Five Wonders of the Sicilian World


What makes Sicily such a unique destination? The answer to this question is rather subjective, but there can be no doubt that the island’s irresistible allure lies in the vast array, dizzying diversity and sheer concentration of its attractions, both natural and man-made. Such riches are hard to beat, and at the recent Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Awards, only the collected Greek Islands were able to push Sicily into second place (though it did win the accolade of Best Island for Food).

Head below to discover our Five Wonders of the Sicilian World and to explore our exceptional Sicilian villas.

One big UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sicily boasts seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a concentration of cultural and natural wonders that never ceases to amaze. From Greek archaeological sites to the Arab-Norman cathedrals and churches of Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù, and from the imperious majesty of Mount Etna to the exquisite beauty of the Aeolian Islands, there is truly an embarrassment of choice for everyone.

Villas near Sicily's UNESCO World Heritage Sites    

The heart of Magna Graecia

From the late 5th century BC for a couple of hundred years, Sicily was at the centre of the ancient Greek world. Numerous fascinating archaeological sites dot the island from east to west and from north to south, testifying to the vibrant civilisations that made Sicily the beating heart of Magna Graecia and the Hellenic world as a whole.

Villas near archaeological sites    

A coastline of natural wonders

Some of Sicily’s best beaches are to be found within the island’s numerous coastal nature reserves. In the southeast, Torre Salsa features mile after mile of nigh-deserted sandy beach and marl cliffs. In the northwest, Lo Zingaro offers stunning coastal trekking paths and idyllic bays to swim off. In the southeast, Vendicari boasts sandy beaches, miles of walking paths and a series of birdwatching hides from which to twitch for flamingos, egrets and a host of other feathered friends.

Villas in Sicily near coastal nature reserves    

Mount Etna

There can be few individual geological phenomena that dominate, intrigue and inspire awe as Mount Etna does. Europe’s highest active volcano, A Muntagna (as the locals call it) rises to 3,350m above sea level. Its vast flanks are home to remarkable volcanic landscapes, numerous picturesque towns, a unique range of flora and fauna, prestigious vineyards, ski pistes and much more besides. Any trip to Sicily should include at least a day spent exploring its many wonders, perhaps by booking one of our 4x4 Think Experiences.

Villas on and near Mount Etna    

Cuisine and wine

When telling us about their holidays in Sicily, the vast majority of our clients extol the manifold virtues of the island’s food and wine. The sheer diversity of the cuisine, which fuses Greek, Roman, North African, Norman, French and Spanish flavours and techniques, is perfectly complemented by a wide range of excellent wines produced across the island, from Menfi to Mount Etna. We recommend you try both “at home” with our in-villa cook and wine delivery services.

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