Food and wine festivals and sagre in Sicily


Here's a page devoted to travelling foodies: our Sicilian food and wine festival calendar!

In our experience, everyone who comes to Sicily falls in love with the food and wine!

They love the variety, the freshness, the simple use and combinations of ingredients and the fact that they are virtually always locally grown or produced... The same is true of the wine!

Most towns and villages have their very own food or wine festival, a sagra, to celebrate the fruits of their labours and to show off their produce.

Here are some sagre taking place in Sicily (listings for other months and other events will come soon when we know the exact dates, so keep coming back to find what's on in Sicily's gastronomic calendar)!



Sagra della Seppia
A chance to feast on cuttlefish in all its different culinary forms.

Where? Donnalucata (on the coast below Scicli)
When? March (dates vary)

V Sagra Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP
Sicily's blood oranges are beyond compare and are duly celebrated at various times all ove the island. Oranges are not the only fruit at this event, however, and there are lots of other tasty local dishes to try as well.

Where? Centuripe (not far from Enna in the centre of Sicily)
When? Usually over a weekend in the middle of March

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Sagra del Cinghiale
Wild boar roam free in the Madonie Mountains and in the little hill-top village of Pollina traditional recipes using cinghiale are cooked for all-comers over one weekend.

Where? Pollina, near Cefalù 
When? 6th - 7th April 2019

Sagra del Carciofo
The little town of Cerda between Palermo and Cefalu concentrates its efforts on one thing alone: the cultivation and cooking of artichokes! This festival is a celebration of their labours and visitors can taste the local speciality cooked in dozens of different ways.

Where? Cerda (between Palermo and Cefalù)
When? 25th April every year

Sagra della ricotta e del formaggio
One of Sicily's oldest food festivals in the town of the great writer Giovanni Verga. Freshly made ricotta is something that the whole of Sicily excels in and deserves to be celebrated! You'll be able to try all manner of ricotta products, including cassata and cannoli as well as a host of other local cheeses. Blessed are the Cheesemakers!

Where? Vizzini (in the hills between Caltagirone and Syracuse)
When? 25th April 2019

Sagra della Frittella
Frittella is a dish that celebrates all that is good about the coming of Spring: peas, artichokes and fava beans cooked up together in a tribute to the colour green!

Where? Isnello (in the Madonie Mountains)
When? 29th April every year

Sagra del Pomodoro and I Gusti del Barocco
Tomatoes provide the excuse for three days of cooking, eating, drinking, folklore and culture... Come along, join in the fun and taste some wonderful things on the sea!

Where? Sampieri (on the sea near Scicli)
When? Usually around the end of April-beginning of May

Festa della Fragola
Anyone who loves strawberries should come to Cassabile and Siracusa at the start of May! Try the new crop (the south-east of Sicily has one of the first crops in Europe) either simply, with sugar, or inside a sausage or a mozzarella ball!

Where? Cassibile (just south of Siracusa) and Syracuse
When? 12th - 14th April 2019

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Festa della Fragola
Anyone who loves strawberries should come to Cassabile and Siracusa at the start of May! Try the new crop (the south-east of Sicily has one of the first crops in Europe) either simply, with sugar, or inside a sausage or a mozzarella ball!

Where? Cassibile (just south of Siracusa) and Siracusa
When? Usually around the beginning of May

Avinando WineFest
A weekend of wine-tastings, workshops and opportunities to discover the world of Sicilian wine in all its many guises. Many of the island's most prestigious producers participate.

Where? Palermo
11th - 12th May 2019 

Beer Catania Spring
For those with a taste for craft beer, Catania beer festival is the place to be at the end of May. In the fine surroundings of the cloisters of Istituto Ardizzone Gioeni, near the top of Via Etnea, there'll be around 20 producers, street food stands and live music.

Where? Catania
When? 24th - 26th May 2019

Mercato dei Formaggioi e Sagra della Ricotta
A cheese fest, celebrating a host of different Sicilian cheeses including the ubiquitous ricotta!

Where? Poggioreale (in the province of Trapani)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra delle Teste di Turco
A celebration of one of Scicli's traditional cakes (translated as Turks' Heads), commemorating the Norman victory over the Arabs in 1091 and the subsequent liberation of Scicli. Guests are offered a cake and a glass or two of local wine.

Where? Scicli
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Cantine Aperte
As part of the nationwide initiative of Cantine Aperte, Planeta's wineries at Ulmo (Sambuca di Sicilia), Buonivini (Noto) and Feudo di Mezzo (Passopisciaro on Mount Etna) will be opening their doors to the public for a day of wine-tasting, good food, music, art and much more.

Where? Sambuca di Sicilia, Passopisciaro and Noto
When? 25th - 26th May 2019

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A' Nivarata
Some say that ice-cream was invented in Sicily. What is sure that for over a thousand years, ever since Arab times, Sicily has been making and eating granite, a refreshing icy burst of flavour originally made with snow stored on Mount Etna. A' Nivarata celebrates this tradition with lashings of granita and gelato.

Where? Acireale
When? The next Nivarata will be in June 2020

Sagra del Pesce Spada
Swordfish has long been one of Sicily's gastronomic highlights and can be found on pretty much every menu across the island. The fish that feeds a hundred mouths is celebrated with a huge barbecue at the little fishing port of Aci Trezza, coinciding with celebrations of the village's patron saint, San Giovanni. 

Where? Acitrezza, on Sicily's east coast just north of Catania
2019 dates not yet confirmed

A delicious tribute to one of western Sicily's signature dishes: cous cous. Trapani's old town centre - and in particular around the old fish market -  will fill up with stalls offering tastings not only of cous cous but also wine and other local products.

Where? Trapani
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra delle Fave di San Pietro
One of Sicily's favourite foodstuffs, fava beans, are celebrated every year at Isnello in the Madonie Mountains. Accompanied by roasted onions, boiled potatoes and lashings of local wine

Where? Isnello (in the Madonie Mountains)
When? 29th June every year

Festa del Cappero in Fiore
Salina, one of the seven Aeolian Islands, is known for its uncontaminated beauty, its wines and its capers! This Slow Food festival is a great opportunity for learning about capers and trying some of the island's delicious caper-infused recipes!

Where? Salina (in the Piazza di Sant'Onofrio in Pollara)
When? the first Sunday in June every year

Inycon a Menfi Wine Festival
A chance to taste some of Sicily's finest wines and visit some of the local cantine in one of the island's most important wine-producing towns. Apart from Bacchus' tipple, there are tastings of local olive oil and other gastronomic products not to mention concerts and shows.

Where? Menfi
When? 21st - 23rd June 2019

Scirocco Wine Fest In Viaggio nel Mediterraneo 
Three days dedicated to wine, with particular attention given over to western Sicily's best vintages.

Where? Gibellina
When? 27th - 30th June 2019

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Sagra del ciliegio
Sicily's food culture is one of seasonality. Excitement fills the air when favourite fruits or vegetables return to tempt the palate each year. Cherries are no exception and in Sant'Alfio, the locals celebrate their favourite fruit for two days each year.

Where? Sant'Alfio, on the eastern flanks of Mount Etna
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra del pesce spada
The second instalment of Aci Trezza's tribute to the might swordfish!

Where? Aci Trezza (on the Ionian coast between Catania and Taormina)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra della scaccia
The favourite snack of most Sicilians in the southeast is a scaccia. Thin pastry topped with cheese, tomato sauce, ham or salami and then rolled up and baked in the oven. It's so good they dedicate a festival to it!

Where? Ragusa
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

A celebration of street food both Sicilian, Italian and Tunisian, all washed down by good local wine and accompanied by music and other events.

Where? Trapani
When? 24th - 28th July 2019

Sciaranova Festival
The third edition of Planeta's theatre festival in the natural theatre of their Etna winery. There are four performances (two in July and two in August).

Where? Planeta's Sciaranuova vineyard in Passopisciaro (Castiglione di Sicilia)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

For more information or to book tickets: click here, email or call +39 0925 1955465.

Festa del Raccolto
At this harvest festival celebrating the end of a year's labour, the small town of Cianciana feasts on chickpeas, fava beans and other local produce as it has done for hundreds of years. Prayers of thanksgiving, music and a generally feel-good atmosphere make for a great experience.

Where? Cianciana (inland from Agrigento)
When? 31st July every year

Sagra dell'Olio
High in the Nebrodi Mountains, the townsfolk of Furnari invite all-comers to taste the fruit of their labours: bread oozing locally produced olive oil, bruschette, olives and wine. Music plays an important role as the locals and their guests let their hair down. 

Where? Furnari (in the Nebrodi Mountains above Tindari)
When? 31st July every year

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The Festival of San Salvatore
A few days of processions, celebrations, good eating (including a typical dish called Pasta a Taianu made with meat, tomatoes, aubergines and pecorino cheese) to celebrate Cefalu's patron saint. The big day is the final one, but beware the crowds!

Where? Cefalu
When? annually from 2nd - 6th August

DiVino Festival
A celebration of Sicilian wine, food and music in the lovely surroundings of the castle in Castelbuono. The last night coincides with the beginning of the Blues and Wine festival, which mixes Bacchus' great gift to mankind with Robert Johnson's.

Where? Castelbuono (in the Madonie Mountains)
When? 1st - 4th August 2019

Sagra della Salsiccia
A celebration of the Sicilian sausage, with tastings, lashings of wine, music and a fun atmosphere.

Where? Santa Ninfa (western Sicily near Castelvetrano)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra delle Melanzana a Milazzo
Milazzo, on Sicily's northern coast has much to offer (not just hydrofoils for the Aeolian Islands!) including, in August, an aubergine/eggplant festival! Two evenings are given over to cooking and eating one of Sicily's favourite ingredients in a huge variey of dishes! There's also folk music and dancing if you're looking for a little local colour.

Where? Piazza Pozzo, Santa Marina just outside Milazzo
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Festa del Pomodoro di Pachino IGP
Pachino, in Sicily's southeasternmost corner celebrates its red treasure - wonderfully tasty cherry tomatoes, whose production is protected by IGP status (protected geographical indication). There'll be lots of tomatoes in all the salse, wine, other local specialities and music.

Where? Pachino (south of Noto)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra enograstronomica di Castiglione di Sicilia
Sitting in a panoramic position at over 600m above sea level, and looking out onto the northern flanks of might Mount Etna, Castiglione di Sicilia is a delightful historic town that is worth a visit at any time of year. Our favourite time to visit, however, is in August, when the locals celebrate their local delicacies, including salamis, cheeses, wine and much more.

Where? Castglione di Sicilia (just north of Mount Etna)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra della pasta cu l’agghia e sasizza arrustuta
One day of feasting on pasta with garlic, almonds and tomatoes (Pesto Trapanese) and barbecued sausage... There's also some excellent local melon and lots of wine...

Where? Buseto Palizzolo, not far fromTrapani
When? the evening of 14th August every year

Sagra della Cipolla
Famous for its large, flat, sweet onions, that's what Giarratana is! And the town celebrates its precious product with onion-based dishes, cheese, wine, live music and dancing, art exhibitions and fireworks!

Where? Giarratana (in the Iblei hills north of Ragusa)
When? 14th August every year

Sagra dei Sapori Chiaramontani
Cockerels and local products are celebrated during a day of partying in Chiaramonte Gulfi. Expect the usual good-humoured atmosphere, lightened even further by excellent food, wine, music and fireworks!

Where? Chiaramonte Gulfi (just north of Ragusa)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra del pesce
A week-long celebration of fish in the port town of Pozzallo. Every evening huge quantities of seafood will be cooked for participants, accompanied by music, fireworks and other events.

Where? Pozzallo (southeast Sicily)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Mazara Food Fest
Mazara del Vallo has one of Europe's largest fishing fleet. It's famous for its prized red prawns, its couscous (there's a large Tunisian population that works on the fleet) and the quality of its fish in general. Apart from fish and seafood, there'll also be plenty of local wine to try.

Where? Mazara del Vallo
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra del Tortone
This lovely local festival celebrates not only the local speciality, a traditional cake made with flower, yeast, olive oil and sugar, but also the events that took place in the town's castle in 1282 during the Sicilian Vespers. After a mediaeval procession, the cakes are taken up to the castle and duly divided amongst those present.

Where? Sperlinga in the Madonie Mountains
16th August every year

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Wine, Slow Food stands, art exhibitions, masterclasses, demonstrations... over two weeks of bliss for wine lovers!

Where? Milo, on Mount Etna
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra dell'Arancino
A three-day of homage to one of Sicily's signature snacks, the arancino (a deep-fried rice ball filled with all manner of goodies, including meat ragu, mozzarella and ham, spinach and many others.

Where? the Ficarazzi area of Aci Castello (just north of  Catania)
When? 5th - 8th September 2019

Sagra della Salsiccia
A celebration of the mighty sausage! Of course there are also stalls, fairground rides, music, and a homage to the local patron saint, San Vincenzo, but the sausage reigns supreme!

Where? Aragona, near Agrigento
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Cefalù Street Food Festival
For two days in mid-September, Cefalu unofficially changes its street names: welcome to Farm Square, Pannelle Place, Milza Avenue, Beer Street, Wine Road and Ice-Cream Alley. There's lots to taste and lots to enjoy at this celebration of some of Sicily's most delicious street food.

Where? Cefalù 
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sherbeth Festival
If you like ice-cream, this festival is a must! Sherbeth, from the Arabic for frozen drink, celebrates the very best creations of the very best artisinal ice-cream and granita producers around... Yum! There are also concerts and other events.

Where?  the centre of Palermo  
When?  2019 dates not yet confirmed

CousCous Fest
The CousCous Fest  in San Vito Lo Capo is one of Sicily's most popular and international festivals, celebrating a dish that is eaten by millions and cooked in myriad different ways around the Mediterranean basin. The focus of the festival is a highly competitive cook-off with chefs arriving from Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Marocco, Paleestine, Israel, Egypt, Turkey the Ivory Coast and many other nations. Live music, dancing and a carnival atmosphere make the event  a must for anyone staying in western Sicily towards the end of September!

Where? San Vito Lo Capo (near Trapani on Sicily's most north-westerly point)
When? 20th - 29th September 2019

Sagra del pesce
As with most islands, Aeolian cuisine centres around fish and seafood. It should come as no surprise, then, that Lipari, the largest island in the archipelago has a festival dedicated to the bounty of the sea, coinciding with celebrations of Saints Cosmo and Damiano, protectors of fishermen.

Where? Lipari, the Aeolian Islands
When? 26th September every year

Sagra del Pistacchio
Bronte is known for its Castello di Nelson (yes, that Nelson!) but rather more for its pistachio nuts, widely considered to be amongst the best in the world and protected by a DOP label. Come and try them in all forms - cakes, ice-cream, pasta and much more - at this wonderful tribute a humble but exceedingly tasty and versatile nut!

Where? Bronte (on the western flanks of Mount Etna)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

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Sagra della salsiccia
One of God Food's greatest gifts to mankind, the sausage is produced and loved all over the world. It has some really devoted enthusiasts in the mountain town of Caccamo and they love to celebrate their own particular variety each year.

Where? Caccamo (on the north coast of Sicily between Palermo and Cefalu)
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Sagra del Vino 
The southwest of Sicily is famed for its wine production and one of the centres is the inland spa town of Montevago. Each year they give thanks for the grape harvest and the new wine by throwing a wine-inspired party open to all-comers. 

Where? Montevago
When? 2019 dates not yet confirmed

Ottobrata Zafferanese
As its name might suggest, the town of Zafferana Etnea sits on the flanks of Mount Etna. Each year the town celebrates the abundant bounty of its mountain with a month-long festival of all things Etnean, including grapes, wine, honey, apples, mushrooms and chestnuts. There's also space for arts and crafts, music and much more.

Where? Zafferana Etnea
When? each weekend from 6th - 27th October 2019

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