Lesser known West Sicily


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Anyone travelling to western Sicily for the first time will probably want to concentrate on the area's major sights, of which there are a great many (click here to see our overview).

If you’re an old Sicily hand, however, and want to do something different on your next visit (or if you just love discovering things that most tourists don’t know about), here are our Top 5 Hidden Experiences in Western Sicily:

1. Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

Mile upon mile of white sandy beaches between Sciacca and Agrigento.

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2. The Cave di Cusa

How exactly did the Greeks build their temples in Selinunte? Head to the Cusa quarries to find out.

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3. Gibellina and Poggioreale

Two small neighbouring towns struck by an earthquake. One is now a ghost town frozen in time, the other a monumental work of art.


4. The Belle Époque in Palermo

Palermo’s second golden age at the end of the 19th century saw the flourishing of an ornate architectural movement known as Liberty Style. Our guided tour investigates this “other side” of Sicily’s capital city.

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5. The Castle of Mussomeli 

Everything you imagine a castle should be and more!

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