The hilltop town of Agira


Agira in Sicily, home of the Sicilian Fashion Village | Think SicilyIn Sicily's dramatic hinterland, not far from Enna, sits Agira, an age-old hill-top town, once a thriving Greek colony boasting a population of over 10,000 and important enough during Roman times for Cicero to mention it in his book In Verrem.

Today, after years of relative obscurity and isolation, Agira is well and truly back on the map thanks to the recent arrival of an enormous the Sicilia Outlet Village, the largest fashion outlet in the south of Italy.

There are around 100 boutiques, each dedicated to some of the most important Italian and foreign fashion houses, including Prada, Armani, Dolce &Gabbana, Gucci, Fay, Lacoste, Versace, and Trussardi. All offer fabulously reduced prices and thanks to a special agreement, clients of The Thinking Traveller hoping to do a little quality shopping can get a 10% discount card. Just remember to leave a little space in your suitcase!.

Clients of The Thinking Traveller hoping to do a little quality shopping can get a 10% discount card at the Sicilia Outlet Village.

There are also shops selling Sicilian products, ceramics from Caltagirone, toys, eyewear and home furnishings. For those who work up a hunger trying on clothes and spending money, there is also a selection of bars and restaurants. 

Agira itself is certainly worth a visit with its numerous churches, including two fine Norman examples, the remains of an Arab-Byzantine fortress and a synogogue, testifying to the presence of a Jewish population several hundred years ago.

On a rather more sombre note, just outside town, in a delightful panoramic setting overlooking Lago di Pozzillo and Mount Etna rising in the distance, is the Canadian military cemetery, resting place of 490 Canadian soldiers who died on Sicilian soil during Operation Husky, the Allied invasion, in 1943.

One of our villas, Villa Armerina, is close by, and, being in the centre of Sicily, Agira and the Sicilia Outlet Village can be reached easily from our villas in the east, our villas around Cefalu and the north coast and our villas around Palermo.

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