betide anyone who claims that their culinary traditions are in any way second best. Catania’s identity is a mix of many things but food is at the top of the list. Indeed, any attempt to get to know the city must include an immersion in its culinary traditions, especially those regarding street food.

On this street food tour, you’ll explore some of the city's most characteristic streets, stopping off at the city’s most iconic food landmarks, including the amazing pescheria fish market, historic bars and venerable kiosks, where old favourites are served up with a generosity of spirit. 

Your introduction to Catania's street food will not stop at delicious local cheeses, sundried tomatoes and arancini (stuffed rice balls), but will also include cipolline (pastries filled with cheese, sauce and onions), cipollate (bacon rolled around green onions), zuzzu (pork gelatin), granita, minni ri virgini (a ricotta cheese dessert shaped like a virgin’s breast) and scricciu (a soft drink made from soda water and syrup flavored with various such as lemons, tangerines and grapes.

Man cannot live on food alone, however, and during the tour you'll be able to take in some of Catania's most important and beautiful monuments, including St Agatha Cathedral, Piazza del Duomo and its Liotru (lava elephant), the 2nd century Roman amphitheatre, and Via Crociferi, the city's most picturesque street, bordered by superb baroque churches and convents.

Tour duration: up to 4 hours

Starting time and location: 09:30 in front of the Cathedral of St Agatha, Piazza Duomo

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