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A guide to all that's best about Sicily in August!


Here's a guide to all that's happening in Sicily this August, including some top tips from our local experts.

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Festivals and events

Sting in concert
For one night only Sting sings Sicily.

Where? Teatro Antico, Taormina
When? 1st August 2018

Manifesta 12
Manifesta is Europe's premier itinerant biennial of contemporary art. Every two years it moves to a new host city, where, through a series of workshops, conferences, publications, educational initiatives and exhibitions, it explores the prevailing historical and cultural identity of its temporary home and maps out a "new cultural topography".  moves to a new host city, where, through a series of workshops, conferences, publications, educational initiatives and exhibitions, it explores the prevailing historical and cultural identity of its temporary home and maps out a "new cultural topography". 

Where? Palermo
When? 16th June - 4th November 2018

Mazara Food Fest
Mazara del Vallo has one of Europe's largest fishing fleet. It's famous for its prized red prawns, its couscous (there's a large Tunisian population that works on the fleet) and the quality of its fish in general. Apart from fish and seafood, there'll also be plenty of local wine to try.

Where? Mazara del Vallo
When? 3rd - 17th August 2018

A performance of Bizet's classic story of love, passion and death.

Where? Teatro Antico, Taormina
When? 7th August 2018

Brian Wilson
Co-founder of the legendary Beach Boys comes to sample Sicily's beaches and sing a few classic songs.

Where? Teatro Antico, Taormina
When? 11th August 2018

Sagra enograstronomica di Castiglione di Sicilia
Sitting in a panoramic position at over 600m above sea level, and looking out onto the northern flanks of might Mount Etna, Castiglione di Sicilia is a delightful historic town that is worth a visit at any time of year. Our favourite time to visit, however, is in August, when the locals celebrate their local delicacies, including salamis, cheeses, wine and much more.

Where? Castglione di Sicilia (just north of Mount Etna)
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

Calatafimi-Segesta Festival
Two months of theatre (including Shakespeare and classical Greek plays), classical and jazz concerts and much more besides, all in the magical surroundings of Segesta's Greek theatre. Most performances are in the evening, but some start at dawn! For the full programme, please click here

Where? the Greek Theatre of Segesta
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

Sciaranova Festival
The fourth edition of Planeta's theatre festival in the natural theatre of their Etna winery. There are four performances (two in July and two in August).

Where? Planeta's Sciaranuova vineyard in Passopisciaro (Castiglione di Sicilia)
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

For more information or to book tickets: click here, email or call +39 0925 1955465

The Festival of San Salvatore
A few days of processions, celebrations, good eating (including a typical dish called Pasta a Taianu made with meat, tomatoes, aubergines and pecorino cheese) to celebrate Cefalu's patron saint. The big day is the final one, but beware the crowds!

Where? Cefalu
When? annually from 2nd-6th August

Ypsigrock Music Festival
An annual indie rock music festival featuring artists from all over the world, in the stunning surroundings of the castle in Castelbuono.

Where? Castelbuono (in the Madonie)
When? 9th-12th August 2018

Puccini's epic tragedy.

Where? Teatro Antico, Taormina
When? 16th and 21st August 2018

Sagra della Salsiccia
A celebration of the Sicilian sausage, with tastings, lashings of wine, music and a fun atmosphere.

Where? Santa Ninfa (western Sicily near Castelvetrano)
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

Santa Cecilia in Musica
Two evenings of wine, food and music in honour of Santa Cecilia, organised by Planeta in the beautiful surroundings of  their Buonivini vineyard. 

For more information about prices or to make a booking (essential), email or call +39 0925 1955465.

Where? Cantina Buonivini, near Noto
When? 21st and 24th August 2018

La Scala Illuminata
The 142 steps of the Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone are illuminated hundreds of small oil lights to create a polychromatic effect of great beauty.

Where? Caltagirone
When? annually 14th-15th August

Sagra del Pesce Azzurro
Pesci azzurri include sardines, anchovies, whitebait, mackerel, swordfish and tuna. You can taste all of them and more cooked in front of you along the seafront of San Gregorio during its celebration of the bounty of the sea!

Where? San Gregorio, Capo d'Orlando
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

Il Palio dei Normanni
Three days of knightly combat and horsemanship and partying to record the heroics of the Norman invaders who ousted the Arabs from Sicily in around 1060.

Where? Piazza Armerina
When? annually from 12th-14th August

Sagra della pasta cu l’agghia e sasizza arrustuta
One day of feasting on pasta with garlic, almonds and tomatoes (Pesto Trapanese) and barbecued sausage... There's also some excellent local melon and lots of wine...

Where? Buseto Palizzolo, not far from Trapani
When? 14th August 2018

Sagra della cipolla
Famous for its large, flat, sweet onions, that's what Giarratana is! And the town celebrates its precious product with onion-based dishes, cheese, wine, live music and dancing, art exhibitions and fireworks!

Where? Giarratana (in the Iblei hills north of Ragusa)
When? 14th August 2018

Sagra dei Sapori Chiaramontani
Cockerels and local products are celebrated during a day of partying in Chiaramonte Gulfi. Expect the usual good-humoured atmosphere, lightened even further by excellent food, wine, music and fireworks!

Where? Chiaramonte Gulfi (just north of Ragusa)
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

The Taranta Sicily Fest
An evening of southern Italy's hypnotic music form - the tarantella. Live bands and dancers will lead the way, but crowd participation is paramount.

Where? Scicli
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra del pesce
A week-long celebration of fish in the port town of Pozzallo. Every evening huge quantities of seafood will be cooked for participants, accompanied by music, fireworks and other events.

Where? Pozzallo (southeast Sicily)
When? 2018 dates not yet confirmed

La Traviata
Verdi's classic operatic retelling of a story by Alexandre Dumas.

Where? Teatro Antico, Taormina
When? 28th August 2018


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What to eat in Sicily in August

August in Sicily is time for light meals, fresh fish suppers, salads and lots of excellent refreshing fruit. Here are some ideas about what ingredients are in season (if you're cooking at your villa!) and what to order if you're eating out!

In-season local ingredients

courgette flowers
green beans
chick peas

What to order

Insalata alla Palermitana (salad of boiled potatoes, green beans, anchovies and tomatoes)
Fichi con pepe bianco e prosciutto crudo (figs with white pepper and cured ham)
Insalata di pasta e pomodoro (cold pasta salad with chopped tomatoes and garlic)
Linguini allo scoglio (linguini with prawns, clams and mussels)
Ruota di pescespada (a 'wheel' of roast swordfish to share!)
Frittura mista di pesce (mixed platter of fried fish and sea-food)
Polpette di carne in foglie di limone (grilled meatballs wrapped in lemon leaves)
Zucchini grigliati con aglio e mentuccia (grilled slices of courgette served with a dribble of olive oil, a little crushed garlic and mint)
Sorbetto al limone (lemon sorbet)
Gelo di melone (melon jelly)
Gelato! (delicious Sicilian ice-cream!) 

See our definitive Sicilian recipe page >>

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Our top tips for August in Sicily


1. Get to the beach early... or late! If you're planning on going to the beach, try to get there early in the morning. Not only will there be fewer people, but you can then head back to the refuge of your villa for lunch and to avoid the hottest part of the day... Similarly, heading back to the beach at around 5pm is a great time to enjoy the sunset and have a swim in the warm but refreshing sea.

2. Eat ice-cream! For Sicilians, ice-cream is a refreshing lunch in itself and you will see many locals wandering round or sitting in gelateria dining on the stuff. The preferred way of eating ice-cream is in a brioche... In Sicily there are hundreds of flavours, and in the hot summer, the fresh fruit ones are really refreshing.

3. Join the passeggiata... Sicilians love to head into town in the evening, often dressed up a bit, for the rite of the passeggiata, a slow ambling tide of people of all ages enjoying the cooler evening air, either before or after dinner (or both!).

4. Get on, in, above and under the water! In August the sea is warm and the beaches are full of opportunities for watersports. Whether you're a novice or an old-hand, wake-boarding, surfing, wind-surfing, kite-surfing, canoeing, sailing, scuba-diving and many more are possible all round Sicily... Take a look at our definitive guide to watersports in Sicily!

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